Looking like a sage upon this Aquarian Age

Lyrics September 30, 2012

I lived in a Castle, by the Water so Deep

A higher dimension of peace and ascension

I look down at you & see you’ve fallen asleep

Troubled People below, the Earth has a season to weep.

You reap what we sow, Yeah we’ve got trouble below.

Bound by the sign, we know it’s reincarnation time

From my home so High, I’m descending down, down down.

Taking off my crown, Bodhisattva’s bow

The lower calling, the Sea cliffs falling

Eternity so far from near, so far from here

Crashing into this sphere, through the Atmosphere

To spend my life so strange- Looking at this Aquarian Age

So Strange – a Case of Astral Time space

I don’t sleep anymore,  I can’t keep it all straight.

Rushing up to the stairs of Heavens domain

Can’t talk to me now, and I can’t explain how

Eternity has got a hold on me.

I don’t know how to live interdimensionally.

Consciousness lost amongst this Human Chaos

Distorted Evolution, hacking their Solution,

Manipulating nature through the Ego’s Conclusion

They can’t seal our fate, there’s no time to waste

Love is the Energy, we’re calling, on You and Me

Connecting with sparks Bursting through our hearts

We fall through the sands of Time

Dimensional Journey, leaving the sublime

A Fractal caught by form and mind,

Chasing our souls to the subconscious Paradigm

To spend our Lives so Strange,

Looking like a sage upon this Aquarian Age

So Strange – a Case of Astral Time space

Haunted by the Divine, we’re all clandestine

KORE ~ Occult Priestess

Creative Channeling

I wanted to write a song we could all sing along too
Something we could all move and groove too
Something fascinating, something quite amazing.

If I were Kate Bush and I was me at the same time what song would I write? I like creating out of the “Kate” in me, for she personifies my wisdom and expression with sound, movement and form.

I am your inner Light, I am your muse tonight.
Cast aside the dust and uncover your old music box.
The one you left playing in the corner oh so long ago.
Wind now as it is your fashion, the clock striking midnight, the soul of compassion.
Bend your wisdom to the wind, arch yourself from within, beyond barriers into the Light.

Dance now to the tune of a thousand songs.
Multi universal esoteric tones, vibrating your essence, reverberating your bones.
Come clear across to the other shore with me. Touch and feel the beauty like a golden cloud of honey
Come with me, to the other side of reality,
let us see what is behind creativity…
I can show you the path
But you must lead the way
For a thousand locks on the hundredth box, cast your doubts away. Don’t go missing in action letting your senses stray. Be here now and stay, say, stay.
On a sea of empty bliss we forget loneliness and become oneliness, wholeness is a state such as this.
Bring me your rhymer, your key keeper your tymer, break now the sacred hour glass that falls with red sands and put the faith and wisdom back into her hands- wielding now the shield of one, divining lady share what we have become. Open your eyes and ears to fate as the winged messenger duly awaits. Bring now thine wisdom back home (bring it on home) to the nest of empty forgiveness, the unity with the allness so that you to may bless- the bliss, the oneness- inside manifest as outside coalesce, understand the union that all are one, universal oneness a certain state of consciousness.
Bringing it all together, making it make sense.
You are being asked to fulfill the mission of writing and of skill to bring through the knowledge you have attained through previous incarnations, and those lessons from other realms of light- into this plane, onto this place, bringing a joy and abundance of greater fruits/efforts. Work for you is designed or by design, your will makes the magick grow (The golden dust of Isis). Bringing wisdom to the people counterbalances your work in a fulfilling and quite tolerable way. You will find in your giving and gifting you will receive many fold. Bringing to a culmination many lifetimes sold to the past. You see how it is your Karma to reap from your treasures. The vast knowledge of your well observed incarnations are reflecting back to you, shining the light of what you have forgotten or what :time: has stolen. Give your secrets back to yourself and unleash them upon the people with delight in discovery. You are your own archeological dig dear princess. Loved one in flesh we must regress. Cast back thine eye to the brilliant sun of glow in blue hue (I see and eclipse)- cast back to green and the morning glory brew (like absinthe, a green psychedelic drink), incense streaming, light rays beaming (mirrors and light for trance I assume), karmic mission fulfilled.
I see the New Justice, short brunette hair, like statue of liberty kind of, on her throne with her sword high in the air. Like the Priestess and Justice combines. Finally a clear picture of the “new” justice card that I have been seeing that I thought existed in the Thoth deck, but it does not.
In the morning you rise, take this in stride, breathing in slow and deep. Bringing peace home to the future shores of tomorrow, brining in the sheep, with an ocean of devotion, sacred vows we keep. Bring ye here with a full plate to breath the breath and the truth of the knowledge within, come with sword and chalice and rod, come to symmetry and balance. Think of the one the undivided the whole- draw your light from this. We are all one and that brings home the sight, the sound and the vision. Bring your light carried within for no mask can hide your pallor, climb to the top- begin the begin, the top of the ivory tower. See the triangle descend upon thee. Break loose your golden chains for the platinum reins to the chariots horses. Create.

