HCG update and my monthly visitor

HCG diet Sub-lingual drops

This is the very first diet I have tried. Loosing about a pound a day is amazing for motivation and sticking to the diet.

Last Monday I weighed 216, today a week later I weigh 214. Why did I loose so little last week? I did not freak out and do an apple day (apple days do not sound like fun).

My moon time started today, I had already taken the HCG this morning. I am not supposed to take the HCG but still stick to the 500 calorie diet. My mother tells me young ladies on HCG can skip their period all together. Supposedly after I am done menstruating my weight will drop dramatically. I will let you know.

I have always given myself permission to eat what ever I like around my moon time- as a treat for putting up with it :). I will tell you- last night I had a small (well they call it small) chocolate shake from White Castle. 650 Calories 17g of Fat- wow I just looked that up and that’s more than I can eat all day.
Friday is 99 cent Cheese Coney day at Gold Star and my BF has been waiting for this for a long time- so I will cheat again, 2 cheese coneys please! Hmm just looked up how much a cheese coney will “cost” me-
We are talking 343 calories and 18g of fat. Looks like I will have just one- or as an alternative lock myself in the bedroom :).

Honestly I don’t like the notion of cheating. I am on a diet to be healthy and good to my animal body. Food is a fuel my body burns to function not a treat to change my mood or emotional status. I do wonder: Why is Food Fun?

Since starting the diet I realize most of my social life revolved around food, restaurants, heck even taking a walk would end up in a coffee or slice of pizza. I have been Hermited, most of what I think to do involves eating or drinking. I can tell you I am saving money! I see I have to change the way I think on this subject.

Any Advice?

Thanks !

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