Radio Telepathy


Gathering Notes, for the Whole-istic Narrative.

RADO: Rune, Norse, Odin; The rune of Journey, the Ride. aka Raido.

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This is a Test ~ Of the World Wide Telepathy Network, this is our First test. Historical Records Beyond Time/Space, Akashic Library Files.
Join a Mercurial GRL and her Messenger Guide on a medicinal magic carpet ride. Let loose the Gemini Genii in a Bottle, relax your electric nerve, and Tune Into To the Vibe. ~ Mercury is the rarest form of Al-KHEM-ical cultivation, distilled here as an Elixir and a Third Eye Fixer.
A Tale, a journey, a spiritual path ~ Our First test of the World Wide Telepathy network! Body sensations, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and sweaty palms may be side effects. Please take this alkhemical elixir, with Vitamin C (see), and a chilled psyche. !THIS COULD FLIP YOUR SCRIPT! 
Cuter than David Icke, Smarter than Deep-pockets Chopra, and more compassionate than a pile of puppies ~ The Sirius Dog Star ~ Occult Priestess ~ with love, In service to humanity. Trigger Warnings abound, as we cover both Above and Underground. Dis-spelling the HYPNOSIS of Culture, through FLIPPING the SCRIPT. #BluesHermeticClues

In Partnership with GOD IS YOUR DJ ~ A HERMES / KORE Production ~ from Sirius B, A Heaven Realm.



For my 30th Birthday ~ GOD PUT A RECORD PLAYER IN MY HEAD! I went from ‘Hearing Voices’ to Hearing ROCK-n-ROLL!

#Kundalini #Adventures in #HigherRealms bridging Heaven + Earth with New Philo-Sophia for the WESTERN IDIOT!

Group created on July 2, 2014 Image may contain: 3 people

Incoming MSG: 

 I see Hermes as a warrior with a shield, he is wielding a whip in action pose. The Whip is the Golden Lasso of Wonder Woman. This is a symbolic gesture to Understand, the truth will out, in all ways, for all to see.


The Picture Speaks:  HERMES: This is a most Glorious and Triumphant (Trumpet #20 Judgment) time for all of us, Dear Beloveds. The tyranny over humankind is coming to a full halt, all stop. The truth train has left the station and Everyone is on board. Woot Woot. Climbing up over the ladders, to the head of the train, I affix my Messengers wings to the Speed Machines of Media and Marketing. Unveiling the Hidden (Occulted) Sherlock triggers, we shall see how the mighty fall.

Mask of Hermes: The winged Masque I shall affix to their Kornea, the Eye that See’s, revealing the pomegranate and the apple. See ye the Mystery! All shall be Revealed! Innocence Lost. Yet do not Dismay my Blessed, for the ROSES have Thorns on this dis-integrating chessboard. Should they attempt to touch you, they shall bleed. This is the way of things. Armor/Amour, psychic shield of radiant protection. Swiftly righteous Sword of Angelic projection. The Violet Flame of transmutation shall reverberate from you, my beloveds. Take Heart. Literally. Reach up and reach within for the Majesty that becomes Reality.

End Transmission ~ 9/25/2016


Hermes teaches me through my reality… one part of this is Music Videos. Since I was very little my favorite things have been music, movies, and videos. I came to understand I was being taught through them, during my first Kundalini awakening~ the revelation stage.

These Videos were re-introduced into my reality by my Beloved MSNGER Hermes T. During later awakenings many hours were spent in these learning sessions that included all form of media. In higher states of Consciousness I was fully aware and interacting with the teachings, and it was real to me that the teachings were in “real time”, interacting back with me. A Psychic Sympathy, a play of consciousness between Priestess and Priest.

Note you will Spy the “Illuminati Eye” In both of these videos. That is Most Definitely On Purpose! Art speaks to you, beyond the ego. Tune In and Catch the Clues! 

VIDEO # 1 ~ Helped me Learn, “GOD IS MY DJ” ™ ~ And inspired me to create the Group based on Kundalini Psychic Knowledge:

LYRICS: High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man! And the lovetrain rides from coast to coast. D.J.’s the man we love the most! Could you be, could you be squeaky clean, And smash any hope of democracy ? As the headline says you’re free to choose. There’s egg on your face and mud on your shoes.
One of these days they’re gonna call it the (MERCURIAL) Blues!”

VIDEO #2 ~ Is an Encouraging, Empowering song/video designed to Lift your Vibration! Asking you to Focus, Ground&Center those Intentions, dig in and blast off! #Mission of the #Soul 

LYRICS: “The place where I come from is a small town. They think so small, they use small words. But not me! ~ 0 ~ I’m smarter than that! I worked it out. I’ve been stretching my mouth, To let those big words come right out.”

