This Woman’s Work: Occult Priestess Life story

This Woman’s Work: Occult Priestess Exposed !

Published on Nov 23, 2016

Join us in the Kosmic Kore with writer, mystic, visionary and podcaster Occult Priestess. Stripping down to the black and white, all is revealed in Occult Priestess exposed. During this trip down My personal rabbit hole we will encounter, Sleep Paralysis, “The Nightmare” documentary, astral projection, Kundalini awakening, soul visitations, spiritual warfare, spirit guides, Sirius transmissions, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Ayahuasca, the Tarot, ascended masters, DMT, the pineal, Astrology, Guru Sri Mamua Devi, Past Lives, Jungian/Transpersonal psychology, Reiki, The Occult Shop, self help, and wholistic soul healing. The unique life of a mystic, a western woman & modern occultist unfolds in this episode of “The Kosmic Kore”.

I am Agent M.I.B. Maiden in Black, Korinne Wilson, Occult Priestess and Podcasting handle: “Mercurial Grl” the Messenger ~~~
I am an Aquarius sun, Wood Tiger, INFP, and life path number Seven, that’s 007 MIB. Korinne is my real name, the French version of Kore, the Greek Goddess you may also know as Persephone.

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