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Occult Priestess here with another Report. #NewMedia @OccultPriestess

Poly-Trix of the New Age / Disclosure scene:

I listen to many and various others in my field (Metaphysics), to Understand what level the collective consciousness of humanity is currently going through. Aside from being an avid fan and participant in the YouTube community for over 9 years, I was recently Called to live in Los Angeles, and enter the community here. (My background is Extensive, see Resume.)

I was let in the back door by my good friend! Freeman Fly is a powerful connection, and I am privileged that he believes in me. For 3 years I have been in the social and professional California scene. Having met  the most famous, prolific authors and show hosts of our time, was a real Eye Opener I desperately needed, in order to move forward.

These celebrities of Metaphysics have been open and candid with me, as If I was one of the gang. I am not, one of the gang. I am an Undercover Angel, from Sirius B. I have full cognizance of my soul self, and my mission here on Earth, guided by Gods and the Hosts of Heaven realms. In juxtaposition, I have not met one ‘lightworker’, researcher, or quantum physicist who can “BEST MY SWORD“. Like Lancelot, I hoped I could find someone more worthy of Excalibur, than I am. Being a true leader, takes everything you have, if you are doing it right.

However I found most of these people in real life, are PROPS. They take up space, fill a void with nonsense, and take your money. I’ve grown quite Salty about this, the more Obvious it becomes. I feel no one understands the Mysteries are actually real, that God is an actuality and not an abstract concept, and none of them seem to be able to explain their teachings to me! I ask, and it’s like I hit them with a stun gun, and I get a nothing burger answer. I do not press Idiots for more information, and I DID faun a bit over a Few of my ART BELL favorites ~ lol legendary childhood heroes.

Even though I am getting more Salty (alchemy) and disappointed, I am so Grateful for the ENTIRE experience, because THIS IS FUN!!

SO ask yourself, WHO in the “New Age” “Disclosure” racket (Turning Trix) are JUST STORY TELLERS, NARRATING OTHERS STORIES. “My Source Informs me” – How much have these “REPORTERS” Seen with their Own Eyes? Most Importantly DO THEY MEDITATE- BIG NO!


If Science is your God, you are an ATHEIST. META-PHYSICAL means Beyond the Physical, you can’t Get there, no car (Merkaba).


Love, Kore The Occult Priestess ~ Original Teacher. 











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David VS Goliath metaphor for MODERN LIGHTWORKERS + #NewMedia ~ Fall in ~ “Goliath is described in the biblical Book of Samuel as a Philistine giant defeated by the young #David in single combat. The story signified Saul’s unfitness to rule, as Saul himself should have fought for the Kingdom of #Israel” I’m not a biblical grl, but this works. Is/Ra/El ~ isis, ra, elohim, stolen math, stolen by #Abrahamics from #Egypt.




SO WHAT IS THE BIG TRICK of the New Age, Disclo-ruse Poly-Tick?


You’ve Been Bewitched, Tricked, Mesmerized! Your Soul, has been .


I will NOT be disclosing all I know on this subject, within this Blog. However I will share, what I am allowed to reveal. This should be ENOUGH to get any Super Sold-ier to begin questioning the Narrative of Subconscious and Soul travel.

My great uncle, was Senator John Glenn, Astronaut. I’m the shaman/psychic/mystic of my bloodline. Being blood related, also afforded me access to John’s soul, which I have had interactions with ‘upstairs’, in the Astral/Ether of time/space 4th dimensional consciousness. Our family is a wash with secrets and lies, this is not the time/space to get into that.


EVIL, The origins of Evil in IsRaEl, to SOCIAL ENGINEERS, those with all the TOYS. Evil was necessary to Learn the Apple Lesson, yet what goes up must come down, and Evil will cease as time stops.

Modern Backwards Teachings from SATANISTS who pretend to be “New Agers”:

LAW OF ONE – RA MATERIAL: The Channelers, Authors of the Law of One produced and starred in this Film a few years before the Law of One material was released. If this does not open your eyes, NOTHING will.

The Creators of the LAW OF ONE, made THIS FILM. For my “Training”, I had roommates that were High Magicians, and they used the SAME Symbology. There is NO MISTAKE. This is taken from Golden Dawn + Aleister Crowley teachings.


Writers : Carla Rueckert & Don Elkins  Films

Don Elkins: death by suicide.




