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NOTES on a Phenomenon I’ve been seeing, for ages. As a symbolic expert, I notice everything. After a while, everything has a CORD of ressonance, that fits the entire Puzzle into One Symphony. I am on the precipice of hearing this Music.

I am Most interested in the Mandarin Hair- of the “Martyr” or at least that is what David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) told me, it means, During a vision (visitation), Ziggy Stardust Rocked the Martyr hair.

I feel the Mandarine Hair, is about STARSEEDS. Old Souls, like myself, who were born before Earth cycles began. We have volunteered, to incarnate here into the cycles, to assist Humanity reach Enlightenment, and Gaia to raise in vibration creating,  “Heaven on Earth”. “Jaded Mandarin” is mentioned in “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Judas. Martyr, is a Sacrifice, the Hanged Man (Odin) in the Tarot. We fell, we DEscended, we sacrificed perfection…. to be here.

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KORE: Greek Goddess, my ‘past’ incarnation; 

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LINK: Ultraviolet light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked:

Dark Fashion Inquiries:






Voodoo: Wrap it in a RED cloth, to represent BLOOD, to call the POWER of your dead, ghost, negative ancestors.

WHITE is the color of the SHEET we send them HOME in, smoteing the dead.



A Day in the Life: Celebrity Mystic

Celebrity Mystic: A Projection

I can feel my future coalescing, visions from my past, of my future, flood my thoughts. This is an exercise in projecting my visions, of the future, into the NOW.


I awake to the sound of birds, and nature, the Sun is bright and warm. Music begins to play, as I make my way to the coffee + coconut milk. My true love has made us healthy green drinks for breakfast. My drink is sitting on the counter, as he has gone to meditate and commune with himself, as part of his morning ritual. I take a few shots of supplements, and light the morning candles and incense. During coffee, I catch up on social media and messages. After my green drink, I cleanse, dress and ready myself for the day. 



At 10am, my hired men arrive at the door. We may think of these men as bodyguards, I see them as safe company… I have given them the code names of Jake and Elwood, as well as spyware watches. Elwood informs me of the appointments I have agreed to, and an estimate of when we will be done for the day. After a kiss from my well meditated true love, me and the boys pile in the black car for a day of adventure.


Our first stop is at the mansion of a hollywood director, who is working on an interdimensional film. I am there for a one hour consultation, speaking about how the dimensions work, and how best to visually interpret that for film. $$ Cha-Ching $$ + Art! 

A lunch appointment with an actor I had a crush on for years. His query is about how to expand his consciousness, in order for him to transcend into states of Samadhi.  The advice that came through from his spirit guides, was to explore the dream realm. I offered him a package of personal guided meditation sessions with me, he all to happily agreed to. *Score* 

I was then ‘summoned’ to appear, before the lizards… a corporation asked me to review their human resource policies in accordance with natural law. Their manifest was over 200 pages, I whittled it down to 12 pages, not including extensive footnotes. Given how much money these policy changes will lose them, I’m pretty sure my work will end up in the circular file (trash). The corporations pay big bucks, as they should *$$$$$$$* hermwingfedora

The last stop with the guys today, is the spa! I freaking love the spa, and the natural mineral springs. I hand Jake and Elwood gift certificates for massage, so they can chill as well. After an hour and a half of awesome self care, I am off toward home, returning messages on the phone.

The guys drop me off, and take the car with them. I enter my home, and smell the best food coming from my kitchen. Arriving at the yummies, I see my true love laughing and dancing in the middle of the living room. “Hello Beloved, how was your day?” I ask


“You must know, we’ve been in psychic communication all day. I was a little insecure, admittedly, with you lunching with your old crush. Yet when I tuned in, I felt the vibe was so loving, you really cared about his wellbeing.”

I dance to my love, and begin to sway with him. “Thank you for making dinner. I am deeply grateful for your beingness. I felt you today, when the pool was too cold… Ha Ha. I think you screamed?”

He laughs “I would say I exclaimed, passionately.” 