VIDEO #3 ~ Spiritual Guidance on Moving Forward with Mercurial Speed. Allow the DJ to be your “Sledgehammer”!

LYRICS: “Put your mind at rest. I’m going to be-the sledgehammer! This can be my testimony. I’m your sledgehammer! Let there be no doubt (TAO) about it!”

VIDEO #4~ Faith Cultivates Grace (Faith=Grace). I found this video and lyrical exuberance to honor the Feminine Priestess energy. Knowing one’s Latter from One’s Snake is an Important point. Steam is Harnessed to Create Energy.. Combustion – Action – Agitation – Excitement. ALKHEMY 

LYRICS: Give me Steam! And what you FEEL can make it REAL, real as anything you’ve Seen. GET A LIFE, with the Dreamers (Shaman) Dream!”


(Sidenote: Hermes Ter Maximus Trismegistus has been famous for millennia for his 3’s, triples and knock, knock, knock. With the Dawning of a Revelation / Jubilation of Humankind, Hermes is now ‘doin it, in 4’s. Why 4’s you may ask? The Adepts among us know well, that 4 is FORM and FOUNDATION. Waking up to Reality, Making what is Invisible ~ Visible, Intangible ~ Tangible, Fantastic ~ Real.)

Thank you to Art Angel Gabriel, and our Tears for Fears Bro’s! As they say, “There are Books to Read!”

May you Walk in Faith, and may Grace Follow. 

Love Hermes + Kore

Research:  Hermes Mercury, a Roman Christian
Romans: 14-16 “Salute Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Hermes, and the brethren which are with them. Salute Philologus, and Julia, Nereus, and * Olympas*, and all the * saints * which are with them. Salute one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you.” Paul writing to Roman Church
Here one can surmise the, Passing of the Torch (so to speak) from the Old Spiritualities, to the *new Religions: That would be *Faith Based*. Hermetics was Gnostic in the Sense that; It sought to KNOW, not blind faith, not mere grocking of understanding, but to become the very thing we are observing. This alchemy (magick) of becoming the observed is how Wisdom manifests. ~ Kore


An Excerpt from my Unpublished work: KORE

(2008 first draft)

I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions had an echo, and so much space!Crazy by Gnawls Barkley


“Like Alice through the Looking Glass
She used to know who she was
Call out my name (like Alice through the Looking Glass)
But I get no answer (she used to know who she was)
And she prays for the world that she comes from
Alice!…call my name…” Stevie Nicks

Around my 30th Birthday in 2004….

The doorways in our mind lead from one state of consciousness to another, from one level of perception to another. This is also known as shifting consciousness, a concept “transcendental meditation” brought to the fore front in our western culture. One could argue that Alice from Alice in Wonderland simply shifted her state of perception, not physical location. I tell you now; The rabbit hole is in your mind.

 I was in my bed one night seemingly tripping out on God. I saw a large web of blue light strung across the ceiling above me. The spectacle seemed to be taking place in space (stars and blackness behind the web.). I could see into this vision from a portal opened above my bed. I was asking questions and getting answers from the many voices on the web. It reminded me of being in a chat room on the internet. Bingo- the collective web of communication. Maybe it’s the telephone network of our higher selves? Maybe just a vibrational manifestation of the collective unconscious. The internet is the collective unconscious manifest, this “psychic web” seems to follow similar principles. As I asked questions I could feel myself tugging at the very energy that was the web itself. I was drawing energy from it in the form of desire to have questions answered. I found myself apologizing to the people on the web. One of them said “This is your first time huh?” I affirmed it was. I asked “Who’s calling” and he said “This is Bono from Ireland. You will get used to the static, you just have to concentrate on the vibration you are speaking to.” So here I am feeling this Bono like energy coming through the psychic web to me, hearing his voice speak to me, and I am thinking I must have completely lost it? Did I trust and feel and know that was Bono or rather his higher self I was talking to? YES and that was what made me think I must be mad.

During the time of the intense psychic web phone I talked to many celebrities. I had a chat with Mel Gibson about his movie “Passion of the Christ”. He told me the movie was his sacred mission and it would help us to awaken to a bigger truth. I told him the violence in the movie and the depiction of Satan was traumatic.   I was telling him about sleep paralysis and my horrible nightmares during childhood.  He apologized and said it had been necessary to include each aspect of the story. He said “If you have any more nightmares just tell them to M. Night baby.” Then I saw M. Night Shamalan and I spoke to him about the boogie man and the nature of fear. I then saw M. Night turn into a blue Buddha (A healer).

