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Russell Brand: Mentors in Recovery

Are you a Mentor in Recovery?

If so this Blog is for you!

The Occult media priestess is here, to hold your hand, and to Walk you through the Dream, into Reality. Watch the spectacle as a Man, still recovering, speaks of how HE, and others like him, Mentor those with similar struggles. The Blind, Leading the Blind, literally.

“You can never be sick enough to make another well.” Hallmark of codependency / False Messiah Complex

“You can’t cure others Toxic emotions, with your own Toxic Emotions” Occult Priestess (RECOVERED codependent, adult child of an alcoholic, warrior of light.)

Mentors: A Book by Russell Brand

Recovery: A Book by Russell Brand

For most of my ‘career’ as a Priestess, I was a local upstart. I founded community book stores, communal meditation spaces, Pagan festivals, an annual witches ball and a full Coven. Since birth, I have been “On a Mission From God”. I began life fighting a Shadow figure in my bedroom, and survived an abusive household. In my teens I began a deeply devotional and abiding spiritual path, a true relationship with the gods.

In 2016, I began to transition from local priestess, to Occult Reporter and Media darling. I’ve known since I was six years old that it was part of my Fortune to live in Los Angeles. My spirit guide, Hermes the messenger of the Gods, has raised me to write, draw and express as a daily part of life. I have always kept journals, and have been published in various forms. Since my relocation to Los Angeles, most of my media work is about our Current Community, and the CONSPIRACY of Pop Culture. You can read about my past missions in this blog “Occultist in the Corner“.

Since 2009, Russell Brand has been on my radar. I have written about this extensively in other blogs. I first met Russell (In Person) October of 2017, and last saw him in January of 2020. I first met Russell’s Higher Self or Soul, in 2010.

This April, May and June of 2019, I attended Russell’s 12 step recovery experimental sessions around Los Angeles. I would like to point out, I did this out of my own bank, and will, to do “Good Work”. I am not supported by much, not many donations, I do this out of LOVE, and for all of us (all stunts done, Without a net(worth)!). Financially, I live below the poverty level.

Since the very first moment I saw a Ganesh statue on Russell Brands stage (2009) I have been clocking him. The Revolution, he began ~ coming out against all things material, manufactured, and political. I was Whooshed Away, in a Dream (9), of John Lennon fighting for Truth, and the Working Class Hero. I took that journey! I followed that Rusty Rocket Pied Piper! I was on Board with this Humanitarian revolt. Yet… it all ended the moment Russell said, VOTE, instead of “do not vote, at all, ever.” That was the coffin nail of this: BrandedRevolution“.


Russell Brand admits his call for revolution failed #WATERLOO #ABBA #RBPodcast

Why clock Russell Brand at all?

Maybe I see something, you Do Not See.

Remember over half of my experience in this Life, is ABOVE TIME/SPACE. My consciousness is multidimensional in ‘real time’. I have visions (guided dreams), while completely awake. I clock Russell Brand, because I know his soul. The video below describes the First time I met Russell Edward Brand’s Soul above Space/Time. I’m not a Stalker, I’m a Guru. (Try saying that to security! lol)

(Pictured in the Video: Russell is wearing a Black Silk shirt from India. I had the same shirt, it was my favorite. I wore it out, threw it away, then see him wearing it. Synch.)

The potential I see in Mr. Brand is REALLY AMAZING, or HORRIBLY BAD! With no room in between. He is PRIMED to be what we call A WORLD TEACHER.

In the traditions of the EAST, a master is raised to GUIDE the MASSES. The last world teacher I liked, was YOGANANDA.

To see the Drama of a FALSELY ELEVATED WORLD TEACHER– look no further than KRISHNAMURTI. He, the brave soul, RENOUNCED his forced ‘calling’ and disbanded his affiliations with Theosophy.

The reason to Raise a NEW WORLD TEACHER can only be to serve THE NEW WORLD ORDER. One world Government, of dystopia/adharma as seen in science fiction films. The Theosophical United Nations, and the Lucifer they Trust, is a rabbit hole you must explore if trying to UNDERSTAND this political, socially engineered collective Mind Control. There will also be Bolsheviks, Ubermensch, Bloodline wars, Nazi‘s and UFO‘s on your search, so beware.

