RE-Blogging: Don’t Date a Mystic.

A mystic is a wild creature.

She is made. She is deliberately forged by something mysterious. She is created for a purpose. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over.

Each time she returns, she is a little different. What she sees must change her. She dies every day. She is reborn in every moment.  Can you even begin to fathom the terror and the faith commanded from such a being? Can you even begin to understand what such a life can do?

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls.

She is the womb that births the divine into the flesh and bone of matter.

She doesn’t mean to burn your village to the ground, but she has seen what you are meant to become. You are not a peasant sheering sheep, as you have thought. You are a king dressed in rags who has amnesia.

It is her assumption that you have come to be reborn. If you haven’t, turn back now, while the world you know still exists.

If she touches you, and all the voices on the wind go silent, if you feel you are in a snow globe when you embrace her, she is your destroyer. She will destroy the false idol you see in the mirror. She will smash it open because it is your prison. If you wish to stay there, she will shatter you another way. She will leave.

A mystic may not for long engage with that which is too small for her, unless she is nurturing a seedling into its destiny. But the seed must be capable of fulfilling its own potential.

Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the Mystery, the schooling: a thing that must be lived in a place where book knowledge has no meaning, for all books are manuals to the world you already know. That means, the well-honed intellect — the masculine theory of reason — will not save you, cannot free you. It is for a world whose time is over.

The Mystery, by its very nature, must show you what has never been seen, never been written, never been known, because before you were forged, it was impossible. The arts of women have been called the dark arts for too long, and they are the keys to infinity. Infinite form. Infinite being. Infinite life.

The art of far sight.
The art of inner knowing.
The art of sign-reading.
The art of deep feeling.
The art of song and circles.
The art of intuition.
The art of frequency translation.
The healing arts.
The art of kitchen witchery.
The art of communion.
The art of sacred story weaving.
The art of creation and manifestation.

And others too wild to name.

If your dreams are not filled with the Mystery, you are better off with a normal girl, because a mystic will see things that are invisible to you. She will feel things that you cannot feel beneath the layers of numbness you have wrapped yourself in.

She will call upon your true self, your real soul, and she will sing it down into you, into herself, and life will never be the same.


Alison Nappi

Writer, Catalyst, Coach at Write with Spirit
Alison Nappi is an esoteric writing coach, writer, seminar leader and founder of Write with Spirit. She has earned her B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in communication. With professional experience as a ghost writer, copy writer, editor and proofreader, Alison is well equipped for living the creative life. Like Alison on Facebook or send an email to be added to her mailing list. Learn more or get coaching on Alison’s website:Write with Spirit.

Twin Flames-5 Body Meld & The Solstice

twin flamesTwin Flames-5 Body Meld & The Solstice

Galactic Brotherhood – 12/12 Choice Portal, Quan Yin

RE BLOGGED -Galactic Brotherhood – 12/12 Choice Portal, Quan Yin
Posted on December 10, 2014 by JennySchiltz

Let all go that no longer serves

I would like to talk to you today about the 12/12 portal. We are calling this the portal of choice. At this time you have a choice to remain within the duality of your planet or to step from the traditional beliefs into oneness. For those that are ready, this portal will see big changes in your thinking and in how you react to the world around you. When you have made these changes within you will see them mirrored in those around you.

We understand that to remove yourself from duality is a difficult step. It is to turn your back on everything you have known and been taught. You will no longer see the differences in yourself in comparison to others as highlighted by your reigning religions and governments. Instead, you will be able to see parts of yourself in every person you encounter. You will also begin…

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Re-Blogged ReCount of Freeman Show 12/6/2014 by Chad Warren



 What if FairyTales are true and the news is fantasy?

This is from Bashar’s “Riding the 2012 Wave “, for this and more visit:

The following are show notes I have taken with my words thrown in as well.

This is the December 6th, 2014 broadcast of the Free Zone Live at:

“Trauma-based mind control is very real. MKULTRA and Monarch programming happened. Let the victims speak out. Having experienced over twenty years as a professional psychic, Korinne Wilson seems to be privy to knowledge beyond being a good counselor. She developed knowledge to heal, guide and love. She is convinced that the doctors of tomorrow may be the “psychic” gurus of today. Occult Priestess Youtube The Occultist in the Corner – See more at: ” – Freeman Fly

Freeman mentions that he had a breakdown after researching mind control on the celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith.

He said his roommate came in his room and he was glassy eyed and sad and his roommate choose to move out in reaction to that energy.

