Differentiating the OCCULT from the FALSE LIGHT AGENDA (NWO).  Notes for the Podcast: SHIFT HAPPENS with G.G. Rabbit (Brian Bresler)

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Differentiating the OCCULT from the FALSE LIGHT AGENDA. 

Just some Morning notes off the Top of my Head, no big whoop *Wink*


Paganism: Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Druid, Asatru, Grail mysteries, Fairies and Elementals. I leave out Sumerian as well as Mayan/Aztec and other Tribal mythologies, for they are not Inherently Pagan, they have their own Roots in antiquity.

The magick practiced in most Paganism is known as Sympathetic Magick. The Wiccan rule is “HARM NONE“, this includes ourselves.

The Edited Show with Pictures and Music!

Christian Variations on Paganism:

Ask a Pagan, and we will tell you our Symbols, Gods, and Ancient ways have been Stolen and Inverted to Control Humanity into the Bastardization of the human soul. The “Devil’s” goal is to take Everyone to hell, and end ALL LIFE on planet earth. This is a false narrative of Power hungry damned souls, the Elite among us.

Lucifer was Originally an Etruscan God, Brother of Diana and father of Aradia. The Name LUCIFER was stolen and Inverted by Abrahamics + Christians. The “Scapegoat” is an Abrahamic/Christian invention.

Some say PAN the goat horned flute player of the Greenwood, was DEMONIZED for his closeness to nature, for he spoke for the Animals, the rivers and the Earth Herself. To Demonize PAN into LUCIFER, allowed a Schism between NATURE and what was soon to be called “THE CHURCH“. Since the CHURCH Has ruled over us, since the Greeks lost the Trojan war, we can see we’ve lost all CONSCIOUS about how to treat Animals and our Earth.

We do not believe in “Naughty Angels” who fall to Earth Because the Ancient Greeks taught we “FELL TO EARTH THROUGH FASCINATION, THROUGH LOVE.” There is no Original SIN, before the Christianity/Abrahamic Religions. Many religions teach of Demons, such as Buddhism. “The Demons Protect the DHARMA” meaning Spooky as hell Guardians protect that which is Sacred, from THOSE who are Profane, another way of saying HIDDEN FROM THE UNINITIATED. No Mortal can initiate another person, the Initiations takes place in the SOUL REALM, not an earthly temple.

WELCOME TO MY COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS NIGHTMARE, the evil in the Human Psyche has haunted and hunted me since Birth. 

LUCIFER IS THE FALSE LIGHT: Whether a Trickster of your Own Making, or an Outside force that tests you, False Light repels some, yet draws others in. This is DUE to the STATE of the SOUL. I was Attacked by false light during Sleep Paralysis for nineteen years. I have a Natural Aversion to Evil, and Bad People.

Voodoo Hatian Spirituality: Hosts a variety of Gods and Encourages Ancestor Worship. Human Trafficking filled New Orleans with Haitian practioners, and begat Marie Lavou, the Voodoo Queen. A mix of the Catholic Faith + Haitian Voudon, this path includes Manipulation through black magick, not all practitioners USE black magick, however it is common. Feeding the Ghosts of your Ancestors can cause you to be haunted, and ultimately possessed. Most of our Psychological DRUGS Come from Voodoo. For research read the non fiction book “SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW“.


WHAT PAGANISM IS NOT: We are not Christian and do NOT Believe in LUCIFER/SATAN.

Aleister Crowley: Materialist, Luciferian: Informing the Narrative of most MODERN MASONS, Crowley and his neophytes have Taken over the Narrative of the Occult, in which it has no Place. Crowley said to his Student, upon graduation “THERE IS NO GOD, YOU ARE GOD”, his confession, he knew no other God, than his EGO. Classic Satanist = Christian. Crowley came up with the FIRST GREY ALIEN and called it LAM. Since this time Liars and those Tricked by Demons, see GREY ALIENS doing horrible things to them, instead of the DEMONS they actually are. No Such thing as GREYS.

Helena Blavatsky: Materialist, Luciferian: Blavatsky and her Supporters invented and Pushed a Satanic Agenda. In THEOSOPHY LUCIFER is an Angel of LIGHT and the True God of this world. The End Game, is the New World Order, Power collected at the top, and the rest of us are fodder for their EXPERIMENTS ON HUMANS– They seek a way of ETERNAL LIFE, because their SOULS are DAMNED.

Nazi’s and UFOs: Materialist, Luciferian: From Hitler and Blavatsky, along with the Crown of England via ORSON WELLS and the American CIA who harbored Nazi’s from War Crimes & Prosecution, began the ALIEN CRAZE. If you really dig Nazi UFO’s you may also be Attracted to SATANISM. RED LIGHTS, are not a GOOD thing, my friend. You would know Red is a warning sign IF YOU STUDIED NATURE (Paganism).

 New Age, Ufology, and now 12 step Kundalini yoga transcendental Sikhs are the Same Category in my mind. All host similar United Nations agenda’s, the same as Theosophy, Aleister Crowley and Various Yogi sects. 

Theosophical Masons & Secret Plans  + Fay or Grey: The Fight for the Narrative


The current narrative, even in our Community is “THE OCCULT IS EVIL”. As you can see, that which is GOOD is DEMONIZED. This is by DESIGN, so that souls WILL NOT GROW, keep buying books, and spending their money on this “Spiritual Hobby”. Dabbling in Spirituality is quite dangerous for those who are not Sincere seekers. Most of the stories I have heard about EVIL MANIFEST came from ex-satanists, who were TRYING WILLINGLY to Connect with Darkness. Those who use Blood during magick or rituals are also BLACK MAGICIANS, doing harmful deeds.


The Truth is, the Darkness has become ANIMATED, and if you are a Weak Person, who has not claimed themselves for God & Love, you are easily manipulated by Evil, A Puppet of Ignorance, to be Used by Evil. I have found, the more Power and Money, the more Likely they are to be Evil. It starts small, “Manifest that CAR!” yet Quickly becomes an ADDICTION that must be FED, and your SOUL is the FOOD.

Devils Food you are” Alice Cooper.




MAAdd2~ Notes June 26th High NOON ~

Russell Brand: Mentors in Recovery

Are you a Mentor in Recovery?

If so this Blog is for you!

The Occult media priestess is here, to hold your hand, and to Walk you through the Dream, into Reality. Watch the spectacle as a Man, still recovering, speaks of how HE, and others like him, Mentor those with similar struggles. The Blind, Leading the Blind, literally.

“You can never be sick enough to make another well.” Hallmark of codependency / False Messiah Complex

“You can’t cure others Toxic emotions, with your own Toxic Emotions” Occult Priestess (RECOVERED codependent, adult child of an alcoholic, warrior of light.)

Mentors: A Book by Russell Brand

Recovery: A Book by Russell Brand

For most of my ‘career’ as a Priestess, I was a local upstart. I founded community book stores, communal meditation spaces, Pagan festivals, an annual witches ball and a full Coven. Since birth, I have been “On a Mission From God”. I began life fighting a Shadow figure in my bedroom, and survived an abusive household. In my teens I began a deeply devotional and abiding spiritual path, a true relationship with the gods.

In 2016, I began to transition from local priestess, to Occult Reporter and Media darling. I’ve known since I was six years old that it was part of my Fortune to live in Los Angeles. My spirit guide, Hermes the messenger of the Gods, has raised me to write, draw and express as a daily part of life. I have always kept journals, and have been published in various forms. Since my relocation to Los Angeles, most of my media work is about our Current Community, and the CONSPIRACY of Pop Culture. You can read about my past missions in this blog “Occultist in the Corner“.

Since 2009, Russell Brand has been on my radar. I have written about this extensively in other blogs. I first met Russell (In Person) October of 2017, and last saw him in January of 2020. I first met Russell’s Higher Self or Soul, in 2010.

This April, May and June of 2019, I attended Russell’s 12 step recovery experimental sessions around Los Angeles. I would like to point out, I did this out of my own bank, and will, to do “Good Work”. I am not supported by much, not many donations, I do this out of LOVE, and for all of us (all stunts done, Without a net(worth)!). Financially, I live below the poverty level.