Platinum blue steel – cobalt brilliance- eye of sight within the darkness (the sun is eclipsed by the moon- pf) ancient spiral hypnotic calling you back through the void into oneness into the light of all oneness bright as your moon is shadowed with the evening of starlight round the a halo of a surface shore, bring your light bring it high for the moon riseth in your eyes- understand the knowing of all is one with the strength of the deep expanses, underworld landscapes on the moon over your head through the star gate (triangle = stargate?) under the bridge and over the mountain into valley bellow the surface into oval pupils tunneling underground. Echo, Echo heard the soft sound of the water as it escapes its confines and joins your mind in common acknowledgment. Drop of moisture calls you to the place of sacred stones, crystalline shards of charts and graphs, treasures to unfold. The Mayan bird riseth out of the crystal, like a phoenix spreading its wings of radiating light- Prophecies. The secrets of Azaz’el.
(I remember being attacked in my sleep by a charred skeleton creature. I asked what it’s name was (I don’t know why) and this is the name it gave. Then I was shown a murder scene of my own doing, bloody gore, unpleasant. I got away and hid in the bathroom. I awoke.)
“According to Apocalyptic literature, esoteric knowledge, such as magic, divination, and astrology, was transmitted to humans in the mythic past by the two angels, Aza and Azaz’el (in other places, Azaz’el and Uzaz’el) who ‘fell’ from heaven (see Genesis 6:4).” http://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/quetzalcoatl-the-god-behind-the-mayan-prophesies-for-2012/

~ FIN ~

Ewan McGregor singing me a Song

I just had a vision with Ewan McGregor singing me a Song I’ve never heard

He sang it slow enough for me to write it down

Think of Ewan in a blue suit like in the movie “Down with Love”

I live in Moonlight Among the Stars

It’s Always Twilight

in your arms

The sky cast the Raven Shadow upon her brow

Wonder Follows, She is Sleeping Now

Momma is weeping now


Love is always on it’s way

Arriving all Times of Day in all Familiar ways

The Nightengale sings

She Remembers her Dreams

The Rocking-horse winner

Always torn to bits

(It was not my hobby it was my life)

Yet she rustles in the wind

She whispers in the Temple

She seeks Light in Shadow

She who Glows, Knows


She speaks Awaken

as she weeps

Mourning for the Sunshine of Lost Heros of Lore

Awaken, Let Her See

The Light That Shines in




Nightingale Sings

Illuminati aliens

This is a “fun” song I wrote after watching David Icke and others on youtube.

Illuminati aliens

Illuminati aliens r gonna git you.
They’ve teamed up with hulu to turn your brains to goo.

Have you bought into the financial crisis?
It’s the latest scam-a
Get your t.v. converter box checked for a surveillance camera.
oh no watch out- oh no watch out
Illuminati aliens r gonna git you

abducted theorists
the masons built our constitution
to jail us in mass delusion
wake up- and they put you in an institution

metal strips in money that make you want to buy
subliminal messages coming at you from the sky

eye in the triangle
the pentagon is shaped like a pentagram
Wake up the sheep from their bourgeois sleep.

~ FIN ~

A Creative channeling session

February 20th 2010

A creative channeling session with spiritual guides and muses.

