Theosophical Masons & Secret Plans

Fan of H.P.(V) #Blavatsky?


Not me.

“:Isis Unveiled” was tripe (not even milk).

Mystical mystery school, occulted, teachings from the East were smuggled by the elite, into the West under the Mask of Theosophy.

From Theosophy, begat the public school system, the united nations, and the structure of the ‘Merican government.

These pretenders took on the role of Stewards of the Earth, and out of ego (not love), Socially Engineered the NOW you are currently experiencing as a collective culture.

Theosophy + in league with Crowley (A.A. O.T.O. RoseCross) and MOST other ‘secret societies’ (Masons), the occult, ~the mysteries~, were toxified, and Infused with their Egoistic intentions. DRONES of DARKNESS!

Maybe I am a whistleblower, but really I am just a psychic occultist, who experiences gnosis. I never took the offers of the dead, to speak to my world from the world of the dead (Necromancy). I refused to be used, by darkness (bardo hungry ghost realm).

I waited on Heaven, and the Ascended masters awoke me at age 30. I have been on the Kundalini surfboard since then…

Most people I know, will have their Silver Surfer board by the end of 2019. We are all in this together.

Know the light, from the dark… ask your Heart. The mind is the trickster. 



“Lucifer Trust” “Alice Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust. “

Theosophy is Dangerous. 
The Mysteries, in the West, are corrupted to keep you disempowered. Theosophy is Close to the truth, but the deeper you dig the more Lucifer you find, not to mention Governments and militaries. I call Satanism. Very Tricky!
Who get’s to Publish- say with HayHouse? Those who Already have Money to invest in hayhouse. Check It!
The Truth is In You, books help, guide, yet your Choices lead to your destiny.

“Jesus? Lucifer? What the Hell?       Abrahamic Confusion.

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BREAKDOWN by Occult Priestess:

Lucy-fur: Original Etruscan God, search Diana + Aradia + Lucifer.

Pan: GREEK; Son of Hermes, a nature spirit of FAY, has horns. Pan of the Greenwood, enjoys Nymphs! 

Adversary: The Tempter, Trickster, Ego masher. The adversary temps us all, yet the pure person, laughs With the Adversary, at silly human whims. The Egoist, will believe the adversary, due to their own impurity, and act on most impulses. The Adversary is a gift, for one to see oneself. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Death: Baphomet; Luciferians are a death cult. Death asked me to help clear ‘his’ name. He showed me, how ‘they’ worship him with blood, and how the Ancestors feed off the living bloodline, from the shadow realms. What I was shown, was soul shocking. “They” are a Psychotic, raping, murdering, twisted crew. We are clearing it. together, in Rainbows of Love. Correcting Geometry. #lightworker

International Women’s Day March 8 2018. THE UNITED NATIONS of ELITE RULERS – not YOU. You are not in the Club. Yet Millions of Ignorant Women will Help the U.N. Create even More DIVISION between Brothers and Sisters. LOVE cannot live in a divided psyche. Hermes / Aphrodite, HermAphrodite, anima/animus. Masculine side, feminine side, 1 person. Elites strive to create a War Inside your Psyche. Mystery School Teachings Revealed for the Revolution! ~ Love, Kore
LADIES>>> Get On Your Boots! #womensday
If your not hip to the United Nations of Lucifer Trust, get cracking.
“In 1945, the Charter of the United Nations became the first international agreement to affirm the principal of equality between women and men. With that belief in mind, the UN celebrated its first official International Women’s Day in 1975.”


Delhi schools shut for rest of week as toxic smog thickens

“The Delhi administration, which described the city as a “gas chamber”, had previously ordered schools for young children to close only for Wednesday.”

America replaced key Indian Government officials over the past few years. India signed away their soul for fame? Still Buying the Official Story?? All by DESIGN… “Humans are a Virus” Mentality. Big Business Pollutes.

How can they even try to change the Narrative on the Truth?

“What part do emissions from India’s coal-fired power plants play in the pollution problem? Nasa satellite data from December 2013 revealed that sulfur dioxide emissions in India increased more than 60% from 2005-2012″ Corporations are Not People, Neither are Robots, you Mad God Complex animal minds. Ode’ to Mother India + Mother Nature, may she eat those responsible. #KaliMa

GU/RU: From DARKNESS to LIGHT – the slogan of the Masons Taken from the Eastern traditions that date back over 18thousand Years. For example, Tibetan Buddhism holds all the keys. Get Ancient with your ‘research’, the light was much Brighter, and still lives in those texts.

