The Kosmic Kore 5: Miguel Conner “GNOSIS”

I was guided by Hermes to revisit the Gnostic Sophia Teachings. Soon enough, I was set up to interview Super Gnostic Radio host: Miguel Conner of AEON BYTE GNOSTIC RADIO.

Let’s Listen in as Two Occultists Explore the Historical Past and the Outer Kosmos!


Satanism in America

The Satanic Panic with Tarl Warwick, and John Todd Mystery:

STYXHEXENHAMMER666 original video, Edited and annotated by Occult Priestess

The PRIMER: Baby steps….


So you See, 1970’s was a SATANIC REVIVAL in POP CULTURE. Politicians, Celebrities and Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Consciousness peeps Fall In Love, in the Socially Engineered Public Eye. Satanic rituals, sacrifices, possession became an Every Day Topic!



Introducing Original Disinformation Agent John Todd.

Much of what Todd says has Slivers of Truth. If you are VERY Discerning, you can catch when he is being Authentic, and when he Lies. He is MOST authentic when speaking of Drugs and his Criminal past… his entire energy changes, he gets “REAL”, his voice changes, the cadence of his speech, total shift. SO when he speaks of killing a Cop, and ruthlessly sought to feed his Narcotic Addiction.

Cop Killer Goes Free, then when the AGENCY is done with TODD, he is placed in jail for Rape. This story Stinks to High Heaven!



The Twisted Tale of One Agent, who got Caught, In THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Double crossed, as usual. John Todd / COLLINS (Dark Shadows). Todd’s original Last name was COLLINS.



This is a audio tape of the late John Todd, who was on the council of Thirteen of the Illuminati. BELOW

The Entire playlist contains at least a dozen inconsistencies .

Todd speaks of Dr. Raymond Buckland… as a high Satanist.

Would you like to know who the REAL Raymond Buckland was? (he just passed last month)


A Photo of my Coven meeting Raymond Buckland: (yes I have lost over 80 pounds ~ Coven of “The ILLUMINATED SHADOW )


Raymond Buckland, me and my Wiccan Students.

Todd Mentions SYBIL LEEK. I have no idea if she was a good witch or a bad witch. I own a few of her books because they are Antiques / collectibles.

Todd says his “Step Mom” was head witch of California, she wrote horoscopes for an LA paper. So much to Research… Would you like to Unravel this Sweater?

I am Convinced now.. COLLINS PORT is an Actual Place… Dark Shadows was social engineering, as well as “Hidden out in the Open” confession of darkness. A message to Dark People, that they are Winning… comrodery. Secret Societies JOKE against normal people (ignorant of darkness), and a Wink Nudge to those in the Know.




As for Todd: I dedicate this song to your Ghost/Demon… Good NIGHT!

AGENT DOWN! Used, Abused, Discarded. Live by the Sword, Fate knows your NAME.

I see All False “Religion” or Doctrine, are part of Dark Consciousness, the Ghost Realm of Dead people and Demons. The Opposite of ANGELS. To know more about this Study the 4th Dimension of the “HUNGRY GHOST REALM” in Buddhism. I write about this in other Blog Posts… Search “GHOST” in my blog.

You Cannot Be WICCAN and harm others, It’s against the rules! 



A Wiccan / Pagan, and Rosicrucian Speak out Against HARM TO OTHERS, and SOCIAL ENGINEERING

Trigger Warning: People in this Video are Angry and displaying violent emotions! Still in Ego. “Sanctity of Government” is in their belief system. Those Beyond Ego, Have No DOG (star) In that Fight. Only ego needs rulers.

ETHICS : Love for Self and Other. Love must be RETAUGHT as we HEAL.

“I would Never Join a Group, I am not the HEAD of.” OCCULT PRIESTESS


More Examples Of PAGANS IN EGOOooooooo

“The Pagan Community is often troubled by rifts in opinion and rocked by the kinds of controversy that comes with the growing pains of a new family of religions. There is currently a tempest brewing on the internet between two Wiccan authors AJ Drew and Raymond Buckland.”

I Worked for A.J. Drew, in his First Occult Store for over a year. That is where I found Dion Fortune! Occult Priestess



DKCPlayer  “Ah yes someone needs to cover his morality unbiased using evidence seeing what he is, did and said. Rather than ‘he’s dressed funny, speaks funny and about out there things, must be evil vs he’s interested in what I am~metaphysics so he must be a hero.'”