Since the very first moment I saw a Ganesh statue on Russell Brands stage (2009) I have been clocking him. The Revolution, he began ~ coming out against all things material, manufactured, and political. I was Whooshed Away, in a Dream (9), of John Lennon fighting for Truth, and the Working Class Hero. I took that journey! I followed that Rusty Rocket Pied Piper! I was on Board with this Humanitarian revolt. Yet… it all ended the moment Russell said, VOTE, instead of “do not vote, at all, ever.” That was the coffin nail of this: BrandedRevolution“.


Russell Brand admits his call for revolution failed #WATERLOO #ABBA #RBPodcast

Why clock Russell Brand at all?

Maybe I see something, you Do Not See.

Remember over half of my experience in this Life, is ABOVE TIME/SPACE. My consciousness is multidimensional in ‘real time’. I have visions (guided dreams), while completely awake. I clock Russell Brand, because I know his soul. The video below describes the First time I met Russell Edward Brand’s Soul above Space/Time. I’m not a Stalker, I’m a Guru. (Try saying that to security! lol)

(Pictured in the Video: Russell is wearing a Black Silk shirt from India. I had the same shirt, it was my favorite. I wore it out, threw it away, then see him wearing it. Synch.)

The potential I see in Mr. Brand is REALLY AMAZING, or HORRIBLY BAD! With no room in between. He is PRIMED to be what we call A WORLD TEACHER.

In the traditions of the EAST, a master is raised to GUIDE the MASSES. The last world teacher I liked, was YOGANANDA.

To see the Drama of a FALSELY ELEVATED WORLD TEACHER– look no further than KRISHNAMURTI. He, the brave soul, RENOUNCED his forced ‘calling’ and disbanded his affiliations with Theosophy.

The reason to Raise a NEW WORLD TEACHER can only be to serve THE NEW WORLD ORDER. One world Government, of dystopia/adharma as seen in science fiction films. The Theosophical United Nations, and the Lucifer they Trust, is a rabbit hole you must explore if trying to UNDERSTAND this political, socially engineered collective Mind Control. There will also be Bolsheviks, Ubermensch, Bloodline wars, Nazi‘s and UFO‘s on your search, so beware.

Russell Brand donates London cafe to drug addict charity 

Why Is Socialism ‘Cool’ Again?

Russell Brand The Trews (E371)

Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game! Maybe there’s more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking?”

~ Zoolander


Presenting: on in . After 5 note taking sessions, my is nearly finished! Go behind the Iron Curtain of , as Russell on his Audience.




Costuming: A hot topic between Brand and I, is Costuming. The last time I saw him, pictured above, I wore an Orchestrated look that was guided by Hermes, my spirit guide. I was told to research Bowie’s THIN WHITE DUKE, and to do my own version of this, for Russell’s show. At the end of the show, when it was time to meet Russell, the first thing he asked me was “WHAT ARE YOU DRESSED AS??” So, we definitely hit the mark, err target.

The THIN WHITE DUKE is a NAZI SOCIALIST. This was my Dominatrix version, sporting my Egyptian Immortal bling & Eye of RA on my chest. When we look back at our collective past, we can see those in power, be they CROWNS OR SPIRITUAL LEADERS, they all seem corrupted. Materialism is the RULER, no matter what Head we place upon it. (THAT IS DEEP).

So the “HEAD” I wanted to Understand, was Russell Brand’s, as a teacher and as a man, because I already know his soul. headrr.jpg


Notes Taken while Waiting in a LONG LINE last week: Buddy Jesus #Recovery (Dogma Film). In Criticism of Russell Brands 12 Step KoolAid Experiment. “Heads are Dancing” By Kate Bush.

“Are you Fucked? Can you be Unfucked?

Can you unfuck yourself, alone?” R.B.

“Fuck” ain’t UNIVERSAL, it’s Targeted at a specific immature person with Ego Issues, lack of Proper self Expression, and problems with authority (Teacher like Student?). Sounds like a Neo-Poleon (new Napoleon), the bigger the horse (Trojan) the Smaller the Conqueror (Emperor).

The False Light Messiah Complex

News ‘Flash’ ~ Ahhh.

Russell Brand Ain’t Recovered. This was Admitted in Plane English, on stage, in front of an audience. We have an addict, instructing other addicts. How does the Addiction of one, Cure the Addiction of another? It Don’t. A False Womb, where no one is safe. To Russell Brand’s credit 80% of his audience were in attendance to see a Celebrity, not for their own healing or recovery. Sick-o-Phants.

Coming: The Break down of my notes taken Freud Style, while listening to Russell speak about His personal life, for hours. Photos, signed books, meme’s and Social Media inclusion. I have been a “TOP FAN” on Russell Brand’s facebook for almost 2 months. Although I understand he is DOING IT ALL WRONG, I see the POTENTIAL of what he could get done in this world, IF HE WERE HEALED. I myself feel Russell has taken MY JOB. I am healed, and ready to teach the WAY to Living the Soul Will, instead of the Egoic Desires of the five senses.



I don’t get paid for this you know?!


VIDEO UPDATE: 1/20/2020


UnEdited notes: Straight from the Page;

4/22/2019: Song playing “HOW SOON IS NOW”

His car was black and white. When Russell took the stage, he saw I was taking notes, and he shouted at me ~

“I Love This Woman! I Love You!”

Hilarious. I didn’t respond other than smiling. I felt he was doing a CELEBRITY thing, not actually professing his love for me! lol.

Addiction = Outside (Brand)

‘Actually TRAUMA is the problem’ (me).

‘Being out about recovery, is a Veil of secrets Lifted.’ Brand

‘People don’t want to Be TOLD – what is what.’ Russell

(TOO BAD, we are ALL here to learn. Me)
Is he TRYING to use Mental Illness to Enlighten people?

“Intuitionist as a Job, is a ‘JOKE’!” Russell Brand JEALOUS of psychics, while trying to sharpen his own intuition ~ Silva my Buttocks.

Russell Mentions other celebs: Eckhart Tole, Oprah, Wim Hoff and Amma.

Program #4: A new vibe for Inventory. (His Child abuse, in Fear and Out of control. ~ Don’t Fear Man! You’re not in Control. me.)

Mala to Equal Armed Cross. Russell said he lacks oral sex. With a seething rage he speaks of ‘Collin’ the step dad. He explains how he was lost on the way to the Venue, and yelled at his Handler Charlie.

‘The Inner world is real’ the rest is materialism. He mentions the GOD WITH WINGED FEET ~ (My God, HERMES!) Calls him “THE NARRATOR”.

He states Addiction = Attachment = Materialism.

I say “Twisted, Commandment, Re-appropriation of Original Principle, Planned obsolescence, 12 step technology.

He goes on to Mention MACHINE ELVES which is where Terrance McKenna got it Wrong, too.

He states he does not know how Mystics feel. Yoke / Union / Yoga. He thinks we are Egyptian Chimps! Can we get a DEFIBRILLATOR FOR HIS EGO?

A story about Tulips and Dutch Power. Benevolent Ninja Schools (such a thing??) had Hierarchy. (You don’t have to sell me on SOUL RANK Hierarchy.) He trained in Brazilian Ninjitsu.

Russell says the ALL/ONE is WOO WOO (God kill me now please, save me from your Followers- the Buddhist).

Self Slave = Ego. Matter or Spirit, which came First- HE DOESN’T KNOW! (Man, that is 101~ and here you are on a stage. The FOOL.)

Russell states Enlightenment is Tactile and can be Transferred. (Good Eyedea, I’ll try.)

The Genie CURSE: Someone at Amma’s told Russell Brand “THIS WORLD CAN ONLY TAKE FROM YOU NOW.” He said he “SIGNED THAT DEAL”. THAT deal? Can we forgive this?

Who Ever said this to Russell, was CURSING HIM, and he took it hook, line and sinker. He BELIEVES he can launder his KARMA through MONEY. This is a ‘Terrible Lie’, NIN style, that seems to be Motivating his Actions.

Russell mentions the Silva Institute and Krishnamurti.