The rest of my evening would be so magical and personal, I care not to project it. Tantric Yogini Kundalini Alchemical Romance 

Ideal Work Situation

 I work constantly six months out of the year, and take six months off in recovery/discovery personal time. I have a retreat center, where major events blow minds and open hearts. My teachings take on a myriad of forms from media, (musical plays, movies, live shows, comedy, performance art),  to hands on work. I prefer camera interviews, podcasts, and radio, over live lectures at events, or book signings. I work with artists, psychics, wayshowers, visionaries and starseeds to create new ways of expressing truth. At some point I have a television talk show, that I become known for. 

N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
‘Cause I can’t wait much longer



~ fin ~ 

April 24th 2017

Gnosis of Nephthys

Know Thyself: Teachings and Pop Culture Community


Zoom Out: What is the Age, we are flowing into? The Age of Aquarius, the Age of Horus the Younger (Dispeller of Darkness), a Golden Age of endless light. “Electric Word life, and that means forever.. that’s a mighty long time.” Prince 

Zoom In: I am an Aquarius / Tiger, the Eastern tiger being equivalent to the Western Aquarius. I have been both student and teacher, leader and follower on my life path.  The teachings I provide and hold dear do not come from ‘book learning’ nor ‘arm chair analysis’, my teachings come from Gnosis.

Gnosis is a word I must define, as Perfect Wisdom. To gain gnosis, we must empty ourselves, open like a lotus and be in desire of empathic relation with the cause of our focus. Empty openness, the secrets of Nephthys, and all Night Goddesses. To be humble, to respect, to remain still, without judgment, to commune, to be one. Through this vibrational marriage, we are reminded all is ONE, through this seed magick (atom), we real-eyes the truth of the cause of our focus. This truth then lives, awakened within us, coloring our life with it’s particular alchemical flavor or Gnosis.

As a teacher, I speak from experience, as very few do, these days. In many works, you will find a collection of stories from individuals, who are not the author. Karma, Life Experience, is what shapes our character, and gives us the knowledge with which to teach. Yet in our society,  “Teaching” looks like brainwashing, mind programming, and Egoic preening.

I find my style of learning/teaching does Not fit In! I have felt, when among my peers,  I was behind a glass wall… Talking, but no one hearing me. It seems they were too full of their Own perspective, a fixed belief system. No one was Looking for Awe, Wonder, true magick… soul growth. All was surface, with rumors of depths, nowhere to be found. Feeling it’s Taboo to speak about God & Spirit Guides, or being a psychic channel, at a “New Age Fair” is kind of laughable! I never thought I would be Unique, among the Big Kids out here in #California.



Lesson Vignettes

Hermes, my spirit guide and I get together on FaceBook posts. I find them to be lessons worth sharing and keeping. Here are a Few examples. Now I will have a place to post our tiny insights! Tiny Teachings (Hermetic). Not In Order: Yet I will begin posting them in order from now on.

JULY 11 2017 (11 Justice Ma’at)

Astral Memo, From the Spirit Realm: * Lightworkers, guides, wayshowers… The shift has come, to FOCUS our work on those Who are doing the Work. The message is “Do not give to those, who have not partaken of the bread of life” for at this point, that is a lost cause, and will only serve to rob you of light. Self care #1 .
(This came down from the Egyptian Pantheon, and I Assume, will not *FIT* all children in every pantheon, Greco / Egyptian incarnates, pay *seed* to this) .

REBLOGGED :  The Coffin Texts connect Osiris and grain with immortality: “I am Osiris . . . I live and grow as Neper [“Corn” or “Grain”], whom the august gods bring forth that I may cover Geb [the earth], whether I be alive or dead. I am barley, I am not destroyed.” The texts also tell us that the deceased, identified with Osiris as the Divine grain, nourishes the common people, makes the Gods Divine, and “spiritualizes” the spirits. Thus bread and grain are more than just bodily sustenance; they are spiritual sustenance as well.   <– WORDPRESS 

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July 8th 2017 4:44pm Los Angeles