My Reply: So I am paranoid to think those who dig Crowley, are actually totally aware of what he said and did and praise him for it? I am only seeing “Fame” and the results of hype, not a Huge secret Satanic underground? Maybe it’s because (fate) I was doing psychic fairs as early as my teens (no adult supervision), that I met tons of ‘bad witches’ (black magick peeps), a Mother and a Daughter who thought they were Scarlet ladies, carried the book of the law in their purses everyday. I think I get it… I have been in spiritual warfare, and most people are just waking up to the fact that it’s “A Thing”. Thank you DKCPlayer. I appreciate that you watch and comment.” OH!



~ Fin ~ 

Aleister Crowley Black Magickian.

Question Your Friends Who Dig Crowley… The Beast. See something, Say something.

Aleister Crowley: Black Magickian



The Book of the Law, “the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds.”  A. Crowley

WHY does Crowley remain one of the Most Popular Occultists to this day? Evil Sells! Then it uses Hypnosis and Mind Control to create Cults and Secret societies to Take Over the World, through sperm + demonic forces and social engineering (mass mind control).

A very backwards coming of age story, of demons in flesh (Oh, they are Legion).

Soon to be Deleted, known as the second death, or the romantic ~ “Satanic Death” ~.

I do not Play Well with materialistic, narcissistic, predators seeking dominion over all creation for egoic gratification. 

Sorry for the Accurate Things I said when the Moon was in SCORPIO!!  #Sting Read Dion Fortune instead.

FEEDBACK: When an Occultist Denies Crowley and Black Magick… she finds Support! 

QueenBee Nightly+1

“haha, yep, read Dion Fortune instead. She knew Crowley and saw how messed up he was, too. I advise people to not read Crowley unless they have really covered her works first.”
Anonymous source: “Thanks for posting your thoughts on Crowley. I find the man reprehensible, and am flummoxed at the number of occultists who venerate him.”
What’s your opinion on learning Golden Dawn techniques? I’m particularly looking for your take on the LBRP and Middle Pillar stuff. I’ve been a victim of shadow people attacks…”
MY REPLY: “Oh my Gosh. First Thank You for seeing through the BS of Crowley, it seems that takes a Gifted person. Second: I am Struggling with the Exact same Issue- Literally. My friend wants to Learn the LBRP, and I told her even though it worked for me for years, and I taught many others to do it (even at festivals)…. After this Eclipse, and The Switch from “Old Way” to “New Way” (eclipse magick by god, not humans) – Maybe we should not be Saying Abrahamic Names of God. Black Magi use them, and taint them…. SO I see your Point!


Western magick has a lot to do with Black magick, calling in demons to do your bidding, and of course Shadow Peeps and Djinn.. I am an occultist and I have never worked with Dark Consciousness, yet High Magickians – this is their ‘go to’ Route. Masturbation or sex, root chakra power, with blood, semen… (Fracking the inner light) To Control their “Reality”, and manipulate the people in it. I have never met a Kind black magickian.”
Jason Wilson: A lovely Voice Recording of Encouragement and Solidarity! The morning after I made the post, I got this voicemail. Good Times!


Anon: Face it, Crowley and His Ilk are evil at best you cant grow potatoes in a bed of poison. Evil is death, death cant grow anything but more death.
Failing at Life: “Love” is a Misnomer here. Socialism satanists for human rights. Remember, it’s not just Backwards.. It’s also Inverted And inside out,,, flip the script. —> Social Engineering Published Oct 18th. Project “Normalize Satanism
“Ultimately in the O.T.O’s sexual magick everything came down to semen —”


Ah yes someone needs to cover his morality unbiased using evidence seeing what he is, did and said. Rather than ‘he’s dressed funny, speaks funny and about out there things, must be evil vs he’s interested in what I am~metaphysics so he must be a hero.'”


My Reply “Occult Priestess: So I am paranoid to think those who dig Crowley, are actually totally aware of what he said and did and praise him for it? I am only seeing “Fame” and the results of hype, not a Huge secret Satanic underground? Maybe it’s because (fate) I was doing psychic fairs as early as my teens (no adult supervision), that I met tons of ‘bad witches’ (black magick peeps), a Mother and a Daughter who thought they were Scarlet ladies, carried the book of the law in their purses everyday. I think I get it… I have been in spiritual warfare, and most people are just waking up to the fact that it’s “A Thing”. Thank you DKCPlayer. I appreciate that you watch and comment!” OH!



