The Mercurial Blues of the Kundalini Caduceus

#Mercurial Blues; Subject II

KORINNEDear Beloved Freddie Mercury,

Occult Priestess here, with some thoughts/questions. We are riding a tide now in the collective consciousness of a bucking bronco. As lightworkers get more and more clean/purified and *turned on*, the harsher the Rub of the Fiction/Friction of “Collective/Consensual Reality” seems.

I know the Game/Play is supposed to get So Ridiculous: the farce is revealed; this is how awakening works individually. Now I see, en mass, the awakening follows the same forms/rules.

Kundalini Snakes of truth and light ~ strip away all ego and false knowledge… this is freaky, for most anyone! Yet here I am, seeing the first twitches of the *Kali Ma* Kundalini unleashed upon our Great Stage of life. Two black snakes: full of medicine cultivated by Bodhisattvas, for thousands of generations. Writhing, slithering, scenting out those who need the poison, and those who need the medicine.blksnakes2.jpg

The human collective is beginning It’s Kundalini Awakening. My awakening was both mind openingly Glorious and Unbelievably soul terrifying.

Comparable to the Idea (mine) of “World LSD Day”: it seems Awakening Kundalini En Mass; Fly or Die time reflects my very root of Intention. “DMT” does light the way, the less you resist, the more dignity you will be left with. The TEST of the SOUL is drawing Near for the Collective, and the harmonics of the planet (Schumann Resonance Upgrades).

Some will become exalted, anointed in light energies and the resurfacing of cultivated spiritual gifts such as Sidhe’s! Those without merit will be like dust on the wind. 

I feel the thunder and chaos of these times to come, impending on my present moment. The reverberations of mass awakening (third eye activation) is already hitting the psychic atmosphere and causing turbulence/Uprising.

How shall we Stand in these days of Reckoning? How does one embody the light, illuminating all darkness that transpires? How shall we Rise, when all else falls?

~ Fin ~ 

Dear sweet child of Hermes:

It is I Mercurial Freddie, the Celestial One, arriving from on high, the Big Disco Ball in the sky ~ swooping in to be at your side. Let us Breathe. And glide with the Stride. Taking striving out of the work. (The Art of Chill: Breathing) <– Coaching

Incoming MSG: 

 I see Hermes as a warrior with a shield, he is wielding a whip in action pose. The Whip is the Golden Lasso of Wonder Woman. This is a symbolic gesture to Understand, the truth will out, in all ways, for all to see.


The Picture Speaks: This is a most Glorious and Triumphant (Trumpet #20 Judgment) time for all of us, Dear Beloveds. The tyranny over humankind is coming to a full halt, all stop. The truth train has left the station and Everyone is on board. Woot Woot. Climbing up over the ladders, to the head of the train, I affix my Messengers wings to the Speed Machines of Media and Marketing. Unveiling the Hidden (Occulted) Sherlock triggers, we shall see how the mighty fall.

Mask of Hermes: The winged Masque I shall affix to their Kornea, the Eye that See’s, revealing the pomegranate and the apple. See ye the Mystery! All shall be Revealed! Innocence Lost. Yet do not Dismay my Blessed, for the ROSES have Thorns on this dis-integrating chessboard. Should they attempt to touch you, they shall bleed. This is the way of things. Armor/Amour, psychic shield of radiant protection. Swiftly righteous Sword of Angelic projection. The Violet Flame of transmutation shall reverberate from you, my beloveds. Take Heart. Literally. Reach up and reach within for the Majesty that becomes Reality.

End Transmission ~ 9/25/2016


Hermes teaches me through my reality… one part of this is Music Videos. Since I was very little my favorite things have been music, movies, and videos. I came to understand I was being taught through them, during my first Kundalini awakening~ the revelation stage.

These Videos were re-introduced into my reality by my Beloved MSNGER Hermes T. During later awakenings many hours were spent in these learning sessions that included all form of media. In higher states of Consciousness I was fully aware and interacting with the teachings, and it was real to me that the teachings were in “real time”, interacting back with me. A Psychic Sympathy, a play of consciousness between Priestess and Priest.

Note you will Spy the “Illuminati Eye” In both of these videos. That is Most Definitely On Purpose! Art speaks to you, beyond the ego. Tune In and Catch the Clues! 

VIDEO # 1 ~ Helped me Learn, “GOD IS MY DJ” ™ ~ And inspired me to create this Group based on Kundalini Psychic Knowledge:


LYRICS: High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man! And the lovetrain rides from coast to coast. D.J.’s the man we love the most! Could you be, could you be squeaky clean, And smash any hope of democracy ? As the headline says you’re free to choose. There’s egg on your face and mud on your shoes.
One of these days they’re gonna call it the (MERCURIAL) Blues!”

Find out about GOD AS DJ 

WELCOME MUSIC FANS! The Gnosis has been Passed down through an Oral Tradition ~ Now known as MUSIC ~ This group Invites you to Explore the lyrics, rhythms and frequencies of “Odd God” (If it’s ODD it’s GOD) The DJ who spins Love From Above! That SONG stuck in your head is a MESSAGE ~ The Messenger is Calling! Pick up that TUNE ~ Jive with that VIBE and Resonate the Love Power! “AS THE LOVE TRAIN RIDES FROM COAST TO COAST- THE DJ IS THE MAN WE LOVE THE MOST” sowing the seeds of Love by Tears for Fears. — at Astral Plane .

VIDEO #2 ~ Is an Encouraging, Empowering song/video designed to Lift your Vibration! Asking you to Focus, Ground&Center those Intentions, dig in and blast off! #Mission of the #Soul 

LYRICS: “The place where I come from is a small town. They think so small, they use small words. But not me! ~ 0 ~ I’m smarter than that! I worked it out. I’ve been stretching my mouth, To let those big words come right out.”

VIDEO #3 ~ Spiritual Guidance on Moving Forward with Mercurial Speed. Allow the DJ to be your “Sledgehammer”!

LYRICS: “Put your mind at rest. I’m going to be-the sledgehammer! This can be my testimony. I’m your sledgehammer! Let there be no doubt (TAO) about it!”

VIDEO #4~ Faith Cultivates Grace (Faith=Grace). I found this video and lyrical exuberance to honor the Feminine Priestess energy. Knowing one’s Latter from One’s Snake is an Important point. Steam is Harnessed to Create Energy.. Combustion – Action – Agitation – Excitement. ALKHEMY 

LYRICS: Give me Steam! And what you FEEL can make it REAL, real as anything you’ve Seen. GET A LIFE, with the Dreamers (Shaman) Dream!”


(Sidenote: Hermes Ter Maximus Trismegistus has been famous for millennia for his 3’s, triples and knock, knock, knock. With the Dawning of a Revelation / Jubilation of Humankind, Hermes is now ‘doin it, in 4’s. Why 4’s you may ask? The Adepts among us know well, that 4 is FORM and FOUNDATION. Waking up to Reality, Making what is Invisible ~ Visible, Intangible ~ Tangible, Fantastic ~ Real.)

Thank you to Art Angel Gabriel, and our Tears for Fears Bro’s! As they say, “There are Books to Read!”

May you Walk in Faith, and may Grace Follow. 

Love Hermes + Kore

Research:  Hermes Mercury, a Roman Christian
Romans: 14-16 “Salute Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Hermes, and the brethren which are with them. Salute Philologus, and Julia, Nereus, and * Olympas*, and all the * saints * which are with them. Salute one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you.” Paul writing to Roman Church
Here one can surmise the, Passing of the Torch (so to speak) from the Old Spiritualities, to the *new Religions: That would be *Faith Based*. Hermetics was Gnostic in the Sense that; It sought to KNOW, not blind faith, not mere grocking of understanding, but to become the very thing we are observing. This alchemy (magick) of becoming the observed is how Wisdom manifests. ~ Kore

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