The Psychic 9 Conspiracy


 The 9 Conspiracy:

What are the 9???! Fascinating and Disturbing! hah, fun with conspiracy, of the psychic kind. My favorite. The “9” secret rulers of the world, Divine Consciousness, or different densities of the same coin? Is the Intelligence Agency interfering with our Channeling sessions?

I adore Authoress and psychic Channel Magenta Pixie . She works with an energy called ” The White Winged Collective Consciousness of 9.”

In Conspiracy World, where I also travel, Psychic and Spoon Bender Uri Gellar has been a hot topic for years. Geller claims to channel a counsel of 9.

I’ve known this odd information about 2 Nine channelers for a while now…  yet Only felt called to bring it up to Magenta the Other day.

I saw YET Another 9 Channeler, (Thanks Susan M. for the video link). I finally sent an e-mail about this strangeness to Magenta Pixie, and she was Intrigued.

The other 9 Lady:  Marina Jacobi on JUST BERNARD SHOW


Then today I come Across this ~ 

3X3,  3rd Time Charm,  Tris


Full Video Pictured Above:


Picknett and Prince “Stargate Conspiracy”; Stench of Truth radio 7-1-11


The Stargate Conspiracy Book

“Having traced the origins of Christianity back to first-century Egypt in their ground-breaking second book, The Templar Revelation, Picknett and Prince intended to delve further back into the mysteries of that land in its most ancient times. But soon the extraordinary skulduggery that was taking place in modern Egypt in the run-up to the Millennium proved too much of a temptation.

The Stargate Conspiracy (1999) is nothing less than the revelation of the intricate relationship between the gods of ancient Egypt, New Age prophets, channelling cults and serious parapsychological researchers – all presided over like puppetmasters by the west’s intelligence agencies.

Are the ancient gods – or perhaps superior life-forms from space – really returning? Have they already made contact through chosen mediums, channellers and leaders of cults? Or is that what certain cynical manipulators want us to believe? In a bizarre and murky world where reality and belief are compelled to collide by those coldly orchestrating the plan, miracles apparently occur and the promised revelation of secrets is endless.

Stripping away layer upon layer of New Age and occult associations – including the Egyptian visions of ritual magician Aleister Crowley – Lynn and Clive reveal the incredible story of a 50-year-old plot to hijack the belief system of the West.

The Millennium may have come and gone, but the plot goes on.”



PIC TAKEN FROM Video Podcast:


At 1 hour into the Video, The author explains “There was a push to make all new age, channeled material and main stream religions into one ‘alien’ faith based on ancient Egypt. (Paraphrasing). My Conspiracy Friends know this as “THE NEW WORLD ORDER“, and “AGENDA 21“.


Blue Ray Beings, are from the SIRIUS star system. This is known through ancient cultures, indigenous mythos and channeling. ISIS told her son, they were Originally from Sirius. I am a starseed and channel from Sirius B.

When I heard the Story C.G. was pushing, I knew he must be mad, or mind controlled. THE DARK JOURNALIST did a Wonderful series of shows, where he Exposes Goode, His Handler and the ALIEN Agenda:




Get hip 2 your soul, dreams and the realms of consciousness with this Occult Priestess interview.

OCCULTPRIESTESS.COM                                             @OccultPriestess 


I believe Magenta Pixie is an Authentic, Talented Channel who is called into Service to assist Humanity at this Time! 2017


2019 UPDATE: Magenta Pixie Uses the PAGAN CALENDAR and speaks like a “NEW AGEr” about the Energies. The CHANNELING Has not changed much from the START. I have Graduated Magenta’s 9 ~ and seen more than I cared too. All is well… I hope you are too. A VIDEO will be made to explain this on a deeper level, with Charts and Graphs. Not! With Costumes and Effects. Forthcoming.

I just recently found out Uri Geller, who channeled “The Nine” worked for the CIA but was fired due to being an agent for Mossad. Government has been trying to rule psychic knowledge for generations. “Control the Narrative” and you control the people. I also think Bashar is an agent.

Occult Priestess performs all her own stunts! 

~ FIN ~ 

The Red Shoes: Kundalini Krazies

Why do we go “Crazy” before we become Sane?

The Red Shoes, They can't stop Dancing.!

The Red Shoes, They can’t stop Dancing!

Consider your childhood, consider your world and environmental stimulus, consider all your peak experiences and major devastations. All is revealed in the Life Review, collective view of the consciousness and the history of our species.  The Ego is the Egg shell that MUST crack open to Hatch the Aura of Light, to set the head aflame with the Gnosis of Gods pure existence. This gnosis brings self awareness of the Ultimate force of Love, bringing the individual consciousness into alignment with the ALL/ONE.

During this Ego collapse we experience the Hero’s Journey in flashes, visions or full on “Hallucinations”. This is the force of Kundalini Shakti, clearing your entire being of the dust of the past. Coming into alignment can shake us like lightning, reverberating our soul until all darkness is banished. This is one of the most Personal processes that can happen to a human being. Unique to each one who braves the deep waters, who keeps rising above to breathe the air of sanity, and diving down to drown in a past of sorrow. This is the Journey to the Self.

DMT- you’re soaking in it!

Fighting with a Real Life, Government Agent 


DMT popularized by Dr. Rick Strassman in his books “DMT:The Spirit Molecule” and “DMT and The Soul of Prophecy” is a chemical the Pineal gland excretes that CREATES VISIONS. The Pineal, has a Light inside, bioluminescent – It is the Light of Oneness.

I happen to have the Privilege of Rick Strassman’s friendship on FaceBook. Rick Posted this article with a comment:

Rick Strassman: “Thoughtful article about DMT providing access to invisible realms on Science and Metaphysics website. ”

Scientist Claims DMT Can Connect The Human Brain To A Parallel Universe…/

Korinne Replied: “Kewl! I wish they would come to understand the universe is mental in nature (The Kybalion) , and consciousness is non-physical, the realms of densities ‘above us’ on higher vibrational frequencies, remain non physical~ trying to measure the ether with science based on 5 senses seems laughable to me. DMT is the result of an awakened/awakening consciousness. Once the ego collapses due to self-realization, Kundalini Shakti begins her way up the spine, awakening the chakras, and causing bliss/visions- or DMT trips… Thanks Rick ”

Rick Strassman replied:While it’s an inviting notion, we still don’t know anything about what stimulates or suppresses the body’s formation of DMT.

Korinne spoke: “As a Witch I was taught that Herbs enhance the third eye. I often wonder why western medicine was invented at all. So Mugwort, Violet, and Datura are strong, yet my Favorite and most potent is Anise (tea) . “We” may not commonly know these mysteries, but some of us keep them alive.”

Please visit Dr. Rick Strassman’s Website, and Purchase his books.





Better than Satanic science, I have two Videos Series on Consciousness Mapping

#1 Blinded by Science: Western Psychology and it’s Limitations. Spiritual Gnosis and it’s Expansions.


#2 Anima/Animus: Series Includes information on all Psychological / Emotional Human Processes.

(Both video series are Major Examples of my Undiscovered Genius, and Blue Buddha Medicine for this World)


For the Absolute Primer on Mental Illness vs Spiritual Awakening – “Bi-Polar or Waking Up” is the Best video series on the topic.  Author Sean Blackwell, our Hero.