Sunday March 13, 2017

So you know how we Integrate our Higher Self (perfection of our soul) down into these Bodies? Become one with our Soul- this is a big part of “Ascension”. Welp… Seems I am ALSO Integrating Hermes my spirit guide / Twin. THe Higher Self is “On-Line” enough to now Integrate the Masculine twin soul. I am being TOLD not to say “HERMES SAYS” or “HERMES TOLD ME” but to say “I SAY”- “I KNOW” which seems somewhat Dishonest to me. But Rashmi Khilnani Reminded me- We are Already One, in Truth, on a Higher Level. So I am going to have to work with this until I find my Comfort with it. So For OLD TIMES sake- Hermes Told me:
“My Spirit Guide Hermes resembles the DAVID Statue by Angelo. It seems Hermes is Kewl with David… yet starts being Unkewl when Solomon comes on the Scene.. and from there, corruption grows. Hermes also gives Merit to some Philosophers, and not others. As a Teacher, Hermes wants me to learn Correct truth- and not be victim to a False History. His goal is to give me a wholistic view of Humankind, history and Goals for the future. If one is working with Fiction/Lies, the truth can never Out. As a “Psychic Channel” (tea parties with spiritual guides) I have a Far Reach to the truth, above Time/Space and all the Lies.”

Yesterday small Vision. A panel of Authors were Speaking of Washington- Jordan Maxwell: His last name (fam name) is Caroll (I accidentally called him LEWIS CARROLL referring to him earlier in the day- To Alan) – owned Washington b4, way back… He felt KARMIC ISSUE with this … So He works to Expose Washington…. I SAW- My Statue, Open Her EYEs as he Talked…. Persephone (Soul) is Now LOOSE in WASHINGTON.columbia


March 8, 2017

* Perspective * is 9 tenths of the law. Mindfulness. in the moment awareness- helps those baby choices, to become major changes in no time. Talking to yourself, as if you are a wonderful child, being kind and fun with yourself, gives us the perspective of an inner *Parent* who eventually we become, to our awesome child self. This is spirituality mixed with pop psychology. my own blend.

“The road to you” by The Occult Priestess  Korinne Wilson15823371_10155631296398452_2208033469134273071_n


February 26  2017 Hermes Spoke Today, about Us: “We are original beams, original beings, from source. when source first learned how to express- it expressed in us, Love expressed our essences, enlivened us.

Love laughed, and created, love cried and created, love felt and created- Birthing Original Beams (beings) from the Cosmic One Ray. We are expressions of that divine center. The egg, the yoke, the shell. The shell is ego egg covering, the egg is realization self knowledge, the yoke must be the ‘thing’. The yoke is the oneness of love, the anchor of all original beams. The one ingredient we always have, the tether, the truth of origin. No matter how we evolve or develop, the source is origin, and that is Our Thing.


Re-In-CAT-nation: I had a lesson with Hermes last night that had me rolling on the floor. He was Visually explaining, how All Past lives happen – at one time. So He took me Above earth, at the place peeps come in, He called it the On Ramp to Earth 😀. So there we are… and he says imagine you had, let’s say 9 Lives, 9 Incarnations… and there appeared 9 Kitty Cats, lined up over the earth. He Said, now you see a LARGE Beaker, of water- which represents Soul. This Soul in particular chose to live 9 lives. The Beaker, filled Each Cat until the water- soul- was all in a Kitty Vessel. 1 soul, many lives. Then Hermes showed me how the Kitties as they Descend from the On Ramp, at Once, What we call “Time Lines” are ‘Places’, to our Higher Perception. So Kitty can incarnate in any “TIME” (place), even be Soul Twin Kitties, who incarnates to love Itself. lol. Kitties soul gets Changed from this process, kitty evolves.”

GHOSTS: Ghost Realm chatter, “Crazy” people chatter = Is the Same. Walking ghosts, open radio channels to the Dead, the “crazy” who are usually homeless and have an addiction. The Dead and the Crazy sound the same to me. So I am cracking through more of the Mystery of 4th Dimension and 3rd Dimension, as it is Carried in BOTH the Collective “Soul” of Humanity and the Collective Unconscious. These are the JERKS that Psychics often hear as chatter in the mind. Ask Archangel Michael to come and cut all open lines for you. Even friends and family voices in your Mind, too often, are unhealthy.