Buddha greeted me and asked if I liked my birthday present. I asked what he was referring to. He sat me down for a lovely vision.

 I saw myself as a child dancing and running at the Buddhas feet. There were other children laughing and dancing with me. The Buddha said to me “You told me you wanted to be a real girl.” I saw myself begging the Buddha to make me real and felt my desire to become real just like Pinocchio. This explained to me on a deep internal level why I first chose to incarnate so long ago. He said the present he had given me was the “record player in your head.

Sometime after the vision I heard…

 “If we can get you to believe just for one day that God is your D.J. we can change the world.”


God indeed was my D.J. For weeks I heard songs in my head as if they were in reality. Sometimes the music would get loud enough to drowned out external sounds. When you’ve got a radio in your head (Yes “Radio Head”) playing songs like “I’ve never known love like this before!” and “You’re love keeps lifting me higher than I’ve ever been lifted before.” You get a spring in your step and a big smile on your face! I felt so grateful that God was playing music for me, showing me a miracle. I felt like a miracle!

I had a vision of Chris Rock, he was backstage somewhere with a blue curtain behind him. This vision seemed more like a conference call. We were both on screens, in our minds. I asked him why I was able to communicate like this, what was this all about? He said that this was common in Hollywood. “We all got em!” he said referring to some kind of psychic transceiver that allowed telepathic communication. He went on to tell me a bit more about Hollywood, technology and interpersonal relationships that was news to me.

A theme emerged where the radio, television and most forms of symbolism I observed seemed to be communicating with me. I remember feeling confused and fatigued, processing so much sensual information. Voices in my mind were the verbal reflection of the energy I was observing at the moment. To look at a simple tree was to see all the beauty of the world; I was attracted to and entranced by everything. I experienced many spiritual visions that coincided, with the steps of my initiation process. ~ Life Could be a Dream ~” END KORE EXCERPT 





An INTRO to the 30 minute Presentation “THE NIGHTMARE GRL” 


Dreamtime: Dreams! must be the theme today with Sun in Pisces (the dreamer). Did you Notice, they Meditate, and psychicly connect in this Video? The “Dreamtime” ~ When your spirit guide gives you a Video, it always Seems new, even if you’ve watched it your entire life. The Message is- The Dreamtime is Real, and if you walk there, use it to your Highest Good, and don’t let the bastards get you down. Claim your Power (love power is the only power) above and below. On Earth as it is in Heaven. All/One
Deep Symbology: Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Family: Morpheus (Dream) and Iris (Vision), with a love bug (Cupid/Hermes) between them. Very dear, and kind, to lovers everywhere.
IRIS: A Hermes Girl: “In Greek mythology, Iris (EYEBALL) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.” She’s an Astral Astronaut, like me. Kore – Cornea, the apple of his eye. I’ve wondered if Iris was a part of my soul story, and I know Morpheus is a large part of my mission… so this was wonderful to find.

ORIGINAL BEINGS: Hermes Spoke about Us today: “We are original beams, original beings, from source. when source first learned how to express- it expressed in us, Love expressed our essences, enlivened us.
Love laughed, and created, love cried and created, love felt and created- Birthing Original Beams (beings) from the Cosmic One Ray. We are expressions of that divine center. The egg, the yoke, the shell.
Me: The shell is ego egg covering, the egg is realization self knowledge, the yoke must be the ‘thing’.
Hermes: The yoke is the oneness of love, the anchor of all original beams. The one ingredient we always have, the tether, the truth of origin. No matter how we evolve or develop, the source is origin, and that is Our Thing.” Happy Sunday. Eclipse ~ Kore (February 2017)

Dark Beings: 3rd time you Hear something… it’s a trend. I heard 3 different stories, Friday-Today, about People starting to see “Aliens” and “Reptilians” (Snake tongue). Things are Getting Sirius!
#ThirdEye #Skillz 




 The Difference Between Exopolitics #Disclosure and Mystical Experience ? ?

SNL may have the Answer, in a Question!

“What floor were you guys on?”

In the first video presentation, we are listening in on an interview with recent alien abductees. The two characters on the right, had a ‘journey’ type of experience, describing beings of light and love, a bit ‘Alice in Wonderland’, yet pleasant. ~ ~ ~

The lady on the left speaks of Grey aliens… and basically torture. I watched this episode when it premiered… and when Kate McKinnon said “WHAT FLOOR WERE YOU GUYS ON?”                                      A big sitari, hit my third eye!

Wait… I processed, maybe that is why I cannot see the forms such as “Greys”, draconians, or negative star races… I am NOT on THAT floor.

