Freeman Fly TV Interview! Mind Control.

I will be on  – Freeman Fly, FreeMan TV this SATURDAY NIGHT! Freeman and Jamie have one Hell of a show every time they go on Air! Check them out on youtube AND the link below! I am the lady with the black hair- This pic was taken in a nightclub- but yes I am GOTHIC.


“I will be joined by Korinne Wilson and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Sandy this Saturday 8pm EST on The Free Zone.” Freeman Fly

You are Getting AWAKE! Very, Very AWAKE.

The World is NOT Happy- no one is really happy- nothing is Working. Protests across the Globe- speak of Rich vs Poor- period, not race, not gender, but Class. 6 Families hold over 40% of the Wealth, follow the money. Most of us are working poor now. This Global System of Gentrification is not sustainable. I don’t want to Live in the “Hunger Games”. The “Elite” are at War with US… all of us… Please remove your blindfold. Food = poison, Medicine = poison, Water = poison, Entertainment = poison, Media = Lies + Agenda pushing. We are being DIS-SPELLED, we can now See through the Delusion. You are Getting AWAKE, very very AWAKE.