– Discovered this is 100%, while observing and psychicly reading a disturbed person.

SHADOW: In September of 2016, I engaged in an #Ayahuasca ceremony. This is a drawing I made to portray, the “Hat Man” I saw, above one of the other participants.

My new friend Kyle Jay is working on a Documentary about “THE HAT MAN” – a shadow creature who has a Fancy for old hats. Shadow People are often encountered during shifting states of consciousness. I understand this is an Inter Dimensional, crossing of the streams type of issue. It is well known in psychology, deeply grieving people see shadows and hear voices. A temporary rip in time/space, the realm of Monsters and Men.

The Hat Man: Today I was asked about the Shadow figure known as “The Hat Man”.
A: I saw a HAT MAN Over someone at an Ayahuasca ceremony. I had the classic shadow man for 19 years- I am in the movie “The Nightmare” by Rodney Ascher (Netflix #Sundance).
Q:How did you see the hat man?
A: I am psychic, Native American Cherokee (Shaman skills). I glanced over at a fellow “traveler”, and saw the Hat Man shadow standing over him, watching, guiding. It was so creepy, because I never saw a hat man before, and wondered if they were real. I did not FEEL that hat man, thank goodness- just saw him. Ayahuasca Turns on the Pineal gland, making one aware of the spiritual layers of the inner and outer reality.
Q: That’s creepy. How tall was he? What kind of hat did he have?
A: Keep in mind- even the hat was shadow- like it was the entire material this ‘thing’ was made of- shadow matter. The hat 100% a Fedora… I have taken to wearing them recently- to take the Hat Back energetically, (The Hat Priestess). He was typical man height, 6’2. Yet I could tell the Image I was seeing, was a ‘space holder” for an energy that was – coming from – another “Dimension”. So an Interface, a Mask, a costume, for a dark energy identity… possibly an Ancestor..


Ayahuasca: You got your #Ayahuasca in my #Reiki! I have come to discover my September sojourn to Maui for Ayahuasca, upgraded my ‘powers’. Many alchemical mixes took place between my energy body and Ayahuasca’s ancient wisdom/magick. Aya is an A+ coun’Soul’er, even better than me. Being that I, worked through my bigger issues, cleared out my subconscious and had 14 kundalini adventures, Aya and I got to PLAY, instead of cry all night. I can now Call upon Aya like I do Reiki, and ask it to Cleanse – whatever the issue is – such as extra radio frequencies, I don’t need, as I enjoy music… Cleanse the radio ~ I see the aya energy going through portals and timeslips to cleanse the radio- Done. Last night, I asked Ayahuasca to cleanse any part of my soul/psyche/energy body that had been affected by darkness. I asked for the light to cleanse the darkness. I understand Alchemy takes ‘time’, proper mixture, settling, refining. The alchemical mixture of me and ayahuasca is still developing. I never knew a plant could be a conduit for such a powerful force of LIGHT. “The term Ayahuasca is derived from the Quechua words “aya ” meaning soul or spirit and “huasca” meaning rope or vine” Ayahuasca / SHAKTI

TWINS: Twins: Ancient Egypt: Isis, Osiris, Set & Nephthys, all born out of the same womb. Is this Literal? NO, we are aliens, never take us Literally. And please do not blame us for your low vibrational horrifying, Incest / molestation. Thank you. SIRIUS STAR – Agent M.I.B. Maiden in Black, in service to Sirius & Huemanity.

ME: Spring Equinox 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 3:28 AM on Monday, March 20th. “the Great Goddess through death and rebirth formed the basis of the famed cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries, initiatory rites to the Goddess held in the Greek city of Eleusis that were said to have been founded by the Goddess Herself. ” Yes, Yes I did found my own Rite, With Hermes! Apples and Pomegranates are HARSH lessons indeed. Do not undergo my rites without a strong spirit.

