Looking like a sage upon this Aquarian Age

Lyrics September 30, 2012

I lived in a Castle, by the Water so Deep

A higher dimension of peace and ascension

I look down at you & see you’ve fallen asleep

Troubled People below, the Earth has a season to weep.

You reap what we sow, Yeah we’ve got trouble below.

Bound by the sign, we know it’s reincarnation time

From my home so High, I’m descending down, down down.

Taking off my crown, Bodhisattva’s bow

The lower calling, the Sea cliffs falling

Eternity so far from near, so far from here

Crashing into this sphere, through the Atmosphere

To spend my life so strange- Looking at this Aquarian Age

So Strange – a Case of Astral Time space

I don’t sleep anymore,  I can’t keep it all straight.

Rushing up to the stairs of Heavens domain

Can’t talk to me now, and I can’t explain how

Eternity has got a hold on me.

I don’t know how to live interdimensionally.

Consciousness lost amongst this Human Chaos

Distorted Evolution, hacking their Solution,

Manipulating nature through the Ego’s Conclusion

They can’t seal our fate, there’s no time to waste

Love is the Energy, we’re calling, on You and Me

Connecting with sparks Bursting through our hearts

We fall through the sands of Time

Dimensional Journey, leaving the sublime

A Fractal caught by form and mind,

Chasing our souls to the subconscious Paradigm

To spend our Lives so Strange,

Looking like a sage upon this Aquarian Age

So Strange – a Case of Astral Time space

Haunted by the Divine, we’re all clandestine

KORE ~ Occult Priestess