The Divine Bread of Isis

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Astral Memo, From the Spirit Realm: * Lightworkers, guides, wayshowers… The shift has come, to FOCUS our work on those Who are doing the Work. The message is “Do not give to those, who have not partaken of the bread of life” for at this point, that is a lost cause, and will only serve to rob you of light. Self care #1 .
(This came down from the Egyptian Pantheon, and I Assume, will not *FIT* all children in every pantheon, Greco / Egyptian incarnates, pay *seed* to this)


I offer bread to the Goddess Offering bread to the Goddess

Ahhh. There is absolutely nothing like the smell of fresh bread, hot from the oven. Add butter and I’m in heaven.

Yet with so many of us on gluten-free diets because of gluten intolerance or celiac disease—and with some arguing that eating grain is literally killing us even if we’re not gluten-intolerant or celiac sufferers—well it seems that bread has been both refused and abused of late.

And so today I write in defense of bread—as a worthy offering to Isis and Her Divine family and as a powerful symbol of transformation.

An offering table with the bread and wine already on it An offering table with the round loaves of bread and pitchers of wine already and eternally upon it

Indeed, the offering tables of ancient Egypt fairly groaned beneath the weight of loaves of offered bread. In tomb paintings you can see them, baked into neat, conical or oval shapes and piled high upon the altars. “Thousands of loaves” were…

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