~ FIN ~

The Psychic 9 Conspiracy


 The 9 Conspiracy:

What are the 9???! Fascinating and Disturbing! hah, fun with conspiracy, of the psychic kind. My favorite. The “9” secret rulers of the world, Divine Consciousness, or different densities of the same coin? Is the Intelligence Agency interfering with our Channeling sessions?

I adore Authoress and psychic Channel Magenta Pixie . She works with an energy called ” The White Winged Collective Consciousness of 9.”


In Conspiracy World, where I also travel, Psychic and Spoon Bender Uri Gellar has been a hot topic for years. Geller claims to channel a counsel of 9.


I’ve known this odd information about 2 Nine channelers for a while now…  yet Only felt called to bring it up to Magenta the Other day.

I saw YET Another 9 Channeler, (Thanks Susan M. for the video link). I finally sent an e-mail about this strangeness to Magenta Pixie, and she was Intrigued.

The other 9 Lady:  Marina Jacobi on JUST BERNARD SHOW

Then today I come Across this ~ 

3X3,  3rd Time Charm,  Tris


Full Video Pictured Above:

Picknett and Prince “Stargate Conspiracy”; Stench of Truth radio 7-1-11



The Stargate Conspiracy Book

“Having traced the origins of Christianity back to first-century Egypt in their ground-breaking second book, The Templar Revelation, Picknett and Prince intended to delve further back into the mysteries of that land in its most ancient times. But soon the extraordinary skulduggery that was taking place in modern Egypt in the run-up to the Millennium proved too much of a temptation.

The Stargate Conspiracy (1999) is nothing less than the revelation of the intricate relationship between the gods of ancient Egypt, New Age prophets, channelling cults and serious parapsychological researchers – all presided over like puppetmasters by the west’s intelligence agencies.

Are the ancient gods – or perhaps superior life-forms from space – really returning? Have they already made contact through chosen mediums, channellers and leaders of cults? Or is that what certain cynical manipulators want us to believe? In a bizarre and murky world where reality and belief are compelled to collide by those coldly orchestrating the plan, miracles apparently occur and the promised revelation of secrets is endless.

Stripping away layer upon layer of New Age and occult associations – including the Egyptian visions of ritual magician Aleister Crowley – Lynn and Clive reveal the incredible story of a 50-year-old plot to hijack the belief system of the West.

The Millennium may have come and gone, but the plot goes on.”



PIC TAKEN FROM Video Podcast:


At 1 hour into the Video, The author explains “There was a push to make all new age, channeled material and main stream religions into one ‘alien’ faith based on ancient Egypt. (Paraphrasing). My Conspiracy Friends know this as “THE NEW WORLD ORDER“, and “AGENDA 21“.


Blue Ray Beings, are from the SIRIUS star system. This is known through ancient cultures, indigenous mythos and channeling. ISIS told her son, they were Originally from Sirius. I am a starseed and channel from Sirius B.

When I heard the Story C.G. was pushing, I knew he must be mad, or mind controlled. THE DARK JOURNALIST did a Wonderful series of shows, where he Exposes Goode, His Handler and the ALIEN Agenda:



Get hip 2 your soul, dreams and the realms of consciousness with this Occult Priestess interview.

OCCULTPRIESTESS.COM                                             @OccultPriestess 

I believe Magenta Pixie is an Authentic, Talented Channel who is called into Service to assist Humanity at this Time! 

Occult Priestess performs all her own stunts! 

~ FIN ~ 

Krishnamurti Dissolving the Order of the Star of the East

Rumor is Many false yogi’s, cult leaders and magic(k) users create their Own 4th Dimensional Ghost realm Bubble, Declare themselves Ruler of this new land, and then suck Students into this ‘mental realm‘, through Spiritual means to maintain and grow that false Construct. The student is then, a Basic Mind Control Slave. This is VOODOO, technically.. but we’ll just call it Black Magic.

Official Term of the Occult is “SORCERY”. Root Cause: Ego Sickness. Krishna Murti’s work: A Warrior, brainwashed as a Child, Raised to lofty material heights, then AS Shiva, the destroyer, He Danced on the Heads of Ignorance: “In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and withdrew from the Theosophy organization behind it. ”

Krishnamurti Dissolving the Order of the Star of the East. 