Psychiatry retains power despite lost scientific credibility

Twitter: @EverydayPsycheVictims

Referenced Article:

My Thoughts: Stoopid Science: “Psychiatry retains power despite lost scientific credibility” – How wronged are the Masses going to feel when they finally understand Pharmaceuticals are Expensive coffins. HARM-aceuticals. Just ask Robin Williams. SOLUTION: Self- Help, John Bradshaw, Marianne Williamson, 12 Steps of Recovery, browse transpersonal psychology, commit yourself to a higher path and work in earnest to love yourself.

Doctor Collin Ross out of Texas is a Champion of Sanity. He has teamed up with “Psyche Truth” to create many videos about Spiritual and Mental Health, as well as MK ULTRA!

A Helpful Blog:  Psychotic Buddha;  Buddhist Paths through Psychosis

Of Great Interest: Can Mindfulness meditation induce Psychosis?

*My Favorite Article on Spiritual Attack as an Answer to Psychosis. Saints were often attacked by “demons”. I understand I was Attacked by “Dark Consciousness” during many of my Kundalini Awakenings, and years of Sleep Paralysis.

Entitled: What a Shaman See’s in a Mental Hospital”

FULL DOCUMENTARY: A “truther” movie, Conspiracy Fact. “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (FULL VERSION)” Presnted by the COMPETITION: SCIENTOLOGY mind control SILVA.

Pop Culture Musical Reference: Kate Bush – “The Line, The Cross and the Curve” is Kate Bush’s self-made Movie, and album”The Red Shoes” : The Story of a Kundalini Awakening.

Full Movie:

interview with Kate:


BONUS: My Ego Collapse and Meeting the Higher Self:

KUNDALINI SONG: Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, Looking for the fight of her life. In the real time world no one sees her at all.They all say she’s crazy! Locking rhythms to the beat of her heart, * Changing moment into light *.  She has danced into the danger zone, When the dancer becomes the dance. (BECOMING the DANCE = Red Shoes of Kundalini) It can cut you like a knife, If the gift becomes the fire (Oh It Did). All the while you’re stuck between / What’s Will and what will be
She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she’s dancing like she never danced before. On the ice filled line of sanity, It’s a place most never see. It’s a hard won place of mystery!! You can touch it but can’t hold it!
You work all your life for that moment in time, It can come or pass you by. (Black Bird, All your life, you’ve only been waiting for this Moment to Arrive) It’s a push of the world but there’s always a chance. If the hunger stays alive (Eye of the Tiger)
There’s a cold kinetic heat, Struggling, stretching for the beat (Reaching within and UP) Never stopping, With her hair against the wind. She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she never danced before

~ fin ~

Channeling: Sainted Grace



“I was dreaming when I wrote this, so sue me if it goes Astray.” Prince 1999

This is a Stream of Conscious channeling that ended up containing Several Initiations.

In my Journal I wrote: I am having many spiritual visitations a day, and remaining sane. Listening to Pink Floyd, TIME- I see endings, alarms, the time has come… I see the Scale of Ma’at with a Nemis over it, an hour glass that is spent. I pray for the Eyes of Brahma to Open. I see Hermes with Angel Wings, on his Knees offering me a Large Red Rose that blooms before my eyes~ beautiful. “Your Love is Lifting me Higher” as I see visions of myself, black platinum Isis Diamond. I see a Rose Bloom in my Crown Chakra.

I catch a glimpse of Hermes, with ‘flesh’, he is blond, Most expressive eyes ever. He is sitting, perched on a rock, waiting. I once saw the Apostles by a river- each on in their own reality, alone by a river, awaiting their true love… It seems Hermes also had a Similar Place in Time/Space where he awaited and lamented the return of his love. Hermes Turns and Sees me, He moves to Stand Immediately, with a strong masculine swish I can hear his sandals on the rocks, crushing the sand under his sole. He is Dressed like a Greek- white short ‘toga’ dress, rope belt, short sleeves- a classic look for him. I understand this is a Reunion I only receive a glimpse of.

Next I am Taken Way up into the High Heavens- Above the Astral Space- into more “Official Heaven” Space- where many consciousness choose to reside, together. I am in an “Official” place were High Ceremonies take place, all is Brightly Lit and golden with the light of love. Like Living in a Rainbow, only Fancy- Familiar enough, a Large Set. I am in a Place of Honor. On my Head is a TALL Crown of Gold with a Large Red Heart in the middle of the crown. My dress is Elegant white, gold and red. My Heart is Amethyst- Mary Acknowledges, Mary Dances. (I have since learned Mother Mary is Present at all Sacred Marriages of Saints- The Mystical Bride of Christ).


“How does it feel Princess?” I am asked as the crown is placed on my head. ~ “It Feels Like Light” I then see a crown of Diamond Lights. Arrows of Eros.

I am then told my Image, My Media, My Work will be Highlighted for “Meaningful” people to Take Notice Of me. My “Mask” is Off and my Image is Empowered.

I am Led into another Vision; Sri Mamua Devi, is my Guru (sacred teacher, soul mother) of the Buddhist lineage, Karma Kagyu. I begin… Like a Guru Devi Dress, Veil of Coins, Veils of shimmer, glitter sequins. ‘In-trance’, ‘Entrance’ , ‘Dance’, – Guru Devi guide me in the Dance. I empower Sri Mamua Devi, Guide me Mysticite! My hands a buzz with  white light as I empower Her. Her clothes shift from wearing the white of a Devotee, to her Black and gold Colors. She hands me, as her devotee, a yarn, her yarn. I, Royalty, Queen. She Winds up her Bodhisattva vow as it is Fate Yarn, and hands it to me… “Perfect” she states. The yarn turns to white light in my hands. I hear “Opening Gates”… I asked Guru Devi what to do with the cord/yarn? So I gifted it too her, and she Rose higher and higher above me- to a Realm I could not see. I hear she went to commune with the Buddha, and that my VOW was COMPLETE. Full Circle. As a Student of Milarepa / Miracle. All Rainbows for Guru Devi. I hear the Dalai Lama say… “She Finds her Buddha- Golden, then she Becomes Tara.” Finding my soulmate/twinflame will Make me a Tara Dolma Too. I Prostrate to the Lineage.

Hermes shows me He and I share the “same ship”. We now have One Merkaba, I saw an Open Arc. Our shared Merkaba is his “key” to our reality

I see Hermes with a drum- he is pacing a rhythm- time… The Wings on his Helmet and Feet turn Black. ~
Be with You Darling Soon” ~

~ FIN ~


Soul Twin: Seeking Understanding

This blog post is Mainly for myself, on the topic of my personal understanding of Twin Flame Souls. I shall post research, links and personal visions. I know others can learn from this if they seek clues within. Occult Priestess

Alchemy: The Process of turning a Seed into a Full Manifestation. The Soul from lead to gold. This is the building of Solomon’s Temple- the Light Body, or Rainbow light body as described in Buddhism through the Diamond Way. These are the Mechanics of Enlightenment, Anointment, Christ / Krishna / Cosmic Consciousness. The Raising of the Kundalini and sometimes, the Western Medical disease Bi-Polar Mania.