Russell Brand donates London cafe to drug addict charity 

Why Is Socialism ‘Cool’ Again?

Russell Brand The Trews (E371)

Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game! Maybe there’s more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking?”

~ Zoolander


Presenting: on in . After 5 note taking sessions, my is nearly finished! Go behind the Iron Curtain of , as Russell on his Audience.




Costuming: A hot topic between Brand and I, is Costuming. The last time I saw him, pictured above, I wore an Orchestrated look that was guided by Hermes, my spirit guide. I was told to research Bowie’s THIN WHITE DUKE, and to do my own version of this, for Russell’s show. At the end of the show, when it was time to meet Russell, the first thing he asked me was “WHAT ARE YOU DRESSED AS??” So, we definitely hit the mark, err target.

The THIN WHITE DUKE is a NAZI SOCIALIST. This was my Dominatrix version, sporting my Egyptian Immortal bling & Eye of RA on my chest. When we look back at our collective past, we can see those in power, be they CROWNS OR SPIRITUAL LEADERS, they all seem corrupted. Materialism is the RULER, no matter what Head we place upon it. (THAT IS DEEP).

So the “HEAD” I wanted to Understand, was Russell Brand’s, as a teacher and as a man, because I already know his soul. headrr.jpg


Notes Taken while Waiting in a LONG LINE last week: Buddy Jesus #Recovery (Dogma Film). In Criticism of Russell Brands 12 Step KoolAid Experiment. “Heads are Dancing” By Kate Bush.

“Are you Fucked? Can you be Unfucked?

Can you unfuck yourself, alone?” R.B.

“Fuck” ain’t UNIVERSAL, it’s Targeted at a specific immature person with Ego Issues, lack of Proper self Expression, and problems with authority (Teacher like Student?). Sounds like a Neo-Poleon (new Napoleon), the bigger the horse (Trojan) the Smaller the Conqueror (Emperor).

The False Light Messiah Complex

News ‘Flash’ ~ Ahhh.

Russell Brand Ain’t Recovered. This was Admitted in Plane English, on stage, in front of an audience. We have an addict, instructing other addicts. How does the Addiction of one, Cure the Addiction of another? It Don’t. A False Womb, where no one is safe. To Russell Brand’s credit 80% of his audience were in attendance to see a Celebrity, not for their own healing or recovery. Sick-o-Phants.

Coming: The Break down of my notes taken Freud Style, while listening to Russell speak about His personal life, for hours. Photos, signed books, meme’s and Social Media inclusion. I have been a “TOP FAN” on Russell Brand’s facebook for almost 2 months. Although I understand he is DOING IT ALL WRONG, I see the POTENTIAL of what he could get done in this world, IF HE WERE HEALED. I myself feel Russell has taken MY JOB. I am healed, and ready to teach the WAY to Living the Soul Will, instead of the Egoic Desires of the five senses.



I don’t get paid for this you know?!


VIDEO UPDATE: 1/20/2020


UnEdited notes: Straight from the Page;

4/22/2019: Song playing “HOW SOON IS NOW”

His car was black and white. When Russell took the stage, he saw I was taking notes, and he shouted at me ~

“I Love This Woman! I Love You!”

Hilarious. I didn’t respond other than smiling. I felt he was doing a CELEBRITY thing, not actually professing his love for me! lol.

Addiction = Outside (Brand)

‘Actually TRAUMA is the problem’ (me).

‘Being out about recovery, is a Veil of secrets Lifted.’ Brand

‘People don’t want to Be TOLD – what is what.’ Russell

(TOO BAD, we are ALL here to learn. Me)
Is he TRYING to use Mental Illness to Enlighten people?

“Intuitionist as a Job, is a ‘JOKE’!” Russell Brand JEALOUS of psychics, while trying to sharpen his own intuition ~ Silva my Buttocks.

Russell Mentions other celebs: Eckhart Tole, Oprah, Wim Hoff and Amma.

Program #4: A new vibe for Inventory. (His Child abuse, in Fear and Out of control. ~ Don’t Fear Man! You’re not in Control. me.)

Mala to Equal Armed Cross. Russell said he lacks oral sex. With a seething rage he speaks of ‘Collin’ the step dad. He explains how he was lost on the way to the Venue, and yelled at his Handler Charlie.

