Krishnamurti Dissolving the Order of the Star of the East


Rumor is Many false yogi’s, cult leaders and magic(k) users create their Own 4th Dimensional Ghost realm Bubble, Declare themselves Ruler of this new land, and then suck Students into this ‘mental realm‘, through Spiritual means to maintain and grow that false Construct. The student is then, a Basic Mind Control Slave. This is VOODOO, technically.. but we’ll just call it Black Magic.

Official Term of the Occult is “SORCERY”. Root Cause: Ego Sickness. Krishna Murti’s work: A Warrior, brainwashed as a Child, Raised to lofty material heights, then AS Shiva, the destroyer, He Danced on the Heads of Ignorance: “In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and withdrew from the Theosophy organization behind it. ”

Krishnamurti Dissolving the Order of the Star of the East. 



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And for no particular reason, A Comment From SYNCH BOOK guy and FB friend

David Charles Plate Krishnamurti’s whole life is a paradox, I believe Blavatsky knew exactly what the result would be. There were some big misconceptions from people, including Jiddu himself, without which none of what happened with him would have happened. Theosophy is one of the last truly empirical mystery schools, so of course it would get slammed, people tend to witch hunt those who do magic through less subliminal means.

He Said  / She Said: The Play of Masculine and Feminine

I Said:  I have so much in common with “the light house” and the teachings of Bailey, the ascended master work sounds like my own writing. I have no idea how people can get “real info” and then twist it. It seems ‘real info’ would be veiled from pretenders? How can one do half true half false teachings.. I am mystified by this. BTW I just found out my label is “idealist”

He Went onto Say:  Baily’s Lucis Trust as on offshoot of Theosophy has little in common in my estimation with the original research of Blavatsky which wasn’t so much a teaching as a deep analysis of the various mystery schools and to be clear it certainly wasn’t a religion, at least not in any traditional sense. Theosophy, after all, brought Eastern philosophy to the west before it was popularized by such people as Ram Dass, whose teacher I studied Patanjali under for 7 years incidentally. Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine are ironically only useful if Krishnamurti’s ‘position’ (for lack of a better word) is acknowledged as the ground from which to approach it. I would say as far as mysticism is concerned this would have to be the ultimate irony. I mean, on one side of the world you had Krishnamurti, or Alcyone, renouncing the position of world teacher, while on the other side you had Aleister Crowley doing everything he could to self proclaim himself the very same thing. Talk about a bizarre set of circumstances.

She Said: Excellent points. I am an intuitive learner, guided, and am Allergic to teachings such as Abrahamic and Theosophy. GF Blavatsky said No one Had their Third eye open, and they are still teaching that to this day. Talk about control. I was “raised” spiritually by my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, and knew the original teachings through her grace. This is a big part of feeling, *original* in my occult views, as part of the Karma Kagyu lineage- as I see Blavatsky and Crowley as Pop culture icons. Thank you for your Expert Insights!

He Said: Blavasky is referring to the next species we are in the process of pushing out which fuses both right and left hemispheres. This is easily misunderstood with how people currently relate to the ‘3rd eye’, she was speaking to a literal mutation as described in Zohar. ‘Abrahamic’ teaching is not what it is popularized as by a loooong shot, fyi.

She Said:  I am that New Hue-man and I learned from my own Kundalini awakenings and Pandit Gopi KrishnaBowie Knew 






+He Said: Welcome to SYNCFLIX, brought to you by David Charles Plate. What you have stumbled upon is the largest collection of experiments exploring profound synchronicity between albums and films you will find on the net. Each experiment is 100% repeatable, so if parts of what you watch you simply can’t believe you are encouraged to pick up a copy of the film and/or album and try it out for yourself. There is an extensive story behind each one of these discoveries and slews of correspondences that go far beyond what one might generally assume just at first glance. Many of these syncs relate to real life events that beg the question whether art is imitating life or if life is imitating art, being that there are so many examples that can’t be easily explained when the implications are honestly examined; this tendency can create some cognitive dissonance for a good cross section of people, but the THING speaks for itself and is certainly not without its payoffs, if one is willing to see it through.


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She Noticed: My Questions of HOW one can someone can Teach Half Truth, and twist it… was not Answered. Why Blavastky & theosophy pushes the notion you cannot have your third eye open. I took a VOW to “Always See” in every lifetime. Unless his Answer to that, was about the new Hue-Man, lightbody Bodhisatva stuff… Then Blavatsky is just Sadly Very OUTDATED!

“Where did you get your Information from? Do you think you can Front when Revelation Comes?” Beastie Buddhist Boys




WHAT? There are Two ‘s? This wild Rabbit hole! “Although many considered him an “enlightened” person, Krishnamurti often referred to his state of being as the “natural state“. !YES!

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