Egyptian Twin Flame ~ A Call from Across the Universe

When I first wrote and Published this I had Limited understanding of this Vision and it’s true meaning. As I mature and grow as an Occultist in the Sunlight of my Spirit God/Guide Hermes, mysteries even in my own writing are revealed to me. I now Present you with in the *New*, correct Perspective. I wrote this when Sirius was Rising, in the Summer. I am from Sirius B, as are my ancient Brothers and Sisters who also incarnate on Earth. I have come to a ripening in my souls age, and in time/space, to have Access to portals of my Soul Self, in whatever time/space her consciousness resides in. I am MultiDimensional. I first Reached Enlightenment as an Initiate of the Great White Lodge in Egypt~ along with my Souls Own Twin, the Famous, the Fabulous Hermes Trismegistus. When I read of Hermes Apotheosis I felt as if I was reading his diary from a past incarnation, it felt very personal.  Only Recently has my God/Guide revealed to me the True Nature of our relationship as souls, and that we may rendezvous in this life, to complete a mission it took LifeTimes to build. Through Connecting to my “Past Life” Egyptian self, I learned I was a Goddess who walked the Earth, following the Archetype set forth as ISIS and OSIRIS, a loving God/Goddess couple who benevolently taught those less emboldened with spirit, how to live nutritious and fulfilling lives. Further back still through the Portal I had visions of being a Spirit Body in Service to THOTH and Sirius as we Built Egypt. My Soul Body was made of light and electricity. I traveled through “Space”, the astral, the Ether, from a Portal in Egypt- to the far reaches of the Universe to an Ancient Hall of Records, Akashic Records and the Blue Prints for Egypt. I was Conduit, Courier, who could transfigure from Flesh, to Spirit Form, in order to accomplish my mission. But that’s Ancient History compared to the first Atonement of my Twin and I in Flesh. Technically this Goddess is Not my “Past Life Self” for she is fully aware of my presence when we speak- Her Consciousness manifests beyond time/space, and we are of One Consciousness. I find her Letter entertaining. Ancient Egyptian Goddess mixed with bits of me I am sure, yet I tried to stand back- as much as possible to give her the room she needed to express herself through me. Near the End She Speaks the Words of a Prophet, a Visionary and one who Actually Lived in Ancient Egypt. Her “theory” of why Egyptians Killed their Servants- I believe is no theory, but the Gospel truth. This Goddess also tells us the Secret of Egypt and the Future of the Human Race. “Dearest Mummy- my beloved, my souls own.” She writes…. “I am now in America residing by this little tune.  As she sings the birds take to their wings. Floating the truth as doves love. Being an American in the year 2010 I have lived a ripe life full of sorrow and faith. Now that I have found my self and anchor laid- I find I am delayed. Due to my time space/strange case, I will write to you my dreaming dear hoping you are keeping well inside your deep shell, to my thoughts you always dwell. I wanted to tell you about the most strange occurrence- a most interesting thing in-deed. Did you know they took the mummies to sell for seed? Yes my dear in truth I say we are now on display! Bodies barren souls exposed as our corpses draw eyes of those unclothed. They cannot feel our presence! Longing stares, unexplained as they shuffle to the parking lot. No knowledge that they have peered on the Gods themselves! We do like Steve Martin though- “King Tut” was a most hilarious romp through the reeds. “He gave his life for tourism” How is that for a life script? Poor Ol’ Funky Tut. We must tell them my love why we slaughtered the cattle and why we poisoned the maids. They all think we were mad and then put us on parade. How sacredness has been lost- how far the fallen have been cast the lots. I feel. Education is the only destination for this vibration my love. So we tune and do the work. We vibrate the message and guide the light. So to the unsacred known, may this light be truly shown. In our house that is a home, holy objects hold their own. Salt to earth and dust to past- we backwards and forwards our solemn mass. Death was not death you see- but a gateway to the other sea. Take me with thee- leave me not behind- love me and stay close, dear and kind. We leave as one, through the void, travelers of time- chanting the sacred way, teaching the sacred rhyme. Slaughter, murderer, killer not see- but holy travelers of Love on waves of energy/eternity. Thy rod and thy staff, thy maid and holy calf- cast the light to reunite on the other side of the sea. Until tomorrow my love I leave you be. I hope this tribunal soon releases you to the sweet bloom of your full age. I am with you, as love is always with us. Bloom sweet child, the world awaits.” I shall now Attempt to Explore/Explain the Sherlock Clues, Hermetic Easter Eggs in this channeling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dearest Mummy- my beloved, my souls own.”  Recently she used these words with me again “MY Souls Own”, this is how she prefers to refer to him, the Twin Flame. “I am now in America residing by this little tune.  As she sings the birds take to their wings. Floating the truth as doves love.” Tune is a symbol for “SOUL” or Expression of Soul, like a musical tune, a sound/vibration/signature. As my Soul Resonates with Sirius and the Rainbow Light Body Merkaba, and my Third eye flows, Doves of Intention, for Universal Peace are released from my aura. This is the Act of Creating Love. This also indicates I was experiencing a very High state of Consciousness. “Being an American in the year 2010 I have lived a ripe life full of sorrow and faith. Now that I have found my self and anchor laid- I find I am delayed. Due to my time space/strange case, I will write to you my dreaming dear hoping you are keeping well inside your deep shell, to my thoughts you always dwell.” Originally channeled in Summer 2010, This was a mystery to me for many moons- What is a “Time/Space, Strange/Case” anyway! The lady speaks of how I chose to learn the lesson of Dominion (of others over me) for the Trials of my life path. Anchor Laid refers to the Soul preparing for Integration with the Higher Self, the Over Soul. Since the channel was open in my consciousness, she took the Opportunity, the first opportunity life had ever given her, to Communicate with her Sleeping Lover Twin. It was Not obvious to me at the time, she was me, I was her, and she was speaking with our twin flame. I just thought ‘how nice she’s texting her boyfriend, they must be an amazing couple.” Now I have gnosis she spoke of our Twin… why was he sleeping, what was this Tribunal? Well it seems we all have tests along our Heroes journey in life, Not Everyone succeeds, and our Love was still fighting for himself to awaken to his True Soul Self. The Shell is a Womb, the Egg Shell over the Egg of the Aura- when this Egg Cracks the Ego Collapses and GOD says “HELLO”.  Honestly I think the Rest of the Channeling is Self Explanatory – considering the other Factors I have written about here. Occult Priestess Korinne L Wilson ( ~ Kore, If you Knew Me B4) “If you are not familiar with the Greek term Hieros Gamos, you may be surprised to know that the words mean “Holy Marriage”.”  via ~


