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Reflections on Khora & Reflections on Mary as Khora, “Container of the Uncontainable” — ἡ Χώρα του Ἀχώρητου and Jesus as Khora, “Dwelling Place of the Living”

(a seminarian reflection paper prepared for Pastoral Theology 10; Prof. Amy Lamborn, instructor; The General Theological Seminary, Michaelmas 2011)

I.  Khora as Space; Khora as Other

“We have no space of our own except as it is defined in relationship to other spaces, the multiple and interpenetrating spaces of our unconscious life, our life together in society and our life in relation to Being itself, to what we call God.”[1]

The entry for “Χώρα: chora, chorasin Thayers Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament points to three meanings:  1) the space lying between two places or limits; 2) a region or country, i.e. a tract of land; and 3)  land which is plowed or cultivated.  The verb deriving from the same…

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