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The Rescue

The Rescue

My life has been mythic. I do not consider myself a natural writer, I am a writer of necessity. Since I was fourteen years old, I have kept a personal journal. Like everyone else in my middle school, I was told to keep a journal as an assignment. Once the habit formed, I continued to write for myself. My teacher lit a spark in me, you see, he would Comment on my writing. This gave my words more meaning, more weight. This was a reflection somehow, this other voice in my journal paved the way for future communication with Spirit Guides. I realized I may never be “alone”, even in my art.

There are shallow rollers, and there are deep rollers. You can’t breed two deep rollers… or their young, their offspring, will roll all the way down… hit and die. Agent Starling is a deep roller. Let us hope one of her parents was not.” Hannibal Lecter

Dark Consciousness has haunted my life in a myriad of forms defined best by the word Dominion. As a young child through my nineteenth year, I suffered from “Sleep Paralysis”. Medically defined as a form of ‘night terror’, I came to discover is actually a form of Psychic Attack. I was also raised in a physically/psychologically abusive/toxic home. Although I was very metaphysically different from my peers I was still accepted. for I inherited my mothers winning personality. I cannot say I have been persecuted too much for being different  before age 30, besides the way my family treated me. Being a child of Phenomenon was seen as Evil in my extended Jehovah’s Witness family cult.  My mother also being a child of gifts, was my advocate most of the time, and I hers, as she was a Black Sheep.

The path of my goodness and virtue versus the world of reality and attacks from psychic realms of dark consciousness, has matured me into a Mystical Woman. I owe great Honor and Gratitude to my Buddhist/Christian Guru, Sri Mamua Devi of South Africa, aka Maria Rose. Her presence in my life changed my entire character and direction. She converted my Heart like a Magickal Mary Poppins of Guru’s. Due to her faith in me, I am part of the Lineage that dates back to the Original Buddha, and includes my favorite Emanation – Milarepa.

My Life Mythos

Epic Life, so far without a Happy Ending, or Beginning…

My given name is “Korinne”, the French version of KORE

Through my Studies I was taught your Name can be a direct indication of your Destiny/Fate/Mission. My name could not be more clandestine, no story fits my soul and personal transformation like the Kore/Persephone mythos.

The Kore / Persephone Myth
Kore was a young budding Maiden Goddess, Daughter of Demeter ~ the Nurturer. In secret Kore’s uncle, Demeter’s brother plotted and pleaded with Zeus to allow Himself, Hades – to marry and rule the young Kore. Having been granted permission Hades pursued his prize.

One day while Kore was picking flowers, the earth trembled and shook, and with a loud Roar on a Foul Wind, the earth yawned to reveal Hades Lord of the Underworld, in all his grotesque glory. Filled with horror, the maiden recoils, yet it is merely a Moment, until she was swallowed up in darkness, deep within the Earths womb, with her abductor. This is known in classic art as “The Rape of Persephone”.

Demeter, the Nurturer and Goddess Energy of Nature lamented over her Daughters disappearance, and finding no Refuge from suffering, she caused Famine upon the Earth. An eternal winter ensued, a strike and a death threat to all of creation. Demeter held the world ransom for her Daughters return.

After some time, Zeus sent Hermes; the messenger of the Gods, to rescue Persephone from the underworld, thus restoring fertility to the Earth.

All was Well with Hermes Rescue, and Demeters Reunion with her Daughter. Although Hades was as crafty as he was needy, he fed Persephone a pomegranate seed, which ensured that she would return to him. Food eaten in the Underworld bound her to Return. The agreement came thusly, Persephone spends half of the year in the underworld and the other half above with her mother. This is where we derive the seasons – death and rebirth. Persephone is much like a dying and rising god archetype such as Jesus or Buddha however there are no story’s of her ascension into enlightenment. As far as we know she is still in her seasonal cycle.

From living out this Life Mythos~ I understand a Mythology beyond the Ancient story… Persephone’s name change is never given much thought. Kore, Maiden to Persephone –

Persephone. Meaning unknown, perhaps related to Greek περθω (pertho) “to destroy” and φονη (phone) “murder”. ”

As Kore she was Love, the Divine Daughter. As Persephone she was Dark Goddess under Dominion. After the Rescue, she was More than just a Goddess of Seasons, she was a Goddess of Duality. I believe this shows Persephone reached Enlightenment, and Gnosis beyond ever her Mothers grasp. I believe it would be the Goal of Any Goddess to Surpass their parent Gods in evolution/transformation/alchemy. I believe this kind of soul gnosis allowed Persephone access to realms beyond Greece, beyond Time, Beyond Olympus.

The dark energies of the underworld have helped me to heal myself on a deep level. Rooting through my internal subconscious and healing my shadow self has brought light into my life. From the underworld of Hades, I arose accompanied by Hermes as Persephone reborn on a spring day.

I know the Beauty of Darkness and I know the Love of the Light.

When I was 21, I had my first conscious contact with my spirit guide. Before I knew my name meaning, way before I knew Hermes was a part of the Kore myth, he introduced himself as HERMES. Since my Kundalini awakening at age 30 Hermes and I have worked together on a regular basis. He is my Shamanic Spirit Spouse. Channeling Hermes is one of my favorite parts of being psychic.

Please see my YouTube channel for Teachings and Guidance on Your Path!

http://youtube.com/user/occultpriestess Over 2000 subscribers

I have created three Facebook Social Groups- Art Attack with Kore, Psychic Visions and God Is Your DJ – all well attended.

“The Nightmare” a film Directed by Rodney Ascher on the subject of Sleep Paralysis. I am one of Eight Sleep Paralysis survivors who share their Story in this most unusual film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden” 

I also Enjoy Teaching through interviews in the Media. I was recently a guest on the wildly popular independent media show,  FreemanFly.tv


Official Still from "The Nightmare" film

Official Still from “The Nightmare” film



California Nightmare <3

California Nightmare (Dreaming)

My Goals in life have matured and evolved as my mission develops. I now wish to express myself with spiritual authority in the Media, on a mass scale. I believe my destiny is to assist in the Enlightenment of Human Consciousness. I am ready for my Close up, Joseph Campbell. 

My Role as Psychic Counselor:

Having experienced over twenty three years as a professional psychic – I have transformed. I seem to be privy to knowledge beyond being a good psychic or counselor. I have developed the gnosis to heal, guide and create love in my work. Healing is truly what I have to offer my fellow humans. Everyone who comes to me is looking for healing – knowing the truth may be their medicine, seeing an event before it plays out, or knowing why something happened in the past. As our society turns towards alternative healing modalities, I am convinced that the Doctors of tomorrow may be the “psychic” gurus of today.
When I do a reading, I seek first to bring clarity to the situation. Clarity allows for understanding and compassion for all involved. From understanding and compassion comes solution. This is not a difficult formula, it is organic and quite effective. You will never leave an appointment without an answer and a plan.

Soul Counseling: www.occultpriestess.com

Contact: OccultPriestess@gmail.com 

Twitter: @OccultPriestess

My Resume: https://occultpriestess.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/resume-of-the-occult-priestess/




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January 1, 2015 “MY BOOK KORE” https://occultpriestess.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/kore-a-maidens-journey-from-darkness-to-light/




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