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You can see Here How their “Society” thought Themselves above humankind, Rulers. Archons of the Demiurge.

Remember, all this darkness is the fiction/friction (smoke/mirrors) that Grows your Soul.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Occult Priestess.


 Nicholas Roerich Rabbit Hole!!!

“How Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of Agriculture sent an eccentric Russian mystic on a sensitive mission to Asia and thereby created diplomatic havoc, personal humiliation, and embarrassment for the administration.”

“Advised by the Russian channeler/mystic, Nicolas Roerich … pyramid on the back of the Dollar Bill to the coming prophesied Third Temple.. The two Seals were introduced by Freemasons, in 1782..”

Related image

The Progeny of Helena Blavatsky <— full List

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

W. B. Yeats(1865-1939)

George W. Russell (AE) (1867-1935)

Mohandas K. Gandhi (GHANDI was Shot) 

Controversy: Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, Elizabeth Claire Prophet.
All Spoke Truths… some say also Half Truths, “help a little, hurt a lot”
So Here are the Teachings…
It’s True much of this Info was “Stolen” from Eastern Religions.
Yet many of us are Students of Ascended Masters…. We are Taught by the “Invisible” ~ and these teachers claim, Our Teachers are Their Teachers, that we go to the Same School… What makes us Different?

The Great White Lodge of Spiritual Masters, Our Teachers, Our Family, maybe US ourselves.

Youtube Comment to DARK JOURNALIST:

“Young clairvoyants and somnambulists to gather astral assets and state secrets” Is Psychic rape.

No One talks about this. I think no one knows. I experienced psychic rape / Sleep Paralysis for 19 years- longest/most frequent case on record. Real Priestesses of Isis, from Sirius, have been hunted for ages, by these Dark things.

The Puppets (Blavatsky), are of little consequence, to the animated evil, who is Above time, and in the subconscious of non woke folks. Making little Girls your Psychic spy’s- is one point. The other is, They were sending the girls to Hell to get the info. They talked to demons and dead of the Bardo, hungry ghost realm.. a rape of Persephone. Actual Ascended masters would never behave this way. #UNINITIATED


I am a fan grl of his research, even though we Disagree on Who the Goodies and Baddies are. DJ Never claimed to be Initiated or an Occultist. He is a researcher + presenter, nothing more.

THANK YOU DJ! + WingGRL Olivia! 


“The DJ Does it AGAIN! Spinning the Flat Facts, of a Global X GAME! and THE VALKYRIES RIDE / Time and Space Collide, in this APOTHEOSIS Of Apatheistic, ‘Research’ GNOSIS. Hidden HAND of ~ Love, Occult Priestess ” Posting This EPISODE #19 of the “X” Series. ~ DJ Says my name near the End 🙂

The Repli’cant / Replacement

Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

Corporations = People, Robots = People
You? SOYLENT GREEN ~ Mad Science / Eugenics “Definition of citizen. 1: a native or naturalized individual who owes allegiance to a government (as of a state or nation) and is entitled to the enjoyment of governmental protection and to the exercise of civil rights” Soul-Less, making more Soul-less, Empty vessel = open Portal. Frankenstein Lives, in Silic(L)one Valley. United Nations Approved! AKA ‘Lucifer Trust’. Our Compassion grows, as their Derangement and Separation from Love, Shows. #Agenda21
I may be Paranoid, But I’m Not an Android“… RadioHead







Thank you, my Guru, the Mother of my Awakened Soul, SRI MAMUA DEVI.

Love, Serpo Zamling Dolma (Rainbow Tara) 



 Yet since Blavatsky and the Theosophists popularized Eastern Philosophy… the Hippies also dug the smooth sounds of the Sitar… Eastern Thought has been Infiltrating the West like mad.

I met my Guru Sri Mamua Devi in my home town, She was from South Africa. Guru Devi saved my life in many ways, and still teaches me from Above. It is Karma that allows us to meet and work with Spiritual Masters, no matter where we are born, what race our body claims.. makes no difference, it is the Merit of our Soul.