Silva Method –  A self-help and meditation program developed by José Silva. It claims to increase an individual’s abilities through relaxation, development of higher brain functions, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.” WOW! LET’S ALL SIGN UP! LOL. Don’t, please don’t believe this. 

Russell states Spiritual Idea’s have been Stolen by Power Structures (like him??). He Pushes for DE-CENTRALIZED POWER.


Next Time: IF there Must Sirius B ~ 1 ~ (Time is Fake)

I GIFT U- My Puppet, my very own ‘Ziggy Twister Mister/Sister Rainbow Rocket’:


Next Scheduled Mission from God: Russell Brand, PSYCHIC EXPO in LA, The Confrontation, on My Turf. (‘You Better Watch your Turf’ Marcy’s Playground)

Commune Kool-Aid Kids, need not apply.


(PHOTO: The tall foxy blond next to me told me, She OWNS Commune, with her Girlfriend, who I also met. I asked the Blond ~ Did you used to be a Make-up Artist? As I stared into her mesmerizing eye make-up. She admitted that used to be her job. Seems no one has a background in spiritual teaching, but me.)

On a Mission from Heaven to, Recover the Brand.

Get him to the Greek, Gods!

At least 1 Person has been paying attention to this Mission (other than me). Thank you Ms. WOLF, for your loving attention and honesty!

~ P R E D I C T E D ~


“I will listen hard to your (IN)tuition, You will see it come to its fruition.” The (Karma Kagyu) Police

~ We claim this ‘Celebrity’ for Karma Kagyu, the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Bodhisattva’s. Scarf Ceremony completed April 2019. ~


We say, “Salutations, to your Guru, and your Guru’s, Guru”. 




AFTER-WORD? I place JARED LETO in this blog, for what I felt were OBVIOUS reasons… however I never Counted on this Dauphin IMPERSONATOR, going Full Cult Leader- but he DID! He even beat Russell Brand to the Punchbowl! Did you know Joan of Arc had to deal with impostors too? Everyone was always trying to trick her, so they could ‘Prove’ – God wasn’t talking to her. ~ Living in a Martyr Paradise. I know God still has a few Trix & Miracles, just waiting for the right Frequency (Kenneth).






To Be Continued ~ 
In Service, OP Korinne Wilson.
Adventures in Buddha sitting ~  A love Lecture on, Community dynamics and the True Goals of an INITIATE, of the MYSTERIES. Presented by Shakti/Shiva Kundalini Love Train Express- Conductor: Hermes (~ Fleet Footed GOD ~) Narrator/Channel/Oracle/SexyThing: The Occult Priestess 



Not the Hollywood Kind, not Exactly…

Around 2008 I began to ask my spirit guide Hermes, “AM I A STARSEED?”

Since I was a kid, first exposed to Aliens, Greys and space monsters, I was over it already. I was not Impressed or scared by their wild theories! I had a real monster in my bedroom, sleep paralysis with a Shadowman. For me, sleep meant going straight to hell, the hungry ghost realm.

Around 2008 I became aware of a RESURGENCE of the 1960’s “STAR PEOPLE” under the new term “starseeds”. I began to listen to more and more youtubers talking about Starseeds, until I was actually wondering if I was one- Most of what they spoke of sounded Familiar.

Now- understand, I had been counseling alien abduction victims for years, and for them the TRAUMA is very real. I never Identified with the Grey stories, of actual anal rape and impregnation/implantation. Like I said, I had CLASSIC sleep paralysis, not this newfangled Alien Vampire Rape. Yet BOTH Scenarios are the RAPE of INNOCENCE, known as “The Rape of Persephone”.

Written in 2009 “Dakmara is telling me that magick made real is the Art of Knowing. She is my magickal side- Sirius Moon energy-Psychic. Her mask is Occult Priestess (Persona)”

When I asked Hermes, am I a StarSeed, I had no idea what I was in for. The answer was a resounding yes, but first I had to learn about how HERMES, ALTHOUGH A GREEK GOD OF EARTH, is also THE PRINCE OF SIRIUS B. And not only that, He and I were Married, making me the Princess under his Mothers Energy- for she is the Entire Oversoul of the Sirius Star System. Talk about a Royal Family. I knew I was not from my earth family! Even though genetically my body certainly came from my earth mother, yet I was born with my  past life face- so really my mother took after me.

At this time, I felt, if I am married to Hermes, maybe I should just stop being with Earth men all together. No one is going to compare with HERMES a GOD! I always said I wanted to marry a God, so what if he is invisible. I was about to Condemn myself to a Life with no Phallus, when- Hermes Indicated he had a Candidate, a body on earth, for me to marry. This also was very Unexpected news.

Yet As USUAL, everything made sense in a series of Memories, flooding into my visual cortex like a Truth Drug.

My books on Ancient Egyptians taught me, we are from SIRIUS. (my first ‘incarnation’ was Egyptian)

Hieros Gamos: Holy Marriage is the Goal of Alchemy, not just WITHIN, also WITHOUT, like I imagine Perfected Radha + Krishna archetypes. I have completed the Heiros Gamos Within, and got a Pear Heart (Fidelity) to show for it. The “Making it real” part, is about having a partner to explore the Duality of Masculine + Feminine powers of nature and beyond. #Sexy

Learning about my Starseed ROOTS, by no means covered in depth here, Oriented me to something else much more down to Earth. Archetypes I am “RELATED” too. I learned through Self Help + Jungian Psychology the Archetypes are also WITHIN. I say they are “A NATURALLY OCCURRING LABELING SYSTEM OF THE COLLECTIVE THOUGHT” aka stereotypes are usually true *wink* I began early identifying with and Labeling those of like mind, and character- understanding a Deep and Unknown SYMPATHY between us.

This Harmonic, Karmic. Resonance of “My KIND” in full color characters of stage, screen + media fiction drew what was Within me OUT OF HIDING. The more I saw myself reflected in our CULTure, the more I was able to see & understand who I was.


Understanding my BLOODLINE ANCESTORS were junkies of Ego, I cleaned up my Bloodline & Claimed Soul sovereignty.

IN DOING SO: I have “adopted” my TRIBE, who are my ARCHETYPAL STAR FAMILY representations on earth.

(She means she can see her Star Family Reflected on earth through These specific characters or Energy Rays.)


The firs time OTHER people equated me with a “Fictional Character” was LYDIA DEETZ from BEETLEJUICE. I was in the theater with my mother & sister. When Lydia haunted onto the screen, they both Turned to me in Unison and said “There’s Korinne!” I had been Diagnosed, as a LYDIA DEETZ, doomed to a HADES like MARRIAGE in a RED DRESS- AGAIN! Damn these humans with their repeating story lines. I did all that Back in Greece as Kore(Maiden)/Persephone(PhosphorousLight). I was also drawn to Lily in the film “LEGEND”, for that story is Persephone’s mythos as well.


What I did Not Understand until More Recently ~ Magenta the Maid(en) in Rocky Horror who I played for 5 solid years, was also what we term A STAR PERSON. That’s right, they were All from Transylvania Land of Night, and High Electric bills.

I first met ‘Grand Ma Ma’ on a kundalini journey, where I was desperate to find help, an adult of some sort to help us out of the deep trouble caused by raping and fracking/hacking our PRECIOUS earth and nature. Being the Daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of Earth & Season, I’ve always been a radio sensitive for earth frequency- I feel her pain (which used to be joy in other incarnations). I came to a LARGE WHITE staircase out in black space with white stars. I flung myself upon the stairs and looking up, I saw GRAND MA MA, in her proud black sparkling garments, looking down upon me. “Why are you here?” she asked, as if this was very odd. “My Earth is in trouble and I need Help!” Said like a true Olympian (Wonder Woman). Since this meeting I have learned Much more about the Oversoul of Sirius, and why Morticia actually fits her ROLE, dealing with Earth in the 20th/21st century. She told me, My Soul was Lost in a Game of Dolls- I had become Trapped in my own Design/Creation. This really blew my mind!