Alchemy shows in pictures and elements- the map of the mind. Micro Cosm, Macro Cosm. “The Universe is Mental In Nature” ~ Kybalion. Heal Your Mind, and You Heal God.

Carl JungAnima/Animus: Reading books on Wicca- particularly “Love Magick” by Laurie Cabot– introduced me to Carl Jung and his Anima/Animus theory. I believe Jung was an Interpreter of Ancient EASTERN mysticism. Jung broke down in “scientific” terms the psychology of the MIND (not the brain).

Anima Animus: Male Psyche within Female Mind, 

Female Psyche within Male Mind. TAO.





I have had the Master Teacher Spirit Guide HERMES, my entire Incarnation in this body. In my Early 20’s I had first Contact with this guide in a way I could Recognize and Understand as a Spirit Guide.


When I had my First Kundalini Awakening at age 30 I began full conscious contact (visions and visitations, channeling) with both My Higher Self (oversoul) and Hermes my Master Guide. Both of them came to me from on high, with Great revelations of love and insight. I had been a psychic for about 15 years at this point, but now I was connected to Source, the All/One and downloading mystical gnosis.

I have now had full conscious contact with Hermes and my Higher Self as well as Many other Hosts in Heaven for over Ten years.

twin flames

Twin Flames: The Higher Self has atonement with the physical incarnated self. These two “Realized” or whole individuals come together in union on both the Heaven Realms and the Physical Realm. As Above, So Below.

Double Merkaba

Higher Self aligns with Earthly Body

Kundalini worked through my energy, cleaned my trauma and blockages, through pure energy, visions and soul fire. The clearing taking over 10 years, in an epic effort to fully anchor and embody the higher self, within the ‘animal body’. I am in the final stages of integration (2018), as my growth is congruent with Earth vibrations (Schumann resonance). As Earth raises in frequency, I will be able to blossom and expand. I can’t wait to take this rainbow lightbody for a spin!

Hermes as Twin?

The Symbol my Animus took on at his Enlightenment was Hermes, as the David Statue. My Animus became Enlightened, a Co-Enlightenment of Myself and my Inner Other Animus Psyche. I saw Hermes, the inner twin climb a mountain, and enter a cave near the top. There surrounded by stone and golden flame, he met with his “Higher Self”, the God Hermes. At that moment, Gnosis of oneself as a God, transforms the self into Divinity. Psychologically the inner other, and myself had now come to the same space, God Realization.

After the mental congruence with the twin, we began to work on the heart. Through great striving I became One, Whole Hearted, with the marriage then Taking Place in My Heart. The traditional marriage in the heart, between the masculine and feminine forces took place within me as Kundalini healed me. I saw and experienced the reunion of Radha and Krishna in my heart temple.  Love from left to right, as a light beam force, connected to my crown, and higher “astral” bodies. From a pure realm, the light in my heart opened to a portal of universal, Kosmic, true love. This Alchemical romance, of God/Love contains all flavors of enduring devotion. I found myself more content to sit, and allow, to observe, and to be. Beauty spoke to me, in the silence of white light. I was seduced by reality itself. Now I knew how Rumi felt.

merkaba lady

Merkaba lady

Hermes showed me many visions of he and I as we Integrated our Merkaba‘s on the Higher Realms. I have seen visions of wedding rings, hinting at marriage of the Spiritual “Twins”. A love that grows- a soft, slow, trusting love that is cultivated in the soil of the soul. Not a rushed trip to fantasy land to fulfill some empty egoic need. Nothing of the kind in fact. This is the Sacred Marriage, that I have not read about or discovered in any form of Media. Traditional alchemy has the goal of self integration, attainment of the ‘Merkaba Rainbow Lightbody’ and enlightenment (beyond ego). That is NOT our end game. Hermes instructs me, there is much more to discover in Tantra.

I think what is So difficult to understand about Alchemy is that – It HAPPENS to you. If you had shown me Alchemical texts, before my Personal Journey through it, I would have had limited understanding. Yet, After you have Been Through the Process, you can Personally and DEEPLY identify with the Symbology, because it was experienced (Gnosis).

Today I saw a Double Peacock– I was meditating on my heart and the Alchemical marriage that had already taken place within about three years ago. I saw in my heart a “Wood Cut Out” the method used to “stamp” Alchemy art in antiquity. The Wood cut out depicted two  birds in the Heart, I knew the birds were peacocks because of the Three Circles above each of their heads.

Soul Love

SO Double Merkaba, Double Peacock, and I keep having visions of a man I have never met. The Visions started around 2010, and have only grown in story line and frequency.

ALCHEMY STAGE: ” With the Peacock stage, the alchemist has entered into the inner experience of the astral world, which initially appears as ever shifting patterns of color. This experience is often symbolized in alchemy by the appropriate image of the peacock’s tail with its splendid iridescence of color. In terms of this series of five stages, the turning point is reached with the Peacock. Up until this point the alchemist has experienced aspects of his being which he was formerly unconscious of – the etheric forces and the astral body. Essentially these experiences have happened to him, although he had to make himself open to the experiences through entering into the initial Black Crow state, however, in order to progress he must begin to work upon his inner being.”

PEACOCK: astral body consciousness – inward immersion – point of transformation – outward expression integration – purification – transmutation

“The Peacock’s Tail is the central experience to this process, the point of inner transformation, which arises from a true consciousness of the astral body. We note also that the other stages mirror each other. Thus the Black Crow and the Phoenix are related as beginning and end of the process, but in a deeper sense they are both connected with death-processes. The dying to the senses of the Black Crow stage is ultimately transformed into the triumph over the death process of the physical, that is pictured by the Phoenix. There is a further mirroring of the White Swan and Pelican stages. The White Swan is an experience of the etheric forces in one’s being, and this is later transformed into a conscious mastery and outward expression of these life forces.

The Peacock’s Tail stage: the conscious experience of the astral body – stands alone in this picturing of the process, though it was sometimes split into two facets, in the writings of some alchemists – an initial winged dragon phase which resolved into the Peacock’s Tail. In the initial encounter with the astral body, the negative distorted aspects of one’s being can dominate, and these can be pictured as the winged dragon, but through soul purification, ultimately the full beauty and splendor of the astral body are revealed in the Peacock’s Tail.”

Without the VISIONS I experience I would Never Know to Research these Specific Topics.

HOW DOES MY TWIN MANIFEST? As all saintly souls- I have spent some past life times without the touch of a lover. Sexual union is never the end goal of making time with someone. I have always sought out my mates. Karmic mates have been the whole of this current incarnation. However long or brief the relationship, there was a lesson, there was a contract, there was heartache, and evolution.

I have had so much information from my Fable Tale Visions, My Movie Channeling, Things shown but not understood, for me to piece together like a Puzzle. Like editing a movie that is all out of order. Levels of Closeness and far-awayness.

“Three o’clock in the morning – It’s quiet and there’s no one around – Just the bang and the clatter – As an angel runs to ground. Just the bang And the clatter As an Angel Hits the Ground.  STAY (FarAway So Close) U2.

An Alchemical Reference to the Vibrational Relationship Between Hermes and I.

