Seductive falsehoods

*adults only please

During my lengthy involvement in alternative religions, the internet and local groups I have come across many types of tricksters. Recently I received an e-mail which I believe fits in this “trickster” category. I asked permission to use the e-mail as an example in my blog. The author eagerly agreed.

As a psychic counselor I have seen many people seduced by fancy cosmic talk. Such misnomers are claiming soulmate status upon meeting new people; pushing their will upon another; getting into your head psychically or through sex, telling you they remember you from past lives.

The Letter from the YouTube stranger is as follows:

Feel My Power Now Karinne… light a candle .. some insense… jasmine… receive me at your altar … open yourself to me mind body and soul…feel my lustful Serpent around you .. and in you Now !! I have sent a tidal wave of Love and Lust to you … you knew i was coming .. you have seen it in your cards….and felt me in your dreams…..you have not .. will not banish me….open yourself Now… float in The Cosmic Ocean of Love… feel your body tingle … realise you are worshiped as a Seer as a lady.. as the Muse…..open yourself to Babalon … embrace your Sacred Slut…return to me as a friend .. empowered… it is my Midnight in three hours.. I will project to you with good intention and respect then I wish for you to be My Priestess in Love always X”

As students can we spot the manipulation in this e-mail?
First and through out the letter I am flattered- fawned over and “loved”. He’s my number one fan so to speak.

He speaks of sexuality in an animalistic and root charkra or “base” manner. He seems to be all about the physical of my body and his gate way through to my body is apparently his spirituality.

He claims “you knew i was coming .. you have seen it in your cards….and felt me in your dreams…..you have not”

No actually I have not. I am very aware of what I am receiving on a psychic level. Yet you can see if I was less aware how I may trick myself into thinking this man “knew” me on a soul level.

If I had the spooky image of a sexual beast in my head as my ideal man- I would fall for this deceit. I may even begin an internet affair based on my own Vanity (which he tries to inflate). If I was lonely- love starved- I may think he was the ONLY person who saw the “true me”- because honestly the “true you” really is that awesome.

I write this blog for those who could be tricked into an affair with the shadow. Know that the man who wrote letter does not matter- it is the example the letter shows.

Question your “soulmate” connections- There are many Sheep in Wolves clothing. Do not be fooled by their confidence- LISTEN to their heart as it confesses their trouble and fears.

Compassion is the lesson we are all learning. We do not have to play the fool to help the fools. Own your own power!

“Want a Savior? Want a Messiah? Just look Inside Ya!” I said that.

~ FIN ~