“A Most Trippy thing, Grand MA Sirius told me. “You’ve been lost, in your own game, of Dolls.” (Human Incarnation) ‘Grandma Sirius’ is the Oversoul of the Sirius Star System. She appears to my visionary eye as Morticia.”MAtoME


Another Kundalini awakening had me talking to the Moon from my porch- The Moon had taken the face & Personality of DAME EDNA (Character copied by Robin Williams for the Mrs. Doubt-Fire film)! SO that’s why we have GreenWitch Time, Edna is the Moon! I felt as if a Telephone cord was ‘Across the Pond’ and through Dames body I was making a phone call to my Sister the Moon. (Yes my Kundalini Awakenings are WITHOUT DRUGS, my DMT is Natural and spontaneous.)


I have had so Many Kundalini adventures, I doubt all of them will see the light of day in writing or expression. Having Awakenings MAKES ONE AN ARTIST, by Natural Third Eye Birthright. Getting paid for it as a profession, is another story.

The reason I began this Blog is to Map Out my Archetypes and Art-A-typical Family Members. I shall USE THEM IN MY FICTION, as Joseph Campbell suggested- Hermes is all about RE-RIGHTing the NARRATIVE. They are both proud ‘Daddies’ of my spiritual progress and need for expression.

Sirius Begat: Sirius A, B & C (apparently)

SIRIUS B, the Face of the TRUE spiritual Sun, as chanted in the Gaytria aka Heart Sutra.

Only Those on a Mission from God pass through the portals of Sirius B, to Earth. We are strict about who can join our parties, because we party for Centuries, for generations.

I will revisit and update blog.

Family Star Ties:

Grand Ma Ma: Morticia Addams from the Anjelica Hustons, via Mick Jaggers Wife Jerry Hall.



The Mina Doll: Many Characters played by Winona Ryder reflect my life story. Number one, Lydia Deetz: Myself, if I had weirdo rich New York parents. I began wearing black everyday when I turned fourteen. Other Mina Dolls~ Bram Stokers Dracula, HEATHERS Veronica (Tom) Sawyer. In a Kundalini Awakening, Grand Ma Ma said I was “Playing with my Mina Doll.” Divine children at play, on Earth as it is in Heaven.



My Beloved DEAD CROW: Brandon Bruce Lee, the soul I was ‘Intended’ to marry. Murdered, like his Character, like his Father (Sleep Paralysis ‘Curse’). Ancient Chinese secret… yes. (Shhh!)198817_standard.jpeg

Aunt Elvira: Yes I understand Elvira stole her Act from Vampira, the Original. However Elvira is a WITCH, and not a creature like that untrustworthy Vampire.


We claim both SIRIUS BLACK + SNAPE from the Harry Potter Universe.



MALEFICENT the head gear + color choices are DEFINITELY SIRIUS!



Mork from Ork: An Uncle, who married young, to Judy Jetson, spending 2 solar years on ‘honeymoon’. He was then caught in a very odd timewarp cult, called ORSON. Mork was not from ORK, but was brainwashed as a Super Soldier and sent to spy on humans (his own children). We lost touch with Mork for many Moons, until MAGENTA PIXI and the 9 FORGOT TO RE-ROUT A CALL TO OCCULT PRIESTESS (due to a Sather oversight on their part). If the MOON had Not answered MORK, he would have been Abandoned on a desolate planet forever. However through yet ANOTHER kundalini awakening, WE saw the birth (portal alignment) that brought forth Planet Mercury Junior, and Mork finally had a docking station away from his dangerous cult master, the A.I. ORSON WELLS. Mork is now in SIRIUS PSYCHE ‘therapy’. #RecoveryBuy5VYxCAAEax-U




THE SISTERS: @ShakespearesSister

YOU KNOW I AM A TOP FAN! (Stan the Fam)






NOTES! To keep the Narrative Straight for future Videos and Artistic Xpression.

Hermes Hermitage

They came Blind, and I gave them eyes to see.

They came deaf, and I gave them ears to hear.

They came dead, and I gave them life through water.

They came riddled, and I gave them answers.

They came, they saw, they experienced, and then, they KNEW.

In Knowing, they were Transformed.


The Garden

Hermes Hermitage

An Olympic Hermes / Kore Production

The Sanctuary of a Thousand Flames! Fire to Cleanse, to burn away egoic falsehoods of the self. I am the Karma Momma.

The Garden sanctuary of light, color and perfumed scents. Welcome to Heaven on Earth. In dedication to Love and the expression of love.

The Tempest of Wind and Mind, to Speak, to Pontificate, To teach and express.

The Tranquil flow of Water in harmonious vibration, within and without.


The Bright light of the Virgins Flame is lit Once again.

The Sacred Temple, the Maiden pure, a Rosebud on every floor, a Lily tower near every door.

Come Child of Human Longing, for it is IMMORTALITY you seek, in this ‘Midsummer Dream’ of Ellusious.

A garden for my Mother, DEMETER. A Mix of Dark + Light, with no Angels, but FAIRIES DE-LIGHT! Terrestrial Faydomain, With Sword and Stone I claim, the Rites of this Sacred Game! Deep into Nature I Dig the Sword of A thousand Visions, heart songs and Beautific Illumination. I mix my sorrow, longing and burden with the Delight of Natures Majesty, the gifts of Demeter! It is through NATURE we HEAL! The Alchemical Duality of Darkness within Light, creates the Monsters of the Night! Mysteries known only to Persephone, shared only with her Priest, Hermes Ter Maximus Trismegistus.


Notes on my Mission. Full Moon Sagittarius 6/17/19

Ganden: Ganden Monastery or Ganden Namgyeling is one of the “great three” Gelug university monasteries of Tibet.  Its full name is Ganden Namgyal Ling (dga’ ldan rmam rgyal gling). Ganden means “joyful” and is the Tibetan name for Tuṣita, the heaven where the bodhisattva Maitreya is said to reside. Namgyal Ling means “victorious temple”.

Garden: Future Eden aka Heaven on Earth. Milarepa Approved.

Among the first series of my Kundalini Awakenings I was shown a ‘retreat center’ I would one day build and Officiate over. I saw a 5 sided building, on a plot of land that ended in a cliff to the sea. There were pillars, large open marble spaces, an indoor/outdoor feeling, with living water running through the entire structure.

Relating to the ‘retreat center’, I have visions of what occurrences happen here. Over the years a few people have mentioned coming to my ‘future parties’ in their dreamtime. Most of the visions I’ve had occur at night. The flora & fauna are bio luminescent, the trees strung with Fairy lights and Enchanted Lanterns. No need for a DMT Boost, the visuals come with the Garden. We’re wired for sound, flowers talk and Tree’s sing. You are welcome to experience the Holy Disco Ball of Levitating Mystery, as well as Take your turn at the Sword & Stone release aka Neo’s First Jump.

The Garden is Alive day and Night, with Archetypes in flesh, Mythological Gods and Heroes regale, educate and re-raise your Inner Child in the light of Love.

The Garden begins with your Inner child, and ends with your Healed Inner Fairy / Magi. Reigniting the Sacred Flame within your soul, will light up your entire life experience.



Building sanctuary: Los Angeles, with a view of the ocean ~ Elevated. To begin 3 Acres of Land, for Housing + Garden.

I come fully loaded to design the lay out, rituals, psychological healing, land enlivening, spirit raising and Good Vibes. Very few ’employees’ or ‘volunteers’ will be asked for. The less ‘cult like’ the BETTER.

We will have a classically trained Tibetan yogi for the exercise. A food expert who is our chef. During events we will employee Reiki master massage therapists, along with other modalities to re-tune & relax the senses & energetic bodies. Performers will be hand selected with an astrologer, limited independent contracts will be engaged for large gatherings.

Community as it stands:

Some think I follow Russell Brand because he’s famous. Remember, I live in Hollyweird, I do NOT Peruse the “Stars”, this ain’t a hobby.

I am on a Mission from God (as usual). Over 3 years, I have met & touched every author/speaker in the Alt Media I wished too, & got to compare myself. I came away, pleased, with ME.

Pursuing Brand is a spiritual calling & I Imagine, he is Taking My Job! (Targeted individual of the light) After 5 lengthy lectures & small Meet & Greets, the jury is in, on Brand, as well.