They used to say if you just saw One Picture of the Dalai Lama, you would find a better rebirth in the next life. I tell you Buddhism and Hindu are Magickal Paths! Shakti-pat, Darshan, Kundalini, Enlightenment! They have it all! Have you Hugged your Yoga Instructor today?
Kammaṭṭhāna is a Pali word (Sanskrit: karmasthana) which literally means the place of work. 

 I wrote the following poem March seventeenth two thousand and five.

Om Namo Guru Devi Namo

Spirit on the planes of love, She visits from a room above.

Beloved master, I wait at her lotus feet, for a vision where we meet.

Guru Devi, Sri Mamua Devi, Mary O Ma.

She lives within me like sunshine in the valley.

Pouring forth her warm glowing energy, she sees straight through me.

Grand old woman, mysticite, she comes to me dressed in the night. 

Costume keeper, sacred speaker, truth and beauty reside within her.

Om Namo Guru Devi, Guru Ma, Mary O Master.

To Beloved Guru Devi, Maria ROSE.

Om Namo Guru Devi Namo


~ Fin ~


Laughter Heals Fear

Cultural Fear, Stranger Danger, The Targeting of Individuals, Gang stalking, Axe Murderers, The Divine right of Reptilians, the Abducting Grey Aliens and Government agents are just a few actual/phactual observable dangers of our Current Samsaric collective reality.

In order to Bloom, the Gloom, out of this Tomb, I take retreat into ~ The Mask of Comedy. The delicate emotional and hormonal systems, are deeply effected by our moods, our Inner Moonlight, on the water of the nervous system. Moods are Energetic Fields of One’s OWN CREATION. Yup. No one can MAKE you FEEL anything, unless there is black magick /Sorcery involved, thus violating the natural law of free will.

My entire life I have been drawn to #Comedy, and #Comedians. I adored the Father, I never had, in the Television men… I created brothers, and friends, from the Souls of those I watched. As I matured I understood most Comedians were, sense addicts with big holes to fill with ego gratification. Mostly I was SAD, that my brothers souls, did not reach all the way through, into their 3rd Dimensional real life. Yet when it came time to Entertain, a spirit of something Higher, grabbed them, like in a Voodoo Ritual, the Comedian is Ridden by the “Ancestor” of Comedy.

Back in Ancient Greece, as Kore/Persephone, I remember, our Comedy was farce-silly-cle, full of wild imagination, bursting with light. In this Tyme of Global Epic Tragedy… Everyone Believes, Kassandra (Troy), this time… We all hear the change of tune in the Air. Reach not for the Mask of Sad, but grab that Mask of Glad! A Choice you make, to pick the higher vibrational offering, of Joy and Laughter, even within the Macabre.

Undertake the Practice of LAUGHING at the Darkness.

The Ego, is the Crisis Actor, of your Consciousness.” ~ Occult Priestess

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Modern #Aliens & abduction… Meet the Original Kidnappers! The Experts! The FAE! You’ve never Lost Time, until you’ve Lost it in the Fairy Realm!!                   

The Feminine YIN of the “space invaders” #Narrative
I DO Believe, I have cracked the #Alien code. You’re Welcome! 
~ Occult Priestess Kore 


Me, During a #Kundalini Awakening!KAwakening

CHESHIRE SPHINX Spcheshire2.jpg










 The Experience I had, that Showed me, Emotions are My Fabrication. #Deep  


~ FIN ~ 


Introducing: The DARK MASTERcard

The Dark Master ~ Card. Once you sell your soul, for rock n roll, How do you cash in? Introducing “The DARK Master~card” by Morgan & Chase. Damned souls can now use the power of Plastic, to dig themselves an early grave. Dealers, trafficers, brokers, and bankers all accept “The Dark Master~card”! Do not Wait! Sell your soul Now, and “Think and Grow Rich” + “How to make Friends and Influence People” by Morning (star)! Possess, AND be Posessed by, the Power of Material Darkness!

Kids! Be Just Like Katy Perry!! 


This sarcasm has been brought to you by the “White Lodge”. G

Illuminate The Darkness with LAUGHTER! 