“With you I’m not shy to show the way I feel, With you I might try my secrets to reveal. For you are a magnet and I am steel”


December 24th/25th: Christmas Eve;

I was speaking with my Spirit Guide Hermes, and He said I needed cleansing in my heart Chakra. I asked what, method to use? He said “Let me Love you”. Energetic, psychic, etheric ~ sensations. How does one describe astral love light, that has broke through to the physical realm? As if being touched by invisible, sensationally tangible magick. Through the years, Hermes has been able to ‘touch’ me, in small ways. Such as ‘boinking’ my nose, to allow me to know I am correct about something I was questioning. He has kissed, and caressed my cheeks. Yet these closer vibrations are like being wrapped in his aura of golden love light. A multi-dimensional bliss. (Note: This is non-sexual)

He placed a rainbow waterfall, into my heart, and I could feel it cleansing me with light and song, tones. I saw my heart as a golden Pear with a violet energy field around it.
Pear:  Symbolizes purity, honor, and epic marital faith. Also associated with Saint Catherine, as the mystical bride of Christ.” Wow

This was the beginning of “New Lessons”, about the manifestation of the twin, in the physical realm. I am being taught, the final Hieros Gamos of alchemy, involves soul twins, transmuting into a new type of being. This is obviously a deeply esoteric topic, involving the “new human”, described by Pandit Gopi Krishna. As  Earth raises in vibration, the dimensions merge, and evolution occurs. A deeper mystery of this evolution, is the transmutation of the Divine Twins.

Notes: “The spirit spouse is one of the most widespread elements of shamanism, distributed through all continents and at all cultural levels. Often, these spirit husbands/wives are seen as the primary helping spirits of the shaman, who assist them in their work, and help them gain power in the world of spirit. The relationships shamans have with their spirit spouses may be expressed in romantic, sexual, or purely symbolic ways, and may include gender transformation as a part of correctly pairing with their “spouse”. Shamans report engaging with their spirit spouses through dreams, trance, and other ritual elements. In some cultures, gaining a spirit spouse is a necessary and expected part of initiation into becoming a shaman. Evidence of spirit spouses may be seen in non-shamanic cultures as well, including dreams about Christ by nuns, who are considered to be “brides of Christ“.” Again! 

“And I’m takin’ a dive!”


Updated July 2018: Hermes and I have done even more work, since the beginning of this blog. Sometimes I have felt like a science experiment, the Bride of Frankenstein. Integration with the higher self, has led into integration with the “Twin”. Hermes has disclosed to me, we are “Twin Stars“, of Original light. I understand much more of my ‘galactic’ soul story as well. Hermes is the Prince of Sirius B, the face of the true spiritual sun, and I am his twin star. In the real world, I’m doing all this without a net. I’ve been single, and not ready to mingle for seven years. A dedication to my spiritual path, and the pursuit of true Twin love. Waiting for an Angel, to descend into the mortal. Then I am promised some Tantra! As Above, So Below. (He’s only sleeping.)

“I listen like a Little Child, of the story of your Earth Bound Pilot… He plummeted so violent! A parachute not opening! And rushing to oblivion… He broke into that knowing grin.”

 Rosetta Stone Pact. 


“You and I must make a pact, We must bring salvation back! Where there is love, I’ll be there. ” 


~ FIN ~

Occult Priestess – Kore ~ MIB : Maiden in Black (resume)

My Teachings are based on Personal Gnosis of the Universe and our placement in it. I have worked very hard to map out the levels of consciousness, and illustrate the path to Oneness. I have had spiritual awakenings through many modalities such as 12 Step, Mysticism, Alchemy, Ascended Masters and Dedication to Buddhism. I am a conscious channel for the God known as Hermes, the Messengers Messenger. I am an Aquarius, and I am Here to Ring in the Dawning of our Age.

I am Kore ~ M.I.B. ~ Maiden in Black.


Wiccan at age 16 – self dedicated High Priestess at age 18. Coven Leader – “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present.

Professional Psychic age 17 at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992-1997. Exclusive Psychic of Jillians Entertainment Complex. 2000-2005. Various Tarot events, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot psychic counseling currently for 22 years.

Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21.

Owner of “The Occult Shop” 1998-2004 spiritual retail and temple, home of the Coven of the Illuminated Shadow. Owner of . Webmistress and Event creator/organizer.

Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center”: 2005-2008. Still owned and nurtured by my best friend Lydia Stec.

Founded and Co-Created Events:

“The Cincinnati Witches Ball”- Creatrix, founder, Producer. 2001- Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinnin, Witches Dance- for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic “Southgate House” this became the event of the season. Our first year over 600 in attendance. I am no longer involved with the Witches Ball.

“HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spear headed to meet the late Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). Weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing.

“Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only- Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success- lives were changed.)

A Myriad of Media:
Interviewed by local FOX news – Subjects: Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle, a Highlight piece on my business “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple.

Locally published articles and interviews over the years.

Over 1000 subscribers, over 100 Videos ~
Radio Show Interviews available on my youtube channel.

“The Nightmare” a film Directed by Rodney Ascher on the subject of Sleep Paralysis. I am one of Eight Sleep Paralysis survivors who share their Story in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”





Google: “Occult Priestess” , “Rev. Korinne” , “Banshee”


WordPress Blog:

Facebook: Korinne Wilson


Goals: I work for the Enlightenment of Humanity. I wish to be active in the media, to awaken the masses through psychic transmission.

Blessings and Namaste!


Illumi-Naughty VS The ILLUMINATED –

IllumiNaughty VS Illuminated – the Naughty’s are rich, powerful, and have all the stolen ancient mysteries at their finger tips. The Illuminated are repressed by the material world, yet have past life knowledge and a direct link to Source awareness- downloads and DNA upgrades. So… who are you rooting for?

Trumped Again- by a simple Occultist- You Sillies This is the Only BEYism in reality.

My Video-

This is where people Confuse the Illumi-Naughty- and the Illuminated “priesthood through a plethora of secret societies governs the affairs of mankind to this very day.” quoted from above article. We BOTH have ‘spies’ and ‘secret societies’ like maybe Buddhism would be seen as a secret society? Our Channelers are the spies,- THEY – the baddies- have Remote Viewers and men who stare at goats, we have Mediums who stare at Ghosts. You see the Confusion?

I am a MIB Maiden in BLACK

~ FIN ~

Awakening to Ghosts: the Lower Astral and the Ancestors – “Breaking News From the Spirit World” part 3

“Do Ancestors Troll you on the Psychic Telephone? You tell them to call their Mother.”



Ghosts asking again- I suppose what every child wants to know- What is it that makes us Magik?

Hungry Ghost is a spiritual Leper. Visual. Western Light Workers maybe have hungry ghost issue.

Obviously- I am beginning to understand this issue.

Ancestors- Living People “Higher Selves” are usually their Subconscious self, Ego No Spreken ze Dutch.

Sleepy Higher Selves can make Hungry Ghosts in the After Life.

What gives Hungry Ghosts Power to Interfere in Our NO FEAR Consciousness?

How come Hungry ghosts cannot learn through their own experience? If you get caught in the fiction / friction, taking your role as your soul. Fallen to the flesh even after death, that would make you a Krispy Kritter, A demon, but not really- Really it’s just a sick ego. We have cures for that. So Hungry Ghost is a free will choice- “THEY would not feel their Edges” Pema Chodron.