MORE: Start Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiddu_Krishnamurti

And for no particular reason, A Comment From SYNCH BOOK guy and FB friend

David Charles Plate Krishnamurti’s whole life is a paradox, I believe Blavatsky knew exactly what the result would be. There were some big misconceptions from people, including Jiddu himself, without which none of what happened with him would have happened. Theosophy is one of the last truly empirical mystery schools, so of course it would get slammed, people tend to witch hunt those who do magic through less subliminal means.

He Said  / She Said: The Play of Masculine and Feminine

I Said:  I have so much in common with “the light house” and the teachings of Bailey, the ascended master work sounds like my own writing. I have no idea how people can get “real info” and then twist it. It seems ‘real info’ would be veiled from pretenders? How can one do half true half false teachings.. I am mystified by this. BTW I just found out my label is “idealist”

He Went onto Say:  Baily’s Lucis Trust as on offshoot of Theosophy has little in common in my estimation with the original research of Blavatsky which wasn’t so much a teaching as a deep analysis of the various mystery schools and to be clear it certainly wasn’t a religion, at least not in any traditional sense. Theosophy, after all, brought Eastern philosophy to the west before it was popularized by such people as Ram Dass, whose teacher I studied Patanjali under for 7 years incidentally. Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine are ironically only useful if Krishnamurti’s ‘position’ (for lack of a better word) is acknowledged as the ground from which to approach it. I would say as far as mysticism is concerned this would have to be the ultimate irony. I mean, on one side of the world you had Krishnamurti, or Alcyone, renouncing the position of world teacher, while on the other side you had Aleister Crowley doing everything he could to self proclaim himself the very same thing. Talk about a bizarre set of circumstances.

She Said: Excellent points. I am an intuitive learner, guided, and am Allergic to teachings such as Abrahamic and Theosophy. GF Blavatsky said No one Had their Third eye open, and they are still teaching that to this day. Talk about control. I was “raised” spiritually by my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, and knew the original teachings through her grace. This is a big part of feeling, *original* in my occult views, as part of the Karma Kagyu lineage- as I see Blavatsky and Crowley as Pop culture icons. Thank you for your Expert Insights!

He Said: Blavasky is referring to the next species we are in the process of pushing out which fuses both right and left hemispheres. This is easily misunderstood with how people currently relate to the ‘3rd eye’, she was speaking to a literal mutation as described in Zohar. ‘Abrahamic’ teaching is not what it is popularized as by a loooong shot, fyi.

She Said:  I am that New Hue-man and I learned from my own Kundalini awakenings and Pandit Gopi KrishnaBowie Knew 


DAVID CHARLES PLATE: http://thesyncbook.com/davids-digital-collage/

+He Said: Welcome to SYNCFLIX, brought to you by David Charles Plate. What you have stumbled upon is the largest collection of experiments exploring profound synchronicity between albums and films you will find on the net. Each experiment is 100% repeatable, so if parts of what you watch you simply can’t believe you are encouraged to pick up a copy of the film and/or album and try it out for yourself. There is an extensive story behind each one of these discoveries and slews of correspondences that go far beyond what one might generally assume just at first glance. Many of these syncs relate to real life events that beg the question whether art is imitating life or if life is imitating art, being that there are so many examples that can’t be easily explained when the implications are honestly examined; this tendency can create some cognitive dissonance for a good cross section of people, but the THING speaks for itself and is certainly not without its payoffs, if one is willing to see it through.

SYNCFLIX:  http://thesyncbook.com/network/?rtag=sync%20media%20research&id=291

She Said: Blowing Minds and Hearts, @ the Speed of Sound ~ God Is Your DJ. WELCOME MUSIC FANS! The Gnosis has been Passed down through an Oral Tradition ~ Now known as MUSIC ~ This group Invites you to Explore the lyrics, rhythms and frequencies of “Odd God” (If it’s ODD it’s GOD) The DJ who spins Love From Above! That SONG stuck in your head is a MESSAGE ~ The Messenger is Calling! Pick up that TUNE ~ Jive with that VIBE and Resonate the Love Power! “AS THE LOVE TRAIN RIDES FROM COAST TO COAST- THE DJ IS THE MAN WE LOVE THE MOST” sowing the seeds of Love by Tears for Fears.
Oral Tradition known as Rock n Roll
from Occult Priestess: https://vimeo.com/123061071 

GOD IS YOUR DJ: My Facebook Group based on Kundalini Philosophy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1437238789883269/

She Noticed: My Questions of HOW one can someone can Teach Half Truth, and twist it… was not Answered. Why Blavastky & theosophy pushes the notion you cannot have your third eye open. I took a VOW to “Always See” in every lifetime. Unless his Answer to that, was about the new Hue-Man, lightbody Bodhisatva stuff… Then Blavatsky is just Sadly Very OUTDATED!