Dreamtime: Dreams! must be the theme today with Sun in Pisces (the dreamer). Did you Notice, they Meditate, and psychicly connect in this Video? The “Dreamtime” ~ When your spirit guide gives you a Video, it always Seems new, even if you’ve watched it your entire life. The Message is- The Dreamtime is Real, and if you walk there, use it to your Highest Good, and don’t let the bastards get you down. Claim your Power (love power is the only power) above and below. On Earth as it is in Heaven. All/One
Deep Symbology: Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Family: Morpheus (Dream) and Iris (Vision), with a love bug (Cupid/Hermes) between them. Very dear, and kind, to lovers everywhere.
IRIS: A Hermes Girl: “In Greek mythology, Iris (EYEBALL) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.” She’s an Astral Astronaut, like me. Kore – Cornea, the apple of his eye. I’ve wondered if Iris was a part of my soul story, and I know Morpheus is a large part of my mission… so this was wonderful to find.

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ORIGINAL BEINGS: Hermes Spoke about Us today: “We are original beams, original beings, from source. when source first learned how to express- it expressed in us, Love expressed our essences, enlivened us.
Love laughed, and created, love cried and created, love felt and created- Birthing Original Beams (beings) from the Cosmic One Ray. We are expressions of that divine center. The egg, the yoke, the shell.
Me: The shell is ego egg covering, the egg is realization self knowledge, the yoke must be the ‘thing’.
Hermes: The yoke is the oneness of love, the anchor of all original beams. The one ingredient we always have, the tether, the truth of origin. No matter how we evolve or develop, the source is origin, and that is Our Thing.” Happy Sunday. Eclipse ~ Kore (February 2017)

Dark Beings: 3rd time you Hear something… it’s a trend. I heard 3 different stories, Friday-Today, about People starting to see “Aliens” and “Reptilians” (Snake tongue). Things are Getting Sirius!
#ThirdEye #Skillz 

COLLECTIVE CREATION: I Bid You Good day! From Sirius. Bashar, my Sirian BroStar has a few things Con-Fused. Reality Tunnel (Robert Anton Wilson) is the Actual “Time Line” explanation (Mr. Wilson and I are buds). We COLLECTIVELY Create reality, “The Secret” is a Lie, Bastardised from “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes”. Dabblers, First Lifetime in this field, rich – privileged Idiots are writing /selling New Age Dharma. Want a Book published with a Big House- no problem, just drink their corporate kool-aide and pay money- and Boom your In! What about the book contents? We don’t care, just give us the money- we’ll edit it. Experts are hard to find, for they have morals, therefore are less successful. My Guru had to move from Lovely Africa, to nowhere Kentucky to save me (by fate, lineage magick). Real guides Sight their Teachers, their history of Spiritual Work, how they came to be the Amazing person they are…. Fakes are all about Marketing, and not discussing their Past. I am Getting quite an Education here in Los Angeles! Back home I had no one to Observe, no way of seeing the Bigger “New Age” picture.. .but they let me In Here, ahhaha- and now I see. 😀 I am excited about changes in the Current Dharma of the AGE OF HORUS (Siriusly).
The Age Of Horus (the younger, son of Isis and Osiris) is when SET (d-evil) gets squashed. And we can all go back to HIGH VIBRATION, like we are used too (old souls hear me)

.Parallel Earths : Sirius Talk ; Occult Priestess Re: Bashar

COLDPLAY: The Psychic Medium’s Lament: “Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head And since I fell for that spell I am living there as well …” The Ghost realm, although impermanent, is actual.
LOOK UP- REACH UP #Connect with #Master #Teachers #Missionaries The Soul Guide, Occult Priestess – UNGHOST Yourself! Grab an appointment @

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UPGRADES: I had a Heart upgrade yesterday. My higher self (soul) was chatting with me, as I felt/”saw” my heart turn to Clear Crystal. A major download about clear Feeling, crystalline precision, a light that exists in two “places” at once, The Heart light in Her, and Myself was Aligned.
This was a TIMING issue… I had to wait until the “Twin” of my heart (mystery man) was aligned enough, for me to make the leap. Now with a clear heart window, a vibration that cuts through fiction, I can see even more clearly- the Path, the way… follow the heart light. #Activation #Intergration #Starseed#SoulSistar 