Hungry ghost, Demon, Fancy names for a not healed ego… nothing to fear, no boogieman.

The *Breaking News* from the spirit world requires some back ground.Image

I First Noticed Pushy, Nosy dead people when I was a Psychic at Jillians Night Club. Once in a while an Ancestor would insist on saying hello and then proceed to tell the person, my client how to run their lives. After the dead person was done I always felt icky, and the advice was usually financial or marital. IN Our Collective past- Daughters have been sold as wives for cows and gold… Heirlooms kept for generations because of physical value (not necessarily sentimental), Multi Generational Nepotism and so on.Image

Why did the Elders control, and look after their young with such force? Because they Accepted something we no longer do….

They KNEW they would be ReIncarnated Into the very same Bloodline, the next time around, and the time after that, until who knows when. Controlling your Family bloodlines actions- business deals, marriages, proprieties, estates, stocks, bonds, gold on and on and on ~ It is Easy to see the Evidence in History- but impossible for the Non psychic to see what the Ancestors are Doing to Control From the After Life.

They can Haunt Their Children like spooky ghosts- tormenting the living into doing the will of the dead. How sick is that? Pretty gross to feel I will tell you. The enormity of it is astounding… so many ‘souls’ trying to have the most toys at the end of the game… not the purpose of life or death at all… This again Is the Ego in the After Life.


*The Breaking News from the Spirit World” ~ Those who are Currently Caught in a Ghost State are no longer allowed to Incarnate on planet Earth. For Centuries, since the fall of Consciousness, Souls took on a body, accrued karma, eventually developing what is now referred to as The Pain Body~ Karma following one from a past incarnation is basically a failed lesson that you must do over again. Having done many past life regressions, I have seen this for myself. I Believe The SHIFT into a Higher Dimension (crosses fingers) is Causing This NEW LAW in Heaven. One Must Deal with and Heal the “Pain Body” from the state of Death (astral) before taking on another Human Vessel. This seemed to really put the fear of God into the “ghosts” ~ So I predict the Hungry Ghost Ancestors will be trying Harder Than Ever to Interfere, or even Jump Into the Bodies of their living bloodline as a way of Trying to Clear their Karma…. this will not work to heal anyone. Yet I suppose it will be interesting to watch.


(Notes: News From the Dead: I have been told “incarnating” in a Human body ~ While still having karma to deal with from a Past Life Time body- is No Longer Allowed. Yeah good idea, maybe deal with that first body karma before messing up another vessel? :)I as a person am not a Smoter, Rose Is. Becoming “Ghosts” of other Roles and confusing your bloodline children.)

L. Ron Hubbard’s Great-Grandson Spills The Family Secrets On How Scientology Started. Wetikos can psychopathically (and thus toxically) mimic the human personality perfectly. If it serves their agenda, they can be convincing beyond belief, making themselves out to be normal, caring, politically correct human beings. They are unable, however, to grasp emotionally the meaning implicit in the thoughts and feelings they are exhibiting. They lack insight into how they differ from others, for they do not differ from others as they see others. They are skillful at pretending love and devotion, as if they are imitating a person. Impersonating themselves, their existence is a true parody of life. They can’t distinguish between their mimicked (pseudo) responses of love, remorse, etc., and the genuinely felt responses of a healthy person.

Awakening to Ghosts: the Lower Astral and the Ancestors part 1


This recent Teaching all started with a vision Hermes (my spirit guide) showed me.
Psychic Vision

I did not Understand the Entire Vision, nor do I still. At the time of the vision the Interpretation Was-
The OVERSOUL of Humanity (Collective Unconscious) has to Get Closer to – move toward- Our Living Consciousness.

Anyone who has “AWAKENED” has had to experience the collective soul of humanities past and present… it is NOT pretty. This phase of awakening is quite tormenting, the Gnosis of what our ancestors did can be devastating. Tapping into the OverSoul of humanity; its a bad dream- we must all wake up from.

“Ghost Consciousness” for lack of any other term…. must come closer to the Living consciousness in order for ALL/ONE to heal, or wake up from the collective nightmare we call History.

I do NOT believe this “vibrational” movement of consciousness- the living thoughts close to the thoughts of the dead…   I believe this is a Phase or Stage of the “Shift” or Awakening of Humanity, Cosmic Consciousness, Evolution.

During my most recent Kundalini awakenings (2010-2012) I found myself a lot less blissful and much more agitated. The First awakenings were filled with feelings of bliss, Divine visitations, staggering gnosis and so many amazing happenings. The later awakenings I must not have been “going up” as high vibrationally / consciousness – because my ‘radar’ was picking up lots of lower Astral Clutter.
So the Earlier Awakenings were of a higher vibration than the later awakenings.
It is true I have had my Kundalini awakenings stopped about 14 times in the past 10 years, forced medication and psyche ward confinement. I have never been allowed to Ride Out a full awakening.
I believe no matter how reality informs me of WHY I was stopped in my process, I am understanding more of the Spiritual Reason why I have been stopped in my awakening process.
I have agreed to work on many levels of consciousness, to assist in clearing out the Higher Realms- in order for the collective over soul of humanity to Heal. In Order to Clear an Over soul- one must work on all levels of The Soul… not just your own personal soul (which is your admission key to the collective) But the Collective Soul of Human Kind, something Jung would have called the Collective Unconscious.

The First Awakenings: The first Awakenings were for ME- my gnosis, my healing, my ego egg cracking and my new consciousness born. I learned about my history as a soul, my soul family, my brother and sister souls, basically a tour of heaven, philosophy, my real home, why and how I became human and so much more. Yet it pretty much all pertained to ME.

Later Awakenings: In the later awakenings I was used as a vessel by Cosmic and Shamanic beings a like. I was ‘kidnapped’, taken over, ceaselessly questioned, bullied, drained and exhausted. My free will seemed to be used like tissue paper :(.

I am only recently coming to understand what I have been through and how I have been used.

~ fin ~

Creative Channeling

I wanted to write a song we could all sing along too
Something we could all move and groove too
Something fascinating, something quite amazing.

If I were Kate Bush and I was me at the same time what song would I write? I like creating out of the “Kate” in me, for she personifies my wisdom and expression with sound, movement and form.

I am your inner Light, I am your muse tonight.
Cast aside the dust and uncover your old music box.
The one you left playing in the corner oh so long ago.
Wind now as it is your fashion, the clock striking midnight, the soul of compassion.
Bend your wisdom to the wind, arch yourself from within, beyond barriers into the Light.