‘The Inner world is real’ the rest is materialism. He mentions the GOD WITH WINGED FEET ~ (My God, HERMES!) Calls him “THE NARRATOR”.

He states Addiction = Attachment = Materialism.

I say “Twisted, Commandment, Re-appropriation of Original Principle, Planned obsolescence, 12 step technology.

He goes on to Mention MACHINE ELVES which is where Terrance McKenna got it Wrong, too.

He states he does not know how Mystics feel. Yoke / Union / Yoga. He thinks we are Egyptian Chimps! Can we get a DEFIBRILLATOR FOR HIS EGO?

A story about Tulips and Dutch Power. Benevolent Ninja Schools (such a thing??) had Hierarchy. (You don’t have to sell me on SOUL RANK Hierarchy.) He trained in Brazilian Ninjitsu.

Russell says the ALL/ONE is WOO WOO (God kill me now please, save me from your Followers- the Buddhist).

Self Slave = Ego. Matter or Spirit, which came First- HE DOESN’T KNOW! (Man, that is 101~ and here you are on a stage. The FOOL.)

Russell states Enlightenment is Tactile and can be Transferred. (Good Eyedea, I’ll try.)

The Genie CURSE: Someone at Amma’s told Russell Brand “THIS WORLD CAN ONLY TAKE FROM YOU NOW.” He said he “SIGNED THAT DEAL”. THAT deal? Can we forgive this?

Who Ever said this to Russell, was CURSING HIM, and he took it hook, line and sinker. He BELIEVES he can launder his KARMA through MONEY. This is a ‘Terrible Lie’, NIN style, that seems to be Motivating his Actions.

Russell mentions the Silva Institute and Krishnamurti.

Silva Method –  A self-help and meditation program developed by José Silva. It claims to increase an individual’s abilities through relaxation, development of higher brain functions, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.” WOW! LET’S ALL SIGN UP! LOL. Don’t, please don’t believe this. 

Russell states Spiritual Idea’s have been Stolen by Power Structures (like him??). He Pushes for DE-CENTRALIZED POWER.


Next Time: IF there Must Sirius B ~ 1 ~ (Time is Fake)

I GIFT U- My Puppet, my very own ‘Ziggy Twister Mister/Sister Rainbow Rocket’:


Next Scheduled Mission from God: Russell Brand, PSYCHIC EXPO in LA, The Confrontation, on My Turf. (‘You Better Watch your Turf’ Marcy’s Playground)

Commune Kool-Aid Kids, need not apply.


(PHOTO: The tall foxy blond next to me told me, She OWNS Commune, with her Girlfriend, who I also met. I asked the Blond ~ Did you used to be a Make-up Artist? As I stared into her mesmerizing eye make-up. She admitted that used to be her job. Seems no one has a background in spiritual teaching, but me.)

On a Mission from Heaven to, Recover the Brand.

Get him to the Greek, Gods!

At least 1 Person has been paying attention to this Mission (other than me). Thank you Ms. WOLF, for your loving attention and honesty!

~ P R E D I C T E D ~


“I will listen hard to your (IN)tuition, You will see it come to its fruition.” The (Karma Kagyu) Police

~ We claim this ‘Celebrity’ for Karma Kagyu, the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Bodhisattva’s. Scarf Ceremony completed April 2019. ~


We say, “Salutations, to your Guru, and your Guru’s, Guru”. 




AFTER-WORD? I place JARED LETO in this blog, for what I felt were OBVIOUS reasons… however I never Counted on this Dauphin IMPERSONATOR, going Full Cult Leader- but he DID! He even beat Russell Brand to the Punchbowl! Did you know Joan of Arc had to deal with impostors too? Everyone was always trying to trick her, so they could ‘Prove’ – God wasn’t talking to her. ~ Living in a Martyr Paradise. I know God still has a few Trix & Miracles, just waiting for the right Frequency (Kenneth).