CHANNEL of the “LAW OF ONE” – Ra Material. Don Elkins was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1930 (Edgar Cayce Born 1877 Kentucky). Professor of Physics and Engineering (science not alchemy), US Army during the Korean War (murder), UFO and paranormal research, and became a Boeing 727 pilot, eventually Captain, for Eastern Airlines until his death by suicide on November 7, 1984. <– RA did NOT make his Life Better! Proof in Pasta. BEHOLD – The Crimes of a Non Mystic. #NotMyEgyptian

Epilogue to Book V
Jim: After we moved back to Louisville the mental/emotional dysfunction which Ra spoke of concerning Don occurred. Don was noted all his life for being very cool and extremely wise, emotionally unmoved by events which caused others to fall apart. His observations and advice always proved to be correct. Now, as this dysfunction worsened, Don saw himself intensely affected by even the smallest stimuli. His worrying deepened to depression and he sought healing counsel from every available source, yet nothing worked, and he resigned himself to a death which he saw quickly approaching.




@OccultPriestess tweets: “, and superstition and thinking we’re not be a Part of HIS Universe” Roddenberry Edict. of Personality. As / “Sun Worshipers Broadcasting on Pirate Radio! ” ~



Get by Captain Kirk!

Mysteries of the Gods (1976)







RESUME of The Occult Priestess



Korinne Wilson: Also known as, “Kore”, “Banshee”, “Reverend Banshee”

Just the Facts Ma’am:

Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with “cults”, and bloodline / family of origin spiritual issues.

Wicca: Self dedicated Wiccan student at age 16. High Priestess / Wiccan teacher at age 18. Founder of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present. Over 20 Marriages brought together under my ministerial services.

Professional Psychic:
Age 17, Premiere engagement,  at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992 – 1997.
Exclusive Psychic of “Jillian’s Entertainment Complex”, 2000 – 2005.
Psychic fairs, personal clients, and a myriad of special engagements, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot and psychic soul coun’soul’ing currently, for 27 years. Along with my personal studies, and evolution,I have unlocked many mysteries of the human psyche and heart through gnosis (experiential learning).

Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21. Currently under psychic guidance of my Guru, and the Bodhisattva Karma Kagyu  lineage.

Owner of “The Occult Shop” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 1998 – 2004
Spiritual retail and community temple, home of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”. Owner and webmistress of “”. Large Event creator and organizer. Professional cat herder. Expert on “Pagan Time”.

Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 2006 – 2008. Still owned and nurtured by my business partner, Lydia Stec. Rebranded “Lydia’s on Ludlow”.

Founded Events:

“The Cincinnati Witches Ball”: Creatrix, Founder, Producer. 2001 – Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinning, Witches Dance. Age 18+, for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic victorian mansion, “The Southgate House”. The Cincinnati Witches ball became the event of the season. Our first year, we had over 600 in attendance. I was the coordinator, head of vendors, Mistress of Ceremonies, Priestess of Live Wedding on stage, playwright of Halloween skit.

“HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spearheaded, to meet the late Druid / Author / Activist, Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). A weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing. Family Friendly.

“Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only. Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (Just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success, lives were changed!)


Youtube Content Creatrix:
Over 2K subscribers, over 150 Videos;
Radio Show and Podcast interviews also posted on the Occult Priestess youtube channel. 2008 – Current.

The Kosmic Kore Podcast: My dear friend Freeman Fly, of challenged me to come up with a Podcast, he would then host on his network. I continue to work with Freeman, though currently, I am independently producing “The Kosmic Kore”, and seeking opportunities. 2016 – Current.

Broadcast: Interviewed by local FOX news, Subjects: “Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle”, as well as a highlight piece on my business, “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple. Writing, art and expression, have also been ways I give of myself to my community. Over twenty locally published articles, and interviews (Ohio/Kentucky).

MY FIRST MOVIE: “The Nightmare” a new kind of film, a real life mixed with horror movie magic, a hybrid.  Directed by Rodney Ascher, on the subject of Sleep Paralysis and the Shadowman entity, a bedroom intruder. I am one of seven Sleep Paralysis survivors, who share their Story, in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Available on Netflix. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”. Connected through Ted Torbich, podcaster.

My Second Movie: “The Hatman Files” : Yet to be released. On the topic of “Spiritual warfare”. Addressing the phenomenon of the Shadowman, with a hat. Directed by Kyle Jay. Released October 2019.

First Live Performance in Los Angeles: August 2017, a two night engagement, as hostess and narrator of “The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem”.  A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid, with musical score and full costumes, by Johnny Royal. See Full blog at this LINK. Thanks to Chris Sanders and Creator Johnny Royal!

Fade To Black, December 2017: A Guest on FADE TO BLACK #F2B Radio with Jimmy Church. That week the guests were Me, David Icke + Linda Moulton Howe. 2 Major teachers, and me ~ wow!

New American Media @ Conscious Life Expo.
On my Birthday February 11th, 2017.