Dance now to the tune of a thousand songs.
Multi universal esoteric tones, vibrating your essence, reverberating your bones.
Come clear across to the other shore with me. Touch and feel the beauty like a golden cloud of honey
Come with me, to the other side of reality,
let us see what is behind creativity…
I can show you the path
But you must lead the way
For a thousand locks on the hundredth box, cast your doubts away. Don’t go missing in action letting your senses stray. Be here now and stay, say, stay.
On a sea of empty bliss we forget loneliness and become oneliness, wholeness is a state such as this.
Bring me your rhymer, your key keeper your tymer, break now the sacred hour glass that falls with red sands and put the faith and wisdom back into her hands- wielding now the shield of one, divining lady share what we have become. Open your eyes and ears to fate as the winged messenger duly awaits. Bring now thine wisdom back home (bring it on home) to the nest of empty forgiveness, the unity with the allness so that you to may bless- the bliss, the oneness- inside manifest as outside coalesce, understand the union that all are one, universal oneness a certain state of consciousness.
Bringing it all together, making it make sense.
You are being asked to fulfill the mission of writing and of skill to bring through the knowledge you have attained through previous incarnations, and those lessons from other realms of light- into this plane, onto this place, bringing a joy and abundance of greater fruits/efforts. Work for you is designed or by design, your will makes the magick grow (The golden dust of Isis). Bringing wisdom to the people counterbalances your work in a fulfilling and quite tolerable way. You will find in your giving and gifting you will receive many fold. Bringing to a culmination many lifetimes sold to the past. You see how it is your Karma to reap from your treasures. The vast knowledge of your well observed incarnations are reflecting back to you, shining the light of what you have forgotten or what :time: has stolen. Give your secrets back to yourself and unleash them upon the people with delight in discovery. You are your own archeological dig dear princess. Loved one in flesh we must regress. Cast back thine eye to the brilliant sun of glow in blue hue (I see and eclipse)- cast back to green and the morning glory brew (like absinthe, a green psychedelic drink), incense streaming, light rays beaming (mirrors and light for trance I assume), karmic mission fulfilled.
I see the New Justice, short brunette hair, like statue of liberty kind of, on her throne with her sword high in the air. Like the Priestess and Justice combines. Finally a clear picture of the “new” justice card that I have been seeing that I thought existed in the Thoth deck, but it does not.
In the morning you rise, take this in stride, breathing in slow and deep. Bringing peace home to the future shores of tomorrow, brining in the sheep, with an ocean of devotion, sacred vows we keep. Bring ye here with a full plate to breath the breath and the truth of the knowledge within, come with sword and chalice and rod, come to symmetry and balance. Think of the one the undivided the whole- draw your light from this. We are all one and that brings home the sight, the sound and the vision. Bring your light carried within for no mask can hide your pallor, climb to the top- begin the begin, the top of the ivory tower. See the triangle descend upon thee. Break loose your golden chains for the platinum reins to the chariots horses. Create.

Platinum blue steel – cobalt brilliance- eye of sight within the darkness (the sun is eclipsed by the moon- pf) ancient spiral hypnotic calling you back through the void into oneness into the light of all oneness bright as your moon is shadowed with the evening of starlight round the a halo of a surface shore, bring your light bring it high for the moon riseth in your eyes- understand the knowing of all is one with the strength of the deep expanses, underworld landscapes on the moon over your head through the star gate (triangle = stargate?) under the bridge and over the mountain into valley bellow the surface into oval pupils tunneling underground. Echo, Echo heard the soft sound of the water as it escapes its confines and joins your mind in common acknowledgment. Drop of moisture calls you to the place of sacred stones, crystalline shards of charts and graphs, treasures to unfold. The Mayan bird riseth out of the crystal, like a phoenix spreading its wings of radiating light- Prophecies. The secrets of Azaz’el.
(I remember being attacked in my sleep by a charred skeleton creature. I asked what it’s name was (I don’t know why) and this is the name it gave. Then I was shown a murder scene of my own doing, bloody gore, unpleasant. I got away and hid in the bathroom. I awoke.)
“According to Apocalyptic literature, esoteric knowledge, such as magic, divination, and astrology, was transmitted to humans in the mythic past by the two angels, Aza and Azaz’el (in other places, Azaz’el and Uzaz’el) who ‘fell’ from heaven (see Genesis 6:4).”

~ FIN ~

Channeling Sessions: Heaven is Just UpStairs!

This session is from 2010
Channeling is consciously communicating with spirit
I post these here as way of keeping a record and possibly helping others.

I was talking with James- we got to the second chakra issues I’ve been dealing with- working on first and second charkra- vision occurs-
“Thall shall not seek out mystical experience”
So I say sky people- and a flash of white statue animated people-lots of them- lots upon lots- one throwing a kiss at me- they all seem to be saying hi in some way- showing me their numbers their masses.
I focus on the one throwing me kisses and I see Kore as I call her- my Greek self who is young- late teens, typical Grecian dress with wavy thick black hair.
She says she is me- the Higher Self is also us, we are many at once somehow, almost different states or maybe stages of consciousness.
I remember seeing Kore during the last awakening- I was let into heaven under her guise then turned into a Unicorn. Hermes was my (her) father, Aradia (she wore the symbols of Aradia) was my mother. Heaven was my parents mansion which I (she) was raised in as an immortal. My home- my parents home- the gardens are so lovely, the brocade fabrics so deep and rich. I saw very clearly that my “heaven” was just “Upstairs”- that is how close they all felt- all I had to do was flip my consciousness and boom I was upstairs at my parents house.
During the awakening – experiencing this lovely girl immortal- she was in a room and a Grandparent stopped in and said “Oh she’s playing with her Mina doll”- Implying that I was “playing human” for a while- and the Grandparents are so OLD so advanced that they see incarnating as human as a childs game.

I was LOVED beyond any measure I have experienced on the earth plane- one would say I was open to love more in that state of consciousness, than any human psyche can comprehend. Talk about feeling Rich and Famous- being loved by Immortal Light Beings made me understand the fiction of this earth plane- how love is a constant truth beyond any derision. I mean it’s just upstairs- its so close- ask permission to see the infinite, you may be able to go up stairs and meet your parents too. I think this can happen for anyone who wants it to.

The way this happened for me- Getting into Heaven, Going upstairs:
I had an omen (precursor) dream. I remember in real life it was the right around thanksgiving. In the dream I was on a road that winded around a bin, I walked the road that ended in a BEAUTIFUL old graveyard. The statues glittered in the sunlight- like heaven had taken over the graveyard. I wanted to go in- I could feel that loving energy calling to me- I wanted to find out what was within that place that made me feel so much! I saw a statue of VENUS among others. I went to walk in and a fear hit me- DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HIDING IN THERE? The fear asked pointedly. I thought um no- and your right that is a graveyard which is usually a scary thing for us Humans. I was “TOLD” the time was not right, I could not enter the graveyard yet.

Months Later: Access Granted- The graveyard seemed to be a doorway to heaven, a ladder, a stair case all the way up to Hermes who was there beckoning me to join him “upstairs”. I had interpreted the first dream to mean I was not ready to die to my body- but now I could see- I was not ready to behold the mystery of heaven.
As I ascended up stairs through the fluorescent astral clouds- I saw a large open gate- beyond that were my spiritual Parents- Hermes/Aradia- they greeted me and I turned into a Unicorn- they game me an apple and showed me to my favorite apple tree in the extravagantly lovely fairytale like garden. Mind you I was a horse, this did seems odd to me, I had the passing thought that I would have to be a horse for all eternity. However I suppose the unicorn is a symbol for my essence.

I think I am talking to Kore exclusively- it seems she has been educated in many works I lack.