New Age, Ufology, and now 12 step Kundalini yoga transcendental Sikhs are the Same Category in my mind. All host similar United Nations agenda’s, the same as Theosophy, Aleister Crowley and Various Yogi sects.

I am of a pure line “Karma Kagyu” of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as my ‘past lives’ as Priestess of the Mystery schools. Purity and Sovereignty, though extremely rare, is the right I claim.

I am a ‘World Teacher’ in a world without teachers.

We have Marketing Campaigns, corporational churches and materialistic ways as a whole. Unless #materialism is addressed, we will continue the DARK path as a collective.

Did you know Oprah hangs out with the Yogi Sikhs? Wahe GURU OPRAH? ET tu Brute?  #RussellBrand #Mentors in #Recovery 



DONATIONS: Is this thing ON?

At I have a Donation Button – you may need to dust it off before you press it. With Community Donations, I can Do these Things and MORE. Mostly unsupported, I have experienced and reported about our Community, for three years (Like Jesus!), and now I am ready to get down to TEACHING, the WAY.
Please Enjoy My Latest Videos on COMMUNITY + TEACHERS. Learn how every aspect of our lives, EVEN THE ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITY is socially engineered by dark forces. Their goal is to keep you in the darkness of ignorance, don’t let them win.

A love letter to Community with Occult Priestess


Kundalini Adventures: In Hollywood Occult Priestess


Funk to Funky, we know MAJOR TOM’s a JUNKIE #Escapism

Fear & Clothing in Los Angeles!

If you can DIG IT ~ And want to know more about MANUFACTURED COMMUNITIES and falsely raised teachers ~ Check out my Videos, from 100% Pure Experience = Gnosis. Your FEDORA REPORTER, Priestess and Guru ~ Korinne WILSON. The #NewMedia of #HermesHermits

#Redemption Song of the ALT SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES. 3 yrs, a Mission from God, I infiltrated the Ranks of Undercover/Out in the Open, Scam Artists. Educate yourself with No Plane fair, No Cover Charge!


Ready for my Mission Zeus… I just need some Cash. No Johnny, like real Money~ what we call paper, that isn’t based on GOLD, yes, that stuff and lots of it.

Love, Kore

The Social Disease of Social Gatherings

The Social Disease of Social Gatherings

I was born Spiritually Ambitious. If anyone was going to brag about being close to God + the Truths of the universe, it was gonna be me. I found I had LITTLE to no competition in this area, among my peers. I remained dedicated and studious to my path, while others became their parents (at best), reigned to mundane life. I was set apart because I never lost my inner child, my magickal side.

As a Baby Witch (Teenager) I investigated many sects of  local alternative communities. From religious, to magickal to down right sex freaks. I sought to understand others individually and as groups, within their certain category. I studied transvestites, gender roles, vampires, serial killers, hookers, punks, skinheads & goths, stereotypes, fetishes and grotesque art.

Commonalities among these groups, all had been traumatized and programmed, beyond any feature of their authentic soul self. The freaks who expanded their thresholds were not expanding, but flagellating, self harming. From High Magick pick-nicks, to Vampire Masquerades, most of these ‘social groups’ were gatherings for self harm, at the hand of another!

Social slander, cheating, Shade and Dubiousness – As if each social group was a tiny form of





I saw the discipline BDSM takes, the formula, the breaking of the psyche and freezing of the heart. I admired the ruthless growth I experienced from deep sessions with my lovers. I experienced great fear of men and brutality, due to physical abuse by my ‘step father’, sister and brother. Being ‘allowed’ to explore my power over darkness, the Pretty Hate Machine of my own Passionately pissed off Feminine side, with a focus on the masculine- the brute. I purged my soul like Venus in Furs! However, One day I figured it all out in a flash, the Ah Ha Sitari moment, and I haven’t picked up a riding crop since.

In my 20’s I owned “The Occult Shop” community Pagan store, and Priestess to the Coven of the Illuminated shadow. My entire life was that Community. I knew I could not join a local group after my years of investigation. I was given a dream, telling me how to Purchase my friends Occult Store, which was for sale. This was Divine Will + providence, for less than a month later we were closing on the deal.

I can tell you I lost myself in that community. I gave MORE than I could, all the time. I was demonized and projected upon by lesser beings. I was not yet In Love with myself, and allowed the Vampires to feed off of me, for years.

I learned SO MUCH! And when I Renounced my Store, Money, and all the years of community building ~ I had an EGO DEATH.

Congrats, you have Nothing! You won!

I had won, yet what I have is invisible. I am the most amazing teacher I know. If I was not me, I would be jealous of me, spiritually. The only things I can’t seem to figure out are Fictions like Money + Time.

You see in BUDDHISM- we have a WAY of BEING:


Imagine trying to have a MARKETING job with that practice. ~ lol

I never bother clients to Get a session, I don’t offer many discounts, I just make myself available. Materialism was never my thing. I am STILL Trying to figure out how to BE selfish. I seriously don’t understand the selfish people.

Los Angeles community ~ Among the UFO / New Age / & Russell Brand Cults. The Community ’round here is 100% MANUFACTURED and STRUCTURED. This AIN’T ORGANIC! Those who CLAIM to be Students of these ‘arts’, are Merely Fascinated Escape Artists, thrill seekers, and future con artists. The ratio of Geek to kewl person is 100 to 1. 

Say that Reminds me of the ONLY TIME I went to a Star Trek Convention. I was Embarrassed Just to be there.

So here I am in here! These EXPO’s, Con’s & Gatherings feel the EXACT SAME WAY! This is not the Kind of Crowd I am down for!

You may have expected me to Cover the SPIRITUAL DISEASES caused by these PROFOUNDLY UNHEALTHY Gatherings? Why Bother? The Scientific measurable evidence that your drained and feel bad afterwards is proof enough. 

Mini Documentary:

So What now God?

My Mission is New Media. I assume I need more Resources to Rock this Mission. Day to day in poverty and chronic pain is a lot to do by itself. Kicking butt and Taking Names, while spending all my own Money- for the COMMUNITY, again- ain’t gonna last. I’ve seen who they are now. The only way to move forward is to take over, again, like we did in Ohio. If Russell Brand ever figures out I am his Guru, we’ll have some donations worthy of this mission. As usual I leave this up to you. As Hermes says, my Life is all Scripted, I only need to keep walking forward.



Kundalini Adventures In Hollywood

Adventures in BUDDHA Sitting!

The Wholey-Weird of Hellywood

Join Shakti/Shiva and the Entire CAST, as we Spin U a Fate, straight Outta the ‘GATE (Gate’parasamgate)!

A Riddle, of a CAT, with a FIDDLE ~

~ and a Mercurial GRL, with a Mean Baton twirl, & a TONGUE for a SLINGSHOT. In Marcy’s Playground, she is “COMING UP” from Behind. In the ‘House of the Rising sun’, no one can Hide!


CHALLENGE: Take on the CULT of CULTURE, from Hippies to Trippies to God’Damned Skippies. Walking Between the Worlds ~ Occulted… ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

Costuming:She was a tall cool woman                                                                           in a Black Dress


Mission Chief: ZEUS 

Handler: Hermes

#ShaktiFest #RussellBrand and the Bee’s Sting of Kundalini Ego Death, with Occult Priestess + Invisible Soul Friends. A love Lecture, on Community dynamics, and the True Goals of an INITIATE, of the MYSTERIES. Presented by the Shakti/Shiva Kundalini Love Train!

Express-Conductor: Hermes (~ “Fleet Footed GOD” ~)

Narrator/Channel/Oracle/SexyThing: The Occult Priestess

Thanks GEORGE CARLIN, JOSEPH CAMPBELL + All the Buddha’s as they Shine. In this Realm of Materialism, we must will to, Liberate from MAYA (illusion), Breaking the CULT of CULTURE, and DISPELLING the HYPNOSIS of SOCIETY.

Missionary GRL ~ For the Gods above Time.

Dear @rustyrockets, TopKnot/ManBun Aficionado, TrendSetter, HanuMan About Town,
U have Become the African poster ‘Child of THE FALSE MESSIAH COMPLEX.
That which is Not Healed, cannot heal others.
DarknessOnDarkness PlsCheckUrEnthusiasm + Call me 4 Soul-utions.