Korinne Channel:

As in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Colossus of time stops the great wheel for one more go around. The turning, the yearning, the burning- the friction bare, night flames caress your tender hare. Beauty was once and so shall be again. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

Cast off the dark as we welcome you,
stew in your bridge and Atlantic dew.
Postulate the flames as your burden it claims.

Open up watchers, see the children at play.
They are filling the garden for that ancient day.

Open up Papa, knowing your time; seed the seed and right the rhyme.

Bad music has poisoned your world-
Art is prostituted on every sign.
Luxurious illusion, you wrong the rhyme.

Poets and Artist of lore and daily chore
Bring back your gifts and let them forth Pour.
Listen to the fairy, listen to the way,
Open – open the window, keeping the Hounds at bey.
Reach inside to find the candle,
The window widow, the spark, the flight.
The heroes of your own grail so that the rightful music can prevail!

Wing-ed ones who know thy right.
Run not to the distance, run not to the light.
Be here now and settled stay
We are all grounded until that day.
Shine the light, quit the tomb.
Open your flower and bloom your tune! Teach!

Owner of wisdom come closer still
Be not harsh, sour or shrill.
The bell tolls for those souls
To reap and harvest as they see benefit.
Open the way, Open the Gates of Judgment.

Idolatry of Juliette (poetry)

I wrote this also in Sept of 2008

julietteIdolatry of Juliette

God of my idolatry – only of flesh are you unique

For behind your eyes – resides the hidden gateway to the soul

The Soul of the One true love of us all-

Divinity is within thee

When I look to your eyes it is not your ego I see

A waxen mask worn to deceive me

I see the infinite loving father swirling with energy

Your ego is worn, your aura a bit torn- yet of Holy Spirit you were born


~ FIN ~

Reality and Perception beyond Logic and Proportion

Reality and Perception beyond Logic and Proportion

Recently the theme of imagination has been highlighted in my life. Some months ago I read that none of our thoughts are our own, that we are not the author of our imaginings. I found great comfort in this notion, because at times I have seen horrorfications in my minds eye, left to wonder why I would think of such a thing.

To understand that when we see something in our mind we have not “made it up”, is to understand a great secret.

“Imagination is the faculty through which we encounter everything. The things that we touch, see and hear coalesce into a “picture” via our imagination.” Wikipedia

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination…is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

To better understand the imagination, I would like you to think of the vibrational nature of our world.

I have come to see the world as encompassed in liquid, instead of air. When I imagine living in a liquid world, my thoughts are easily seen as vibrations that travel throughout my body and into the “water” of collective experience. When my neighbor is being loud and boisterous, not only can I hear them, I can feel the vibrations from their voice and emotions permeate my body- just as if their energy stream rippled out through the water to me. We can then see a world that is full of transmissions and receptivity, vibrating upon one another through the water of consciousness.

While you are awake you are known as in the state of consciousness. When you are asleep you are known to be in the state of the subconsciousness. When you are in the state of consciousness you receive thoughts based upon your interpretation of the vibrations you are interacting with and emanating.

The simple rule is if you are having a negative day, you will attract or perceive more negative. If you are having a positive day, you will attract or perceive more positive. Many suggest that the difference between the positive and negative are indeed within the perception or rather the interpretation of the perception.

A slant of mind, a way of thinking/perceiving, an attitude, a state of mind.

Have you observed when you have been in a negative environment, negativity seems to abound? When you have made up your mind not to like something, more often then not you do not like it. Can you understand that you choose to be single minded, think in only one way, or believe in small amounts? Do you understand that the way you allow yourself to think/perceive is the reality you are creating?

Living in a liquid world we are bombarded by all kinds of vibrations, and for many the vibrations are negative. In order to distance yourself from the chaos that can be modern life, spiritual study and practice are amazing tools. As an occultist I have studied and practiced the ways of protecting ones aura/energy field, clearing energy blocks, and working to live in harmony with my surroundings. I suggest to anyone the study of chakras and energy for self protection and healing.

Once you have learned about energy and protection your vibration will be raised. Just like in music, we have low tones and high tones a kin to emotions and states of mind. Striving to live at a higher vibration is to strive for a more compassionate and loving life. We can stop blaming ourselves for negative vibrations simply by choosing to feel and think positive about anything or situation. Try that for one week and it will change your life.