The body is not conscious in the way I think or may think of it- The body is RULED or run by the Power Chakras- a life generator – look up what a generator does. The body is like a plant as far as consciousness- it grows toward the sun, it craves comfort and love- the ego is not a part of the bio-electrical system as a whole- the ego is a separate part of consciousness that strives to satisfy the emotional system of the animal. The ego and the animal are separate(I got the words coming out automatically but I don’t know how or why and then she tells me because you are not looking at me- just like my mom in the window “scene”)
I see her holding a doll, a cowboy who’s riding a horse- the horse and the cowboy are separate- vehicle- chariot- temple kinda- body- animal- smiling horses – Now I see a white wisp descending into the cowboy- like a small ghost or piece of god, soul, spirit. Entering the cowboy (who is now Woody from Toy Story) through his eyes- I see his cornea very close up. This wisp is seen through the cornea as LIGHT- awareness, awakeness, consciousness. I see the wisp going through the eyes to a place in the mind- I see the movie theater- Pineal Glad she says- The seat of Consciousness. Once light intersects with matter consciousness is born/created. This gives you the light and energy to fuel your movie theater. This leads to “downloading” ie channeling. I see a stream of electrical currents from above coming down into through the crown to the pineal- the light show- moving picture communication- we are real.
Hermes comes in-
He says I am talking to “myself” he enjoys watching me talk to myself. The Mina doll is a past persona of yours (mina doll teddy bear). He says Kore represents the part of my consciousness that “knows”- she is a record keeper, astrologer, healer and all that you are- she prefers Greek clothing because we were together in the story in that life.
I get this feeling like you would not call her daughter – I am your daughter- where is the separation?
HE says- she is a consciousness a part of ME- not all of me. Not exactly like the Egyptian lady I once was who has a portal open. This portal is in your soul- a window- your essence speaks in many voices. He does not want me to confuse myself- He wants me to know I am ME beyond all other me’s- I have access to infinite “me’s”
In the end are these reflections of me- just like God is each one of us- we are all Gods Finger Puppets-. If you separated god in a human ego structure would he communicate with all as if he were all because he is?
God is not separate (ever)
You actually are never separate from yourselves, us the gods- we are all one for real.
You are coming across the power to replicate yourself- in once sense. You can contact your other states of being as you wish- you are understanding no limits, no boundries. We had to crack to code to get you to see/know beyond time.
So when I see Kore in her doll room- that is not me in a past incarnation?
The Kore you see is a reflection of you
This is the first time Hermes is telling me something I am seeing is not “real” in the spiritual sense. He holds up a picture of the room with Kore sitting there and he flops it so you can see it move – understanding its two dimensional. She herself was saying she is not my higher self- we are not that either one of us. I can hear Kore so easily because she is close to my vibration- because she is me. Hermes says I cannot go to her house and have tea- she’s not real like that. The closest I can come to understanding this right now is that she is a reservoir for my knowledge- a collective notion which I have personified in a form I can relate too. An Inner face- database- record keeper, but not Thoth who I suppose is the big record keeper, and Kore maybe my personal record keeper?

I am grateful that Kore and Hermes set me straight on differentiating this particular energy. It comforts me that I will be TOLD unequivocally if I am in touch with another entity or a reflection of myself. Like I said this is the first time Hermes has made that distinction- so I assume this is the first time this has happened.

So Hermes draws a mirror up to me- I see the reflection as a different room and a different me- He says as long as you understand you are talking to a reflection you may proceed.

I re greet Kore as my reflection- She greets back-
Okay now that we know where we stand- you can understand this is a way of “smuggling out” your knowing. I think this must be a game I play with myself- where is the lady in the carpet? She says The SCROLL- yes about 20 mins ago she showed me a scroll and was passing it over to me- it was parchment- rolled with two “sticks” or rods- at the end of the rods- 4 black diamonds. The scroll is old- amber colored- I feel like I can intuitively read it, but not actually read it- I see writing- like a fairy tale. IS THIS MY SCRIPT? She smiles- and I see cherry and chocolate mood colorings- You wanted to see your life without reflection- through the eyes of the ones who see- to understand your journey in the larger sense- how you would effect your people- or how you would give back- help.
She says- this is part of your life script- your astrology- your karma and your contracts. I now see my higher self wearing Buddhist orange- smiling and showing me the pastel scenery of the astral realm- she looks like the queen of heaven to me. She seems to have an artists brush and now a smock- she tells me she paints- scenes, landscapes, she paints possibilities, hope because hope is real; she paints the stars the guide me toward the light. ()+() . I see a chariot race- I am entered- she is my “guardian” in the sense of over seer adviser. Hermes does not advise, this is her role. I ask how to define her role for me, fairy god mother? Angel? She says I am you of course- in another role.
I see her say to Hermes “I think she’s finally getting it”
You deal with upstairs stuff and I deal with downstairs?
More or Less- your limited perception.
Well you know I want infinite perception- I feel as if I am being hard headed when I am just being honest. I feel my frustration. However I don’t want to spontaneously combust due to enlightenment. I accept my limited perception and I gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi Svaha am working on it.

Maybe you can address my “techno Fear”- I fear that I will stumble upon a secret so perception altering that I will never recover from it- a bad tone that echos through out infinity- I call it techno fear because I feel it keeps me from accessing the computer of cosmic consciousness as fully as I would like to. A Phobia of too much knowledge that breaks my humble mind. Pandora there is the box you forgot to open- Oh no! You see it’s like sniffing for bombs in spiritual concepts before you commit to learning them. However I am exploring spiritual/higher knowing- which by its nature is mysterious and you cannot sniff for bombs before you commit to the download. And then of course you cannot “un see” what you have seen.

Higher self explains itself
Guru Devi= Physical Lineage
I am not Guru Devi, but I am my higher self. We are all one because we are, also because we all intersect at one point or another- we know. The individuation process is how we grow a soul- through life poetry we bloom the rose.
Funny thought- I’m not transgender, I’m trans-aged- old soul dilemma, being “old” from birth.
She says I see the props she uses and how she sets the stage for the play- so we no longer play like that. Our personal learning is experience is manifesting within, through the facility of the psyche, the mind channels the information, we are tuning the crystal to amplify your perception. I make a triangle symbols with my hands- The Tones will vibrate you into alignment with oneness from which all is revealed. Oh I see now you brought up my limited perception not only to explain that I can only see part of the meaning right now, but also for later when I can see it, and I can compare the two states of consciousness.
She says she is a conscientious gardener- you think you like playing Sims? You have no idea.
I get my simness and even my Dolls from her love perception of her work.
She is a True Educator and I feel as if she is almost my creatrix- who chose a to “grow” and Oracle Priestess Rose in her Goddess garden. Through lifetimes and in between- nurturing this soul, this seed, to bloom into a completed work.

I do feel designed, don’t we all at some level be it scientific with genetics, or mental emotional of psychology or like me scripted from spirit- the theme of being a creation is universal.

So we see our creators as Divine. For me – seeing my higher self in the astral pastel art sky- she seems divine to me. She tells me her soul was grown just as mine was- a different “time” with different methods for her level of manifestation. The closer to source you are the faster you “come back home” so to say.

