A Creative channeling session

February 20th 2010

A creative channeling session with spiritual guides and muses.

Korinne Channel:

As in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Colossus of time stops the great wheel for one more go around. The turning, the yearning, the burning- the friction bare, night flames caress your tender hare. Beauty was once and so shall be again. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

Cast off the dark as we welcome you,
stew in your bridge and Atlantic dew.
Postulate the flames as your burden it claims.

Open up watchers, see the children at play.
They are filling the garden for that ancient day.

Open up Papa, knowing your time; seed the seed and right the rhyme.

Bad music has poisoned your world-
Art is prostituted on every sign.
Luxurious illusion, you wrong the rhyme.

Poets and Artist of lore and daily chore
Bring back your gifts and let them forth Pour.
Listen to the fairy, listen to the way,
Open – open the window, keeping the Hounds at bey.
Reach inside to find the candle,
The window widow, the spark, the flight.
The heroes of your own grail so that the rightful music can prevail!

Wing-ed ones who know thy right.
Run not to the distance, run not to the light.
Be here now and settled stay
We are all grounded until that day.
Shine the light, quit the tomb.
Open your flower and bloom your tune! Teach!

Owner of wisdom come closer still
Be not harsh, sour or shrill.
The bell tolls for those souls
To reap and harvest as they see benefit.
Open the way, Open the Gates of Judgment.

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