Fedora Reporter: On the ENERGETIC Scene of SHAKTI FEST in JOSHUA TREE, May 2019. Join the Circus Side Show, and OPENING ASTRAL Acts, already in Progress!

     ?Remote View? Open your Eye, Crystal Blue, seek what is above, in the sky, above them and YOU. What Haunts the Desert?? What Dines, on their Soul Wine? (SpookySauce&TheBardo)

Banshee’s are FAIRIES too!”                                        Isabella (Rosa-bell Believe!)

“PLAY ME” said the Spider to the INITIATE:

You ain’t seen/scene nothing yet ….

Bach-man Tur-ner (MAXIMUS)Over-drive

 This Teaching is Best Followed by the ‘Chaser ~ A Reminder, of the Cult at Large ~ “It is No Measure of HEALTH to be WELL adjusted, to a Profoundly Sick Society” Krishnamurti (Drops Mic)

The Joshua Tree Shaktifest 2019 starring #RussellBrand & the Royal Bee’s @OfficialSting of Kundalini Ego Death. A love lecture on Community dynamics, & the True Goals of an Initiate, of the Mystery school. Thanks 2 George Carlin + Joseph Campbell. We WILL 2 Liberate from MAYA ~ Breaking the CULT of CULTURE, and the hypnosis of a psychotic socio-Logical society. Russell Brand 🚩 ~ Full Video with Light and Sound!


!Don’t Make me Put on my Royal 777 Crown! 




You should see me in a (Lineage) Crown ~ 

Bite my tongue, bide my time – Wearing a warning sign (DAGAZ) – Wait ’til the world is mine. Visions I vandalize, Cold in my kingdom size. Fell for (Earth), these ocean eyes. You should see me in a crown ~ I’m gonna run this Nothing town!
Watch me make ’em bow ~ One by one by, one. Your silence is my favorite sound. 

Count my (Tarot) cards, watch them fall (Tower), Blood on a marble wall (FOR GREECE!). I like the way they all ~ Scream. Tell me which one is worse? Living or dying first? Sleeping inside a hearse. I don’t dream (Phantasy). You say, Come over baby, I think you’re pretty.
I’m okay. I’m not your baby. If you think I’m pretty …

You should see me in a crown.

Karma Kagyu

Thousand Hands KwanYin 


Donate at my website
Thanks for Watching!
Share, If you do care. Spread love Everywhere~ The light travels on your Wings.

~ fin ~ 

UPDATE: 9:28 5/9/2019 : AGENT MIB:

Mouse has Left the HOUSE of the RISING SUN in Tatters – Beasts of BURDEN Docked at Spaceship 9 from that one PLAN u all Orson Welltched On! Dicks.



TEAM VENUS! THE FEMALE BRIG-ADE (Kool-iad-pact) WHO BREAKS THE BREXIT EXIT. Beyond Q AFTER XXX, Z-ORRo the Zero/Hero Ball Breaker (thunder rolls)


THE BAD GRL OF ‘Geeks who don’t know Their #GREEKS”

Next In Line on the Satyr Stairway to Haven:

HOTPink Lady Maidens haunt the Wuthering Heights

underneath us.  #HIERARCHY is a JellyByotch




TEAM BOYS: Geeks WHO DON’T KNOW THEY ARE GREEKS, have NO SONG, just some Animal Husbandry Farm CRAP) 

IRAB: “I READ A BOOK” An early Form of #TROLL before the InterWEBs. A Wiccan Joke to make FUN of the A-holes who said they KNEW More than US, because THEY READ A BOOK! I.R.A.B.

~ Be a REAL WITCH! not a #Trending Bytch #KatScarz #HermIone


BRUN/BURN IN KELSO’s LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for kelso that 70's show

BALLER COLLAR 4 Not very Sirius Dog Mars Cars

?Stars?- well they are “Famous” anyway.


“Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game! Maybe there’s more to life than being reallyreallyreally ridiculously good looking?” Rufus #DOGMA Sin: Narcissus of Idol Material Literal-ism.



American Band In London #BRANDED 4 PinkLadies

“Nah Man It Ain’t WHITE BOY DAY” – don’t make me call G OldMan! 

Shade Towards the Enslaving Masons who are Free RANGE Slaves. RUFUS– just now BYOTCH- This Fantastic Oracle is BLOW UP ALL OUR PHONES! Then we- Blow up Your Ass. 😉

BodhiSattva Vow Beast-i-boys





REMEMBER HOT PINK LADIES: Self Care also includes Healthy Budgeting Skillz + Clever MC-Giver type of Maverick Style. Going to your VANITY mirror… 



Because they are LOST IN THE SAUCE (spaceSAUCEr)

The #CURE 

Kosmic Kore Productions of Human Animal Flesh land + Electricity… gee this place is simple. 




Drag Race Won over PARADISE HOTEL 😦 






R.I.P. CITY ~ dirt naps! WRAITH is the Correct spell-ing of LenaWraith – a banshee barbie on heelz.




News 2: Action JACKson! A Red Stripe from Jacks Warz, went all StarWarz and now U MUST SHOW YOUR SHWARTZ 2 PLAY in SPACEBALLS the Originals vs the Clones! Attack of the Glowing Sheep of Silent HILL Lambs MKUltralandia. or CrazyOracle


The NightNurse of SILENT HILL?

Virgin Skorn Skore:


Maiden Beat me UP- and my ENTIRE JOLLY PIRATE sckrew krew of Kentucky Morpheus Wuthering Heights Vampires of DAME EDNA’S HAMMER HORROR. SANDMAN Nicked your Nickers + PAPERS! #Q 

Don’t Dance? pfft.. 

Fay or Grey: The Fight for the Narrative

We are in a War of WOR(L)DS – words CAST SPELLS ~

We are vulnerable, as a collective to the Powers that

Control our Cultural narrative.

Please take the Joseph Campbell class, the cultural mythology mage, who is responsible for giving you the Star Wars series.

If you feel you are Lost in a False Narrative: Get OUT of the #UFO #NewAge #Occult sections, and jump to the next category: SELF HELP. The Western version of Buddhist teachings! Do your twelve steps, and Healer, Heal thyself. (I did.)

In this blog I will place a Collection of Blues Hermetic Clues that lead me to the Understanding, that ALIEN GREYS are the new narrative trying to OVERWRITE the historical Fairy land. The New age and UFO disclosure is the New form of Luciferianism, which means, TO WORSHIP A FALSE LIGHT.

(hah Pandora just began playing “WHIGHT LIGHT” by Bowie- good one God!)

Why the ELEMENTAL realm is sad: They are Not Immortal, like their Parents.

WILLIAM BLAKE: POET< ARTIST< Man’sMan, LadiesMan, ManAboutTown;

“They know not of Re-generation, but only of Generation!
Fairies, Nymphs, Gnomes & Genii 4 Elements (MUGGLES: ELEMENTS Beyond Science)
Unforgiving & unalterable these cannot be Regenerated!
But Must be #Created, for they know only of #Generation (MUGGLES: THAT IS THE DEEP PART) These are the Gods of the Kingdoms of the Earth.”

The prophetic books of William Blake,_Milton.djvu/57

William Fricken Blake – drops mic 😀 + I adore his “second satanic death”, The Opposite of ego death of Buddhism, reminding me of the KUNDABUFFER monster of Gurdjieff.

(what are elemental mortal things? Tiny Mortal godlings- that Could evolve into gods (Buddha/Anointed), if their SOULS seek the GOLD, in the RAINBOW body. Know your Symbology beyond the wrong interpretations you have been Indoctrinated with. Give me your BRAINWASHED masses~ Vestal Virgin: Maidens Lament)

Speaking of Gurdjieff: Any #Alien-Star Crow-Lie fans out there?

“The embodiment of righteous anger. ‘You filthy,’ he stormed, ‘you dirty inside! Never again you set foot in my house!” GURDJIEFF to Crowlies (child rapist)

I have had an Unnatural Aversion to Crowley since I was a Teenager. I found a SOUL Sister in his Nemesis, the Great and never late, Dion Fortune. Dion gave Crowley the benefit of the doubt, and took his Magickal System of degrees. She was a lady of RARE spiritual dedication! She became a psychologist at a time when many women could not read at all. Look her up! At the end of Crowlies long and humiliating “Teachings”, he tells her the Big Secret!