I ask her if shes ever been here- and No- she was manifested on a different “level” of the cosmic game.
I see a mad an dirty cave woman ( we grow the souls in the fertile soul of the earth)- Higher self asks what is wrong with this woman?
I see she has her Kundalini turned on- I see she is wise, but- Oh she is not taking care of her animal body. And I feel the woman is a ghost- Either way you push the pendulum- all body or all sight- you are out of alignment. In your case the body must be loved- The cave woman has a puppy who she loves and cares for. The puppy is clean, fed and loved- the cave woman comes to love herself through the power and instinct of loving another. Loving the body leads to transmutation of the flesh- golden skin. The light body can inhabit the physical- it does, it’s just not lit up so to speak. As you come into alignment, through the planetary influences and your own diligent work you will release the shame that binds you- and understand the true meaning of justice. To love all as you are loved by all.

Wonder woman refers to ‘the story of my third eye’
My higher self, my gardener- soul gardener-
She emanated from the TARA energy- Tara in essence is her mother
I emanated from Her- no archetype to tie her to (Pivarte sari svhana?)
My emanation has been through the obvious life times- and countless others I cannot currently recall. My emanation has been Egyptian and Greek; those lives set many foundations for future construction/expansion. Tara is known in many solar systems- I am less known, mostly an earth fairytale, in the “publishing” business earth fairytales are not a hot market. You can rule the world and still be a geek in the universe.

I ask her about all the mindless people- the zombies- the ones who live like animal minds.
There have always been these kinds of scenarios- we grow the soul you know. The soul does not always listen to or acknowledge the inner voice- for the most part all people are capable to hearing the inner voice, it is a choice to listen to it or turn it off. Talk about auto pilot. You always listened- you had no choice- contracts are sacred and binding. You were raised to listen for the smallest sound- very sensitive to vibration. You like Orchids and Lotus because you feel you are given a rare life as well. You feel nurtured like an exotic flower- who does not yet know the meaning of it’s intense scent. Mystery of your own powers/senses/gnosis. You have always been given the gift of knowing you were different from the other flowers. You were chided and praised for it, which helps the flower to see itself. Now that you see the form of your flower- understand you are exotic, now you wish to radiate the scent yet- you wonder- what is this- I see this symbol, this form, it speaks of many moods and tones- it speaks of old ancients of wise echoes in caves to walking talking movies – the spectral show- the light bearing, coming through- How can you recon with the knowledge of what you are without knowing what you are?

Knowing what I have been- past lives; into what I have become- it is a truth I may choose to believe or disregard as psychotic fantasy.

Everyone on a truth seeking mission about the mysteries of the universe probably deals with past lives and who they used to be. I happen to have holy visions of vestal virgins- priestesses, oracles. One could say of course you would because in this life who have chosen to study spirituality. Yet at age 5 I was tied to a tree by some kids who said they were going to burn me because I was a witch- this and many other happenings “prove” my life script fully supports the possibility of past lives as a mystic. When I was too innocent or young to understand my spiritual lineage- I was reminded by those around me.
The simple statements above are enough for Western Psychiatry to deem me unstable and possibly dangerous. I have such a sense of justice, if I think I fit someone else’s description of “insane” I totally agree with them that I am insane- that is their perception and who am I to change it? I don’t have control issues- think what you want to think. My issue is being placed in a locked ward of a hospital while consuming large amounts of poisons- medication.

Just as I chose to listen to my inner voices- or spiritual guides, I may choose to remember my past and live my future based on evolution, not starting over.

Assuming I have been all these ladies; and more- I can remember and tune in. And I have.
If I lived in isolation my entire life- I would think all of these mystical experiences were 100% part of a reality; I also lived in. I could easily see and understand different realities- different states of my soul, countless incarnations… only through contact with my society am I shamed and blamed for my visions.
I wish to own my perception- own my power- no mistaking me for something I am not.
The flower represents the soul in our scenario; why is your soul different
I don’t think my soul is different
Why are you different
I was raised to be different
Being raised cannot change a carrot into a potato
It cannot?
So why are you different?
The seed was different, my chemical make up was different, I come from
Yes- that is it, you come from a different origin- The apple does not fall far from the tree.
I see a stream, fish jumping and a lighthouse in the distance-She shows me the light house in my head; I remember it from my last awakening. The light house is of great meaning- therefore great importance.
“A tall structure topped by a powerful light used as a beacon or signal to aid marine navigation.”
Tall structure- crown of platinum- the disco ball above my head.
“The first known lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria.”
“The lighthouse is a symbol of guidance through the dark waters of the unconscious or through tumultuous emotions to a safe harbor. “
There is now a Fish with a light on it’s head jumping out of the water. I see the Hierophant with his Projector eye. The word “transducer”
She asks me to understand that each part of the visions during awakening- not gods, but vision such as this last time are all pictures for meanings- lighthouse, disco ball, each story you saw- they all speak of the now- the everstate of presence, not form as in incarnation , not consciousness as in evolving entity; not just story telling- psychedelic learning activation; full and glorious participation. And it is because you are psychic- and that does make you different. This is NOT just living the archetypal myths- this is being initiated into the essence of the whole; a way of integrating with oneness- experiencing the cosmic story; gods story; heros myth just does not cover this level of awareness.

(I just remember- earlier I had a vision of when I used to dream of eyeballs- even eating them and I think mouth; oral; speaking- eyeballs- speaking truth can “open their eyes” so to speak?)

Being aware of your divinity does cover this level of awareness- you have shared visions of gods memory is one way of putting this. You saw that God had a dream one night and it was all of human history- this is not far from the truth- though through life goggles you cannot possibly understand this concept. So you call it a dream- were I am we call it an event, a happening an occurrence. We can watch your dimension- we see through the fence. The “Gods Dream” and the life script- Ramtha information was in tune with your vibration to hear the words of knowing. You become aware of your divinity in these higher states and manifest your remembrance of a place not of this earth plane.


New Day: January 18, 2011
Factors- thoughts that seem of import lately

Inter dimensional beings versus Physical beings from another planet
Why I am rare, deals with my mission?
Apple, Black Diamonds, Seeding other worlds, helping God
Sleep Paralysis- facing the gates of death of Hades to go home at night?

Calleman: The heros journey- visions quest- crazy- that happens to me is a literal translation of the energies being broadcast. He explains the “waves” represent the path of my journey from first d to 9th d. The 6th wave= Ramtha? Ramtha said a 5000 year cycle was now over- last year around my birthday. He says Mayan Calendar- 9 levels, like in their temples, nine waves. The sixth waves represents man mind- no intuitive, overly rational- dark age. 9th waves- no filter for the human mind, he says one with God, I totally get that because I have personally experienced it, but ego still in the way, he says no ego to interrupt the flow I suppose.
BARBARA HAND CLOW said: The first level is the metal core of the earth- my third eye at one point became this sphere- reminded me of phantasm but gave way to the lighthouse or lighthouse became sphere- cannot remember. This vision series happened at Junes house. She spoke of the 8th wave or dimension as the innocence I experienced.

She (higher self or soul architect) says- Think of the 6th dimension of form, Understand what you are calling your Ego- that filters the pictures in distorted ways- is actually your imbalance with the 6th dimension.


~ FIN ~