HCG Diet P2 First week Review

Hello HCG fans & curious…
I’ve seen a lot of HCG Vlogs on You Tube and found them to be not only encouraging but Convincing! It seems to me those who follow the diet, and eat like a healthy person in phase 3 and 4 do loose lots of weight, and tend to keep it off.

This week I started the diet at 226.4 lbs (I am 5foot8)
Monday 226.4 lbs
Tuesday – 224.8
Wednesday – 223.0
Thursday – 221.4
Friday – 219.6

Saturday – 219.4
NOTE: I had more than a table spoon of milk in my coffee- did that affect it 😦 I stopped doing the milk in my coffee. I did eat pop corn out of shear starvation. Watch out for Saturdays! 🙂

Sunday – 216.6

a Total weight loss of 9.5 lbs in 7 days.

Good Bye 220’s – nice to see you go.

Hunger? Check!
My cheating the first week consisted of 1 popcorn potato chip, a bit more milk in my coffee than 2 tbs, and one bag of microwaved popcorn (which is cheating twice cause we are not supposed to use microwaves). I am not proud of my cheating, but I understand it :).

I am told that the second week of the diet I will begin to have energy and feel much less hungry. I am looking forward to this new phase.

I have ordered MSM supplements and Soap to help my skin tighten and renew. Some people on YouTube swear by it so I thought it was worth a shot.

Kitchen Scale: $25 @ Walmart
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: $6 Internet “The Vitamin Shoppe”
Digestive Bean Enzyme: $5 Internet “The Vitamin Shoppe”
Multi Vitamin 4 bottles: $9 Walgreen’s (Sale)
HCG: Free from my Mommy Karol :))
MSM Products: $14 Herbsproonline ebay
Organic Food: More expensive than the other stuff- worth it to me.

To start the diet you need about $50 plus, the HCG my mom gets 2 fl. oz. for $40. Try the organic food the first week if you can afford it. HEY if I can Afford it, you should be able to. This is your health after all.

All in all I know I used to spend at least $10 a day on fast food or some other unhealthy food product. I was not in control of my diet, I was being run by cravings and addictive hunger. I saw the movie “Super Size Me” and saw I was caught in the web of the Evil Corporations :).
Going to fast food restaurants as a first or second choice reminded me of being in a mental ward. Wake up- go get your meds- then drive through and get your food- then off to group (or work rather). Zombie Nation. I am no longer a Food Zombie. I am a Diet Zombie who nibbles on her boyfriend when hungry :).

Thanks for the Comments and the Encouraging Words!!


  1. I read your blog and I liked it. I am about to start the diet myself a friend at my church lost more than 40 pounds doing the diet so I am gonna give it a try. But I have a question how did your mom get the HCG for $40 bucks 2. oz ? and I get one for $89 for 1 fl. oz. does she sell it? because at that price my next order will be from her. good luck

    1. Thank you. Wow your friend did really well on the diet. I am praying to loose more than 30 this first round. What is your goal for the first round? I tell you I am in disbelief that my body has changed so much in one week. Be prepared to be impressed with your results!

      I asked my mother about her HCG supplier, and she said she got a special deal from her friend. I had no idea HCG could be so expensive. I looked for my brand of HCG on Ebay and found 2fl oz for 25.00.

      Ebay Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Dr-Simeons-HCG-Weight-Loss-Diet-Drops-LRG-2-OZ-BOTTLE-/290437411710?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item439f6b337e

      I have seen a lot of youtubers selling the HCG. I do not want to sell HCG. Please tell your friends to check their current HCG label and look for that brand on Ebay or another discount site. Loosing weight is difficult enough, lets lessen the financial burden 🙂

      Keep us Posted Nicola

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