“Where did you get your Information from? Do you think you can Front when Revelation Comes?” Beastie Buddhist Boys


Mercurial GRL and the Ferris Fate Wheel of Wonder!

Occult Priestess, Korinne Wilson is transforming into a Media Presenter: The Aptly Named MERCURIAL GRL! The Lady of the Ka(r)m(a)ikaze Trapeze! 

4, 3, 2, 1 : Blast Off! The Rocket Grl, live and out of a cannon!

She soars through the ether like a ninja acrobat, defying both death and gravity. This is the big ticket folks, the main attraction. (FULL VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/236881985 )

The Lady of the Ka(r)m(a)ikaze Trapeze! 

Blinded, bound, with both hands tied behind her back, watch in amazement as she Unfurls in Midair, Blossoming in trajectory, live action Alchemy!

The Ripe priestess and the juxtaposed ego notions of fear, clash in this Epic Adventure, of a Chick on a Wire!

The noose of the tightrope, The splendor of the Sacrificial soul endeavor, The Hanged Man of Sulfur, at lightening speed she Renounces illusion, and sees only truth.

Guided by the Hosts of Heaven, she makes her way to Destinies Wheel of Fortune, for a Big Spin on the Ferris of Fate. The Russian Roulette Wheel, of Justice, Karma and Sterling Platinum Diamond Merit.

Walk she, with the SUN, the MOON, and the Tune of the Lune. She’s a Particular, Soul SIGnature, of great Import, a Darling of the Heavens and beyond, a Coveted Guest in every high house and court. She is Divine, the Grl all the songs are about, the Musing Mercurial GRL, of Bizarre Love Triangle Land. A Sirius B Production.



In this Episode: Our She’ro is about to Embody the FOOL stepping off the cliff, as a white dog looks curiously upon the scene. Only ONE ROAD stretched before her, a singular line leading to Black or White, with no space for grey in between. The Hanged Man’s doubt, his sacrifice will be worthy of any great fate. Will her Valued Destiny come to Nothing, or will she Learn to Fly? “Just show up” they say, “We don’t care what you wear, just as long as you are there.” They sing. The momentum of 7 years of spiritual occupation upon, One Man, this man, the man she shall meet at the Destiny Lounge.

Under Cover Angels, wings and swords, follow her through the streets of Los Angeles. Now-a-days she is Sure to wear her mala beads, a hat to cover her Hub caped diamond star halo, and dark sunglasses, headphones complete the “Invisible Me” undercover ensemble.

Mercurial GRL: I am a Light in a world of shadows. I cover myself in the black mass of my society, to remain, like them, hidden. A veiled Isis.

Following this soul path, with Providence and cocreative abilities, unveiling in public, being seen, is part of my fortune. I go to meet my soul brother, as a soul sistar, abundant with letters from home, from family. Embracing him with good news, of destiny, soul missions, felicity and perfection.

The Story Book of my life takes an Irreversible, Tremendous, gargantuan turn of Events. From Zero to She’ro, Overnight! Infinite Possibilities, Rainbow Promises and Great Expectations. 



RECENT DREAM SYMBOL: Numerology; I am 7 ruled by Neptune 



How does she Do It???   What force drives this Chariot of Spiritual Fire? How long can she wait, for fate to abate, to release the Alchemical Mate? I have heard as of late, rumor and tale, that a Hero must Avail, in order for the Hieros Gamos to Prevail.

Twisting fate wheels, dharma clocks of astrological timing, Bring in the Music, Dance and Rhyming. Felicity, Frivolity, games of chance are all ruled in line to the ‘Chants. Keep well your Ritual, setting pace within the ever changing rhythm. Zero Point Meetings, bring in broken glass ceilings, revealing the trick of the Magi, to your Sacred Pearl Eye.

For, Where there is Love, therefore Go I!

“Roxie, you got nothing to worry about.
It’s all a circus, kid. A three ring circus.
These trials- the wholeworld- all show business.
But kid, you’re working with a star, the biggest!”