To Be Continued ~ 
In Service, OP Korinne Wilson.
Adventures in Buddha sitting ~  A love Lecture on, Community dynamics and the True Goals of an INITIATE, of the MYSTERIES. Presented by Shakti/Shiva Kundalini Love Train Express- Conductor: Hermes (~ Fleet Footed GOD ~) Narrator/Channel/Oracle/SexyThing: The Occult Priestess 

Russell’s Revolution: A Review ~ by Occult Priestess


Mercurial Gemini Messenger


Impressions: Reflections of the soft masculine, loving kindness energies, displayed by Yeshua, or Chenrezig. Passionate and Compassionate. Questioning, boundary pushing , a Mercurial Gemini Messenger. A Champion of consciousness, altruism, responsibility, authenticity. Touching, entertaining, and funny. Shades of a Beat Poet, Edgar Alan Poe, and William Blake. Deeply personal. A rebel yell for epic change. I took many days to listen to this book, the exposure of the sickness of our consciousness and its effects, requires a trigger warning. The book is far from hopeless, yet the current truth is very sad.

Personal Bias: I have tendencies to see the best in people. I read this book with discernment, but without judgment. I compassionately listened, with my rose colored glasses fixed firmly over my third eye. Many times I felt I was listening to the journal of a very close kindred, I was familiar with most of the subjects, people, concepts and pop culture references. I first saw Russell Brand, on Netflix ~ His NYC stand up. I noticed he had a statue of Ganesh on the stage, and set decoration that screamed India/Bollywood. As I heard him speak, I felt instantly drawn to his mind.

Main Points of the Revolution: Exposing the dark consciousness seething in our society, top-level corruption, Lining up the elites and bitch slapping, each one verbally. Pointing out, we collectively feel disaffected, tricked, and under dominion. Many accounts of the mind control of society/media, materialism / egoism / capitalism, and the glamour he fell for. I appreciate that Russell constantly mentions other teachers, such as Krishna, Joseph Campbell. Bill Hicks, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Maharishi, Rumi, and The 14th Dalai Lama. The overall or underlying theme is, the Raising of Consciousness.


“We’ve got more in common with the people we’re bombing than the people we are bombing for.”

 “Like Dracula on a Jugular, they kill the thing they feed upon.”

Russell Brand ~ Revolution

Pink Floyd: The Wall 


Class Strife / Park Life


While listening to “The Revolution” my thoughts often drifted to John Lennon, the Working Class Hero. I am a Psychic Channel, and I happen to be friends with John Lennon. I first became aware of John Lennon’s afterlife peace movement in 2007, through channeling. You can read the afterlife interview with John Lennon here…

“Now the workers have struck for fame, Cause Lennon’s on sale again” Life on Mars? David Bowie

“John really wanted to seem “human” and not lofty, not like an Emperor talking to the common people. Thus we got “Working Class Hero”. John approached his music from their (common people) point of view. He felt he was privileged to educate himself in politics and government – movements, where the “common people” had spent a lot of time working on survival and did not have time/energy/money to educate themselves on the larger workings of the world.” John Lennon (Channeled)




Russell Expresses: Drugs, the desire for; addiction, is a spiritual malady, at its root an impulse for union.


lawoccult2Slamming on Egoist Aleister Crowley? Priceless. Long Live Dion Fortune! “Act Like You Know shall be the whole of the law.” A play on Old Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.” As Russell points out, there is a HIGHER WILL, a Divine will, the will Crowley had neglected.

Russell also shares the story behind this L.A. Yoga studio ‘walk out’.


russell-brandRussell’s illumination:

Is Russell Illuminati? I have not read a flat out account of Russell Brands Apotheosis. Russell has spoken out many times, that he is Not Illuminati, however he was speaking of the Accusation that he is “Ill’umi’Naughty” , The ‘Naughty are elites, possible lizard alien invaders who rule us through Dominion on the physical and the ethereal planes. The ‘Naughty also control all media and the entertainment industry. For more on that subject check out BroStar Freeman Fly at .


If Russell Brand is not Illumined, he is well on his way. 

Original Illuminati: Sovereignty ~ Self Rule, Collective Respect.  

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Buddhism: “May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness”

For more on the “Illuminati”- The Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters, please read my blog “ILLUMINATI BLUES”  and check out the Enlightening links provided below.

The Illuminati Blues:



Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood by Frater Achad
Spiritual Name of Reverend George Graham Price


The Lament of Hermes, read by Graham Hancock

Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven ; the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good. As for the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, all this they will mock, and even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of heaven and of the gods of heaven, will be heard or believed.”



Thank you Russell Brand, for a purposeful book and following your Mission Papers. Namaste ~ Occult Priestess Korinne