Life Lessons: Not everyone is your friend…
Out and about I have been a social, smiling persona… the person strangers tell their life story to at the bus stop… you know. Lately I have been receiving guidance to keep to myself, to curtail my openly social, welcoming ways- for a quiet, laid back approach, of being inside myself, self focused, Energy on me – as opposed to being gifted to strangers.
Part of this is Simply good psychic hygiene. Remaining self focused encourages self nurturing, inner and higher states of awareness/consciousness.
The morbid part is during this training process I am noticing there is no reason to be reaching out to strangers…. most of them are not in my realm, my dimension, there are no links between our worlds… This dissociation makes me feel as if they are already gone, they do not exist, they are Set Scenery, not actual from my perspective of what a conscious soul connected human being is. Those who are aware of higher consciousness, stick out to me now… yet there is still a disconnection, a lack of wanting to reach out. I have weird thoughts that maybe all white people are crazy- lol, but I know a lot of starseeds that just happen to be white, and they are amazing people.Image may contain: one or more people and text
As I explore this inner world, hermiting, learning how to navigate Energy Realms, instead of physical – material – object oriented, living in 3D… Moving ahead where the rest of me is, Somewhere in 5D on good days. I am aware the Ego can see this as some kind of Spiritual Elitism, soulism, pre-judgement kind of stuff. I understand I am growing as is my nature, and this particular phase is about Discernment, as well as Learning a Healthy perspective on waking life, and my place in it. To read energy, to see the Patterns in the “Matrix”, to act from the Vibratory, energetic realms, to ‘close my eyes’ and actually see the truth of waking life, moment by moment, heart centered path walking.
We base so much on our 5 senses, that support the ego structure and materialistic living. Making an effort to ‘close my eyes’ and Feel, learn how to live life ‘blind’- Like a Jedi, I suppose! lol. I am totally doing this. 😀 Full Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow!!! LEO. Sun in Aquarius. Saturday is My Birthday.

Wonderland Headaches: Last Night I watched “Through the Looking Glass” by Tim Burton and that crew… I had a splitting headache by the end, and I Remembered, the First Alice Burton ALSO Gave me a horrible headache. I thought it was because the Kind of film they shot it in, some effect… But I watched this last one on Netflix… I also Noticed Tim isn’t whimsical like he used to be, this movie was kreepy, not happy goth  Another one bites the dust. The Blue Butterfly was prominent, and Many other “Occult” symbols, many mirroring my own Journey, my personal mythology. I met “Time”, and my Grandma forgot to Wind him… SO I think I am going to Stop watching Tim Burton, just incase they are Using Tech to Implant my Brain
Alice, just Ain’t That Curious.

REALMS: Mad Metaphysical skills. I am working on visually explaining the Dimensions, vibration rates and frequency of Consciousness and the Realms of the Unseen. Just a Priestess, Lifting that Veil… life after life…Image may contain: 1 person, drawing


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“This book is the Shiz-nit” Tupac (“This book is the peak of the mountain” Tupac… If I tell them what you really said to me, no one would believe it was you Tupac