“You’ll be that girl, you’ll be that girl, you’ll be…

Everything you want so let me get up there!!!
I’m the baddest baby in the atmosphere!

And if you listen, you can hear me through the radio,
In that bright white noise.”


Hand me down my walkin’ cane, hand me down my hat!

Hey, you all prepare yourself for the Rubberband Man
You’ve never heard a sound like the Rubberband Man
You’re bound to lose control when the Rubberband starts to jam…

Just move it, just move it, just move, move, move it, just ~ Rubberbrand, Rubberbrand Man. Just move it, just move it, just move, move, move it, just ~Rubberbrand, Rubberbrand Man. Get down, oh, get down, lover.” SPINNERS


GO Ahead GRL Get DOWN!

Kanye West ~ Soul Gold Digger

I Ain’t Sayin she a Soul Gold Digger,
But She Ain’t Messing with No HUNGRY GHOST Niga!



I see destruction and demise (that’s right) Corruption in disguise
From this fuckin’ enterprise, Now I’m sucked into your lies
Through Russell, not his muscles but percussion he provides
For me as a guide!
Y’all can see me now ’cause you don’t see with your eye, You perceive with your mind


Benefit of Mr Kite

Messrs. K and H assure the public (Korinne / Hermes)
Their production will be second to none
And of course Henry The Horse dances the waltz!

Mercurial GRL ~ Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson 
~ Fin ~ 

RESUME of The Occult Priestess



Korinne Wilson: Also known as, “Kore”, “Banshee”, “Reverend Banshee”

Just the Facts Ma’am:

Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with “cults”, and bloodline / family of origin spiritual issues.

Wicca: Self dedicated Wiccan student at age 16. High Priestess / Wiccan teacher at age 18. Founder of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present. Over 20 Marriages brought together under my ministerial services.

Professional Psychic:
Age 17, Premiere engagement,  at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992 – 1997.
Exclusive Psychic of “Jillian’s Entertainment Complex”, 2000 – 2005.
Psychic fairs, personal clients, and a myriad of special engagements, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot and psychic soul coun’soul’ing currently, for 27 years. Along with my personal studies, and evolution,I have unlocked many mysteries of the human psyche and heart through gnosis (experiential learning).

Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21. Currently under psychic guidance of my Guru, and the Bodhisattva Karma Kagyu  lineage.

Owner of “The Occult Shop” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 1998 – 2004
Spiritual retail and community temple, home of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”. Owner and webmistress of “TheOccultShop.com”. Large Event creator and organizer. Professional cat herder. Expert on “Pagan Time”.

Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 2006 – 2008. Still owned and nurtured by my business partner, Lydia Stec. Rebranded “Lydia’s on Ludlow”.

Founded Events:

“The Cincinnati Witches Ball”: Creatrix, Founder, Producer. 2001 – Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinning, Witches Dance. Age 18+, for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic victorian mansion, “The Southgate House”. The Cincinnati Witches ball became the event of the season. Our first year, we had over 600 in attendance. I was the coordinator, head of vendors, Mistress of Ceremonies, Priestess of Live Wedding on stage, playwright of Halloween skit.

“HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spearheaded, to meet the late Druid / Author / Activist, Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). A weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing. Family Friendly.

“Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only. Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (Just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success, lives were changed!)


Youtube Content Creatrix:
Over 3000 subscribers, over 150 Videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/occultpriestess
Radio Show and Podcast interviews also posted on the Occult Priestess youtube channel. 2008 – Current.

The Kosmic Kore Podcast: My dear friend Freeman Fly, of FreemanTV.com challenged me to come up with a Podcast, he would then host on his network. I continue to work with Freeman, though currently, I am independently producing “The Kosmic Kore”, and seeking opportunities. 2016 – Current.

Broadcast: Interviewed by local FOX news, Subjects: “Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle”, as well as a highlight piece on my business, “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple. Writing, art and expression, have also been ways I give of myself to my community. Over twenty locally published articles, and interviews (Ohio/Kentucky).

MY FIRST MOVIE: “The Nightmare” a new kind of film, a real life mixed with horror movie magic, a hybrid.  Directed by Rodney Ascher, on the subject of Sleep Paralysis and the Shadowman entity, a bedroom intruder. I am one of seven Sleep Paralysis survivors, who share their Story, in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Available on Netflix. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”. Connected through Ted Torbich, podcaster.

