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Free your mind

Note: The Mad Hatter went mad due to Mercury poisoning

Free your mind June 2009
What does that really mean? Practical steps to unburden your consciousness.
The issues lie mostly in your subconscious- but the choices we make in every moment either add to or take away from our burden of mind. The past is where most of burden originates from. How do you feel about your past, about your childhood, about last week? Patterns and routines that are no longer serving us in positive ways were formed in the past. The subconscious is the keeper of our past. To heal and cleanse the subconscious is to become baptized in a new way of thinking, feeling and acting. We are all living our own personal mythos- we are all the fool and the hero of our own epic lives. The biggest and most frightening dragon lurks in your subconscious mind- guarding the treasures of your deep inner self.

Stages of Growth- beyond ego
1. Questioning authority, systems, tradition, dogma, the nature of reality as put forth from those who have gone before us.
2. Struggle to accept and practice new ways of thinking, being, acting.
3. Inner seeking, beginning of self knowledge- introduction to the subconscious.
4. Inner mythos, story, personal archetype.
5. Confrontation of self. Slaying Dragons.
6. Hero and Kundalini
7. Integration, balance, peace.
8. Higher Self- Stepping in

~ FIN ~