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HCG diet- first round results

I was on the HCG weight loss cure from May 22nd to July 1st 2010.
Loss of 16 pounds
Loss of 8 inches

Extras: I’ve been taking a multi vitamin, drinking lots of water, using MSM soap and supplements, acacia berry and potassium.

At the beginning of the diet I believed it would work based on the fact that so many people I know personally lost weight, and all those people on youtube who posted videos in which you can easily see their weight loss.

I cheated on the diet several times out of starvation and craving. I know now I need to do a major cleansing before I being the diet again.

My body looks and feels very different. It’s kinda freaky actually, going through the process, the details I noticed, how different I feel after only 16 lbs. I have never been concerned with my weight, fat was okay with me- but I must say this is feeling better.

The HCG diet turned me onto the amazing calories, fat and chemical ick in most food not prepared at home. I purchased the book “COOK THIS NOT THAT” which illustrates how easily we can consume an entire days calories in one “treat”. I used to love to get my Starbucks flavored coffee drink, eat at Taco Bell (read they have sand as an ingredient), or even Subway to “Eat Fresh” (read Subways bread has minuscule amounts of healthy grains- mostly the same a white bread).

I have been off the diet for two days and I have lost a few grams. Learning how to eat is not easy and I find it emotional. I “fear” foods that are bad for me, so I wait to eat until I can figure out something healthy.

I’ve had a couple of meals consisting of tortillas with onion, mushroom, green pepper and fat free cheese- along with salsa. So far that seems to be safe. I had a whole wheat “Boboli” pizza, with LaRosas sauce, and the same veggies mentioned above- I had gained 4 grams by the next day. Today I am contemplating Tuna on rye bread because it’s in the house. When I woke up today I had the word “Vegan” stuck in my head- guess I’ll do some more research into that arena.

If you have any suggestions for healthy meals please pass them along :).

Starbucks: http://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/bottled-drinks/bottled-frappuccino-vanilla

HCG update and my monthly visitor

HCG diet Sub-lingual drops

This is the very first diet I have tried. Loosing about a pound a day is amazing for motivation and sticking to the diet.

Last Monday I weighed 216, today a week later I weigh 214. Why did I loose so little last week? I did not freak out and do an apple day (apple days do not sound like fun).

My moon time started today, I had already taken the HCG this morning. I am not supposed to take the HCG but still stick to the 500 calorie diet. My mother tells me young ladies on HCG can skip their period all together. Supposedly after I am done menstruating my weight will drop dramatically. I will let you know.

I have always given myself permission to eat what ever I like around my moon time- as a treat for putting up with it :). I will tell you- last night I had a small (well they call it small) chocolate shake from White Castle. 650 Calories 17g of Fat- wow I just looked that up and that’s more than I can eat all day.
Friday is 99 cent Cheese Coney day at Gold Star and my BF has been waiting for this for a long time- so I will cheat again, 2 cheese coneys please! Hmm just looked up how much a cheese coney will “cost” me-
We are talking 343 calories and 18g of fat. Looks like I will have just one- or as an alternative lock myself in the bedroom :).

Honestly I don’t like the notion of cheating. I am on a diet to be healthy and good to my animal body. Food is a fuel my body burns to function not a treat to change my mood or emotional status. I do wonder: Why is Food Fun?

Since starting the diet I realize most of my social life revolved around food, restaurants, heck even taking a walk would end up in a coffee or slice of pizza. I have been Hermited, most of what I think to do involves eating or drinking. I can tell you I am saving money! I see I have to change the way I think on this subject.

Any Advice?

Thanks !

HCG Diet P2 First week Review

Hello HCG fans & curious…
I’ve seen a lot of HCG Vlogs on You Tube and found them to be not only encouraging but Convincing! It seems to me those who follow the diet, and eat like a healthy person in phase 3 and 4 do loose lots of weight, and tend to keep it off.

