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A Day in the Life: Occult Priestess Kore 

I get dressed and lock up my door heading to the corner market for a few items. As soon as I walk outside a tune begins in my head “Life could be a dream, if only all my precious plans would come true… Every time I look at you something is on my mind… If you do what I want you to baby we’d be so fine- Life could be a dream…” As I reach the market I get a warning in my head that the tune is about to change. As I walk into the market I hear “Cat Scratch Fever” a song I was not anticipating, so I laugh a little.

On the way back from the market I begin thinking of the “Shaboom” song- and in my mind I see my spirit guide backed by an angelic big band singing like an ol’ crooner. Hermes is a wonderful entertainer! “Baby we’d be so fine” as he sweeps his arm in perfect gesture imbibing me with good vibes.

As a person, a soul in a body I can choose to interpret these small musical miracles as day dreams, insanity, games I play with myself or of course Divine. Which would you choose? Which one have you chosen in the past? I do not think I am alone in the world- I am not the only lady who hears them when they call. In fact I think most of us hear them. I must assume it is something we simply do not discuss or feel isn’t important in any way.

I wonder if “Shaboom” and “Cat Scratch Fever” have anything in common, are they in the same key? Having my Mercury in the sign of Pisces and my sun in the sign of Aquarius I attempt to interpret “my thoughts” or messages from spirit in a scientific way. I think of practical meanings- the simplest answer usually being the correct answer. I find this scientific way does not usually work. Rather I must rely on synchronicity to reveal the meanings to me in their own time.

One comment Hermes made on my “scientific” mind was guiding me to the song “The Scientist” by Cold Play. During my first Kundalini awakening in 2004 I was guided by Hermes to download music from musicians I had never heard of such as Radio Head, and others I had never given much thought to like The Steve Miller Band. “The Scientist” was the first song that allowed me to understand what was going on. The message was clear that “God was my DJ”- that lyrics no matter how long ago written are still carrier pigeons of spirit messages to humanity.

As I cued up the song with lyrics in a tiling window- I opened my heart and listened.

The Scientist or as I refer to it- The Alchemist

Imagine if you will a spiritual guide who has just begun true and clear contact with their human “child” whom they have guided since birth. The “child” is me- and so far in this life her mind has kept her in a box called science or reality. This reality made it very difficult for the child to understand she was being guided and was so loved. Hermes chooses to first address me on an intellectual level, and then touches my heart- “science and progress do not speak as loud as my heart”, totally flipping my perception from hard nosed facts to something more spiritual or even psychedelic.

The words “Come back and Haunt me” made sense on so many levels- When I was a teenager I LOVED “Wuthering Heights”. The main character Heathcliff begs his lover Kathy’s ghost to come back and haunt him. Kate Bush my favorite artist sings of being Kathy’s Ghost haunting Heathcliff- begging for his soul. Haunting is also what spirit guides seem to do from one perspective.

I’m going back to the start…

What song do you think above all has come as a message from your spiritual guide? Please share!

~ FIN ~

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