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Kore Channeling

I am your inner Light, I am your muse tonight.
Cast aside the dust and uncover your old music box.
The one you left playing in the corner oh so long ago.
Wind now as it is your fashion, the clock striking midnight, the soul of compassion.
Bend your wisdom to the wind, arch yourself from within, beyond barriers into the Light.
Dance now to the tune of a thousand songs.
Multi universal esoteric tones, vibrating your essence, reverberating your bones.
Come clear across to the other shore with me. Touch and feel the beauty like a golden cloud of honey
Come with me, to the other side of reality,
let us see what is behind creativity…
I can show you the path
But you must lead the way
For a thousand locks on the hundredth box, cast your doubts away. Don’t go missing in action letting your senses stray. Be here now and stay, say, stay.
On a sea of empty bliss we forget loneliness and become oneliness, wholeness is a state such as this.
Bring me your rhymer, your key keeper your tymer, break now the sacred hour glass that falls with red sands and put the faith and wisdom back into her hands- wielding now the shield of one, divining lady share what we have become. Open your eyes and ears to fate as the winged messenger duly awaits. Bring now thine wisdom back home (bring it on home) to the nest of empty forgiveness, the unity with the allness so that you to may bless- the bliss, the oneness- inside manifest as outside coalesce, understand the union that all are one, universal oneness a certain state of consciousness.
Bringing it all together, making it make sense.
You are being asked to fulfill the mission of writing and of skill to bring through the knowledge you have attained through previous incarnations, and those lessons from other realms of light- into this plane, onto this place, bringing a joy and abundance of greater fruits/efforts. Work for you is designed or by design, your will makes the magick grow (The golden dust of Isis). Bringing wisdom to the people counterbalances your work in a fulfilling and quite tolerable way. You will find in your giving and gifting you will receive many fold. Bringing to a culmination many lifetimes sold to the past. You see how it is your Karma to reap from your treasures. The vast knowledge of your well observed incarnations are reflecting back to you, shining the light of what you have forgotten or what :time: has stolen. Give your secrets back to yourself and unleash them upon the people with delight in discovery. You are your own archeological dig dear princess. Loved one in flesh we must regress. Cast back thine eye to the brilliant sun of glow in blue hue (I see and eclipse)- cast back to green and the morning glory brew (like absinthe, a green psychedelic drink), incense streaming, light rays beaming (mirrors and light for trance I assume), karmic mission fulfilled.
I see the New Justice archetype with short brunette hair, like the Statue Of Liberty kind of, on her throne with her sword high in the air. Like the Priestess and Justice Tarot Cards combined. Finally a clear picture of the “new” justice card that I have been seeing that I thought existed in the Thoth deck, but it does not.
In the morning you rise, take this in stride, breathing in slow and deep. Bringing peace home to the future shores of tomorrow, bringing in the sheep, with an ocean of devotion, sacred vows we keep. Bring ye here with a full plate to breathe the breath and the truth of the knowledge within, come with sword and chalice and rod, come to symmetry and balance. Think of the one, the undivided, the whole- draw your light from this. We are all one and that brings home the sight, the sound and the vision. Bring your light carried within, for no mask can hide your pallor, climb to the top- begin the begin, the top of the ivory tower. See the triangle descend upon thee. Break loose your golden chains, for the platinum reins to the chariots horses. Create.
Platinum blue steel – cobalt brilliance- eye of sight within the darkness (the sun is eclipsed by the moon) ancient spiral hypnotic calling you back through the void into oneness into the light of all oneness. Bright as your moon is shadowed with the evening of starlight round the a halo of a surface shore. Bring your light! Bring it high, for the moon riseth in your eyes- understand the knowing of all is one with the strength of the deep expanses, underworld landscapes on the moon over your head through the star gate, under the bridge and over the mountain into valley below the surface, into oval pupils tunneling underground. Echo, Echo heard the soft sound of the water as it escapes its confines and joins your mind in common acknowledgment. Drop of moisture calls you to the place of sacred stones, crystalline shards, of charts and graphs, treasures to unfold. The Mayan bird riseth out of the crystal, like a phoenix spreading its wings of radiating light- Prophecies. The secrets of Azaz’el. ~ Kore Channeling 2009

The Risk-Maiden

Queen of the Waiting Ones


Our Star, shining and multiplying the light as it passes through You.  Queen of Diamonds, forged under the pressure of free will.  Risk-Maiden, stacking the hands of those whose guile is limitless, yet are You also the Bear consuming the meat of Your weak and crippled prey.  You are a fickle Mistress, though the Powers You govern are steady, even in the chaos of the Marketplace.

Hail, Lady of Rushing Bulls, Who tramples over false currency– that which does not feed the soul, or the stomach.  You entreat us to be true, and to welcome the gains which we have earned, and to never sign away our Sovereign right to be secure in our own deeds.

Columbia, You were the Nameless Goddess Who was here before us, waiting to inspire this Nation.  We did not understand the depth of Your lessons, and only now are some awakening to the debt we owe this…

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The Ark of the Convenient

Research: Active =1; Conclusions = 0

My research began with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark.