Freeman discusses his friendship with Satanist Rex Diabolis Church.

Korrinne Wilson asks if Rex was ever himself or since he was raised by Church of Satan members was he always possessed by Satan.

Freeman talks about how Rex is one of the nicest people he has met and how he has started his own church called the Chaos Imperium.

He is building a Ragnarok engine to bring interdimensional beings to attack the NWO.

Korinne takes the info she was just given that Rex is an artist who enjoys Geiger’s work and she talks about how in art and magic you understand that thoughts are as real as anything.

Freeman sticks up for Brittney Spears and the others like Timerlake and Feldman and the rest who are brought up in the Hollywood Babylon/CIA programming way as people like Mark Dice pretend to be Christian but talk awful down about celebrities instead of hoping truth can be allowed to change one’s behavior.

Britney tried to break free by cutting her hair.

Korinne mentions the warrior in people coming alive in even Charlie Sheen.

I happen to agree. As drug fueled as he may be he is still in touch with what few people know today and that is indomitable spirit and understanding he is beyond human judgement as we all are.

He knows he’s awake and will not accept a lower position just because he’s got issues like the rest of us.

Same was true of Phillip K. Dick who wrote Blade Runner – he was both a heroin addict and gnostic medium.

Freeman rightfully pokes fun at Gary Busey’s madness on display.

Robin Williams death is mentioned. He asks if Korinne thinks its weird that Williams’ death via auto-erotic asphyxiation was forecast by an ’09 movie, World’s Greatest Dad, he starred in that Bobcat Goldthwait directed where Williams’ character’s son killed himself this way.

Freeman focused on this topic here:

Korinne mentions growing up with her Mom cutting hair and being around Hollywood gossip magazines and this set this idea in her that the stars were gods from Mt. Olympus.

She goes by the title – Psychic Counselor.

Freeman asks what she thinks of Edgar Cayce. About how his goal was to heal the sick but he found info about Atlantis; so, he asks what she has found via her searching.

She got into this to be healthy herself and help others.

Her trauma that most healers develop from are physical abuse and 16 years of sleep paralysis due to a shadow man that bothered her in sleep about 3x a week.

She mentions that she read people via the Tarot for $5 and that its her understanding that one must also run their life by this channeled info to be legit.

She asked for confirmation on her readings from the Tarot and was told she was correct over and over so she read for her friends.

Freeman mentions his understanding of how reading taps the human psyche via the archetypes portrayed in the cards.

She got into Wicca when she was 16 and that is how she found Carl Jung whom she calls her savior.

She thinks the shadow man was an entity trying to possess her.

At age 30 she had a Kundalini awakening and then she found David Icke.

Some people can’t handle his theories and so ridicule him.

Freeman shows how David helped open the mind to the possibilities based on known understanding – he opened the way to this dark story land.

Korrinne mentions how difficult this 10 year spiritual awakening has been.

How do we change our idea of goodness? She couldn’t believe in evil until she considered David Icke’s information.

Erin Green Hicks story as a super-soldier Rothschild and Laura Eisenhower via Project Camelot were gentle bringing her into this dark info because to know it is traumatizing in itself.

Laura Eisenhower Star Knowledge Loveland

Freeman identifies Hollywood as a mental virus that has taken over the people.

Korrine mentions going to the Social Security Administration building and talking to an agent and the guy put up the 3 fingers like in the film.

I too have noticed that people in the machine surprisingly seem to know about the dark side of it all.

Korrine mentions that she doesn’t usually broadcast it on radio but that she has been admitted 14 times to the psych ward in the past 10 years for undergoing a spiritual awakening she describes as a wakening dream of a visionary that is not as rare as one might think.

She considers that it is dark consciousness and that what troubles people are spirits that feed off our fear.

This topic brings to mind the book, Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy.

It has touched and fortified me for the path ahead when everyone realizes the shields are down and we are in the world of ideas now.

She believes life is spiritual warfare. I concur.

Sean Blackwell and his discussion on YouTube – “Am I Bipolar or Waking Up: An Interview with Sean Blackwell” is mentioned.

A movie is coming out called Crazy Lives about how Westerners are having Kundalini awakenings and being mis-diagnosed as bi-polar and schizophrenic. (If you can point me to info about this please let me know so I can post it, thanks)

Eye contact is soul contact is part of the love that these people awakening need along with the rest of us because we are awakening in a nightmare.

She felt guided the whole time of her trance even when she went through the valley of the shadow of death.