Given time your thoughts will clear and the creative side of the imagination will accompany your conscious thoughts. The imagination then becomes a tool of co creation. As you imagine ideas take form in pictures, those pictures are the result of co creation. None of the great geniuses can claim their work as their own, each one felt a presence or knowledge beyond themselves creating along with them, and in some cases the idea was purely channeled from higher consciousness. The imagination is the doorway to genius and invention.

In summation a mind slanted in the positive, a protected auric field, an open perception- will bring forth imaginative co creation possibly leading to genius.

So Day Dream, Imagine, Create- heighten your vibration through music, dance, sunshine, moonlight, Love and things sacred. The more bliss you experience the closer you are to your true self. The bliss you create through your heightened vibration/perception will assist in healing the entire planet, not to mention- your neighbors. 😉

~ FIN ~

Poetry Darling

Written Recently – by Occult Priestess

Searching astral gateways.

The games that the mind plays.

Reflections of troubled days.

While we sat and wait.

Perfect prose did not offer repose, but describe the struggle of the heart.

Bringing forth the likeness, the high magickal art

We cast a shadow as we too soon depart.

Falling from madness falling from sin we raise and rise one again.

Reborn. Reminiscent ray, bringing forth a happier day

a peaceful way.

Purchase your ticket buy it without delay! It doesn’t take money because the media is free.

All hear the call as we sing One Two Thee, Let It Beee, Ohhh Let it Beee let it be let it be One Two Thee let it be- as we will so mote it be.

Unity, Freedom, We are All One.

Get up with the wisdom.

Seek self in the kingdom, seek self with in, seek self in your recycling bin.

Have a biology of psychology. Transpersonal Awakening. Proving that we aren’t faking. Walking the walk and making the bacon.  Frances would be proud.


 ~ FIN ~

The Void and the Shadow

While finding peace on the inside, I spied a Buddha sitting on a lotus. He said come here child, and I prostrated at his feet, “Love be to my Gurus, and the venerable lineage”. The blossoming of a thousand Orchids in the green and in my hair. Then at the Buddha I began to stare. Wise eyes, blue skin, and hair of black, Buddha was staring back. His hand in the air, “No Fear” was the message of his mudra. I bowed my crown, in a prayerful pose. He began to speak in silence to the higher part of me that knows. A buzzing chant began to fill my ears, my eyes the visions of prophets and future years. I am told all are one, I feel the strength and heat of the union. Then a void before me and the words “No Form” reverberating like a skipping phonograph. Drawn to the void I lose touch with my emotions, I become empty. ~ KORE 

The void is like a cosmic reset button when used in ritual for the purpose of starting fresh. The void helps you to lose heavy emotional baggage, to become one with nothing, is a cleansing process. There are other theories about the void, and how it works, yet this is my theory.

You can release bad habits, emotional stress, feelings over a past trauma, illness, etc. You are limited only by your imagination. In Wicca during many Samhain rituals entire covens will “go against the veil”. It’s a chance to stare into the blackness of your own soul, or the void itself, and face whatever stares back at you. Jung may have said going against the veil is a way to face inner “demons” of the psyche.

There are two levels you can approach the veil on. The first approach is about meeting your dark side. The dark side can be made up of many different aspects, yet for those who have done little or no work on this “dark side” will find many inhibitions, character flaws and smothered emotions.

On the other side of the veil you will meet your “second self”. For a woman this would be her Animus, and for a man his Anima. Jung discovered these concepts of the human psyche. The Animus is the male shadow side of the female ego. He holds the ideas and feelings we have towards men, which is usually a conglomerate of our father, male siblings, friends and lovers. I see my Animus just as human as me. He lives within me, shares my thoughts, dreams, and ambitions.

The Animus is a second ego self, and should be acknowledged as an important part of the personality. We feed our animus with truth or lies, goodness or badness. All of our fears, shame, guilt, hidden desires, past trauma and sometimes lunacy is hidden in the realm of the subconscious. It takes a brave person to have the will to journey into this unknown territory.

The form your second self takes on is a projection of your. Pay close attention to what they are wearing, the style of their hair, and facial features. Document them as soon as you can, then analyze what this form is saying about you.

~ FIN ~