David Icke

Aliens vs. Ascension (2012)

As twenty twelve creeps closer I am drawn to find out more about what others are saying about this highly anticipated time. As a channel myself, I have had visions of a wondrous state of being beyond time and consensual reality. As a Buddhist it is my sincerest wish that 2012 brings a mass enlightenment to humanity.

There seem to be two camps in the “new age” community:
– Those who believe in the mass enlightenment. (dna activation, crystal children, ascension)
– Those who believe in a war between aliens and humans which includes the government and the so called illuminati. (Lizard aliens, prison planet, 1984, Minority Report)

Interestingly these two schools of thought often combine. We have psychics saying that lizard people who are the rulers of this world, will try to stop the mass enlightenment by keeping us in Fear. While in Fear we will be in low vibration thus unable to ascend.

It’s all very interesting and I have spent many hours on youtube being introduced to all of these notions. I tell myself I am doing research, however it feels as if I am being entertained with science fiction or getting paranoid over all the fema coffins and empty prisons around the united states.

I was honestly surprised to hear psychics/channelers agree with David Icke and Zecharia Sitchin. The “god energies” I channel are always speaking about love, psychology and healing in one form or another. My guide has never told me Illuminati aliens were out to get me.

I do believe in aliens- I can even believe that our planet was seeded by an alien intelligence and we are their offspring- any Isis loving witch can believe that, since the Egyptians claimed to be from Sirius.

I do believe Earth and physical incarnations are used as a tool to evolve the soul. I see Earth as school, and we are the students of Karma. I believe “evil” was invented for this Earth experience and does not exist in “true reality”.

If I wanted to forget that sorrow is caused by karma (or learning), I can stretch my imagination into thinking the hardship of Earth life is due to Illuminati aliens who are feeding off our fear, sorrow and loss.

Fear, sorrow and loss is all we have ever known- so why not make a new age scapegoat out of it? Satan not doing it for you anymore? This particular scapegoat has a lot of research put into it, the plot includes the founders of Egypt all the way to modern day government, big business and masons (secret societies).

Alien is a metaphor for “unfamiliar” or “strange”
Lizard is a metaphor for “heartless” or “coldblooded”
Illuminati means Enlightened- raise your hand if you think any president was enlightened, didn’t think so. Illuminati is the Great White Lodge (of ascended masters) and we will all be a member one day- because we will all evolve.

Okay so there is my take of the 2012 prophets. Now tell me what You think!


~ FIN ~