Hot VRIL Chix from Outer Space!

~ Valeria Lukyanova ~

(Real life #STARSEED / #Alien Barbie)

My new Beautiful friend, I have Followed in the “press” for years. I was researching VRIL, Nazi, Tall White Supremacists from ORION (Odin). Then a Magickal friend, guided me to Valeria’s facebook & her friendship. I had been “Knowing” (telling myself), Valeria is a “Vril” lady, whether she was aware of it herself, or not.

I have been conversing with myself about it a LOT, a puzzle. Did she know? Was she complicit? Has Valeria been traumatized by ‘Handlers’, raised to be beautiful propaganda, for an agenda? #Disclosure


Left: Valeria Lukyanova Right: Maria Orsic

Turns Out, Valeria AGREE’S WITH ME. She Remembers BEING Maria Orsic, the Nazi Medium, and part of a female clan of VERY Attractive psychics. I was attracted to the Fashion of the Vril ladies, how ahead of their time they seemed, Very Barbarella Psychedela for ~ “Maria Orsic, Born: October 31, 1895” .

I am only at the “Research” stage of my coming ‘Vril Gnosis’, however my intuition is very sharp on this topic, as it mirrors other topics of #Cult behavior, #MindCONTROL, #NewWorldOrder, #Masonic, #Theosophy tactics. (Infiltrated Mystery Schools, or ‘false light’ teachings.)

My concern for Valeria is, she may have been Mind controlled in this lifetime, as mediums are often Victims of the less talented. “Somnambulist” Nine Year Old girls hypnotized, and psychically Molested, for the Gains of the Theosophists. #ProjectPaperclip created a Hydra effect of psychological and psychic warfare. SO many Dirty deeds, hidden in the Dark Rooms of Secret ‘Societies’.

Why do Vril Ladies look alike?

Are the “FEMBOTS” in Austin Powers modeled after the Vril?

Are they featured in “MEN IN BLACK II” As the 1960’s race that visits?MIBVRIL

In the end, I do not think “Vril” are Aliens of higher density… I think they are the Old Norse Gods, with new Space Faces… Why they chose to wear ‘alien’ masks to the Party, may speak to their trickster nature.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Valeria Lukyanova, the woman who claims she’s the reincarnation of Hitler’s occult guide Maria Orsic

Valeria Lukyanova says that she remembers the time of #Atlantis and recalls her life as the “famous medium” Maria Orsic

If you have a Link or theory to share with me, ~ E-mail me @ the  address provided on OCCULTPRIESTESS.COM

This is the Weirdest Rabbithole I have Ever Known…


My FB Posts: August 28 2018; 

Wondering if this Local Celeb, would accept an Invite to “The Kosmic Kore”? “Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer, famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll.” <– But that is NOT what is Interesting about this “Starseed”… See her Video that tripped me out. “Valeria Lukyanova, ‘real-life barbie,’ says she’s an #alien in documentary” Besides, I also love Dolls.


August 30 2018;

HEY GUYS! Researchers + Gifted Mystics should work together. I’m Researching Tall White Supremacists from Orion + Hot Vril Chix + Proj. Paperclip, in the Now. Claiming Nordic Heritage, while practicing Buddhist Techniques makes no sense. The Nordics had their own forms of Meditation, why bother Buddha? A clue, that they, were clue-less! My research grounds are the #Higher #Planes and invisible master teachers. I am an #Astral#Astronaut, Related to #JohnGlenn. Psychic & Conspiracy Theorist.
Richard Dolan & Joseph Patrick Farrell

September 10th 2018: “Researching #VRIL Nazi power, and end up at #ASHTAR COMMAND (Galactic Fed of Light)? Tall white #Nordic Supremacists… the story is unraveling before my eyes! Thanks Hermes!
Maria was channeling messages not from aliens, but from the Vanir- the Jedi or “Light Side” of the Norse pantheon, opposing the “Dark Side” Sith led by Hela, Goddess of Death, who Hitler worshipped:”

Not Exactly But close enough for Cigar! #OCCULT  Destroys “BLUE AVIANS”, “SPHERE ALLIANCE” + ASHTAR COMMAND *BOOM* goes the Dominion”

“When Maria met Freya” ~ 


On Going ~ Basically Notes.


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