Hi Friends,

The Occult Priestess here. I have been instructed that my “Media Career”, is taking a turn towards Comedy. My inner Fairy (child), wishes to spread her Wings, of expression, through Joy. I have been up to my neck in SIRIUS Biznus, since I arrived on this planet. We all feel it is time, to begin to Live, like a light being ~ Authenticity + Creative Expression through Sovereignty (Crown chakra) .

My “flavor” or color or tone of Expression is at “Fay Level”. This is the first, prime, 101 level of Higher expression embodiment. Fay eventually leads to Goddess manifested in form, embodiment, on Earth.  What is it like to Live as a Fairy?? I do not remember, so this will be Salvador Dali like Interesting, odd and weird, a new game in a new century. 

Inner Child Fairy: John Bradshaw is the Genius earth angel, who coined the phrase “Inner Child”. As I grew in knowledge and relationship with my inner ‘child’, I was led into the Soul realm, of the “multi-dimensional’ consciousness that is my soul. My inner ‘child’ confessed… “I WAS NEVER A CHILD! I WAS ALWAYS A FAIRY!” She was adimate, arguing with John Bradshaw.  Isabella (my fairy) taught me about her True Nature, which in turn spoke of my over all true nature as a soul. Isabella is not originally from Earth or “Reality”, she was never a child of Earth… she is magick!

The Next BIG THING coming up for Occult Priestess, is the release of “The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil ” a film directed by Kyle Jay. Another Spooky Topic of Sirius Biznus! 




~ Fin ~

5/17/18 Earth Files.

Youtube Disco Inferno 451 “The Purge”

The day, the Music died.  Free the Speech.



Youtube goes “Psycho” on content creators. Digital blood on the dance floor.

DTube? Why should we Adapt? Yoga ourselves into knots, striving to have a Voice in the Jungle, above the shills, black ops, paid disinformation agents, and the willfully ignorant.

I have a ‘body of work’ provided, in style, for your Free Spiritual enrichment. 2008 – 2018 the art of a Psychic Priestess, a rare perspective to have out in the open, a deep resource for evolution.

Is this how the Hermits get Genocided?

Hermes is the God of Messengers… and he has an ACE up his Sleeve! Stay (in)’Tune’d! Hold your light, build your Chi (aura electricity), wait for the GUN! Then we shall be, off to the Races… of Chariot (mer)Ka/Ba souls ~ vs~ metal Spaceships.                ~ Soul over Science ~

Remember The Prophecy of Hermes Trismegistus

“As to the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, all this they will mock at, and will even persuade themselves that it is false.”

Hermes gave me this song, to Fortify us, in these Coming Tymes… Disco Warrior of Love! Solid Gold. “There’s an army on the dance floor! It’s a fashion with a gun, my love. In a room without a door, A kiss is not enough. Yet ~ Love my WAY, it’s a new road (Way: spiritual living teaching, road = path o’ romance / alkhemical romance / Hieros Gamos / Hero Games / Divine Twins )


Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury, published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works. The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found.

Replying to The Richie Allen Show: I’ve made Videos for 8 years. I have not made 1 thin dime. Most ALT Platforms ask you to MONETIZE now. How can my Free Teachings, remain free, of Blood Money & Imperial Control?


Root cause: Elites are Atheists, believing they & science are god. DNA gives them the “Divine Right” of kicking your butt, in every lifetime. We are taught, humans are a Random accident, Darwinism. ALL Western Doctors are Darwinists / Atheists. Each one has Broken the Vow: “First, do no harm.” each time they prescribe Pharma poison, or give advice based on Their Pocketbook, not your health. Corrupted Power, Completed. TKO!

CONCLUSION: YOUTUBE WAS A “CROWD SOURCING” platform. WE have been Crowd Sourced, and then CLONED. Horrible Copies of Your Channel, Your Personality, your style… coming soon. Darkness Cannot Create! It can Only Steal. 

Coming Soon! Again… 


Social Engineering, sure Saves a ton of Cash on “new narratives”


In Support of Content Creators!

~ FIN ~ 

Celebrity Edition “Shift Happens” + Occult Priestess

What do Daniel Pinchbeck, Dannion Brinkley, Yogananda, Gregg Braden, Joseph Campbell, Russell Brand, Jim Carrey, Linda Moulton Howe and Krishnamurti have in Common? THIS SHOW! The Celebrity Edition of “Shift Happens” with Occult Priestess.