Getting to know New Friends and Colleagues 2018 New Years Eve
at Jimmy C. and Rita K.’s Party.


See my Blog: Willful Cock sticks it to GAIATV.

For the last two years I have been investigating the Los Angeles “New Age” / “Disclosure” community. This mission has been eye opening! Although, disappointed, they are not all Sages & Mystics (as I had hoped), I feel my perspective is Clear now. Experience is everything.

On a Mission from God! Blues Brothers

Meet your Heroes ~ and COMPARE YOURSELF ~ 

My thoughts on Heroes in the AGE OF HORUS: 



~ Chat Show!

 Guest List: Eve Lorgen, Magenta Pixie, Occult Priestess, Styxhexenhammer666, Miguel Conner, Rashmi Khalnani, Stephen Crimi …



YOU ARE HERE: THE OCCULTIST IN THE CORNER: My best kept secret! My blog is a treasure trove of spiritual gnosis, documenting contact with my soul and heaven over many years. Deep universal secrets revealed! I have an unpublished book, “KORE: A Maiden’s Journey from Darkness to Light”, seeking representation.

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GOALS: I work for the Enlightenment of Humanity. I wish to have an active career in the media, to awaken the masses of sleeping dreamers, through psychic transmission (Shakti Pat / Darshan / Spiritual Java). I have visions of owning a retreat center + Media/Art teachings to assist in global change.

My Teachings are based on Personal Gnosis of the Universe and our placement in it. Gnosis is a deeper experience than observing, it is to become one, to merge with your topic / subject / point of focus. I have worked very hard to map out the levels of consciousness, and illustrate the path to Oneness through the mind, body and the multidimensional soul realms. I have had  several, powerful, spiritual awakenings through modalities such as 12 Step recovery, Kundalini awakenings, Mysticism, Alchemy, Ascended Masters, Hieros Gamos,  and Dedication to Buddhism/Hinduism. I am a conscious (awake) channel for the Greek God known as Hermes. I am the Messengers Messenger! Also known as “Oracle“, I am the current incarnation of Kore / Persephone of Olympus.  I am an Aquarius, Incarnated to Ring in the Dawning of our Age!

   “May the Thousand Years of Peace, begin with me”          ~ Kore 


Come fly with Occult Priestess, Astral Airlines! The Soul train is boarding! Discover what baggage needs sorting! What have you, been storing / hoarding? I am a conduit, a conductor, a Soul Instructor. Traveling between the worlds. Betwixt the train station and the Astral Nation, we will make your destination. Book your travel appointment today @

GU.RU: From Darkness to Light. Lead me from the unreal to the real. Darkness is ignorance / Light is Gnosis (experiential knowledge). “The true meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”.  Meaning of the mantra ‘Asatoma Ma Sadgamaya
Lead me from the asat to the sat. Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality Om Peace Peace Peace.
This is true prayer, the seeker’s admission of his sense of limitedness and his heartfelt cry for assistance in transcendence. It is not a prayer for the things of the world. It is not a prayer for food, shelter, health, partnership, riches, success, fame, glory or even for heaven.

“O, Guru, help me free myself from my sundry misunderstandings regarding myself, the universe and God and bless me with true knowledge.”

OM NAMO GURU SRI MAMUA DEVI NAMO  Love, Serpo Zamling Dolma ~ (My Buddhist Name) meaning she who RENOUNCES … of the Karma Kagyu Lineage.

FinalADVERTFoolMikeDuvell.jpg (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

I am Kore ~ M.I.B. ~ Maiden in Black. Thank you for your time. 

Search: “Occult Priestess” , “Rev. Korinne” , “Banshee”. Oceans of Love, Blessings and Namaste! 


“Remember, In a world of ordinary mortals, you are Wonder Woman.”

Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s Mom)


The Original Occult Priestess

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This Woman’s Work: Occult Priestess Life story

This Woman’s Work: Occult Priestess Exposed !

Published on Nov 23, 2016

Join us in the Kosmic Kore with writer, mystic, visionary and podcaster Occult Priestess. Stripping down to the black and white, all is revealed in Occult Priestess exposed. During this trip down My personal rabbit hole we will encounter, Sleep Paralysis, “The Nightmare” documentary, astral projection, Kundalini awakening, soul visitations, spiritual warfare, spirit guides, Sirius transmissions, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Ayahuasca, the Tarot, ascended masters, DMT, the pineal, Astrology, Guru Sri Mamua Devi, Past Lives, Jungian/Transpersonal psychology, Reiki, The Occult Shop, self help, and wholistic soul healing. The unique life of a mystic, a western woman & modern occultist unfolds in this episode of “The Kosmic Kore”.