My Second Movie: “The Hatman Files” : Yet to be released. On the topic of “Spiritual warfare”. Addressing the phenomenon of the Shadowman, with a hat. Directed by Kyle Jay. Projected Release 2018.

First Live Performance in Los Angeles: August 2017, a two night engagement, as hostess and narrator of “The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem”.  A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid, with musical score and full costumes, by Johnny Royal. See Full blog at this LINK. Thanks to Chris Sanders and Creator Johnny Royal!

Fade To Black, December 2017: A Guest on FADE TO BLACK #F2B Radio with Jimmy Church. That week the guests were Me, David Icke + Linda Moulton Howe. 2 Major teachers, and me ~ wow!

New American Media @ Conscious Life Expo.
On my Birthday February 11th, 2017.


Getting to know New Friends and Colleagues 2018 New Years Eve
at Jimmy C. and Rita K.’s Party.


Korinne W. + Rita K.


Jimmy Church of Fade to Black + David Wilcock of Gaiam TV

On Going! THE KOSMIC KORE ~ A Chat Show!

 Guest List: Eve Lorgen, Magenta Pixie, Occult Priestess, Styxhexenhammer666, Miguel Conner, Rashmi Khalnani …


THE OCCULTIST IN THE CORNER: My best kept secret! My blog is a treasure trove of spiritual gnosis, documenting contact with my soul and heaven over many years. Deep universal secrets revealed! I have an unpublished book, “KORE: A Maiden’s Journey from Darkness to Light”, seeking representation. 

Contact me in 3D



Facebook: Korinne Wilson

Twitter: @OccultPriestess

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GOALS: I work for the Enlightenment of Humanity. I wish to have an active career in the media, to awaken the masses of sleeping dreamers, through psychic transmission (Shakti Pat / Darshan / Spiritual Java). I have visions of owning a retreat center + Media/Art teachings to assist in global change.

My Teachings are based on Personal Gnosis of the Universe and our placement in it. Gnosis is a deeper experience than observing, it is to become one, to merge with your topic / subject / point of focus. I have worked very hard to map out the levels of consciousness, and illustrate the path to Oneness through the mind, body and the multidimensional soul realms. I have had  several, powerful, spiritual awakenings through modalities such as 12 Step recovery, Kundalini awakenings, Mysticism, Alchemy, Ascended Masters, Hieros Gamos,  and Dedication to Buddhism/Hinduism. I am a conscious (awake) channel for the Greek God known as Hermes. I am the Messengers Messenger! Also known as “Oracle“, I am the current incarnation of Kore / Persephone of Olympus.  I am an Aquarius, Incarnated to Ring in the Dawning of our Age!

   “May the Thousand Years of Peace, begin with me”          ~ Kore 


Come fly with Occult Priestess, Astral Airlines! The Soul train is boarding! Discover what baggage needs sorting! What have you, been storing / hoarding? I am a conduit, a conductor, a Soul Instructor. Traveling between the worlds. Betwixt the train station and the Astral Nation, we will make your destination. Book your travel appointment today @ www.occultpriestess.com

GU.RU: From Darkness to Light. Lead me from the unreal to the real. Darkness is ignorance / Light is Gnosis (experiential knowledge). “The true meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”.  Meaning of the mantra ‘Asatoma Ma Sadgamaya
Lead me from the asat to the sat. Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality Om Peace Peace Peace.
This is true prayer, the seeker’s admission of his sense of limitedness and his heartfelt cry for assistance in transcendence. It is not a prayer for the things of the world. It is not a prayer for food, shelter, health, partnership, riches, success, fame, glory or even for heaven.

“O, Guru, help me free myself from my sundry misunderstandings regarding myself, the universe and God and bless me with true knowledge.”

OM NAMO GURU SRI MAMUA DEVI NAMO  Love, Serpo Zamling Dolma ~ (My Buddhist Name) meaning she who RENOUNCES … of the Karma Kagyu Lineage.

https://www.amritapuri.org/3731/asatoma.aum (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

I am Kore ~ M.I.B. ~ Maiden in Black. Thank you for your time. Google: “Occult Priestess” , “Rev. Korinne” , “Banshee”. Oceans of Love, Blessings and Namaste! 


“Remember, In a world of ordinary mortals, you are Wonder Woman.” Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s Mom)


The Original Occult Priestess

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