Freeman mentions how because we don’t address our issues a waterfall of emotion erupts.

These media events like Ferguson use riots as an unsafe way to deal with this – similar to how drug abuse occurs as a false path because of misuse.

People are not prepared for true liberty and so we have the riot stupidity fear response.

Korinne believes people are having past life flashbacks.

Freeman believes the veil is beomming much thinner between fantasy and reality.

Korinne mentions the ego being unleashed in a riot as a connection to what Joseph Campbell discussed about how we’ve had all the tribal rites of passage into understanding life and our place in it have been removed.

Yes, they have and turned into school spirit and bunch of other corporate illusion pollution.

She remembers asking M’at to speak truth and wore a tongue piercing for 11 years and she appreciated that experience.

Freeman asks what she thinks about parents letting their 11 year old daughters go watch Miley Cyrus’ Bangers tour where she rides a fake penis?

She’s speechless understandably.

5th graders are taught about anal sex and strap on methods in school.

Lady GaGa blood rituals.

When the feminine is demonized with the Lilith character then the male dominates via the 6% that own the media, Korinne shares.

What if it is inter-dimensional aliens that run the world because this is not normal human nature.

She doesn’t like how we say, “anti-Illuminati”.

The Rolling Stones lyric, “confusing you is the nature of my game.” is mentioned.

Ignorance is not a bad word, Freeman reminds us. In popular culture to not know is to be wrong which squashes curiosity.

Our inner child is our greatest strength, Freeman mentions and asks how she kept this alive despite all the psych ward bullying.

She mentions the education about her family patterns in her twenties so she was prepared psychologically but not emotionally.

Freeman focuses on our life experience being our best teacher as we seek solutions to the control grid.

Knowing Thyself is the key to the kingdom.

Be gentle with yourself Korinne suggests we don’t treat ourselves like machines.

John Bradshaw is mentioned as a resource.

On her website she teaches how to get to your fairy level – I assume one’s entrance to the real Magic Kingdom.

We are conditioned to attack then enemy than to defeat the false self.

We must share this with others to link up and if you’re not in a strong place don’t hurt yourself trying to help others.

She’s never had a dark vision of the future.

We must have a belief in a higher power to really play in life.

Freeman mentions being lost down a lonely street and a piece of paper bumping his foot saying, “I love you.”

They discuss their love of Bashar.

Life is a Fairtale:

Human spirit is strong, Freeman says. We create beauty through empathy.

Freeman says he’s never hated humans because of our Godlike status as co-creators.

Freeman thinks it will be so much simpler to live as the challenge we are ready for approaches.

Nomads start religions in Freeman’s view because they are separated from the bull and connected to God directly so its not faith, its how nature works.

The fall of the ego is a beautiful thing that one must go through as part of the Awakening.

Money is A dIVINE jOKE ~

The Greek Gods are meeting in council on Mount Olympus to discuss what to do about those silly humans down on that little planet called Earth who no longer pay proper respect and even presume to be taking Godly powers unto themselves.


Zeus, the ruler of the sky says,

“I propose that I wipe them out with a bolt of lightening.” 

The Gods debate his idea at length.

Hermes, the god of commerce and cunning, sits quietly through most of the discussion. Then he intervenes.

“Zeus, that old bolt of lightening thing is much too easy and a bit crude. Let’s make it more interesting. Let’s set up these humans to destroy themselves. 

“It involves a bit of illusion. I will induce a trance that will make those foolish humans perceive money, a simple number, a mere accounting entry, as real wealth, as life’s ultimate prize, as the measure of individual worth, and the power of the nation state. Money will become like an addictive drug that creates an illusion of happiness.

“This will lure these foolish humans into a fatal competition to see who can acquire the most money by converting the real living wealth of their planet into financial assets that are in fact nothing more than numbers in a computer.

“They will soon be destroying each other and ultimately their planet’s biosphere—and we will be rid of them—by their own hand. It would be so much more amusing than a simple bolt of lightning.”

Most of the Gods applaud.

Hestia, Goddess of home and hearth, steps forward to protest,

“These humans are basically good creatures with remarkable potential. We should not destroy them for our own amusement. Besides, they are much to smart and dedicated to their families and communities to fall for that silly trick. It won’t work.”

Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty joins in,

“I agree with Hestia, surely they will see through the illusion and love will triumph in the end.

“Let me awaken that love and we will see that they are capable of much good.”

But Ares, the god of war and Hades, God of the underworld, scornfully dismiss Aphrodite and Hestia.