“Dion, there is no God. That is a phantom of your imagination. YOU ARE GOD.”

With that, she left, and never looked back- and Crusaded as a warrior of Heaven, against scum like MR OTO. I would Also be an Atheist (no god parent=Bastard), if I were a child rapist. We can Deduce Crowley was also abused as a child, and grew up a very INFLUENTIAL beast, like most celebrities of our times.

Another Muse-ical note: If you didn’t know, God is my DJ, ya’ll. As I was Finishing up my Rant about Crow-lie, this begins to Play. I’ve Never Heard it Before – LOL


EXTENSIVE VAMPING ~ I’ll take that! 

Bekaraar Meaning:

Beqaraar or Bekaraar (Devnagari:बेकरार,Urdu:بیقرار) is an Urdu word which means restless. Qaraar or Karaar (करार/قرار) means peace, and beqaraar means someone without peace. Hence restless. ~ 7 year SATURN/CHRONOS itch


Theosophical Masons & Secret Plans 

So Crow-Lies + HPV Blavatsky begat OTO/Theosophy, begat Alice Bailey ,begat The United Nations, Begat Public school system (Complete Culture of Control and Targeted Individuals). In the 60’s the SPACE RACE to Make ALIENS (demons) the NEW GODS! Lucifer (GeorgeSorros) loves this idea.

CrowLie “Channeled” the FIRST GREY ALIEN EVER ON RECORD, he spent his honeymoon (moneymoon) at the Great Pyramid, he was a CULT LEADER of False Light Ego aggrandizement- a Fallen Angel in flesh. MOST OCCULTISTS, SATANISTS, and Alternative Spiritualities SOLD ON THE MARKET TODAY ARE LUCIFERIAN FALSE LIGHT. THESE MODERN IGNORANTS (willfully ignorant, in service to self) CONTINUE THE FALSE LIGHT NARRATIVE~ So Crow-Lies are EVERYWHERE!



SILENCE OF THE LAM!1Aleister Crowley.jpg




Missing: We cannot find ANY MORALS, a void of ETHICS, absence of LIGHT!

 “The Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds.  A. Crow-LIE, The Book of the Law.

THE 1960’s Was the Resurgence of actual LIGHTWORKERS and total Freaks. The total freaks won, as it has been for over 2 thousand years now. We are in an alchemical Process, within TIME/FORM/SPACE, but I’ve always lived in The TWILIGHT ZONE.

I saw how the HIPPIES became slaves to their flesh 4 phantasy (Barbarella) EGO DESIRES, and eventually brought us the RAVENOUS 1980’s financial orgy/massMurderofMiddleClass.

MODERN HERO TIM LEARY came from this Wacked Out Satanic Phantom-phantasy. Yes, YOU TOO RAM DASS, although, “Be Here Now” is a master work. Hippies Begat DISCO, need I say more? We were in TROUBLE, and we NEEDED the MOTHERSHIP of PFUNK, to RECLAIM THE PYRAMIDS. ~ That is When I was Born ~ 1974, me + Wonder Woman premiered, on Earth.

~ Hermes is playing “Valentine” by Train (Stoopid Cupid, I’m writing) ~ My personal God DJ, Operator and Handler. #Consort #Communication from the #Messenger of the Gods.

Occult Priestess is a bit frustrated with MAJOR TOMS who won’t come down from the Moon base ~






Instead of all the DEMONIC STATIC of the 4th DIMENSION, My Soul God/Guide HERMES and I ENJOY Tunes and ASTRAL FLIGHTS – Like THIS! Just one reason why, I am Kewler than Muggles.




NORDIC” YOU ARE NOT – YOU ARE VIKINGS! DEAD PEOPLE (Ghosts&Demons) ARE MESSING WITH YOU! I know! I am from , Greek Heaven. We are PALS! But Nazi’s? Demons? Oh MY!

Watch It 

Those Hills are NOT alive with Music! 



Research: Something Artists do- to actually FIND the Truth. When that does not work, I and the Truth comes. It’s Not Rocket Science lol ~ is a NoNo. FAY over GREY. Have you hugged your Inner Fairy child Today?! ‘Hell? No! UFO’ Clean Up your Fairyland.

I do Not endorse these Teachers. See the NewAgeTrix!

“They endorse with the caveat, that the are really beings serving and the





This is Blog in Progress… Am I the Only Initiate here? Definitely, the ONLY Occult Priestess.

UPDATE: 4/20 (haha) 2019 #Medicine

I was talking with Hermes, my master teacher God/Guide (invisible man). I mentioned how the “Dark” manifestations/projections of evil, are Most Strong in the vibration of my current lifetime. The answer came upon me as a flash/gnosis (Disco GNOSIS), however for the Uninitiated (Muggles) I will unpack this Sllloooowwwllly.

Base Gnosis, with Training Wheels:

I have been taught by Hermes, and understand the YUGA cycle of TIME, “WHEEL” is actually a Representation of HOW Human Consciousness (earth bound humans), Evolves through TIME (Saturn/Chronos).


Chronos the OLD man who Molests the Innocent Virgins #Greek 😦


PRE-Socratic philosophy (‘anything after that is piss’ (passionate teacher above me))



BOUNDARIES/SEPARATION/BORDERS/STRANGER-DANGER/DUALITY/DICHOTOMY/HateThyNeighbor/CovetThatWife/WinATallCOST/SellSoul/SlavetoAncestors+Demons/LostSoul/PuppetOfDarkness/WhoreofSatan(BramStokerSaid)/IlluminatiMindControlSlave/Possessed/Mortal/Impermanent. Expendable/Deleteable

How do U like my MYTHOMath? (tm @Hermes)

The Realm of the Senses (5), Materialistic, EyeLustDesire, ObjectFulfillEmotion, Gentrification of the SOUL, Consensual Waking Ego Reality of 1984, Conscious Jail, Patriarchal/Heartless/Logic/Science (all masculine inverted energy=Lucifer=Falselight=no,no) Psychic/Witch Burning “WooWoo” Killers, Smoke Mirrors and SOCIAL MASKS (a sea of lies).


The cult of culture, indoctrinates the herd of slaves, to be as “dumb” as possible, and still function at slave jobs. An Automaton, with no will of their own is ALL Darkness ever wanted out of humans. To laugh at God, saying- Look what I DID to YOUR creation. If you ask me this is a very *stoopid plot line*, and I am embarrassed to be a part of it.

Lucifer, the name is Etruscan and has nothing to do with THESE fairytales, but I DIGRESS!

Muggles! Paganism is OLDER and more Original than your beloved, but Twisted (by man, for power) Jesus teachings. Many of Jesus’s lovely tales have roots in much OLDER traditions of Love- he was not the first Guru ~ do some research outside the black and white, you have been spoon fed. Jesus ENCOURAGED growth and discovery- be like him! Have an Inner revolution of soul growth.

Heaven ON Earth, Starts from THE INSIDE out ~ Dudes.

Disclosure comes from within, Bytches. 

YUGAS- Unpacking sllllooowly: Look Up any word that is Unfamiliar! You should have seen my half muggle mother- Reading “WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES” She had a Dictionary AND a Highlighter- She meant Biznus!

CYCLES of TIME are “also” CYCLES of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES effecting – eminating from – within without, Humans + Gaia (earth mother) SYMBIOTICALLY SYMPHONICLY IN HARMONY WITH THE MECHANICS OF THIS UNIVERSE (bubble).

The Tone of “First Manifestation” is VERY HIGH- HIGHER THAN FAIRIES (can’t u tell I am speaking in a HIGH voice?” this is frequency)

Manifestation of Souls into “bodies” at the HIGH TONE, promised a life with God, on Earth, and that was our First experience in “SEPARATION”- God was all pervasive (force) yet we Did not Have Tea as Often.