I am Agent M.I.B. Maiden in Black, Korinne Wilson, Occult Priestess and Podcasting handle: “Mercurial Grl” the Messenger ~~~
I am an Aquarius sun, Wood Tiger, INFP, and life path number Seven, that’s 007 MIB. Korinne is my real name, the French version of Kore, the Greek Goddess you may also know as Persephone.

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Help! There is another Person inside my Head!



Me & my Animus (shadow)

Drawing of my & my animus circa 1995

This is my second day as a “blogger”. I am feeling good about reaching out to the world and disseminating knowledge to the best of my ability. I have often had issues coming up with topics to write about, always waiting until there was a question to answer… But not anymore! I am going to write what ever comes to mind, and I hope You like it.

Did you know there are 4 personalities or 4 parts of your psyche? It’s true. Dr Carl Jung categorized two aspects very well- The Anima and the Animus.

The Animus: The mirror image of the female ego, tucked inside the subconscious mind.

The Anima: The mirror image of the male ego, tucked inside the Subconscious mind.

“What does that mean?!” *chuckle* Yes it is intriguing.

I will explain Jungs theory in my own words based on my own subconscious experience.

I am a Female human. My Ego- ego means my personality- Is Female. Within my Subconscious mind I became aware a man was living in there. Yes the place I go for my dreams and my intuition was being haunted by a  man.

I soon read that we label him the ANIMUS- the inner male personality that corresponds to my outer female personality. You may ask yourself- why do these “Personalities” correspond? How do these personalities have anything to do with one another?

To answer this question we must understand the nature of the subconscious and conscious mind- and how they work together. The conscious mind is mostly what you use when you are awake (unless you are a psychic). Your consciousness connects mostly to your LEFT brain- the brain that does math, grocery lists, and other mundane tasks that keep you breathing and in a body. The right brain is your intuitive mind where creativity of all kinds comes from, as well as dreams and all things in the “Other” category.

As a Personality (EGO) you work with your conscious mind to feed, bathe and cloth yourself- and worry about the neighbors and what Lady Gaga is up too.

Your Personality gets information from the subconscious in the form of dreams, feelings, empathy, amazing ideas, and synchronicity.

To meet and Talk To your inner other (for a female ego her inner self is male – for a male ego your inner self is female) you must connect your conscious (left brain) to your subconscious (right brain).

“Okay this ‘Occultist in the Corner’ just told me I have another person living inside me and to get intouch with them I have to get the two sides of my brain to communicate. This is Nuts!!”

Yes this is nuts for some people- crazy as a Loon! However this is REAL psychology, not the stuff they are teaching in school. Remember the Occult has been a science since before science was invented. So bere with me.

Again speaking from my own perspective as a female ego (just reverse the genders if you are a man okay?) my inner Male was a direct reflection of what my Ego Personality “THOUGHT” of men. Yes my thoughts of men created the form, shape and state of my Inner Male.

Think about that for one moment. What kinds of things do you tell yourself about the opposite sex? Really?

Having been a psychic counselor for 18 years I have heard it all. What bugs me the most is when ladies (most of my clients have been female) say “Men are all the same, I want love but none of them are good enough.”

What is she selling to her inner male when she makes statements like that? She is telling him that he is weak, immature, loud, or what ever gets on her nerves about “men”. These “dark” feelings toward men then get INJECTED into her inner male.

“And then what happens?”

Then the inner male begins to act out and behave as he is told too, and chaos ensues.

You see what ever state your inner Male is in- is what you will attract in a mate!

This is known as “Like Attracts Like” from the philosophy of Hermeticism.

So I know why that sweet and beautiful lady keeps running into Jerks! Yes I know the answer- Her inner male is a Gangster 🙂

When I was working on my inner male I had a dream that illustrated what shape my Animus was in:

I heard my shower running so I went to see who could be in my bathroom. I opened the curtain and I saw Marilyn Manson (rock star). He had open wounds, very pale skin and was shaking with anxiety. I stepped into the tub and nurtured him, bathing him saying everything was going to be okay.

I had to heal my inner Marilyn Manson. No small task I will tell you.

How did I heal my inner male? Through listening to him and being careful what I thought about “men in general”. The book “LOVE MAGICK” by Laurie Cabot (The official Witch of Salem) has a meditation in it to speak to your inner male. This was the only tool I needed.

I know I started this blog talking about the 4 different parts of the psyche- but I think I only have time to cover the 2 main parts.

If you read this Blog please comment & ask questions. Thank you ! Until tomorrow.

Occult Priestess & THE ANIMUS 






We Are All One 

~ FIN ~