Ares says,

“Let Hermes have his fun. It will provoke more war, which will indeed be entertaining.”

Hades adds,

“And they will begin the torment of their souls even before they arrive in Hades to suffer eternally for their arrogant stupidity. I love it.”

Hermes, Ares, and Hades ultimately prevail. Hermes induced his trace and the foolish humans fall for it.

Indeed, by the end of the 20th Century, at the urging of its priests of the money temple, the world’s most powerful imperial nation had made a conscious choice to turn from manufacturing and agriculture to finance, making money from money, as its primary economic base. By choice, the United States would specialize in using money to make money through complex accounting tricks and buy its food and manufactured goods from others on credit.

This once great nation further chose to maintain military bases around the world, even in the absence of any credible military threat and to pursue two unwinnable foreign wars that served no evident purpose other than to fuel the coffers of corporate war profiteers.

These decisions were so obviously illogical and self-destructive as to exceed even Hermes’ expectations. Ares and Hades were ecstatic. 

Hestia and Aphrodite watched in horror as the love of money displaced the love of life and the mindless pursuit of money led the humans to destroy not only their families and communities, but also their natural environment—a path to inevitable and traumatic oblivion.

But the story is not yet entirely over. Millions of people around the world are awakening from the trance, walking away from Wall Street, and directing their life energy to building local communities and economies that value life more than money and make realization of the creative potential of Earth Community their highest priority.

Aspiration of Samantabhadra

REBLOGGED From Great Middle Way

Great Middle Way

To all the Buddhas, the lions of the human race,

In all directions of the universe, through past and present and future:

To every single one of you, I bow in homage;

Devotion fills my body, speech and mind.


Through the power of this prayer, aspiring to Good Action,

All the victorious ones appear, vivid here before my mind

And I multiply my body as many times as atoms in the universe,

Each one bowing in prostration to all the Buddhas.


In every atom preside as many Buddhas as there are atoms,

And around them, all their Bodhisattva heirs:

And so I see them filling

Completely the entire space of reality.


Saluting them with an endless ocean of praise,

With the sounds of an ocean of different melodies,

I sing of the Buddhas’ noble qualities,

And praise all those who have gone to perfect bliss.



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Sirian Archangel Hermes – You Shall Become One With The Sun – With Solar Eclipse Comes Shock Of Sudden Consciousness – 10-20-14

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Higher Density Blog

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as solar energies are flooding your planet with invisible plasma rays of light!

As revealed in our last channeling, the second half of the Hyperborean series eclipse nears within your linear timespace. Many have been feeling the roller coaster ride of emotions and ultra dimensional experiences that accompany ascension of consciousness and infinite time awareness, wonderful indeed. I say to you, if you think this was an intense period of linear time since the lunar eclipse, to prepare yourselves for even more intensity as the solar eclipse shall lift many veils, so to speak. Many who have long remained in denial of what they know deep within is their truth, shall no longer be able to dismiss it. They will finally find the courage to stand and act for what they have long known, is…

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Stargate opening: The greatest Epoch in human history and gathering together of triads within soul groups.

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Judith Kusel


Mankind at certain times have always stood before immense epochs in their history, where the collective stood before the portals of the next dimensions and then had to either step through this portal, or were left behind.

Whether this was in the civilizations before Lemuria, and Atlantis of afterwards, there were always times when the higher paths, and the higher evolutionary states could have been reached, but then the self-destructive tendencies which haunted mankind since the first time, would re-emerge.

Therefore it has been declared that this time round this would not be allowed to happen.  It was declared that this time round enough Light workers would be activated who could step through those portals, and then bring in those necessary octaves of rising which would allow the New Earth to truly settle in, without outside interference.

A lot of souls therefore, who were highly evolved then volunteered to assist…

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Dedication to Anpu or Anubis

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Off the Path


After much time ruminating on my experiences at a spiritual retreat several weeks ago, I have realized that Anpu/Anubis has never left my awareness. Sometimes fully present, other times only at a low-level in my consciousness, he has remained with me and my thoughts go to him again and again.

Today, Samhain of 2012, I have come to the realization that I need more direct interaction with Anpu, and am choosing to do a self-dedication ritual in his honor – perhaps to ask for him as my patron deity, perhaps just as my teacher.  I had never felt the necessity of a self-dedication regarding my practice of the Craft. My whole life and awareness is wrapped up in both the natural world and my spiritual connection to it, and I have been practicing – mostly informally – and learning for decades.

The idea of taking a patron deity…

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