Singularity vs zero point

“Singularity” is the Transhumanist Hijacking of “Zero Point”
Everything is stolen and Inverted- I thought I was over this issue. I went through this same emotional trauma when I was a Baby Witch and found out what the “Church” did to my ancestors. But this is in Real Time, now- Dark Consciousness rules the material world- and is the Plagiarizer, Copy Cat, Thief. The concepts of “The Occult” (Hidden) have been secret because they Kill Us! Yet The Times we are in – The Occult is being Exposed- AND Right on those Heels- the Dark Consciousness is making every effort to Call the Awakening It’s Own.


You are Getting AWAKE! Very, Very AWAKE.

The World is NOT Happy- no one is really happy- nothing is Working. Protests across the Globe- speak of Rich vs Poor- period, not race, not gender, but Class. 6 Families hold over 40% of the Wealth, follow the money. Most of us are working poor now. This Global System of Gentrification is not sustainable. I don’t want to Live in the “Hunger Games”. The “Elite” are at War with US… all of us… Please remove your blindfold. Food = poison, Medicine = poison, Water = poison, Entertainment = poison, Media = Lies + Agenda pushing. We are being DIS-SPELLED, we can now See through the Delusion. You are Getting AWAKE, very very AWAKE.