This week I started the diet at 226.4 lbs (I am 5foot8)
Monday 226.4 lbs
Tuesday – 224.8
Wednesday – 223.0
Thursday – 221.4
Friday – 219.6

Saturday – 219.4
NOTE: I had more than a table spoon of milk in my coffee- did that affect it 😦 I stopped doing the milk in my coffee. I did eat pop corn out of shear starvation. Watch out for Saturdays! 🙂

Sunday – 216.6

a Total weight loss of 9.5 lbs in 7 days.

Good Bye 220’s – nice to see you go.

Hunger? Check!
My cheating the first week consisted of 1 popcorn potato chip, a bit more milk in my coffee than 2 tbs, and one bag of microwaved popcorn (which is cheating twice cause we are not supposed to use microwaves). I am not proud of my cheating, but I understand it :).

I am told that the second week of the diet I will begin to have energy and feel much less hungry. I am looking forward to this new phase.

I have ordered MSM supplements and Soap to help my skin tighten and renew. Some people on YouTube swear by it so I thought it was worth a shot.

Kitchen Scale: $25 @ Walmart
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: $6 Internet “The Vitamin Shoppe”
Digestive Bean Enzyme: $5 Internet “The Vitamin Shoppe”
Multi Vitamin 4 bottles: $9 Walgreen’s (Sale)
HCG: Free from my Mommy Karol :))
MSM Products: $14 Herbsproonline ebay
Organic Food: More expensive than the other stuff- worth it to me.

To start the diet you need about $50 plus, the HCG my mom gets 2 fl. oz. for $40. Try the organic food the first week if you can afford it. HEY if I can Afford it, you should be able to. This is your health after all.

All in all I know I used to spend at least $10 a day on fast food or some other unhealthy food product. I was not in control of my diet, I was being run by cravings and addictive hunger. I saw the movie “Super Size Me” and saw I was caught in the web of the Evil Corporations :).
Going to fast food restaurants as a first or second choice reminded me of being in a mental ward. Wake up- go get your meds- then drive through and get your food- then off to group (or work rather). Zombie Nation. I am no longer a Food Zombie. I am a Diet Zombie who nibbles on her boyfriend when hungry :).

Thanks for the Comments and the Encouraging Words!!

HCG Diet

Monday May 23rd 2010 I began the HCG diet.
Skipping details about the two “loading days” straight into Phase 2.

Phase 2 will last for over 30 days, 5 days down. Since Monday I have lost 6.8 lbs. Normal results from this diet are about 30lbs lost in 30 days. I am hoping to loose more than that in the 30 some odd days I remain on HCG.

My Diet :
15 HCG Drops, weigh self.

Breakfast: All the black coffee, tea and water (with lemon) I want.

Lunch: 100 grams of organic chicken with a handful of fresh organic raw spinach, seasoned with Cajun spices, lemon and apple vinegar cider.

Snack: Organic Apple, or Organic Orange.

15 HCG Drops

Dinner: 100 grams 85% lean organic beef, handful or organic Romain lettuce.

Snack: Organic Apple, or Organic Orange.

I drink about a gallon of water a day as well as tea and coffee. The beef is a new addition, I have been eating fish. I have had a lot of hunger pains, so switching to beef seems to have helped. I choose between chicken, fish and lean beef as the meat. I choose between organic celery, spinach and Romain lettuce.

Additions: I have added apple cider vinegar as well as lemon juice to my meals for cleansing. I am taking an A-Z multivitamin and digestive bean enzymes. I have ordered MSM soap and MSM tablets to aid in the tightening and smoothing of skin- they should be here next week.

Exercise: I was doing pretty well on my stationary bike and taking walks before the diet. Now that I am on the diet I have very little energy and it’s hard to walk around much less work out. I have seen a lot of people on the diet get more energy during the second week- so if that happens I have an exercise plan consisting of dancing, walking and biking each day.

Side Effects: I’ve been very hungry and just dealing with it. My energy has been low and I have been sleepy. It’s been difficult to get to sleep at night, then getting up about four times to pee (lots of water). My mood has not really been effected, just talking about food and the diet a lot.

So far I am happy with the challenge vs the results! I am forced to discipline myself and analyze my relationship with food. Every day when I go to the scale I know the day before made a difference! It’s not easy but enjoying growing and learning. 🙂