My Query: Watching Indiana Jones: Question; The Ark of the Covenant. Dude had to get the Staff of RA, the Egyptian Sun God, and go into two ancient Egyptian sites to ascertain and attain said Ark…. But it’s a Christian + Jewish Artifact? Why Did the Christian/Jews Time travel to Ancient Egypt to place their Ark in our temple? I Cannot find out How Egyptians Got the Ark in the first place? When did the Egyptians steal the Ark? (Or is the Ark, created by the Egyptians, and the Jewish/Christians stole it and made a story up about it?) #Sirius #Starseed His-story


FB Friend: “There were lots of Egyptian arks, Freeman Fly is up on this. Arks were pretty common all over Egypt.”

FB Friend: “I would suggest the holy grail (holograil) the ARC offer the same technology potential. Scalar plasma generators / converters. Programmable ether devices that can offer replication and dimensional ‘amplification’ and of course why was there a woman who could hear god, called Jean D’arc? Curious  Interesting that good ol Harrison went after both the ark & grail. Free energy devices that could hold over unity implosions perhaps? ”

^ My Response ^: “The way I am taught about this “Tech” is that it is internal, all within, and I am being taught how it works, the result being Sidhi’s. ”

FB Friend: “You may wanna research a guy named Shisak. He is actually mentioned in the movie although his name is mispronounced. I’ve seen it spelled with and without the 2nd H. He is tied in with Solomon’s son Rahoboam, and therein lies the secret of why the Ark was moved. Remember it was Moses brother Aaron (see etymology Aaron/Aryan) who built the Ark. He was also the sorcerer who through down the staff and turned it into a serpent in a contest with Pharoah’s magician. One alternate history theory holds that Moses was actually Akhenaten. Regardless, he and Aaron were well schooled in Egyptian magick.”

Matt DeMille said: “Depending on what the Ark is . . . Electrical capacitor? Storage box for mana powder? What even ARE the Commandments? Tablets? How did Moses carry granite tablets down a mountain? Strong dude. More likely metaphor: “Sinai” means “reflection”, as in upside-down, and the mountain is THE mountain — The pyramid, the illuminate eye (light at the top–talking to “God”), Paramount logo, etc.

You have to read/watch “The Man Who Would Be King”. Most people these days demonzie Freemasonry, say it’s evil, but it’s more about higher consciousness, preserving this very knowledge, starting with Solomon’s Temple, the Ark and all that.

Yes, there were many Arks. Boxes. Treasure chests. But as Indy would say later on, “knowledge was their treasure”. What knowledge? Well, spiritual knowledge.

The “temple of soloman” is the temple of the “Soul of Man”. It’s more metaphor than literal. Raiders of the Lost Ark even got the timeline off, by about 70 years, when the Ark was “woosh, gone” . Spielberg (playful mountain) knows things. He doesn’t tell you everything (and neither do I, frankly). Again, Man Who Would Be King (the basis of Indiana Jones).

You won’t find THE answer to the Ark because the answer is deliberately veiled by the occult. You get close, but not on-target. Graham Hancock and Ethiopia, Masons and Rosslyn Chapel, metaphor and my thesis: DeMille, Cecil, Montauk, Hollywood, stonecutters, carpenters, Indiana Jones blood thesis — all me. Unique reporter on this, having lived it and been trained by its occultists north and south.

I “know” about the Ark. Gotta talk to me in private, though. Sorry. Can’t say some things publicly. But really, nobody out there quite has it right, yet. But, basically, it’s about your inner light, not some exoteric treasure. Yes, THE Ark exists, but, as Indy Sr said, if you think you’re finding a “prize”, you won’t find it at all. <— His Youtube Videos


Author’s note: My Spirit Guide Hermes resembles the DAVID Statue by Angelo. It seems Hermes is Kewl with David… yet starts being Unkewl when Solomon comes on the Scene.. and from there, corruption grows. Hermes also gives Merit to some Philosophers, and not others. As a Teacher, Hermes wants me to learn Correct truth- and not be victim to a False History. His goal is to give me a wholistic view of Humankind, history and Goals for the future. If one is working with Fiction/Lies, the truth can never Out. As a “Psychic Channel” (tea parties with spiritual guides) I have a Far Reach to the truth, above Time/Space and all the Lies.

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