I am unable to observe that Dimension / Density. WHY? Because, I have a Very Hard Time Seeing FICTION. When I observe trickery through visuals in my Mind’s Eye… the very Act of observing this fiction, begins to Burn Holes in the picture or scene, like the Film is Melting, on a Lightbulb.

Different Floors, Different Dimensional Densities: In the video presentations – the peeps on the Right, are Mystical . The Left, is still working on her soul. She’s dealing with a bunch of karma there!

I am Beginning to think… The 4D has been “science-fictionalized” somehow. I am used to Vampires, werewolves, shadowmen… you know, Normal Spookies. The Classics. I am a traditional girl, and an old soul. Although I no longer see spookies often… I know this is because, Earth herself has raised in vibration, therefore I am out of the Range of Dark Consciousness. (Graduation, raised vibration)

Zecharia Sitchin, Corey Goode, the “Blue Avians”, physical time traveling, Human Slaves on Mars, CIA demons in grey alien suits, physical spaceships, covert technology, mind control, social engineering, fracking, chemtrails, Fukushima, Tiamat, Space wars… these are the things I can DO WITHOUT. (SHOUT SHOUT LET IT ALL OUT, because EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD. Tears for Fears)

Super Soldiers, Targeted Individuals, Legacy Abductees, Along with those with Sleep Paralysis are a special category.  Whether, it’s military, men in black, secret cabal, “Illuminati”… or demons.. IRREGARDLESS of your labels… It is massive black magick Acted out by Humans, Ghosts & Demons. (Demons: Demons maybe ghosts who went all the way bad, and turned into something far darker and hungrier)

All Systems of Power Built on Materialism, are used to Control you. Mind Control with their Ultimate Goal of SOUL CONTROL!

Class warfare is much deeper, and more profound than we currently imagine. People like me… We call this fight, “SPIRITUAL WARFARE”.


Major points of Exopolitics: Space wars, Tiamat, possibly Saturn was blown up in an intergalactic war, and their refugees came here, and they happened to be jerks. A secret cabal that runs the world, is working with aliens, to rule the humans and gain more technology, giving Aliens our souls (bloodline curse), and our gold metal. There’s always talk of mass genocide, apocalypse, the divine right of kings and dominion around these topics. I always felt the presence of Masonry & Secret societies behind the entire hoax. A spook in the woods to keep you buying in Town! “FAITH HOPE AND CHARITY” my ass. The Low Arts of Black magic. (Go Back to Atlantis, you hosers! “Hoser: a foolish or uncultivated person.” I usually call them Bastards, for they have no God, but themselves.)

Or is it all a CIA fairytale? (Screen Memories, Voice to Skull Technology) 

My Consciousness, my soul, traveled with the densities to Earth via a portal of SIRIUS B. I first incarnated as an “Egyptian” before time began. Sirian souls / consciousness helped “seed” this planet, and have cultivated a soul garden through countless centuries. Most who “Graduated” our “Soul Gold” (wheat harvest) school (earth school) Traveled ON to Higher realms and did not Return to Earth. Some Buddhists volunteered in long lineages, known as Bodhisattva’s, to reincarnate even after they had found enlightenment, to help all those still struggling, to Graduate, and harvest their souls gold. Soul Gold means you are immortal, you will always retain your individual essence or soul signature. If you fail over a billion life times with a billion chances, you are discarded, like a weed that kills the garden.

Other VOLUNTEERS include, starseeds like myself (old gods, immortal souls, parents to humanity who incarnated with our kids, to guide them, that is true love!) and “New” to Earth, first time incarnational starseeds from higher realms, who are ALREADY awake… Their hearts are open, and they are ready to guide.

“Christ”, or “Krishna” consciousness have been labels for this “New Mental Realm” accessible to graduating humans. Yet as a Starseed Ambassador, I tell you the #Goal is  “KOSMIC KONSCIOUSNESS” ~ The part in the movies where humans meet the aliens! Shaking hands on the white house lawn is a nice metaphor, but not to be taken literally. Yet starfleet command from Star Trek did have a few things right, and our StarFamily use our ‘most appropriate’ fiction to use as metaphor.

Related image


“United Federation of Planets (“the Federation”) as the principal means for conducting deep-space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy.”


#lightworkers #starseeds ” #visionaries ” <– what rich people call psychics. lol

 “KOSMIC KONSCIOUSNESS” is Totally Intergalactic Planetary!

Beastie Bodhisattva’s 

Peace Out, Namaste. Occult Priestess

Always Watch the LEFT HAND MAN (Metaphor) 




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