How I met my Spirit Guide

Hello Occult readers…

Before I get too far into the channeling documents I would like to share with you how I met my spiritual guide Hermes Trismegistus.

An evening in February 1995, led in meditation by her Reiki Master Occult Priestess makes first conscious contact with her primary Spirit Guide.

Hello- I am Occult Priestess Rev. Korinne. I invite you to come on the journey of the first time I met my spiritual guide Hermes Trismegistus. This story is retold as it was recorded in my personal journal.

I was asked to imagine I was in a forest at night.

The Full moon was very bright. Illuminating my path, I noticed small purple flowers with yellow stems blooming all around me. I began to feel relaxed and welcomed to this odd landscape.

After a while I spied a light at the end of the path.

As I left the forest I found myself in a large clearing on top of a hill. Beyond the hill was a valley mirrored by another hill.

On the hill in the distance I saw an ancient temple. As I made my way to the temple I got strong mental image of something inside the temple. A large Greek frieze depicting various Gods.

When I reached the steps of the temple I was told my guide would appear. As I relaxed I saw a flash of something coming out of the frieze, as if one of its characters was coming to life.


Statue Spirit Guide

There before me I saw a Greek statue of a Man, living, breathing, resembling Michael Angelo’s David.

As I was instructed to ask the name of this guide, I felt apprehension well up in me. For several years I had worked to attain conscious contact with my guide, with little success. I took a breath and asked this spirits name.


As clear as a bell and without hesitation I heard “Hermes”.

I was elated, I was so excited that it was so easy to hear my spirit guides name, finally.

The guided meditation then took me into the temple to commune with a Goddess and seek her wisdom. I was given the message in the form of a mental image of a Tarot card, the High Priestess from the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck.

Nearing the end of the Meditation I was told to thank my guide and say goodbye. Hermes smiled at me and wiped a tear away. I felt that meant that he would miss me. I assured him I would see him soon.

At the end of the meditation I couldn’t wait to share with my teacher and friends that I had finally me my spiritual guide Hermes.

Since that night in 1995 I have studied Hermes learned and how to become a conscious channel for his energy.  Hermes tells me I would do well to share his messages with the world.

Thank You for Joining me- Blessings, Namaste- Remember we are all One.

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Who’s the BoogieWOOgie BugleBoy from SIRIUS B? That astral light’nin’ that’s fright’nin me, Illuminating me like a Christmas tree~ Kosmic konsciousness is the Frequency~ Blowin up the Sky, w/ vibrant Rays, tune’nin back in like the RADIO days. #Telepathy

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