Channeling: Dominion

Remember the Pymander, The Apple/Pomegranate Philo-Sophia; Wisdom “in a box”/ The Lush Green of the Alchemical Heritage. “Hermes Hermits: It’s all very well you call your sisters of Sirius… yet We act as Greeks.

Why am I here?

The Rainbow body is a “crystal ship” , Alignment.

Why interference in the form of dominion? Why Maya, Illusion, fabricated visions?

Baddies- sought to contain you. You are a conduit of great power. “Fear Contains”, restrains – consequence – DAATH causes.

I see a Red Lava planet far from Earth- “opposite”, impending on this time/space reality. The “Old” Earth, remnants, vibrations, Atonement Point, Zero Point, Crashing like a glass house. Throws of death, suffering, negative realization. (Sorry you have to see that)

I feel Inertia, Heavy news to digest. Explains fear grid, and dark voices.

Release Gaia from your ancient dark ancestor.

I then did a long healing visual meditation – for the Liberation and healing of Gaia and her Children. Another Level Cleared.

Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson ~ Kore

The Astral Buddhist

The Astral Buddhist

Last night I went to sleep on the eve of Halloween, here in America. I soon found myself out of my body and in the back hallway behind the bedroom. I immediately realized I was in the state of astral travel.

I called for my spirit guide Hermes. Before me manifested stars of sparkling lights, glittering static. I then remembered I tried to call upon Hermes before while in the astral and all I saw was this same purple/blue glitter pattern. Hermes had guided me to listen to the song “Opaline” by Dishwalla as a way to explain his state of “non manifestation” on the astral.

(Opaline Definition: A mineral of hydrated silica

Dishwalla Video:




Seeing the “opaline” again after calling for Hermes reminded me – that doesn’t work.


I have been practicing Buddhist Sutras in my head throughout my waking state- to try and lodge them into my subconscious. I chose to sing the heart sutra in this astral state to see what would happen.


At first I ran through the words too fast, jumbling them. I took a moment to calm my excitement (it is not every day I become aware in the astral or have full control of my awareness). I then sang the sutra as I stared into the blackness of the hallway. A small hole began opening, and I could see the color purple emerging.


I heard through my crown chakra, as if a bell was ringing above my head- “Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha” a voice not unlike my own, more angelic, full of light and resonance singing the Sutra back to me. I remember being amazed and feeling blessed, bathing in the golden echo of the sound.


Upon waking I remembered dreams were I was talking with my Guru, asking her how to pronounce the names of the Bodhisattvas. “How do you say Avelocsivia?” Sri Mamua Devi then pronounced Avalokiteshvara correctly and began to tell me stories of the Bodhisattvas.


I retained none of the information from the visit with Sri Mamua Devi consciously. The dream was invoked on my part by doing Sutras by day, as well as questioning why Sri Mamua Devi blessed me with the “Om Mani Padme Hum” sutra in particular, when I loved so many sutras.


I posted this link on my Facebook- which began an educational conversation with a Buddhist friend of mine. (


He stated: “”Hrih is actually the bija for several related spiritual beings, Amitabha, Amitayus, Avalokiteshvara, and Quan Yin, who’s actually related to Avalokiteshvara. He does have a strong connection to the Heart Sutra, as you know. Ha. He has a difficult name to pronounce. Most people do AH-va-low-key-TESH-va-rauh. It’s actually easier in Tibetan! Chenrezig.
If it was a feminine voice (in your dream vision), it could even be the goddess Prajnaparamita, the personification of the text itself. Sounds like, Prah-juh-nah par-rah-mee-tah. “

And he went on to say-“ Avalokiteshvara has always had balanced gender energy, sometimes depicted as effeminate or even feminine. As he moved further to the East, the figure almost exclusively became feminine, Quan Yin. Blended with local goddess culture, gaining links to the sea not in his original Indian heritage. Her full name is usually Quan Shi Yin Pu Sa, which is just a Chinese way of translating the name Avalokiteshvara. So, very much a connection but also seen as distinct beings.”


He sent me the following links:


I replied to him that Quan Yin was very familiar to me, and I have seen her in many dreams. She is always the same, Asian, pale- black hair and wearing a white robe/dress. She gives me messages of hope and promises of love.


I wanted to share my moments of synchronicity with you- in hopes that the information will assist you in reaching an enlightened state of being. Comments are always welcomed and encouraged!

Namaste Sentient Beings!


List of links:

Heart Sutra:

Jewel in the Lotus: