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Eleven Eleven. 11/11 2018 = 11.

ILL’umi’Naughty Vs Illuminated.

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Naughty: This is the EXOTERIC knowing of the 2 Pillars. Exoteric is basically Disinfo, with a tiny grain of truth. Those who speak in Exoteric terms, are either Clueless, or they are purposefully attempting to trick you. The Esoteric, the simple truth, straight from the light.

“Exoteric: Likely to be understood by the general public.”

“an exoteric, literal meaning and an ESoteric, inner teaching”


Two pillars, twin towers, the Masonic Imagery of black (corrupted) magick (mystery school). Pillars taught in Abrahamic Kabbalah, along with Goetic demonic magick.

MORE PHOTOS & DETAILS: RABBIT HOLE:  http://www.whale.to/b/masonic_pillars.html 

Gateway“, or “Portal” are visual ways of describing these Masonic Pillars. These two towers, hold the Veil over the Mysteries. In this tradition, “To go against the veil” is to face the void, and your true nature (supposedly). It is rumored some have gone mad, from staring into the void of their own soul. Drowning in their own black pit of separation (Bardo- Hungry ghost realm).


Image result for baphometYou will also see these Pillars with a satanic, death worship figure Baphomet. Baphomet being a symbolic amalgamation, you can also deduce the system itself, is an amalgamation, of stolen and appropriated teachings of Older, More Pure Mystery schools. “They” call it the right hand path, or the left hand path… Left being Evil, Right being “Grey” or neutral. It’s all Convoluted, since, it’s Exoteric.

Dark Consciousness, the ‘Naughty, cannot Create! They have lost their divine light, their connection to Vita and nature. Dark Consciousness, like a Vampire, can only steal, invert, command, control and eventually kill all life. Through research you will find the Nazi’s and most Warring factions have stolen artifacts, teachings and philosophies from those they subdue. 0212100230a


ESOTERIC ~ If you are INITIATED by Heaven, you have EYES AND EARS. You read between the lines, an ENTIRE OTHER narrative can take your fancy, as you are guided to Surf the net with your Spirit guides & Gods. Put on your Magick Hat, and grab a cup of Elderberry tea (yuck!) We are going to see the DRUIDS!

Image result for druidsIlluminated: To truly understand these portals, I must take you back to my past lives, as a Druid Priestess. The rocks we used on lay-lines were empowered to assist in our Astral travel, to travel with the Soul Consciousness to higher realms. By doing sacred devotion, working in tandem with time/seasons/stars and the Invisible beloveds, our spirit guides, nature realms and gods, we lived magickal lives full of evolution and personal growth.

We had rituals to act as Strengthening and testing exercises. In many rituals we passed beyond the Veil, into Natural fairy realms, or even higher realms of heavens and the Gods. You may call this our ancient “tech”, but it was and still is MAGICK OF THE INITIATED ILLUMINATI, only.

The teachers of teaches, and Soul guides in service to humanity and Love.

Welcome Back past life #Druids! Remember Our Portal Gateway to the Fay, the Stars and Beyond? Here we present an Illustration to jog your Memory!


RUNE: 21. GATEWAY Thurisaz – Rune Cards by Ralph Blum


I highly encourage you to get a set a rune cards ASAP. I got a set for my mother, and she used them every morning to peek at her day. The runes are an EXCELLENT and easy form of Divination to learn. You can also find free Rune readings on-line at Facade.com . I will give you a rune reading upon donation + request via my website OccultPriestess.com.

GUIDED MEDITATION:  When I was a budding high priestess, before I ever had a coven… I wrote this guided meditation in hopes of one day teaching it to others. Within this meditation are KEYS to the kingdom within. Pass through the Elemental Realm, with the living Archetypes of Earth Air Fire Water, as Arthurian Avatars. Meet and Greet, the Druid energies of ‘Once Was’, ‘Shall be Again’.


SUGGESTED TEXTS: Sacred Books that gave me Enough FAIRY LIGHT, to reconnect and reestablish my Roots as a Human Starseed.

21 Lessons of Merlin Image result for 21 lessons of merlin

‘Celtic magick’ DJ Conway, ‘Celtic Woman’s Spirituality’ McCoy, ‘Witches God’ & ‘Witches Goddess’ by the Farrars, ‘Embracing the Moon’ Yasmine Galenorn, See “Scott Cunningham’ for HERBS, See “Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft”, for an Overview of most pagan paths!

Image result for celtic magic dj conwayImage result for witches goddess farrar

Image result for druid celtic ritual

MAY YOUR INNER HEART ~ SEE/KNOW ~ ARTHUR, MERLIN, MORGANA, and NIMUE ~ Guided with LOVE LIGHT to the Realms Beyond Duality & Suffering. Relax and Be in the Only-iness, that is One-ness, that is All-ness. Be in Bliss Beloveds!

From my Inner Fairy, ISABELLA, to yours ~ May your Inner Children grow up to be Sovereign Gods. #SoulGarden #FlowerFairies #ROSABELLEBELIEVE

Love Kore, the Occult Priestesss




The Tibetan Demon Dagger

The Tibetan Bon Terma of the Phurba/Demon  Dagger and Grimoire of Vajra-Kila

Tibetexpedition, Fürst von Gautsa

©1993 GLHoke / ZAXON 210-8-211
ZAXON Publishing

Once again, don’t try this at home without the proper empowerments. Another mostly notes doc about Vajrakilaya or DorjePhurba, completely unedited from the 1993 document.

The Phurba Cult :

The Phurba / Phurpa / Phurbu is a weapon commonly held by the Wrathful Deities. It’s history goes back to around 1000ce, and was spread across the Himilayas and west into Mesopatamia and east into Indonesia. The one common physical feature is a long triangular/three-sided blade with serpents trailing down it, and the fancier ones developed handles of the heads of Makara dragons topped by an embedded vajra or lotus topped by a three-sided god’s head. Tibetan Buddhism transformed the triple head into Padmasambhava in his three forms. Some older phurpas have the horse’s head of the deity called Hayagriva. One original theory of how horses and phurpas became connected is that these horse-riding nomadic warriers kept their horses in place by a rope to a pen pounded into the ground, thus the phurba/dagger/peg. Most blades are iron with brass or copper or silver on the handle. But some of the older more practical phurbas are just carved of wood. In Nepal a healer/exorcist/shaman must carve a wooden Forba as an initiation. These all-purpose daggers could be stuck in the ground around a camp or as tentstakes to banish demons from the site. The Bonpo shamans of Tibet had their own “God of the Dart” known as Phur-ba’i-Lha.

If one looks at the geomantic forces of the earth’s electromagnetism as being serpentine or Naga energies, then the phurba was used as an instrument to redirect these powers. Phurbas are like pendulums that respond to power spots and demon haunted grounds. A Dutch Hexen friend of mine refers to them as <demon-stickers>, which is a healthy practical occult view. But the Tibetan practitioners see these energies more as primal and amoral, and thus to be dealt with in an enlightened and compasionate way. But in the end the power of the Phurba god deals decisively both inwardly and outwardly towards the old gods of the Earth. These energies are pinned down, controlled, and re-directed by the phurba master, but the dragon/serpent isn’t killed like Michael or St. George would have done.

The secrets of the Phurba god and his teachings were discovered by Padmasambhava and his consort Yeshe-Tsogyel, then hidden again in caves and astral akashic spaces as Terma for later Tertons to discover physically and psychically. They were brought out by Terton Ratna-glin-pa in the 1400’s out of a triangular cave guarded by a scorpion. For this reason phurbas are displayed on altars in triangular bases marked with the scorpion charm.

The Phurba festival is on the 8th day after the 4th new moon of the year, sometime in August, and lasts 5 days. The present 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatsal still has traveling with him both a phurba master and hail master to prepare places for his religious ceremonies and teachings.
As a practitioner of Wicca, I feel that much I have learned about phurba rites can be applied to magicke with the Athalme. In much the same way can the god energies of the even more dualistic West be handled by the athalme used like a phurba. In the same way Witche’s have applied native shamanic techniques for contact with the old Celtic goddesses and gods and elementals. While much of this native European religion has been burned out by X-ianity, the threads of their practices still survive in other forms in the jungles of the Amazon and the caves of the Himilayas.

The serpentine Kris knives of Bali and Thailand are a related magickal weapon. In legend each knife carries a spirit which must be dealt with and which can be used as a protector.

Phurbpas are three-headed daggers into Nagaloka, like the three-headed images of Hekate, the Greek Goddess of the underworld crossroads.

And are not the wood or iron stakes of the vampire hunters this same instrument in the West ?

In Hindu India this god was originally the Vedic Indrakilaya who fought and subdued the drought Nagaraja Vritra with the original lightening iron nail weapon, the Phurba.

Kilana = ‘nailing’ = a process by which a spirit or other ethereal being is nailed down or captured with a mantra and made to remain in a certain location for a specific purpose.

IndraKila = thunderbolt / nail driven into the
head of Vritra, not to kill her but to stabilize her.

Pillars, towers, temples, lingums, spires, phurbas, nails, pins, and swords all pin down the turbulent female chaos energy of nature.

The largest more ornate temple phurpas, called Ma-phur, often blossom into the full form of the Master or God of the Phurba, known as Vajrakilaya or one of the names above.

Hermit Yogi/Yogini Chod practitioners sometimes pitch a shelter with their Khatvanga/Trident as the tent pole and four phurbas as tent pegs.

The original horsemen of the Mongal north may have used a phurba like peg to tether their horses (Hayagriva) to.

Phurba blades have on their 3 sides the 3 Nagas :
Kali Nag – black snake
Padma Kuli – lotus snake
Astra Kuli – armed snake

In Hindu India wooden images of malevolent Goddesses of disease are stuck full of nails to keep them at bay.

Grimoire of the Phurba Master known as
Dorje Zhonnu
Khyab hJug Ch’en Po :

Here is a description of his mandala/yantra : He dwells in a blazing blue/black triangle surrounded by four interlocking demons and the eight sacred charnel grounds. In it’s centre sits a flowering lotus under the sun and moon. Dorje Zhonnu himself, his body glowing stormy blue, has three wrathful heads coloured white/blue/red surmounted by a vajra or Amoghasiddhi Buddha’s head. He has six arms holding flame, vajra, scorpion, trident, and two holding a single-faced Vajrakilaya phurba centre. His lower body is the three-sided triangle blade with serpent tails weaving upon it. He is surrounded by flames. Sometimes he embraces his consort Khorlo-Gye-Dema. Visualize at his brow a shining white OM, at his throat a fiery red AH, and at his heart a blazing vareagated blue-black HUM. From his body streams ultraviolet light in the ten directions. In the old manuscripts of Phurba practice it is said that the phurba master sits in a mandala/yantra of human skin surrounded by four lotus petals then a circle of ten more blazing petals. In a later section are listed the Naga ornaments and Mandala and Mantras of Vajrakilaya. Some of his other forms are named : Tingnak Dorje Trophur – blue/black vajra wrathful phurba, Muknak Dorje Trophur – purple vajra wrathful phurba, and Dukphur Nakpo – poisonous black phurba.

According to Tarthang Tulku : <<Propitiation of Vajrakila (the wrathful manifestation of Amoghasiddhi) severs the roots of karmically inherited dispositions constituting the personality stemming from envy and jealousy, and eliminates feelings of separateness instigated by insecurity, fear and self-condemnation>>.

Like the medieval magickians co-temporaneous with him, the phurba shaman sits protected in this circle while dealing with his evoked

Nagas/Angels/Demons inside their own constricted triangle. Such a talisman would have a downward triangle, with three phurbas in the corners pointed inwards, inside of which is an eight petaled lotus circle, in which sits the Naga to be questioned or commanded, worshipped or banished.

Tracing these deities back to the natural forces :
Vajrakila = thunderbolt = strike = male/fire
ZaRahula = storm/tornado = suck =
male/air and female/water
Ravana = earthquake/landslide = shake = male/earth
They are the highest RakshaNagaRajas because
space and fire and air are over
the Nagas/Naginis who are of water and earth.

Purba Drugse Champa – Bon Phurba winged form with 6 arms holding 6 phurbas, winged consort holding skullcup and phurba, lower body of Makara head with phurba coming out of mouth, piercing two corpses flanked by a makara with phurba riding makara and a boar with phurba riding a boar.

Universal Phurba deity form : 6 arms holding
right Vajra (Vajrayana Buddhism) and Swastika (Bon)
center Phurba (Shamanism)
left Trident (Shaivism) and Fire (Parsee/Zoroastrian)
Consort Nagini holding
right Snake (Naga) and left Skullcup (Yaksha)

Phurba deity is half male and half female in that the upper half is a phallick tricephalic head mounted on a vajra, and the lower half is a lotus that turns into a makara mouth spitting a triangular blade wreathed in serpents.

The Phurba is used in speed-walking to surf the electromagnetic ley lines like a pogostick.

Yeshe Tsogyal is the main Vajrakilaya lineage holder from Padmasambhava down thru.

Mandalas and Mantras :

Tibetan Naga ornaments of Dorje-Zhonnu :

brow Hung-kara
right shoulder Yukngon
throat Tamdrin
heart Shinjeshe
above navel Dutsi-Khyil
gut centre Miyo-Gon
right thigh Dorgyel
left thigh Khamsum-Namgyel
lingam Topoche

Mandala of Vajrakilaya /
Phurba ‘phrin las lha tshogs:

centre Buddhakila / sKu mahog
azure blue phurba of conch shell
east Vajrakila / Thugs mchog
white phurba of silver
south Ratnakila / Yon tan
yellow phurba of gold
west Padmakila / gSung mchog
red phurba of copper
north Karmakila / ‘phring las
green phurba of iron

Vajrakilaya Bija Mantra :

Ja Hum Ah

Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Vajra Kilikilaya
Sarva Bighnam
Bam Hung Phat !

Vajrakilikilaya Mantra :

Om Kuru Kuru
Svaha !

Sixteen Syllable Mantra :

Om Vajra Ki Li Ki La Ya
Sarva Bha Gin Bam Hum Phat
Ja Hum Ah

Femanine Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Kuru Kuru
Candakililaya Svaha

Long Form of Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Vajra Kilikilaya Dza Hong Bam Ho :
Katam Kaye : Jaye Bhijaye :
Achite : Aparachite :
Mara Sena Pramara Tanaye
Sarva Binghan
Bam Hung Phat !

Mantras from Terma/treatise of Dorje Zhonnu :

Om Rulu Rulu Hum Shoa Hum
Om Bhaser Kili Kilaya Sarvar
Bing Ne Bam Hum Phet !

Burn and stab effigy with Phurpa with the Mantra :

Che Che Stam Bha Ya !

Mantra of Accomplishment :

Sarva Ah Na Ya Vajra Phat !
Ta Tha Ya Tha Ya Hum Phat !
Ah Be Sha Ya Ah Be Sha Ya Hum Phat !

Initiations/Empowerments into Vajrakila :

My first was in the summer of 1993. The occasion was the teaching of the Shakya Trizin in Washington D.C. This lineage of Vajrakila comes from Padmasambhava thru Khon Luiwangpo thru the Shakya royal family and has remained intact down thru the years. An old Phurba was put out on the altar for the empowerment and hidden away immediately afterwards. Wand was thru being touched on the head by the large elaborate torma of Vajrakila.

My second was in the summer of 1994. The occasion was the teaching of Jigmey Phuntsok Jungney, a terton in the Vajrakilaya lineages of Yeshe Tsogyel, Nanam Dorje Dudjom, Terton Sogyal, and Lerab Lingpa. The initiation is called <<The Sole Kilaya of the Sacred Bond of the Heart>> and is of the Phurba called VajraKumara which hung around Padmasambhava’s neck and which he gave to Yeshe Tsogyal. It is the <<Mother of All Phurbas>>. The form of Vajrakila is of a blue youth with two arms rolling a phurba, ornamented with snakes and skulls, surrounded by flames, standing on disks of the sun and moon. The Wang was a sharp hit on the crown with a Phurba. PHAT !

Notes :

Phurba teachings first given by a 9 headed scorpion in a cremation ground

vajrakila form of shiva as mahakala lord of tent pole, center of tent pole is lingum and 4 pegs are phurbas

padmasambhava had bell metal phurba right for maras and rakshas, kila of teak wood left to protect disciples, and black iron kila necklace indivisible with the deity

herukabuddha raped rudra’s rakshasha wife to birth vajrakumara half heruka half raksha

make mandala of vk from nails or thorns

mahottarakila = 9 heads and 18 arms

mantras of vk in phurba bk pg 46 on and 131

types of symbolic natural phurbas
trident for shiva
eclipse pointed shadow for rahu/ketu
lighteningstrike for vajrakila
swastka for rahu
meteor or comet for ketu

Hayagriva is the wrathful form of Avalokitesvara whose mantra is

Hayagriva consort Sri has
red head and green body holds kapala left and curved blade right

horses are natural enemies of snakes

Kilaya is like an armed escort. – Yeshe Tsogyal

wrap blue/black cloth around a phurba to stabalize it when thrown like the feathers on an arrow, and this cloth can conceal the phurba from other’s eyes

Ratna Lingpa is the terton who discovered the Vajrakila phurba text which is the lineage thru Penor Rinpoche of the Palyul lineage

Vajrakumara’s consort is Ekajati

Vajrahumkara is in the zenith with vajra and ghanta and snake around topknot and holds also a bow and arrow like rahula

Amritakundalin – snake form

Kila mudra – triangles with first, little, and thumbs

Kilaka – female form

death mantra with bone phurba

Sri Devi has a phurba topped with a peacock feather

phurba parts :
vajra – fire
knot – air
lotus/makara – water
blade/nagas – earth

white phurba – bone
red phurba – wood
black phurba – iron

Vajrakila consort Trptacakra or Diptacakra

kila circle starts from northeast

all trees are seen as living kilas

vajrakila rapes rudra’s wife who is a rakshashi and has son vajrakumara who is half heruka and half rakshasha

rahula is also half rakshasha and half nagaraja

vajrakila yabyum = sex + death

phurba oracle – cast 9 nails and see geometric patterns

black vajrakila has 3 heads and 6 arms
coloured vajrakila Mahottarakila has 9 heads and 18 arms

vajrakila puja like chod in that the universe is destroyed and recreated

grey vk book page 88 has retinue of 10 directions and page 166 has universe visualized as a phurba

on the lingum :
white OM at testicles base
red HUM on shaft
blue PHAT at tip when cumming
female has a red AH in her yoni

via The Tibetan Bon Terma of the Phurba/Demon Dagger and Grimoire of Vajra-Kila – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

Lightworker VS Darkworker

Greetings, The Occult Priestess here ~

I’ve been participating in “The Occult” since I was a teenager (Resume). I am going to walk you through a Time Line, of personal life experience (gnosis).

Age 15-19: Introduced to Paganism, and Wicca. The pagans I met were immoral, who claim “Paganism” as a religion for ego gratification, and power over others. I was then ‘let in’ to observe those we call “High Magickians”. In both Pagan and High Magick circles, I found ego, and manipulation, Especially Sexual. At age 16 I was seduced and molested by an older man, a high priest of Wicca. This “priest” ruled my life for about four years. My short time with “THE MANSON FAMILY”, I experienced, polyamory, psychic and egoic manipulation as well as deeply immoral behavior. Being raised in a CULT, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, trained me to accept Cult like treatment, and made me ripe, to be hunted by beasts.

By age 19, I was reading Tarot professionally among my peers. I worked in a night club as well as the local Psychic fair circuit. I had also worked my Will to rid myself of a Boogie man, shadow figure, who had been attacking me since I can remember (sleep paralysis). Wicca became my full time religion, the Tarot my livelihood. I was ALL IN.

I noticed a huge difference between Pagan/Wiccans and High Magi… running joke “How does a High Magickan screw in a light bulb?” ~ “They hold it up, and the World revolves around them.” Narcissism of Ego. The Magi were intellectual snobs, the pagans were poor sexual fiends. Both groups were serving Darkness, and dragging others further into the darkness.

I worked on my PERSONAL relationship with the Gods, my studies, and magickal work. My magick consisted of seasonal rituals of devotion, paying homage to Old pagan pantheons such as Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan. I communicated with my God family, and they Communicated back, a two way conversation. I was being RAISED BY GODS. Tarot as a livelihood, built my already keen counseling skills into Useful employment, in service to Other. I worked on myself, and my spiritual path as my lifestyle. I knew to be able to Help others, I would have to become very Healthy myself. I was fully dedicated, all IN. As life changed, I found myself living with two High Magickians, and more education ensued. Laws of Marduke, Sumeria + Babylon + Mayan, Worship of Aleister Crowley, Scarlet women, moon children, the Invokation of Demons with Spooky Pentagram floor drawings. At this point Every High Magi I knew, was Male… most Wiccan’s I knew were Female… so I broke it down into the sexes (a mistake). Men like power, females like nature (incorrect). Being independent Spiritually, I avoided the Darkness when dealing with “These People”, changing the topic to Metaphysical things, such as, Astrology.

So I had: New Agers, at the Psychic Fairs. High Magi as friends, I attended their open rituals and lectures. Pagans: My Pagan community sided with the older man who molested me, and I was ostracized. I never found anyone as dedicated as myself. Becoming the Hermit, in my studies was a natural progression, due to a very Sick Community.

In my early 20’s, I met my Reiki Master Teacher and became a Reiki Master Teacher myself. Through him, I met MY SPIRITUAL MOTHER, My GURU, Sri Mamua Devi. A royal blessing, to meet Guru in this Life. I was taught Buddhism, in the Karma Kagyu Lineage of the Tibetan. I dedicated to this path, 100%. Through meditation, self talk, mindfulness and LOVE, I grew by leaps and bounds! Nothing in Wicca had taught me how to Deal with my Monkey mind, my wild emotions, my EGO. Guru also laid the foundation for me to change my physical health. I had been ‘sickly’ my entire life, until Reiki and Guru began to intervene.

I am now in my Forties. The mysteries, I sought to Know and Master, have been learned. My Kundalini and rainbowlightbody, are intact and working.

I am Now a Mystic, Shaman, Guru.

I was BUILT to CREATE COMMUNITY. Part of my mission here on Earth is to ReWRITE the WRONG. Our most sacred spirituality has become a Toxic dump of Hungry Ghosts. Infiltration from Ancient Egypt to the Present, has created our current “Metaphysical” community. LIGHT HAS BECOME DARKNESS.

ABRAHAMIC: Uses the Invokation of Unclean Spirits (SOLOMON). Bloodline Curses started HERE (all teachings after this time, are Corrupted). Material gains, over your own Flesh and Blood. Child Sacrifice, actual or soul wise, either way the child is Cursed with the Demon, the Parent invoked. Sins of the Father In-DEED, and WORD. HIGH MAGICK CAME FROM ABRAHAMICS. Kabbalah. The three Major Religions are Abrahamic. A World in Darkness. False Light Teachings. Materialism + Working with the Dead + Demons. Cursing an entire bloodline, causing a Trapping of the Magi’s soul, in that Bloodline, always incarnating with the SAME family. When in Hungry Ghost form, these “ancestors” Rule over the living family bloodline. The goal of the ghost is to haunt and entrance the children into Acting out, the Ghosts will. Marriages are mostly arranged by Demonic ancestors, for Money and Power. When the unclean spirit ancestor reincarnates, the money and power continue to grow. Once you go Demonic, it’s almost impossible to go back to the light.
I’ll Take: ‘What Horror Movies are Based on’, for a Thousand Alex!


The fourth dimension is located between the collective unconscious of humankind and the fifth dimension, a loving heaven like realm. Visionaries, mystics, shamans, prophets and avatars throughout history have written about a Utopian afterworld. The fourth dimension is the twilight zone between Heaven and Earth.

Demons: From the fourth dimensional realm negative ancestors, hungry ghosts, demons and aliens work against the awakening of humankind. I label this energy ‘dark consciousness’. This backsliding, negative cycle of motion is found in the traits of astrological Saturn. Old father Saturn, eater of children, teaches ‘growth through restriction’. In the Tarot both the Devil card (XV) and the Hierophant (V) express the importance of learning through obstacles, under dominion of an oppressive force.

Globally the distortion on the fourth dimension can be seen manifest as hierarchy of the patriarchy, denial of the universal laws/natural order, and enslavement of the masses to serve the few. This is the Ego aggrandizement that the biblical Satan is accused of acting upon. Claiming one’s own self as supreme over all others, including your soul’s architect. Once this belief in self eclipses belief in a higher power, the beast is born. The ego becomes the host of unclean thoughts, actions and feelings, dimming the light of the soul. Should this process continue, full ego mind is prone to possession from the spooky woo’s in the fourth dimension. Choosing the ego over unity leads to the ‘Satanic Death’ of loss of self identity.

“We were plac’d here by the Universal Brotherhood & Mercy. With powers fitted to circumscribe this dark Satanic death. And that the Seven Eyes of God may have space for Redemption” William Blake

Daemons: “Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and deities, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature or the deities themselves.” Wikipedia

Originally from the Greek daemon is more commonly referred to as the higher self, holy guardian angel, over soul, Maslow’s self actualization, and the Buddha’s enlightenment.

The demonization of the daemon is most readily recognized in the rise of the Roman church. Priests became the dividers, the middlemen between humankind and divinity. Those who heard voices, had visions, created inventions, healed through nature, thought outside the accepted norm or prophesied were murdered en mass. The biggest ‘sinners’ usually had the most money to pay their way into heaven via the corrupt clergy.


Advice: Throughout our incarnations the proverbial angel on one shoulder and devil on the other has been true in a multidimensional sense. Free will gave us the experience to discern black from white, yin from yang and love from hate. Duality is the school of hard knocks. Through my own experiences I found, the more I chose good, light, love over lower darker vibrations such as manipulation, I simply felt better and grew in self respect. The more you choose in one direction, the more likely you are to follow on that path. Individual, isolated, seemingly unrelated choices compound into lifestyle.

This blog was Prompted by Modern High Magi, the AUTHORS of False Light. I wish to Differentiate myself, The Occult Priestess AND The Occult Mysteries from these Bumbling Neophytes of Darkness. Their work, is Devils play, which has NOTHING to do with the LIGHT of LOVE.

Dear Kali Yuga: Thank you for teaching me, what it’s like to live in an INVERTED reality. Where Up is Down, Wrong is Right, and Black tries to be White. I think HERMES said it best:



No Wonder people think the Occult is evil… Most of it IS, now a days. Do What Thou Wilt – MY ASS! If I disapprove of you, Imagine what HERMES, My Teacher Thinks of you!


Hot VRIL Chix from Outer Space!

~ Valeria Lukyanova ~

(Real life #STARSEED / #Alien Barbie)

My new Beautiful friend, I have Followed in the “press” for years. I was researching VRIL, Nazi, Tall White Supremacists from ORION (Odin). Then a Magickal friend, guided me to Valeria’s facebook & her friendship. I had been “Knowing” (telling myself), Valeria is a “Vril” lady, whether she was aware of it herself, or not.

I have been conversing with myself about it a LOT, a puzzle. Did she know? Was she complicit? Has Valeria been traumatized by ‘Handlers’, raised to be beautiful propaganda, for an agenda? #Disclosure


Left: Valeria Lukyanova Right: Maria Orsic

Turns Out, Valeria AGREE’S WITH ME. She Remembers BEING Maria Orsic, the Nazi Medium, and part of a female clan of VERY Attractive psychics. I was attracted to the Fashion of the Vril ladies, how ahead of their time they seemed, Very Barbarella Psychedela for ~ “Maria Orsic, Born: October 31, 1895” .

I am only at the “Research” stage of my coming ‘Vril Gnosis’, however my intuition is very sharp on this topic, as it mirrors other topics of #Cult behavior, #MindCONTROL, #NewWorldOrder, #Masonic, #Theosophy tactics. (Infiltrated Mystery Schools, or ‘false light’ teachings.)

My concern for Valeria is, she may have been Mind controlled in this lifetime, as mediums are often Victims of the less talented. “Somnambulist” Nine Year Old girls hypnotized, and psychically Molested, for the Gains of the Theosophists. #ProjectPaperclip created a Hydra effect of psychological and psychic warfare. SO many Dirty deeds, hidden in the Dark Rooms of Secret ‘Societies’.

Why do Vril Ladies look alike?

Are the “FEMBOTS” in Austin Powers modeled after the Vril?

Are they featured in “MEN IN BLACK II” As the 1960’s race that visits?MIBVRIL

In the end, I do not think “Vril” are Aliens of higher density… I think they are the Old Norse Gods, with new Space Faces… Why they chose to wear ‘alien’ masks to the Party, may speak to their trickster nature.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Valeria Lukyanova, the woman who claims she’s the reincarnation of Hitler’s occult guide Maria Orsic

Valeria Lukyanova says that she remembers the time of #Atlantis and recalls her life as the “famous medium” Maria Orsic


If you have a Link or theory to share with me, ~ E-mail me @ the  address provided on OCCULTPRIESTESS.COM

This is the Weirdest Rabbithole I have Ever Known…


My FB Posts: August 28 2018; 

Wondering if this Local Celeb, would accept an Invite to “The Kosmic Kore”? “Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer, famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll.” <– But that is NOT what is Interesting about this “Starseed”… See her Video that tripped me out. “Valeria Lukyanova, ‘real-life barbie,’ says she’s an #alien in documentary” Besides, I also love Dolls. 



August 30 2018;

HEY GUYS! Researchers + Gifted Mystics should work together. I’m Researching Tall White Supremacists from Orion + Hot Vril Chix + Proj. Paperclip, in the Now. Claiming Nordic Heritage, while practicing Buddhist Techniques makes no sense. The Nordics had their own forms of Meditation, why bother Buddha? A clue, that they, were clue-less! My research grounds are the #Higher #Planes and invisible master teachers. I am an #Astral#Astronaut, Related to #JohnGlenn. Psychic & Conspiracy Theorist.
Richard Dolan & Joseph Patrick Farrell

September 10th 2018: “Researching #VRIL Nazi power, and end up at #ASHTAR COMMAND (Galactic Fed of Light)? Tall white #Nordic Supremacists… the story is unraveling before my eyes! Thanks Hermes!
Maria was channeling messages not from aliens, but from the Vanir- the Jedi or “Light Side” of the Norse pantheon, opposing the “Dark Side” Sith led by Hela, Goddess of Death, who Hitler worshipped:”

Not Exactly But close enough for Cigar! #OCCULT  Destroys “BLUE AVIANS”, “SPHERE ALLIANCE” + ASHTAR COMMAND *BOOM* goes the Dominion”

“When Maria met Freya” ~  http://www.esotericonline.net/profiles/blogs/vril 


On Going ~ Basically Notes.

Space Invaders of SIRIUS B!



Occult Priestess as MAGENTA: Teenager; The MAID

(M.I.B. maiden in black)


Cleaning Up the Universe, with song, dance and LOVE! RockNRoll!



Discover the Los Angeles and “New Age” / “Disclosure” community, and what happens Beyond! An Expose’ on Pop Culture Reality, by a Third Eye GRL! Our Maiden, Magenta has infiltrated the Ranks of High UFO Society, this is her Report to her Riff Raff (Hermes, The Invisible Man + Spy who Loves me, Spirit Guide).

She’s finally seen it all, so, what is the VERDICT?

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New Age is not Occult         ~            Esoteric VS Exoteric:

I have just recently understood most people in our community are not seasoned occultists. Pardon my past life thinky brain, for tricking me. I have re-oriented my soul to this Time Space of 2018, and I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Clear Sight: I was born ‘psychic’ and experienced ‘demonic attack’ in the form of Sleep paralysis + shadowman for the first 19 years of my life. I was born spiritual, loving, and too kind. (Old Soul) Although I had a couple of shallow incarnations in the 1700’s and 1800’s, I had not been “fully Present” in soul since AVALON. So many things have changed since then. My soul remembers my Pinnacle lives, as a priestess and a soul guide. I also retain ‘memory’ of being a spiritual guide to many incarnated luminaries. I am not your average bear. I began counseling others with Tarot Professionally as a teenager. I became a high priestess of Wicca, and began walking my spiritual path with the Gods, still in my teens. I became a Buddhist devote under my Guru at age 23, and learned I am a Mystic. We are Rare, as I keep being shown. This must be why, no one seems to “SEE” the real me. From Wicca, to Buddhism, I took the natural spiritual path of my pop culture… I opened an Occult Bookstore, yet spent all my time on Community Building, and helping OTHERS. I was attacked and fed off of, by an entire community. Image that for one moment. High Priestess, laid low, by those she trusted and wanted to assist into greater being. Witch burning, by those who claimed to be witches. (If I had been a Money Grubbing materialist, I would be rich by now.) The Witches Ball I started, is still going annually. Through me marriages happened and Babies were made! That I am proud of. Otherwise I was there to Learn, modern times are not the Old Days. I still have three Coven graduates who hold the light for “THE COVEN OF THE ILLUMINATED SHADOW” my original concept.

COMMUNITY: God called me to come to Los Angeles. I wanted to run away from home at six years old, to make it happen, but God had a lot of training for me to go through. In 2016 I arrived in South Los Angeles, to LIVE. Finally!! Next was a Series of “MISSIONS”, guided by the Gods (not the big one, but the helpers). These Missions took me to places and people I would never otherwise experience. I was NEAR the Limelight! My Mission was to “BE Present”, talk silently to the Gods about what and Who I was Observing, and give an educated opinion. I was AWARE some kind of Judgment was happening “THROUGH” me. I am not a “Big God” in this body… I am a vessel.. and I am Used, for Judgment. (Libra Moon / Justice) I began to see Those I TOUCHED (physically) were being Judged, weighed and Measured. NO ONE PASSED. That was wild to me. Everyone we Touched, had Karma coming. I wonder if all this was a Lesson for me, to be ignorant to do the work, then have Full Understanding after I saw the RESULTS.

Thinky Brain: Intellectually I began to Observe the “FLAT FACTS”. Two years of Los Angeles investigating, infiltrating, lectures, photos, good food, and Not One Psychic! Sure they speak of Astral Travel, but SOME think Astral Travel is PHYSICAL! (Oh my Gods!) Someone who cannot tell the Difference between Physical and Astral is a Liar. Only in Intense cases of Kundalini, can one not distinguish real from Memorex. Kundalini NEEDS an EGO DEATH to Work! I have not met ONE person in Los Angeles who has had EGO DEATH.


Wow. Just Wow. Devastating News, Old Ones! We have been replaced by “SCIENCE” fiction. Meaning those being taught are following a false light into more darkness. (Heart breaking) Gnosis is EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING, and cannot be REPLACED by Books + Speculation of a demented/deluded ego.

My “Target” was David Wilcock: I always took a Picture with him, if he was in the room. I told him several times, I believe he is Edgar Cayce, and encouraged him to keep up on that. He told me He no longer Seeks visions or spiritual communication, he leaves that to Corey Goode. WOAH! WHAT?! A Visionary cannot just Pluck out their third eye. It’s a constant happening! There was no “Miscommunication”, this was our Conversation. I used any excuse to Touch is Heart, physically, in hope God would talk to him.


The Creators of the LAW OF ONE, made THIS FILM. For my “Training”, I had roommates that were High Magicians, and they used the SAME Symbology. There is NO MISTAKE. This is taken from Golden Dawn + Aleister Crowley teachings.


Writers : Carla Rueckert & Don Elkins Films

Don Elkins: death by suicide.

Cyd GAIATV: I did finally meet ONE psychic, from a Radio podcast (LIGHTING THE VOID) in Arkansas, but she lives here. AMERICAN PSYCHIC Marla Frees. Given her last name is fake, I had to research her, before I could ‘get to know’ her. Since then, we have shared some Great Psychic secrets about Community! We are ignored, so why not discuss WHY we are ignored/used.  The used ORACLE is a tale as old as time. Marla brought CYD from Gaia to the CLE. I bee lined straight for him! So Cyd, how bout those Greys?? He took out his phone, and Showed me a piece of art he had commissioned, of his ABDUCTION BY GREYS. Looked like a Classic Anal Probe Session. The way he spoke of these creatures, you would think they were All Jesus to him. He was in love/bondage. I took his ear, I Whispered to him “MARS IS HELL”, basically telling him, in his ear (Judas) that he is a Satanist, and I Knew It. lol. Jerk. I was Never into GAIATV or THE SECRET because it’s all New Age BS. “False Light”

Church Of Jimmy: I was associated with Jimmy + Rita through my good buddy FREEMAN.tv . I worked for FreemanTV, then met the community out here through “FADE TO BLACK”. December 2017 I get a Facebook msg from Rita… You wanna be on the show? “OH MY GOD YES”- no question. I had been waiting, as if I was in an Invisible Line! “Lovely Rita METER maid”, she kept my time for me (Hermes likes her). The Show! Big Build up, in a Line up with David Icke and Linda Moulton Howe! What? I am a Nobody?! lol

Well, in TRUE HERMES FASHION: Fade to Black… Faded to Black. Hermes can be a Literal Joker, you see. I am just about to go out over the Airwaves for the First time, Open my Mouth in Greeting and…… BOOM! NOTHING! BLACKNESS!! Okay, haha Hermes, I get it. WHAT? FADE TO BLACK IS A SONG? I had no idea… oh really… more information came…

Second Shot: The second show went off without a Hitch, so it was only Me, David Icke and Linda that week. Blessed. From that show, MY ENTIRE LIFE CHANGED. Instant Friends, just add Jimmy+Rita lol. I had my first Los Angeles clientele and I could go shopping for the first time. BLESS THEM FOR THAT! Being in the Church of Jimmy was Eye Opening, the most interesting mini community I have ever observed. Such diversity. Kindness was abundant. Being invited to celebrate with them on a few occasions + my Birthday, were Peak Experiences for me. Jimmy and I do NOT see eye to eye on many topics. Who Cares? I don’t mind being disagreed with, yet I do enjoy discourse of why I am being disagreed with, which I did not get. Busy Bees.

Deeper Understanding: I was in full mode HERO WORSHIP when I came to Los Angeles. This was super for the Ego’s of the authors and presenters I fawned over. Made us both feel good. I gave them fan girl + shakti pat Love. Yet now my Horse blinders are off, and I See.

Mars, Super Soldiers, Tiamat, Sumerian Religion (The Exorcist), Moon Base, Military Spirituality, Brainwashing, UFO’s Being defined as ‘space ships’, and all the stuff at Skinwalker Ranch, is a Trap, of the Soul Light, and feeds this way. Nothing I mention in this list is SPIRITUAL, Uplifting, Of God, or LOVE. Think about that. Paranormal used to be spiritual.

In my Day, we had a SPIRITUAL CALLING, and we followed it. We did our OWN research and talked to God/Heaven to keep us on the path. We were DEVOTED. Following… the CALL, not POP CULTURE SPOOKS!

Science and Rational thought support the MATRIX only. The Ego is the God of the False Light Matrix of Human/Soul Slavery. Psychology also works in this System of control with Drugs to keep you STUCK. Drinking or Pill Popping, you are Compromised. Not on the Path.

#Recovery and #12Step Videos on my youtube : Search OCCULT PRIESTESS

I have been in SERVICE TO OTHER, since my eyes first opened on this planet. I understand my opinion is the Least Popular. That by default makes me Crazy. Just Remember, I have shown you my CARDS… and you know what I am here for.

In Service, to you, with Love!

  Missionary of Heaven + Justice, Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson

SIRIUS B (The Face of the True Spiritual Sun)

Esoteric VS Exoteric:

Exoteric:  FLUFF, Snipe Hunt, Bullies and Gate Keepers, liars. The outter lodge of lost souls. Blind leading blind.

The OCCULT / Esoteric: Hidden from the UNINITIATED. If you are not a Past Life / Heaven Initiated Priest/Priestess, the truth is hidden from you. It is the mission of these higher light souls, to help and teach the dimmer ones. Same as it ever was. If you find, this sounds like vanity, go talk to your mirror.

Only through toil in the soil, do we cultivate the flower of the soul <– My Higher Self, or Soul self, a Goddess emanation of Kore Persephone + Isis Priestess of Sirius

PS: Thoth is Not Hermes. Evidence of my many missions, can be seen in Facebook Albums. 

Kali Ma Kore 

~ The Joker Magi and His Priestess ~

A Sirius B Production of HERMES/KORE 

“Frank-n-Furter it’s all over. Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme!! I’m your new commander, you now are my PRISONER. We return to Transylvania (land of night & high electric bills), prepare the transit beam!!”
#BlueAvians #SphereAliance #FalseLight





Rock Star & Spiritual Teacher, Kate Bush lyrics to LILY


Oh thou, who gives sustenance to the universe
From whom all things proceed
To whom all things return
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun
Hidden by a disc of golden light
That we may know the truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to thy sacred feet

The Gayatri Mantra (older than dirt)

Oh thou who givest sustenance to the Universe,
From whom all things proceed,
To whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun,
Hidden by the disc of golden light,
So that we may know the truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to thy sacred feet.

“World Mantrams are powerful instruments bringing timeless spiritual energies to the meditating student. The Gayatri is the oldest mantra that has been given to humanity, and the millions of times that it has been spoken have given it tremendous power — to awaken to a higher reality. The Gayatri identifies humanity’s goal “to see the true spiritual sun hidden behind the disc of golden light so that we may know the truth and do our whole duty as we journey to thy sacred feet.” Repeat the Gayatri frequently with the intention to invoke its healing note and sublime colors.”

Lily Kate Bush Featuring 4 Arch Angels + The Mantra!

Master / Teacher Kate Bush

~ Fin ~ 

A Brand New Order? Russell Branded 4Life

Russell Brand, Space Jesus, the Untold Story! Exclusive insights from the Soul Realm.

The first time I saw  Gemini Russell Edward Brand, was on Netflix NYC stand up (2009).

Sure, he was handsome, funny, ironic, well dressed (GAWTHIC) and quite a fully blown character. The thing I noticed most, was his symbology. The stage looked like a Bollywood Brothel (MOULIN ROUGE ‘Victorian meets India’), complete with a statue of one of my Personal Gods, GANESH! What in the world, is a stand up comedian doing with a HINDU GOD, and Mala beads? Is that a Tattoo? Is that Radha and Krishna?! Who is this Guy?! After listening to the show, I was very confused. Sometimes Russell sounded like an Enlightened Yogi, explaining the Kosmos to kindergartners… and at other times, like a street whore heroin addict.

Russell Brand’s star began to Dominate America, and I was exposed to him quite often. The Gemini, double faced, trickster energy was not New to Me… and he had it in spades (Swords/WhiteDog). This character was pulling a fast one, yet I was Still Fascinated. I drank his Kool-aid, because it was MINE to begin with. Somehow I felt, maybe, he was TAKING MY JOB!

The 1960’s and 1970’s saw Many Guru’s burst onto the ‘Entertainment’ scene. The most famous in pop culture would be the BEATLES Maharishi. Story Time Kids!

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare “HAIR” Play + Film Musical! “THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS” the Omen of our Hippy Ancestors.



Image result for BEATLES Maharishi

Many religious ORDERS are set up by people who Desire Power over others, “DOMINION”, to ‘Rule’ through manipulation. This “SERVICE TO SELF“, a glitch in the Ego, is a major sickness. Power Structures are PARASITIC in nature. Power structures of divide and conquer, ARE the MATRIX we live in, survival of the fittest (most evil). The Good do not “get ahead”, they die slaves.

Image result for social engineering sociology

THANK YOU NAZI SCIENTISTS, for “Perfecting” Modern Psychology & Human Manipulation. Tall Grey White Supremacist Aliens. (Project Paperclip)

Power structures involved in Socially Engineering the Entertainment industrial complex in the 1960’s and 70’s included the C.I.A., MI5/6 & Black Creatures from Beyond the Veil. Jim Jones Kool-aid Ranch has been proven to have been a 100% CIA OP. Patty Hurst? That too. LSD was slipped to Unknowing patients by Doctors for Experiments, then they began to dose the public without disclosing.

Please Understand, I am speaking in Fact. TruthStream Media Presents “THE MINDS OF MEN”, the Proof Pasta of #MKUltra and much more! *TRIGGER WARNING*


Gays fought, Blacks Fought, Unions Fought, Bra’s were BURNED. John Lennon fought for Citizenship + PEACE, was shot by Henry Kissinger (a Drone did it/RedBookCode). Polanski killed his wife, But Manson was Blamed… all that and so much more, YES. So tell “THE MEN ON THE CHESSBOARD” to F*ck off, Alice. The ISSUE with our Hippy Ancestors, was Sex & Codependency. Not able to learn those lessons, most SOLD OUT for $$$$. And passed the Buck (not money) to Our Generation X.





Many Eastern schools, along with MOST Western schools are now, 100% Corrupted in this time, the now, the Kali Yuga. We are in the Time of False Prophets! Secret Societies Set up Private Clubs, for everything horrifying, Including taking over the World. #NWO The Theosophical Society, force tranced (hypnotized) little girls, projecting them into Hell (4th Dimension), for remote viewing (psychic spying) on their enemies. This society went on to Design the Public school system, the United Nations, and Lucifer Trust. (Order of the OWL:Batman GOTHAM) KrishnaMurti was to be raised by the “Society” as THE NEW MESSIAH, He caught onto their Game, and Disbanded the Order!


Did Russell Brand get picked up by a renegade Socialist group of Theosophists?? A man who has succumbed to the demon of addiction, is an open invitation for all manner of darkness. “Is this a case of Possession?” Asks the Ghostbusters in my mind.

Was Russell Brand poised to be Our Generation X’s “Hollywood” Messiah? #SPACEJESUS Was his marriage with Katy Pery arranged, like so many others? (Love Bite by Eve Lorgen) “You’re An Alien” Yeah… Really, Subtle Record corporation. “I AM JESUS” Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand. I do know one thing… If you want to see Russell’s ego/subconscious, watch “GET HIM TO THE GREEK”, it’s all there in it’s glorious/gory splendor. I believe the film was written by an intuitive who could see right through the Mask, into the heart of the matter.

When Russell got sober, he Torched his entire false world, left Hollywood, and went back home to England. From there a Revolution started within him. I can see how this was a Natural Progression, of the FOOL on the Hero’s journey. He found Power is Meaningless, yet he keeps forgetting that too. He came out LASHING at all Things “FAME” and “VAPID”, Renouncing IN THEORY, the MATERIALIST world. He may argue, you have to change the System from within. I would AGREE, WITHIN YOURSELF, dude. Masking and Fronting, with some generosity to look good (like the ROYALS do) ~ Just did Not Cut it. And Russell Brands Revolution FAILED. We blame a politician that came on his show, and got him to Choose a side. Yet it was clear Russell was never Healthy enough to Be that man he played on TV. Was he a Moth crushed under the Wheel?

“We Both Reached For The Gun!” I swear *Wink* II

I have seen strong flashes of a Ravenous desire in the Brand to be a world leader. He was very pleased with, the intellectual accolades, so much so, he began to go to college and created an Academic podcast “Under the Skin“. I was excited, due to the way the show was billed. Spirituality, consciousness, alternative healing, you know, the sun and the moon type promises. The reality became, the “Branded” media platforms are used in the guise of alternative viewpoints, when the guests are all from the same old privileged pool of people. Fake Alternative Chat. I am no longer stimulated by the banter. I was a fan of “The Trews” and enjoyed the idea of the cafe + buying out “The Sun” newspaper. Since the “Revolution“, I no longer resonate with the message of the “Brand”. I caught Russell on Larry King, in one of his new INSANE clown sweaters. Larry asked ‘pointedly’ + ‘jokingly’ if Russell used his OWN MONEY to fund the charity persuits. Russell ‘Guffawed’, and looked Larry in the eyes, “OF COURSE NOT!” A materialistic, a**hole joke, at our emotional expense. Aries Moon, sick with little Emperor syndrome (Just like Trump/ inverted Mars energy) Russell now, seems auto-mated, like an ATM. A poster boy, for bad fashion and worn out ideals. Symbolically or “Brand” wise, Russell went from Goth to Gandhi ~ and now isn’t even BATDAD! Now-a-days, he may as well be a clone, of his former self. 100% Branded.


I DIRECTLY PLACE BLAME OF THE MAN BUN + BEARD SQUARELY ON ‘THE BRANDS’ SHOULDERS! ~ Buddha was the first to Rock the ManBun, and BODHISATTVA’S have been doing it ever since. Please Shave, in symmetry with the manbun! If you want to be a Crossdresser, ‘transgender’ Just do it! Don’t try to be both/and. BlurredLines

Point: John Lennon had Yoko Ono ~ Lord & Lady ~ Old Mystery School

Image result for john and yoko nude

 JESUS + MARY 1970’s Style

“How Long shall they Kill Our Prophets, While we Stand aside and Look?” Bob Marley.   Well Bob… they just raise false ones now… the real ones don’t get the chance.

Was Russell’s career just a Psy-Op to be a place holder, for something we no longer have? World Teachers. Part of Social engineering is to Re-Fabricate Archetypes, for each new Generation of idiots. My Mom’s Alice Cooper, became my Marilyn Manson, who is now any number of Carbon Copy soul sold’ miscreants. These are TERRORS manifest in full Archetype on our Collective stage of life. WHO keeps VOTING for these Same Crap storylines? The New World Order does. And they are the ONLY vote that counts. “It’s a Small Club, and YOU AIN’T IN IT!” George Carlin.

The ‘Famous’ ~ that pass for “World Teachers” today, is Laughable to the Seasoned Occultist/Buddhist/Mystic/GoddessEmanation. Deep pockets Chopra’s son, ‘GOTHAM‘, threw him under the bus in an ‘expose “Decoding Deepak“. I see the rainbow myriad of Brainwashing tricks a mile away. Slight of Hand, Slight of Mind, Slightly outta Money?? I have owned two #Occult bookstores, and I know a Carpetbagger when I see one. Most will admit they are LIARS, behind closed doors, well … they did to me anyway (Wonder Woman’s Lasso?) Russell is Always Sycophanting those DEEMED wise by Culture.

A lil Twitter War with DEEP POCKETS CHOPRA ~


Deepak Tweeted: An authentic fraud lives to be caught ! Then the true self shines. Rakesh thanks for outing me !!

OccultPriestess: I felt, you were caught, Perfectly.. in “Decoding Deepak”. A cornucopia of errors. Gotham

Deepak: Deciding Deepak was a gift from my son ! Paradox ambiguity contradiction are the essence of our being. Failure to recognize this leads to neurosis.

OP (OG): Yes admitting error is divine. Forgetting how to meditate, when this is the advice you give everyone, is neurotic. Psychology and Western science work for the #Ego. Who is your Guru/Lineage?


Deepak also said He is ESSENTIALLY FLAWED and has ACCEPTED THIS about Himself, and unless others are ALSO FLAWED, they are Neurotic. Man O Man! That ego is Epic! Super rich, snake oil jerk. Science is based on 5 senses. If all you know, are the five senses, you have very little sense. Why does he try and pass for a spiritual guru? $$$$


“Where did you get your Information from? Do you think you can Front when Revelation Comes?” Beastie Buddhist Boys

I have been Behind the Curtain in the Los Angeles New Age / UFO community for the past two years. I admit I am one for Hero Worship, a throw back to  my ancient Greek soul self. If someone claims to be THOR, I am going to believe them, because I myself talk to Thor. Yet I have found, in the MECCA known as California… it’s All Smoke/Mirrors and Sorcery (black magick), Service to Self, egoistic, lost souls. I have not one friend in this God forsaken town. I am used to making new friends all the time, it’s a ME thing.. but not Here! Lost Angels. I will say, my clients do rock though!

During my tour in NAM, I mean Lost Angels, I mean Los Angeles Cali-Pornia…

I Met Russell Brand, for the first time, In the Flesh.

I had been Astral Coun’soul’ing Russell, since I met him “Upstairs” introduced by Joseph Campbell. The events of our first meeting, and his subsequently following my advice (get a divorce), I understood I was actually helping grow this mans soul, from an invisible place. Since those first encounters, I saw him torch his life, and start a Revolution.. and I let go. It’s not healthy to be helping someone who does not know you are there. It messed with me. I still had to pop in once and a while, as he adjusted… then he made some choices that were against my advice, and I again, hung up the psychic telephone.

My Chat Show Starring MAGENTA PIXIE of the U.K.: “Soul Visitations with Celebrities”


One night Hermes, my spirit guide tells me, I am going to meet Russell Brand soon. Hermes guided me in drawing out art, to describe the how’s and why’s of this development. Synchronicity after synchronicity, from the first drawing to shaking Russell’s hand, was 2-3 months. Hermes (my Spirit Guide) gave me details, of this future event, as a FAITH building exercise. I’ve been in L.A. 2 years and have not seen 1 A-list Celeb. Meeting Russell was HIGHLY UNLIKELY in my mind. This was Faith I would have to Ride like a Silver Surfer on Mercury… there was NO EVIDENCE. I prepared myself, and my wardrobe, dedicating my limited budget to Faith Plank Walking.

FIRE WALKER: “True Faith” New Order

Does HERMES have the MOVES LIKE JAGGER?? I had to Wonder and JUST TRUST.


With the Encouragement of my Astrologer… I did a bit more than spend money, and hope for the best. I expressed my side of the coin, through a video. If Russell really was my soul client… would he “SEE” me? Would he be taken by my spiritual aura, and feel spiritually motivated to know me, work with me, go for his own deeper healing or assist my mission? One Ponders, then one Wonders.. then one CREATES. I have only recently Understood the method of “Controlling the Narrative“.. this was not control, but an expressed sense of Dread and Hope on film.

(Since then ^^ I have been on several radio shows, and made some wicked kewl connections in my field.. oh yes, and MONEY, lol!) 

THE EVENT: To the very moment of the Event, it looked like a quick ‘How’s your Father?’ book lecture, from a remote point on a stage. Yet! Due to TRAVEL (Mercury) issues, Russell was late, and agreed to Sign Autographs as penance. Hermes calls this “PROOF PASTA” (See that cup… he left it behind. I did NOT take it home, and give the DNA to FREEMANTV.com, just saying,~ not a stalker! That was a real option. lol. )

Long line, weird people… oh right most of them are addicts or in recovery.. I forgot. Protection Shields up. One night with the King, was like 2 seconds and a Picture. What do you say to Someone, you know, better than they know themselves? “I AM A MESSENGER”…  yup, that’s what She Said! And what did He say? “NO TIME FOR THAT RIGHT NOW” very sternly actually… a bit weird too. I saw him hug, and kiss, and love all over people.. but me? I was like threatening?! What? Oh he had a long stressful day.. blah blah, NO He treated me Differently. His Handler was not nice either. I would think peddling Recovery would require Nice-ness.

Creepy “Handler” on the Left. 



Photographic Evidence of Proof Pasta. October 2017, Los Angeles.

I hung back, waited, listened to Hermes, then my time came. Russell was all alone, about to hit a door that would lead him straight out of America.. so I Jumped. I felt time stop, as I crossed the room, my energy busted through invisible barriers, like Trinity in the Matrix (Magick). I grabbed for his hand. He looked at my hand Alarmed… he thought I was grabbing for his Crotch! Oh My! That says a LOT about him, and nothing about me. I called him “Brother”, as to deflect his sexual freaky projection (Lilith??). “I have a message for you…” He cuts me off, shuts me down and says The Magickal Key- Pray for Me Three Times. With that he was Vapor.

I had been ‘praying’ for him, over 8 years. But he would not Hear me. Many other Invisible “Psychic” experiences happened to me that night, and the following week. Honestly his soul is my friend, even if his ego is blind. This was a destined meeting, past life karma and energy exchange mission, I have found, they are not usually pleasant. I did not read my autographed copy of the book. I could have written it, myself, when I was 29. (See My Youtube for RECOVERY videos)

In the soul realm, I still deal with Russell’s soul (Higher Self), yet I am not bound to help his ego self without his free will/participation. That is all I will reveal about that. 

Coming Across the Video below, prompted this Bloggy-wog. I have had this topic in my mind for many years, content to keep my mouth shut… until this Rod Serling Kid started making WAY too much sense. I usually sit on my golden eggs, until a Human has discovered the issue, then I can talk about it.

In the Beginning, the man talks about Archetypes and Avatars… This is ME. I am Kore/Persephone of Ancient Greece. (Search my blog) Then the man Compares what EGO does with this Role! BOOM! Light! Like a Bolt of Lightening I understood…



HATERZ: Yes I am CLAIMING I know more than Most Staged Teachers of our times. Why am I not Famous? Because, you have to sell out, and I literally physically can not do that. I have been “poor” my entire life, in service to others. This is VERY difficult for the Western mind to comprehend. What is a Successful poor person? I am. Spiritual GOLD will kick the Ass of Fools gold, any Yuga! So in the ways it Counts, I am richer than TRUMP(ets). (See My Resume)

Quick To DEAD THE BULL ~ Like a Matador! 

Unicorn Gores Red Bull 

You can Do It Mina!

How Wuthering Heights.


Below is an Example of my most Recent Work… where I was Calling out the BYRD TRIBE, The MESSENGERS from the Past Life Mission Mystery School, of Antiquity. Mystery School Souls REMEMBER ourselves. OCCULT Means hidden – FROM the Uninitiated. There are Very Few ILLUMINATI Initiated Anointed ones on this planet. ‘Yer, Ill’umi’NAUGHTY are a dime a dozen. The Vampires (Fallen ones) now rule the school. See more of my Videos for Direct Teachings on Illuminated VS Illuminati. This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE, at it’s Finest. MUST SEE INTRO! REVOLUTION vs EVOLUTION + SpeedRacer #Mercury


JUST THE FACTS MA’AM: Condensed Version for Workaholics who have no time. 

Trigger Warning: This transmission  includes a Darshan Disco Shakti Pat from #SiriusB!

So Ask YOURSELF some hard questions. Who are My Hero’s and WHY? Do you Know them by their Fruits or their BANK ACCOUNT? Public Status? Symbolic Place in the world? I bet you will come up with some Interesting Answers.

KNOW THYSELF! Branding, ‘The Brand’, Branded.

UNBRANDED The Occult Priestess Korinne L. Wilson

Agent M.I.B.: Maiden in Black ~ aka Mercurial GRL.


In service to You. ALL/ONE. Drops Mic. ~

ANTHONY PEAK! (ARIES) Author/Researcher Chimes In! Sharing Complaints, we Speak OUT:

Anthony Peake – Author of Opening The Doors Of Perception


I also sent to this Our Mutual Friend:

Gemini Daniel Pinchbeck: Author of







All a Girl Ever Wants is a Pearl Knight!

“Sunshine Came softly, Through my Window Today…”

When Morpheus (sleeper) met Iris (awakener).


~ Light Body ~




Original Post: #Branded 4Life: IS Russell Brand my Polar Opposite? In magick, a Positive force, resonates with the negative force (gnosis, becomes one), then Just like Neo in an Agent, Cancels the negative Force out Completely, *BOOM*. What was once dark, has been Transmuted to Light. Ta Da! Magick 101. “The Russell Brand Delusion”, of Western Culture, seeking Messiahs. Russell Brand is the only celebrity of my generation who Took Yoga on Tour, like the Beatles did. In fact his similarities to John Lennon are comical (Faux John Revolution). The video showed Me, Behind the Veil, into EGO WORLD… I am an avatar, like they describe (Kore/Persephone) … this video shows the Flip Side, of what can go Wrong, when the Light Goes Out!




The Latest KOSMIC KORE (Kore Kosmou)

my chat show:


UPDATE: 12/7/2018

Russell Brand: Verified account TWITTER
“While dolling out unsolicited advice is a fine pursuit comedy is my religion.”

Occult Priestess Retweeted Russell Brand
“Not a #GURU, just a “comedian” ~ Exactly. Take Note Kids!!
#Materialist #Branded4Life ”

+ Styx : IF Styxhexenhammer666 has to WARN YOU about DARKNESS… It’s JUST TOO LATE. lol

~ Fin ~ 








Willfull Cock, sticks it to GAIA!

Lightworkers STRIKE back @ Gaia TV: The Force Woke!!

Given the Sexual nature of this Title, that was what “They” call a Hook. Did it grab you? I hope it Did not Fondle you Inappropriately. 

David Wilcock… I am Korinne WILson, so we have a few Mission things in common. There are many Easter Eggs, in a Name.

I have spent the last TWO years of my life in the Los Angeles “DISCLOSURE” + “NEW AGE” Community. My mission, or Call from God, told me to go to Hollywood, and take over the Media. Game ON! Escorted By GOD, I made it into the Winners Cirlce, into the Inner Sanctum ~ Jimmy’s Church “Fade To Black”. I have no Book, no real Product to speak of, I AM ME. I AM THAT I AM.

I have ‘Broke Bread’ with these people, as my tribes say. I am an Open Psychic channel, fully aligned starseed Priestess of Sirius B. I see a LOT more than the Average bear. Once my Heros of Consciousness, the LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY, a BIG DREAM I built up in my head. I thought they were THE MOST ADVANCED people I was likely to find. Naive much Kore? Yes, Always.   I trust and believe in Fairies, it’s Just Who I B.

This is Not my Expose on the Community in LA, which rules the greater community, through MEDIA. This is a Collection of Real Life Posts, by Real Life People Involved with this Community.

I have been a Community Leader – I have my T-shirt and scars on my back, from Knives to prove it. (See my RESUME) Therefore I have been TRAINED to be CONCERNED about this TOPIC.

Lightworkers STRIKE back @ Gaia TV: The Force Woke!! 
David is Pulling a “PRINCE” move. SLAVE across his face.
He also calls Gaia Satanists. LOL YES !

MY POST: “Therefore the Company (GAIATV) was apprised at the very beginning that the Ancient Civilizations program was promoting Lucifer…” See Arthur C Clarks “Childhoods End” to Discover the Greys are Demons of Lucifer. 
I met a main Gaia management dude. Never being a fan of Gaia, I told him, I got a friends password to do research on the community. (Honest theif) He showed me a commissioned painting of his alien abduction, looking like an anal probe session. He praised the Greys, as dry thinky gods, a goal to become.
Oddly enough Magenta Pixie, had just posted something very relevant, and many lightworkers commented, and sent energy- July 2nd, and then this happens. Our Love power is growing. 
From my friend, Radio Host, @JimmyChurchRadio submitted 4 hours ago * by Disclosure_Activist “First of all, let me say that the so-called “Gaia Employee Movement” has nothing to do with Corey Goode, nor with me.” Getting Hot William Henry


The Community Exploded!!!!!!!!!!

PETRA MAGENTA PIXI WAS FIRST ON THE SCENE: Days Before the Event! Psychic News!

 Pixie: July 2 : Lots of negative comments about David Wilcock all of a sudden. This man is a dedicated lightworker and starseed with a very open heart. I have met him personally and he is fully polarised positive, service-to-others and holds the diamond light. Just assisting with the collective lesson in discernment we are currently experiencing and letting you all know that I shall continue to re-post updates from him. Blessings.


I Said: “Edgar Cayce will be OKAY! (He’s just up to no Goode)”

Then David Sent the Resignation Letter, which Crossed Laura Eisenhower Desk + As well as the Church of Jimmy.

The Community was alerted of the NEWS.

See Below for the SCORE BOARD. 

This once held the Thread of Wilcocks Resignation and Has Been Deleted. Letter SPOKEN in Video Provided Below: Under Community #GEM

GRAHAM: gramcrazker

Be Careful of Lucifer!


Responding to “LUCIFERIANISM”


Aurora The Amazing Rainbow Lasagna lady! “This just makes me mistrust Pixie…..
DW has been compromised since he cried that his life was being threatened. He’s a participant in the satanic/luciferian culture, not a critic of it; they paid his bills and he promotes their crap narrative about the SSP and Blue freakin’ Avians from the 5th dimension here to assist humanity.”

I said:  You make good points. Spy VS Spy in the house of love. I always believed David really is Edgar Cayce, therefore a reincarnated Atlantian, therefore not a fake. Being misguided, making mistakes, that is human, not necessarily evil. I see a Much bigger game playing out here. New Media. I’ve been saying for years there are 2 Illuminati, and there are Double Agents of both. Pawn, being played in a bigger game of Heaven vs hell.

+ I added: I am Also a Big Fan of William Henry’s Work, and he writes Most of Gaia’s stuff. I learned about Atlantis, Gaia/Sophia Demiurge (Gnostic) + The watchers from William. Things I would never seek on my own. He understand Ascension is the Activation of the Rainbow light body mer-ka-ba, and not a transhuman robot hybrid person. The “Skingularity” a free book, about the singularity, as we know it – The Zero point, of the Maha mudra. The blending of all opposites, which is coming.


I captured this Shot of WILLIAM HENRY with an ORB HEART Feb2018

Aurora : So, David Wilcock is finally admitting that Gaia(m) TV, the people who have been paying him for years, are actually freakin’ Luciferians! Cry me a river, David, as you attempt to make a “quick, quiet, and polite exit” from the evil (literally) company that conveniently paid you a lot of money.

*he’s afraid this might harm is professional reputation 😂 😂 😂

Video worth watching, it’s DW’s resignation letter from Gaia, and has some juicy tidbits; don’t let this guy slide and give him a free pass, please hold him accountable for his actions and stop giving him any credibility or attention.  Comments on youtube are gold, especially the ones which recognize DW is a rat deserting a sinking ship, that he was happily aligned with the aims and end goals of Gaia TV and he’s one of the people who “never thought she would lose” and was planning on being a major figure in Podesta’s fake disclosure with the crap rocker from Blink 182.



The Outspoken, Sarah Adams & Very Pretty:


Occult Priestess + Sarah Adams chilling at my Lillypad in South Los Angeles. 5/18

Patty Greer who started Gem against Gaia is simply mad because her series got no views she also tried to get some money from them and got mad when she found out I was doing a series for Gaia she than attacked me posting I harmed my partner who passed away and took it down once I faced her up i told her she should stop spreading insane rumors about me like the rest of the crazy jealous women who were mad that max loved me

I usually don’t speak on too many personal things but people need to know the truth about this
She worked on crop circles she should have learned somethings from that
Atleast to act better
I honestly am a lone gunman I’m all alone purposely I’ve found it hard to trust people in my field after being attacked when I was in a bad place after losing max and I was terribly sick many of the people in my field proved go be awful and I was disheartened about this I like being blunt truthful and vocal other speakers were awful
And I’m going to be more vocal
Also some of these people just want to get out of their contracts and get into mainstream tv they really just want to be famous like the people they claim they hate sadly

Sarah R AdamsJuly 6 at 5:31 PM · Gaia has treated me well. They are kind and caring I feel as if there is an effort to take them down because they are doing alot by bringing out much information. Patty Greer viciously attacked me claiming I hurt Max and now she is attacking Gaia because she did not get what she wanted from them so she is acting a huge fit out. I also have a suspicion that some people were sent to infiltrate Gaia and bring it down from within. I checked out some of the people astrally and saw they have dark contracts I also find it strange that one of the quote insiders lived over a base and I saw him shapeshift into a sub species created by draco those specific sub species was created as chess pieces to be placed and used for negative purposes. They are professional and seem to be the best platform for alternative media we have this instant so I stand in full support of them…

A Post on Sarah’s Post:

Gaia TV as far as i could throw them…just a new age money making racket.
Here is another who doesnt trust Gaia…apparently just turned down a 6 figure salary from Gaia…
A MUST READ!! https://www.facebook.com/anyextee/posts/1852568464781821

Next Anyextee Posted 8 hrs ago:
Ask me why I turned down a six figure salary position working w/ GAIA after the CEO flew my wife and I out to their headquarters in Colorado?
And I’ll tell you… It’s because I’d rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect.
But I’ll never be broke because I already have everything I’ll ever need inside of me…. If you don’t have this very basic occult understanding then they will take advantage of you and prey on you. They prefer you to be mindless rather than mindful, present and aware. That’s how they can manipulate you. And if you are broke and depend on money and have no vision for how to do it all on your own than they have you right where they want you. Have the courage to stand on your own. Believe in yourself. When the whole flock goes left, don’t be afraid to go right. Why fit in when you are already a stand out? Don’t ever think you NEED a major company to support you.  Especially one whose intentions are not pure. Researchers and authors typically make little to no money.  It’s very challenging to sustain your passion.  Even “best selling authors” have day jobs and drive 10 year old cars. Truncated:  It’s the reason why my record label was among the pioneers to first sell digital albums when ppl thought CDs held the value. Today it’s an industry staple to put out digital music. It’s the reason I later launched the HipHops genres first digital store, label, and marketing platform before Amazon even launched their digital music store and i never gave into the major labels.
Truncated:  Did you know that P Diddy tried to steal artists that were signed to my label? He literally flew out for one of our shows and came on stage uninvited to position himself next the artist I had invested time, energy, money into and worked on developing. Good thing I had a contract! Did you know that Wyclef Jean almost bought out my company in effort to have me work at his? What I’m getting at here is that this isn’t my first rodeo….
Truncated: You don’t need these corporations.  In fact lack of financial resources should inspire your creativity. Hiphop culture is born from this mindset. Lower income housing projects in the Bronx where ppl have little to no resources used their creativity to counter lack of financial resources and created an entire culture that corporate Amerikkka first labels a fad before exploiting for generations to come – and still exploiting today. Simply because someone got creative and decided to plug two turn tables into a lamp post outdoors. GAIA knew about my history in the music industry and the fact that I built a multi million dollar company with no outside help.  They knew what i was now building with Adept Initiates and Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and thought It may be a good fit for them until I made it clear that I’m nobodies puppet. I was disappointed by what I experienced at GAIA and my meetings with the CEO. After spending over 20 years in the music industry this so called “conscious” space is a walk in the park. Further, I’m an artist who loves music so I naturally look for the patterns… So when the patterns and cycles repeat themself in this space I can quickly identify them. Why do I think I withdraw from CITD and refused to work for GAiA? It’s not about money. It’s about my inner self not resonating with the bullsh*t they are perpetuating or what I believe are the underlying intentions behind it all. Truncated: I’m confident I can stand alone and be just fine. I will do just as i have done in the music industry. I will create a self sufficient platform that innovates. And I know what my intentions are. Truncated: As a mystic I practice daily doing the work to condition myself to be a vessel built to allow the divine to flow through it. The source. The creator. Therefore I will forever be creative. I have a big picture vision. It’s crystal clear. I believe in myself and what I’m doing.
I’m what you call self sufficient and independent. And I won’t compromise my moral compass by creating false narratives for a pay check.
I’ll never need to depend on the “say aliens” crowd for a pay check.
When I was in the music industry the major labels hated me.
Because I innovated and created a platform for other independent artists to thrive in a way that no one else before me had.
So what did the stiff corporate crumbling dinosaur move making major labels do?
They invited me up their offices.
They inquired about my strategies. Truncated

I said: Thank you Next Anyextee. I experienced a lovely education through your EPIC post! In the tradition of Bill and Ted, I do believe Music will ‘save the future’ (Radio Free Albemuth). I am happy to be your FB friend. Join our Oral tradition order, of Hermetic Gnosis, the Music Party, if you feel the Call of the DJ   THEN HE JOINED US, and I Invited him to be the FIRST Musical Guest in THE KOSMIC KORE chat show! 


Laura Eisenhower Posted: I am sitting back and watching.

dogmaAzreal was originally a muse like his “sister”, Serendepity and he was from Heaven too. Ages ago, Satan (originally known as Lucifer) started his war for his place as God’s usurper and the new ruler of Heaven. Heaven itself was divided into two armies: the faithful and the renegades. The Ethereal Plains were filled with the chaos of the battle as angelic factions from both opposite sides fought. Azreal refused to fight, seeing that an artist doesn’t destroy. When the fight was over, God cast him to Hell, because of his refusal and neutrality.



BUDDHA BOYS: “Well, I’ll be calling out you people like a casting call~  I’ve got NEWS for you CREWS, you’ll be sucking like a leech~ WHERE’D YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM? U THINK U CAN FRONT WHEN REVELATION COMES? Yeahhhh YOU CAN’T FRONT ON THAT!”


Randy Maugens: 
To all who are posting/reposting this alleged resIgnation by David Wilcock from Gaia TV:
First, I wish to not offend those who sincerely value truth and honor in the alternative media. That said, I think the circumstances surrounding this “leaked” email wreaks of service-to-self, promotional back-patting, and a fairly liberal interpretation of facts not entered into the record. I have to ask: Why has David hidden behind this alleged group of Gaia TV defectors? While I am aware the group does, and has existed (their LinkedIn page was taken down before I could screenshot) and that certain facts, noticed in this email, are part of the complaints being leveled at Gaia TV; I think it is safe to assert that in this age of meme hijacking, it is entirely possible for important work, done under cover for protection, to be exploited and/or co-opted.
Read in its entirety, this email mentions nothing about the Gaia TV employees who have been grievously harmed by Gaia’s practices of privacy violation. I have been in possession of reported incidents of flagrant misuse and outright abuse of certain “medical” practices by a now resigned medical practitioner employed by Gaia. That these gross violations were silenced and covered up by high Gaia execs, and denied as “rumors”. That Gaia is, demonstrably, in possession of dangerous energy weapons and human tracking software that has been deployed both maliciously (I received first-hand account of a subject whose dog was killed, and she, herself partially blinded by such an attack), and, supposedly, for “benevolent” purposes as detailed by Gaia’s diva, Regina Meredith. I, myself, believe I was hit with a weaponized cyber attack last year while recording an interview with Patty Greer. This resulted in internal bleeding in my right ear and has been documented.
Does David ever mention, in his constant references to “Luciferian” practices at Gaia, that it has been publicly known since before 2012 that Gaia CEO is involved in all manner of dark practices? That this has even been referenced in public documents by Stan Tenant in regards to his successful lawsuit with Dan Winter over plagiarized materials? So—are we to assume that David, in ALL his ponderous glory, knew NOTHING about these reports before he signed a lucrative contract with Gaia in 2013? David, I will remind you, was involved with the UFO cult intelligence operation run behind Carla Ruecker and the LAW OF ONE channelings.
Has David, anywhere in this meandering “resignation” bothered to stand up for any of the people who have been economically, personally, and socially stalked and harmed by Gaia? That David has been well paid as “talent” by Gaia, for going to and recruiting a delusional, pathological liar named Corey Goode, to concoct a version of “Secret Space Program” that glorifies corporate-military mind control operations, and tacks on the ultra new age blathering of the “Blue Avians”, who loosely mimic Carla Ruecker’s RA teachings? I could go on, ad nauseam, but I think you get my points.
The larger questions are: WHY has the alternative media press just sucked this information up and spit it out without any due diligence, journalisitcally or with discernment. Why are we accepting information from a vacuum? Can ANYONE provide documentation, even facsimiles, that validate sources and reasonable proofs as to the origin of these “leaks”? An email with verifiable header data would go a long way here…But, these random, cryptic, insider one-liner releases? Really? THIS is what passes for media in 2018?
Passing on third hand emails with no validation, no second or third party witnesses? Nothing but fluff and mild accusations ALL about money?! To push out into the already fragile (by my estimate) consciousness of the so-called “awake and aware” crowds that, yes, once again, good old David leads the way out of darkness. When Wilcock, himself, has been the orchestrator of one shitstorm after another for over 15 years. (Let’s not forget his melodramatic “crying game” show with Kerry Cassidy, when he claimed he received a death threat…).
Would not it be reasonable to expect that Gaia, a company notorious for its onerous contracts and litigious practices, would not even blush at how their “star” resigns via a rambling email screed? Can we presume that—his contract is either over, or he was terminated? Corey Goode’s lawsuit: do you really think anyone wants to risk putting Goode in a courtroom with a civil trial, where depositions will be taken? Think this out… And then there is Emery Smith…and the Pete Peterson debacle…oh, and unfortunate that William Tompkins expired (on an eclipse) after confiding a source in Las Vega, at MUFON, that he didn’t buy Corey’s story??? Coincidence, I’m sure.
In the interest of all those grievous injuries to Gaia’s present and former employees; of all us who have been targeted, stalked, attacked— whether by technology or coven level witchcraft—and maligned by the vampires in the closets at Gaia; for those in/or survivors of, clandestine military-intelligence-corporate mind control programs, including the “real” Secret Space Program (SSp); can we please use discernment and better practices of journalism?
IF this email does, indeed, emanate from David Wilcock, WHY does he not voice these words to be heard? In an open forum where critical questions can be asked (like mine above). Not Jimmy “Fade To Black” Church. Not the sycophants of Jordan Sather or the “Stillness In The Storm” blog. This is all a bit like the classic game of “Operator” (hmmm….), a bit too precious. So 4Chan…so “Q ANON” like. And—it is bullshit.
Whether the email came from David, it is still an empty, vacuous piece of more ego-driven self propaganda. That may be WHY I find it at all valid, On the other hand, I suspect the stakes are high enough that plausible deniability is built-in to this epistle. Either way: David wins! And so will Gaia, because the REAL injustices are nowhere in sight here.
#GEM also needs to step up their game and talk: with safeguards in place. They need to validate their claims and stop playing cryptic. The alternative press needs to start demanding better sources, and STOP circulating fabricated press releases as heroic. THIS is a snakepit. It all needs to be pulled out from under its rocks, exposed, and burned (metaphorically, of course).
My platform is open to anyone who wishes to bring forth facts relevant to the situation @ Gaia. I have a reputation for being discrete, critical, and open to all sides of a story. Subject to proof. If not me, I hope you, who have similar platforms; will start asking these questions, and subjecting celebrity gurus to very steep skepticism. I support any/all of you and hope the above, while long, to be provocative. I welcome any feedback, corrections, or criticisms. ~ Randy

The GREAT DIVIDE has Begun! Thank goodness, because I was getting stale, like a Rose Growing Old. This GNOSTIC SCRIPT is too Boring for me. Give me GREECE BACK! Oh the LAMENT of HERMES! 


My community ‘foresees’ a coming Fake/Archonic Alien invasion, and a False Alien Messiah. I FOUND SPACE JESUS, he was Revealed Years ago in this video. Authentic or Cloned? The Brand ‘Hates’ on Trump(ets) & Loves Science intellect (Yoga?)


Although I am CELEBRATING HEROES in this post.. I could Not Resist a SHOUT OUT to the FALSE PROPHETS.



UPDATED: 2/2/2019





Thieves in the Temple- all day long.



Getting to KNOW YOU… Getting to KNOW ALL about YOU… #Community 

The Occult Priestess: Adventures in Babysitting:

“That’s Not THOR honey.” 😦 

Image result for adventures in babysitting thor







REPORTING FROM THE FRONT! Boots in the SKY! FORCE FIGHT! Dark Vs Light in the Ultimate Higher dimensional showdown. Game On for #Lightworkers! Manifesting in your collective (muggle) Reality in 2019. (The most recent TRUMPet: “War Bugle, an item available in Dragon’s Dogma.” <– pop culture “The Jelling Dragon – Viking horn bugles.” <– actual) Will Tall White Viking Supremacists Aliens Win? R U #Sirius?!

~ Fin ~