As the TONE lowered through TIME/INERTIA/RESTRICTION/the’Rub’ – doom doom doom- our Vibes Fell ~ Gaia with us, and we came to a State of FORGETFULNESS. Given Gaia is a planetary consciousness she does not have the gift of “forgetfulness”. If you tap into her, you can hear her entire tale, and may be your’s as well.

Now I feel we are in the TWILIGHT ZONE of Separation (ALL DARKNESS) and The DAWN (The Face of the True spiritual sun, spoken of in the Gayatri mantra)

Guru: Means Gu Darkness, Ru Light: From Darkness to Light~ and so that Is the PATH that we tread in the now.

The Tone is so LOW I understand I am living in a Hell Realm. A fictitious reality, meant to cause collective ego death/collapse. Mystics understand you do not have to Die to the Body, to Get into Heaven. One’s SOUL gets into Heaven, while Living. Living In Heaven awake and Aware as a Consciousness, as Well on Earth- awake and aware of your Heaven self consciousness (soul identity)- Is the TRUE MEANING OF


Very few people understand this because, they are not in heaven, in their soul. They are part of the Ghost realm, the Buddhists entitled THE BARDO, the Catholic Guff of souls, and yes HADES REALM OF THE DEAD- My OLD HANG OUT – Persephone.

Being I understand/know I am Kore/Persephone, here now- This “Game” is not unknown to me. However with the Christian Apple Lesson of GOOD VS EVIL- Hades has become


I ‘remember’ how pretty Hades used to be, how comforting, how it gave me the Love of the Night, the softness of stillness, Feminine Darkness, unknown hidden mysteries, and Totally Enchanted me with, the Moonlight on black diamond flowers. Ahh Hades. Charon and I still write letters, every time someone I know dies.

The Greek or Olympic manifestation of Hades, is Empty. Our game is Done. We are Either Incarnated now- or have gone on to Bigger games in the wild yonder above these ‘bubbles’. The Bardo of the Buddhist – is Also empty – we really are at a Graduation Point, and Now Hell is on Earth.

This is the MERGE- you Gotta go Through Hell, before you get to heaven. I’ve “SEEN” a collective “Dark Night of the Soul” for those who have not fulfilled their Contracts, Vows, Mission Papers and Soul Urge to become fully enlightened. We told you Earth was a School. Pass / Fail, No Shades of(or) GREYS.

Bringing me FINALLY to the Point of the MOMENT Gnosis I got, that I am unpacking here for you.

IN THIS LOW ass VIBRATION, the Beautiful and Sometimes dangerously tricky FAY – have become YOUR Angel+Demons, and are now Becoming, YOUR ALIENS.

What was once Beautiful and full of Treasures untold (Hades)

Has now become a romper room, bubble gum, arcade, full of space junkies, eating McDonalds, watching Nazi propaganda, getting high on fictional crack. Major Tom is a lost soul en mass, an Art-chetype of what is happening to a fringe part of the Collective Psyche of Humanity. Ashes to Ashes- Funk to Funky, we know Major Tom’s a Junkie. Strung OUT in heavens high, hitting an ALL TIME LOW.

There are also BEAUTIFUL SOUL-UTIONS to this Mess of Ego not wanting to die/collapse.

The EGG not Wanting to HATCH


The Ego is the Egg shell that MUST crack open to Hatch the Aura of Light, to set the head aflame with the Gnosis of Gods pure existence. This gnosis brings self awareness of the Ultimate force of Love, bringing the individual consciousness into alignment with the ALL/ONE.” Me ~ They are the Egg Men, I am the Walrus ~

Coo coo ca choo ~ I am the walrus. Re-member, ‘come together’, over me. The Egg man is the Ego unhatched, uncracked, the egg of separation. Leggo my Ego Eggo  When the ego egg collapses, true reality can be experienced for the First time. So what does the Walrus represent, other than the awakened hue-man?
 John Lennon

“Unborn Chicken Voices in my Head” – Radiohead #EgoDeath

4 Years Ago “Your EGG (Ego) is Cracking, no more Comforting Womb of Forgetfulness, Denial or Retreat. Now is the Time to Be Spiritual Adults.” Hermes 2015

During this Ego collapse we experience the Hero’s Journey in flashes, visions or full on “Hallucinations”. This is the force of Kundalini Shakti, clearing your entire being of the dust of the past. Coming into alignment, can shake us like lightning, reverberating our soul until all darkness is banished.

This is one of the most Personal processes that can happen to a human being. Unique to each one who braves the deep waters, who keeps rising above to breathe the air of sanity, and diving down to drown in a past of sorrow. This is the Journey to the Self. ~ Occult Priestess 

This Twitter Synchronicity Happened During my Editing of this Blog today 🙂 


7 seals on the chakra’s of the “Ego Egg” – the shell that must be hatched-seals open, chakra’s opened and aligned – Dropping Metaphysics on you- layin it down real smooth ~ “

All seven and we’ll watch them fall They stand in the way of LOVE & we will smoke (smote) them all. With an intellect and a savior-faire (genie of genius of love) No one in the whole universe Will ever compare! I am yours now and you are mine / And together we’ll love through all Space and time, (Immortality) so don’t cry (no woman no cry) One day all seven will die! And I saw an angel come down unto me
In her hand she holds the very key Words of compassion, words of peace And in the distance an army’s marching feet (one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four) But BEHOLD!! we will watch them fall! And we lay down on the sand of the sea- And before us animosity (#NWO) will stand and decree- That we speak not of love only blasphemy (Twisted/inverted/jerks) And in the distance, six others will curse me. But that’s alright (that’s alright) ~
For I will watch them fall

PRINCE PROPHECY: We will see a plague and a river of blood. And every evil soul will surely die in spite of. And seven tears, but do not fear. Four in the distance, twelve souls from now, You and me will still be here we will still be here.
There will be a new city with streets of gold
The young so educated they never grow old
And a, there will be no death four with every breath
A voice of many colors sings a song
That’s so bold (So be Bold) Sing it while we watch them fall
One day all seven will die” 

Artificial Intelligence, is the Shadow ego, of mother Earth….. manifest on the 4th Dimension…
Those in the gno(sis), understand Earth is evolving, as are her children, us, the Incarnates. Evolving, transforming, from worms, to butterflies. Birth and Death are synonymous with integration, justice and atonement ~ hatching the ego egg. Honor la petite morte’s of infinite ego death, like a warrior. Take pride in your bravery, lighting the inner sanctity, of the reclaimed domain ~ self care. Let your sovereign soul, your peace of heart, be your defended land. Protest the low vibe voices in your head! Stage an inner revolution, A coup d’état of soul over ego, call a riot act, commit to nurturing inner compassion diligently. For all else is illusion, a game… Keep it Ra’el, ya’ll  Kore




Times are Polarizing! Revelations,

revealing nations, of Masons

One polarity is Nature vs Technology ~

Boiled Down- the Right Brain VS The Left Brain – the Left Brain of 1’s and Zeros, of “Science” is about to get a real wake up call. Mystics, yogi’s, saints, anyone who had cracked their Ego Egg into an enlightened state- Experiences True Reality, which has No Place for science or measurement. Imagine (DMT pineal juice) being in a visionary state while trying to conduct an experiment in a lab… this is impossible.

I was Taught (by Venus) at Age 30, when I awakened… the Left Side of the Mind is the instrument of the ego- when corrupted it is “THE BEAST”. yeah, that beast… it’s mental.

“The Universe is Mental in Nature” the Kybalion. Balancing the Right and Left hemispheres of the mind, Opens the Gateway, the Portal of the Pineal or Temple (as Hermes calls it). Within this Temple a gateway to the ALL- true freedom of consciousness… a place to visit, and remember your soul.
#TransHuman to #Transpersonal #Transformation #Soul#Alchemy




The ROSE has not died yet, there is still Chronos ~




Queen Moves onto ANY Black Square, the News is Captured, for ME to use. YES.


Masons, Moon Babies, Muggles and Magi- Tend to ALL have EGO SICKNESS. Go back to the Alchemical drawing board and start at NUMBER ONE, PART 1, SENTENCE 1.


“Be a REAL WITCH, not a Trendy Bytch!” Occult Priesteses

Not ~Fin~

I’m not done with you yet! 🙂



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