Hot Topics on Hollywood and the “New Age/UFO” communities! Blow your mind, and lighten your heart, with the Rainbow Spectrum of Opinions, mystery school history, and Not so Ancient, Aliens! The United Nations / Galactic Federation of Light were NOT harmed during this Episode. The Cat however, was very upset. Siriusly! Hail Bast!
What Happens when Worlds Collide? Conspiracy, New Age, Ancient Aliens, Mystics & Yogini’s, Guru’s and Dakini’s, UFOlogy, Secret Societies, “The Secret”, Secret Space Programs, Secret Handshakes, and the Secret Teachings of All Ages! Harpocrates 😉

That’s WHY we call IT, *MYSTERY SCHOOL*, u Fool 0, and that’s why you call Her, The Occult Priestess” Hermes T.



FRINGEFM’s “SHIFT HAPPENS” welcomes The Occult Priestess + Joseph Rupe (Dawg)

Trigger Warning: Occult Priestess is Armed with a “Disco Shakti Pat Sitari” and it is Aimed, at your Third Eye.

BUY: “BENT: HOW YOGA SAVED MY ASS” by Anne Clendening




Other Books Mentioned: Book IV, Recovery: Brand, How Soon is Now: Pinchbeck, Diary of a Drug Fiend, Authoress: Dion Fortune, Skingularity: William Henry, “A Strange Harvest” youtube + Linda Moulten Howe,

“Stoopid Crowley” Homer Simpson
“Moreover, the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds, whose error else might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism.”
-Commentary to The Book of the Law I:51 ”

As you can Clearly READ, if Crowley was Alive today, he would have been involved in PizzaGate, Human trafficking and drug smuggling… He helped start it. Google: United Nations, Lucifer Trust, Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, Krishnamurti, One World Order, Ayn Rand, “Think Tanks”, A.I., Elite Bloodline, Darwin Science as Religion, DNA Superiority, Born Rich is Chosen by God, Kings are Chosen by God, “Keep it in the Bloodline”, Malformed Children locked in specially built rooms (too much breeding in the same gene pool), spiritual warfare, generational curse, follow the money.

~ FIN ~

Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo + My Birthday


Follow me…






This live show was recorded on February 10th, 2018 at the Los Angeles Hilton. I am your Kore-spondent, in the field, with boots on the ground, bringing you the Stars of our spiritual, new age, and alternative communities.

 Technical difficulties lead to the Experimentation of *Vigilante Interviews*, on the move, live on the fly chat.

The Dream Job of Occult Priestess: Media Kore-spondent ~ Watch out Ruby Rhod!





A Wonderful Surprise from the #Fader Family, of @Jchurchradio “Fade 2 Black” radio! I feel welcome and supported by my new friends! Happy Birthday to Me! Aquarius Wood Tiger #7, I am now in a #6 (Venus) year! 



Alan Steinfeld:
Jason Quitt: The Crystal Sun
THE LEO Astrologer
Tom Danheiser Senior Producer Coast to Coast AM
Nassim Harem:
Quantum Healer:
Rob Ellis: New Money
George Noory host of Coast to Coast AM

Annual Conscious Life Expo LAX Hilton Los Angeles California USA
February 2018





~ FIN ~ 



LIGHTING THE VOID Occult Priestess

LIGHTING THE VOID Occult Priestess

Just Published!! Out of the Box with “Lighting the Void”, hosted by Joseph Rupe of FringeFM !! An Energetic Show full of Epiphanies, insights and light bulb moments. Grab your Drink, and Affix yourself Firmly on the Magick Carpet, for we are about to BLAST OFF! Join us ! AKA Joseph Rupe (Rupe Dawg  )



Thank you for Watching! In Service to Humanity ~ Sirius B 
Inter-planet Janet, She’s a GALAXY GRL! ~ Kore

REAL TALK, Deep talk and Divine Play are encountered in this MOST Auspicious episode. From Spirit guides, to Hermetic Alchemy, to Alien Disclosure, to Mars and BACK! A Lively Discussion fully illustrated with Art and Pictures.
Enjoy the MAGICK CARPET RIDE kids!!

~ Fin ~ 


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