GNOSTIC Sophia & Jehovah

10509696_1457702991153445_1739094514275480464_nQuestion: GNOSTIC Sophia & Jehovah – The Nag Hamdi and other old Gnostic texts tell a human creations story- a Young Goddess Sophia (Wisdom) against her parents wishes, created a Being with her Goddess Power… she was not mature enough to create well, so her creation was called “abomination” this as it grew- she hid it from her God Parents… she put a veil over it. As it grew she taught it, yet it grew maniacal believing it was God. So Sophia told Jehovah to create it own world with humans. When Jehovah breathed sacred life into the first human all the power and divinity Jehovah had was transferred to the Human Species. So by ego and his Mother he was tricked- There was then a prophecy that Human Kind would be the final Doom and End of Jehovah when they as a crop as a collective Reach Full Enlightenment. Meaning our Awakening destroys Jehovah and thus Undoes Sophias indiscretion. Some Say Sophia is Lucifer- a personality Of Hers- you see how this could be her game? Sophia tempting and goading human kinds ego as a Form of Making Diamonds out of us- Under Great Pressure of Darkness we Blossom? For Instance Kundalini can be a Very Unpleasant process I call it a “Volume Button for your Fears”. – No Mud No Lotus. It is recorded that most Saints were Plagued by Demons and psychic attacks. I Feel Good about the Truth of the Sophia Story- I am just trying to figure out how “Lucifer” figures in? THANKS!