Prayer Vision ~ ASET, Isis “Revive”

Have You Ever Wondered WHY those ‘crazy’ Ancient Egyptians Preserved their Bodies and Organs?
I Think We Are All About to Find OUT!

re·vive  rəˈvīv/   verb (ACTION WORD) Restore to life or consciousness.
I was in prayer, dedicating incense to guidance on my mission, blessings on my path, alignments andattunements with Love. I prayed for my Egyptian Twin.



I was shown the Full Moon in Cancer, and then the 6 of Cups Tarot card. Gnosis comes… Past Lives are not only Reviving in my awareness,  this is a collective occurrence. The Moon is at Home in Cancer, making this a very powerful placement- zap of full moon gnosis. As a psychic channel these energies work very well for me. The 6 of Cups is “Nostalgia” – taken lightly it means you moon over the past, look at old pictures, think of old times… Yet the Higher Vibration of the 6 of Cups speaks of Past Lives, Soul Contracts, Karma, Destiny, Watery Emotion (Emo), Scrying the Future or the Past.

I was then led into a most vibrantly beautiful vision- as if illustrated yet real. Egypt at Dawn- just as the first light is Breaking. I see Myself as ISIS. Golden skinned, crowned and gold/earth tones, hints of Lapis. She is Peering off a Balcony- Hermes as Messenger is in the Air in front of her precipice, awaiting instructions.  She speaks, to announce- as she speaks- my vision becomes her words:

“Tell them to Open all the Canopic Jars! Restore Memory, Life and Limb. Open the Gates, The Portals! The Merkaba Highway is OPEN- Re’member’ your Souls. Hermes! SEND THE CHARIOTS! Free Will!  Let It Be So, and Let it Be Known; The Sirians are among the Mortals of Earth Once More. “

~ Messenger ~

~ Messenger ~

I saw golden/copper/gossamer like jars being opened on the Astral Plane- and REPLACED into OUR akashic records/memory- which is Connected to our Subconscious- the Place of Dreams and Hidden things. For someone like myself- the meaning is clear; past life gifts restored, yet in a unique way. I believe the way most will experience their Egyptian Inheritance will be Dreams and Flashes of Memories of Past Lives, mission scrolls. This is probably a tender, slower process, not a shock- just a remembering, awakening to truth. The Subconscious should be Given Great Heed too- It is your Teacher and your Dharma Demon / Dragon until you conquer it .

I feel I bore witness too and my Higher Self Participated in- a Great Call from Goddess ISIS, aka ASET, Throne. I am Ever in Service to Sirius ❤

11:06 pm –  January 5th 2015 ~ Occult Priestess Korinne


Channeling: Dominion

Remember the Pymander, The Apple/Pomegranate Philo-Sophia; Wisdom “in a box”/ The Lush Green of the Alchemical Heritage. “Hermes Hermits: It’s all very well you call your sisters of Sirius… yet We act as Greeks.

Why am I here?

The Rainbow body is a “crystal ship” , Alignment.

Why interference in the form of dominion? Why Maya, Illusion, fabricated visions?

Baddies- sought to contain you. You are a conduit of great power. “Fear Contains”, restrains – consequence – DAATH causes.

I see a Red Lava planet far from Earth- “opposite”, impending on this time/space reality. The “Old” Earth, remnants, vibrations, Atonement Point, Zero Point, Crashing like a glass house. Throws of death, suffering, negative realization. (Sorry you have to see that)

I feel Inertia, Heavy news to digest. Explains fear grid, and dark voices.

Release Gaia from your ancient dark ancestor.

I then did a long healing visual meditation – for the Liberation and healing of Gaia and her Children. Another Level Cleared.

Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson ~ Kore

Beacon if you’re Seek-in’

July 7th 2012

Egyptian Gateway

To Hermes: I feel in between acts, waiting on the crew to ‘set up the shot’. I have community to share with but I am not ‘performing’ yet. My current experience seems like ‘opening acts’ compared to what I have to share.

While channeling in a chat the other day Hermes revealed “Vacation” over “War of Opposites”. Kundalini, no one will bother you.
Hermes never shows me war, he only shows me natural disaster when I ask to see it. I don’t see blood and flesh. I do see time bending, the shift, Heaven on Earth and then me in California, healing and teaching- partying with famous, neat and talented people, Manifesting butterflies, Yeshua powers, Joy- True Joy!
Upstairs and Downstairs easier to navigate. “Our Love is the like a ship on the Ocean, full of love and devotion.”
Hermes and I play charades- he shows me a boat- then the song lyrics come to mind and he pokes his nose as a “sign” that I am correct in my perception. It seems I will become aware of my Multi (many) Dimensional (Planes/Levels) Ality (Oneness, non-duality)
Sixth Dimension Home of our Reality- 7D is just silly (Monty Python- “Camelot”- “On second thought let’s no go there.”)

Mercury Rising Siriusly- Coded Message:
The heat, the fires, the fury!
Await for Frances Bacon wrote- “The Dog days of summer” (Sumer)
When Sirius rises as Ruby Red, Allow the snake to shed. By right and oath they shall be lead- no gold, no camel, no question- dread.
Fear is the Mother of this Kali Yuga Age. She goes out in a passionate rage. Like all storms this too shall pass, a coming of an Age, a splendor in the grass- Beyond the looking glass. We will teach you like folding metal. There is no other like you. You feel us, you see us- We will blend your precious metals, folding, folding strong and tempered- UnYielding, The Spine of Excalibur.
Perform Excalibur Spine meditations.
Red to Green the eyes of Anubis change, a timing thing. Sirius Rising Ruby red, stop! What is the Green “GO”? A luminance glow for those who know- A Beacon if you’re Seek-in’!

~ FIN ~

Sirius Channeled Message~ With Spirit Guide Hermes

June 2012

In Coming Message from Sirius

Cosmic Train- Right on schedule

Passing the border now

Watching the moon jump over that Cow

Swish- Vibrational tonal locality

Blending reality

Bands mixing with Foreign lands

As above so below, Told you so

Gold is Gold, Rule Truth

As we merge timelines, You will feel the distortion

Fluctuation, Turbulence

A rise in the heart of the Kundalini furnace

Burn this off with rhyme and chant

Grounding – Little to no stimulation

No new information

Focus on menial tasks- Simple Integration


3D reality us “Boxy Brain”, totality, Matrix, A System

4D Consciousness- Subconscious, creative space, “Personal Space” the staircase, Dreams, Mansions of the mind, “guardians”, “Spooks”, “Shadows”. Astral black glassy wooden floor.

5D Reality Busy with souls, 3d creature comforts, A version of the heaven realm, friends, family, shopping, libraries, harmony.

6D Revolutionary reality- Our “Natural Realm” Fairy, myth, story, expression, love, More Heaven like, Co-creation, instant manifestation, Guided dreams and journeys, Muse care, garden. Grecian to me, my first human enlightenment.

If we had not down 3D polarity, the realms wouldn’t have as much “Taste and Variety”.

7D: Abstract, Green Blob named Bob, known by frequency not persona.