Crystals for Noobs!

I help people All the Time! I am choosing now to make “mini blogs” recording the help ~ so others can be helped – not just clients! If you are looking for a Major Psychic friend/teacher ~ See my website ~ My client got this service and information for Free.

How do I find a Crystal? What do they Mean?  How do I clean them? How do I meditate with them?

FINDING:  “In this video I show you how to select a crystal and what to do when you get it home. Here is her blog 🙂
Reference books:
Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall – ISBN 1 9050474 01
The Power of Gems and Crystals by Soozi Holbeche – ISBN 0 86188 954 1
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall – ISBN 1 84181 175 0
Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing by Simon Lilly – ISBN 0 00 713387 1
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Mineral Magic by Scott Cunningham – ISBN 0 87542 126 1″


Finding Part 2: “This video talks about how to choose stones and crystals and how do we know if the stone or crystal will benefit us. A simple guideline to choose a stone or crystals that fit your needs.”

What Do they Mean?


How Do I Cleanse them? This Lady has it all ~ she even mentions moon phases- Have fun with this one!


How do I Meditate with Them? simple guided meditation to help you sense the properties of Crystals. Use this when you are drawn to a particular Crystal and want to intuit and understand its unique properties”

Here is One GENTLE meditation for Noobs 🙂 ~ Rose Quartz:

No Clue? Get an AMETHYST! Sure I am an Aquarius and this is my birthstone… but it’s Still THE BEST for newbies, unless you just want a Clear Quartz- Clear Quartz is more “programmable” ~ Amethyst is naturally healing and I think it “TALKS” more.

More To Do!

Enjoy a CRYSTAL bath written by one of my Favorite Bloggers Jennifer Schwartz

Each Video and Blog have Links to know more- Do your own Research- this is just a starting point. Much Love to you and yours!

ADVANCED ways of using crystals: CRYSTAL GRIDS

Questions? Post below!

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* UPDATE: Friends on Facebook shared this Blog ~ and Talked about Crystals…
~ Mr. Reneau said: “I found a clear crystal in the back of an old trunk of my great grandmother… what should I do with it.. should I give it away or just forget about it… There is piece of paper with it and it is really faded but I think the work is Apofolit …. ”

I Chimed in Asking: “Could that be Apophyllite spelled wrong? Very interested in this old crystal too! I want it too…”

Here is the Link for Apophyllite :
“Use them in your meditation as they are powerful aids to assist guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels… especially if you place a pyramid on your third eye while meditating.”

Hello world!

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The Occultist in the Corner

Hi there. We don’t talk much, but I think you have seen me. I am the lady in all black, in the corner of your social gatherings. Once in a while you will see someone approach me, and I seem open and kind. Yet when I am left alone again I change back into the stranger you were observing before. What is different about this lady? Why does she attract my gaze? What mystery makes that woman so hard to pin down?

Through out life I was told- “You are different”. A polite way of saying “You are strange and we do not understand you.”

My “strangeness” had nothing to do with a physical defect, antisocial behavior or a flaw in my soul. I simply knew more. I saw beyond the social masks of others… into their truth.

It took me a long time to figure out why I was different. However I always knew the fact I was strange compared to those around me.

I am a professional psychic of 18 years. In February I will be 36, and just about finished with my first non-fiction book:

“KORE”  a maidens journey from darkness to light

I am a Buddhist, Reiki master, Wiccan high priestess, writer, teacher, Hermeticist, Magickian, spiritual channel, business woman, spiritual leader and loving entity.

I saw the movie “Julie & Julia” the other night and had a joy “melt down”. The movie is based on a blog, just like this one- or yours- you know? I took this movie as proof that dreams can come true and quickly if you are knocking on the right doors. I take my hand to rap at the door of Blogs- to expose to the world what an Occultist is.

If you have questions along the journey that is this blog- such as “How do Tarot cards really work” or “Can a ghost hurt me” or “I think my Kundalini is awakening- what should I do?” Please ASK- this gives me something to write about :).

That is all for today- I have a client coming over.

Thank you for looking- More to come as this is our journey together.

Blessings – Reverend Korinne

Video Vlog: 1/15/2020