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Nightmare GRL

Occult Priestess In The Nightmare GRL

Sleep Paralysis, Psychology, The Boogieman and Spiritual Warfare.



“I’ve always had difficulties with states of consciousness…”
Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson “The Nightmare” 


Film clip begins with my description,
of an oncoming Sleep Paralysis:

Clip: “THE NIGHTMARE” by Director Rodney Asher 2015 #Sundance

American Nightmare GRL:

The Story of a Psychic with Sleep Paralysis 

Welcome to my World, my journey, and my struggle. I was born psychic. From my earliest memories, two truths emerge. I could see “movies” play out in my mind’s eye, and I experienced sleep paralysis. I wondered for many years, if they were related, somehow.

I experienced sleep paralysis, and intense “day dreams”, all through my childhood. In reverie, I was easily swept away to a higher perception. An LSD trip, courtesy of my open and flowing pineal gland. Zoning out, softening my gaze, on Rock star Posters, I could see their mouths move, they became animated, and communicated with me. When MTV premiered, the Video Music, was a mirror match for what I had been “watching” for years, in my mind’s eye. I found the videos choreographed in my eye, were often more meaningful than the ‘real thing’.

Gifts like mine, are cultivated over many *similar*  lifetimes. Along with strong spiritual sight, empathy, compassion for others, sensitivity on all levels dominated my behavior. I did not experience many spiritually loving peaks in my early journey. I had an inborn knowing that God loved me. I was working in religion and prayer to develop faith and a closeness with God. The terrifying nightmares, and broken souls around me, colored my world with storm clouds. Truth, especially emotional truth, I understood, was often gone missing. I saw dichotomy, heartache, hypocrisy, abuse and a Three Dimensional Shadowman.

“Know Thyself”: My mantra through my late teens to mid twenties was “Burn me with Knowledge” Morgana, in Excalibur. I fostered a great passion for hidden truths, for they reflected myself back to me. As I grew to love myself by cultivating a personal relationship within, “KNOW THYSELF” became my new challenge.

Now-a-days being Occult Priestess Korinne includes slipping into altered states of consciousness, non-voluntarily and at will. A wise understanding of  my soul, as a multi dimensional consciousness, an incarnated immortal expression of divinity. A character, in Gods play, on the Stage of Life.

 I have always existed betwixt and between, higher and lower realms. A sacred mission of my soul, calling for a vow to “Always SEE” in each lifetime, a strong spiritual gift +entitled “Psychopomp”


I now understand as an experienced and well read Occultist and Priestess, the bright light of my innocent soul, drew the shadow to me. Through this repetitive psychic rape, my work in this life began. Sleeping, and Awake, I was a Refugee of two worlds.

Defining the SHADOW

Shadow as Psychological Haunting: #Jung 

The first level we must address the shadow upon is psychological. Get your Jungian game on, with a quick video site search. 

This shadow is *Personified* in the sleep paralysis event. The Personification, or “Projection” of  the shadow,  has been described as a myriad of Night creatures. Gargoyles, old hag, incubi / succubi,  and cats, creeping upon the chest to steal ones breath.

In modern times sleep paralysis has gone high tech, and now, also accompanies: alien abduction experiences, super soldier stories, out of body experience, near death experience, times of peak stress, and after the death of a loved one.

Keys to Knowing your Shadow: Ground Work

Polarity, You are Soaking in it. Earth Reality is polarized as “good” vs “Bad’, black vs white, left vs right, the realm of the senses and third dimension consensual reality. Here we find ruling bodies, banking institutions, monolithic corporations, control systems and inverted values. Our culture is focused on materialism, capitalism, and the survival of the fittest, as opposed to the heart, compassion and the progression / evolution of the soul.

We are living in Juxtaposition, upside down land. The Communal Understanding that “Life is a School” or “We Live in a Matrix”,  is also a consensual reality. However a collective denial rules the day, few admit their deep understanding at how low we have come. Denial feeds the Paradox, the Dichotomy, the Shadow. Waking states of consciousness, the logical mind, uses most of it’s effort in vain striving to Survive in this communal Paradox.

Image result for Well Adjusted, Profoundly Sick

“Well Adjusted, Profoundly Sick!” DJ Krishnamurti

Enter the Fourth Dimension of Archetypes: The Subconscious, Dreams, Symbols.

For many ‘status quo’, this ‘dream /subconscious’ realm, is merely a place to work out their daily grind. Dreams that de-stress, allow fantasy fulfillment or act as warnings. An inner counselor, or tormenter, is always available to the subconscious, whose only aim is to work out real life problems. Dreams are our counselors, if you can interpret the correct meaning, meditate on and absorb / act upon the lesson.  This ends the description of the mundane level of dreams and the subconscious.

Some people have abilities to live beyond the mundane waking conscious realm of reality… those who imagine, those who dream while awake, the creative ones. The way a creative mind works, includes “Archetypes”,  a naturally occurring Labeling system, of their mental perception of Humanity.

Archetypes are Universal “Characters”, who represent a collective *Knowing*. Common Sense, in symbolic form, the opinion of the collective. The Tarot is full of original, or old fashioned archetypal symbols and characters. The Fool, the very first card of the Tarot, representing you, the seeker, on the journey, through life, and incarnations.

Art-chetypes: Jung spoke of Archetypes; I call them, ARCH ANGEL TYPES. (You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

In Psychology, most ‘characters’ showing up in the mind are explained away, or boxed, being defined as Hidden, or Occulted parts of the Self. In dreams, other people are rarely defined as Who they are in real life, or your relationship to them. In Psychology, dream imaginings are not meant to reflect your personal story with the characters, on life’s stage.

Rather, psychology focuses all characters on the self, an inner Fracture, a split self, that is not interlaced with the rest of the psyche. This split self must therefore communicate with the “Whole Psyche” aka, Waking mind, The Singular Ego Personality, in order to be considered functional.

The more “Visions” you experience, the more “Characters” or Archetypes in your Ethereal, Astral, personal mythological narrative, the more Bonkers you are! Psychology… is poison to the *EYE-Magi-nation*. A system of entrainment that causes deraignment, and bifurcation from the soul’s true identity. Psychology Empowers the EGO, to entrap the soul expression. Another system of Control.

* Mind Control * now with suicide prescriptions, to normalize you back into a sick society, or put your lights out all together!

Psyche Healing: If your shadow is merely psychological, healing your character, can lead to breakthroughs into the soul realm. Morality, knowing yourself, acting upon *good* instincts and intuitions, seeking guidance from a higher source that loves you. If you have always been above average morally, sleep paralysis can be interpreted  as a stigmata, a spiritual lesson you are pushing your soul through to become a greater being. This basically makes you a spiritual badass, who has volunteered to handle and transmute the most toxic shadows of the collective.

There are higher levels of consciousness, we can strive to attain. How high, far and fast we go depends on the Maturity Level of our Soul, and willingness to follow your higher calling. The more advanced your soul, beyond the time / space realms of the third dimension / density, the Higher and Farther Out, you can explore the Innerverse, and Outterverse.

SpooksVille: The Lost Souls Room

For some of you, the “Dreamtime” is a gateway to the astral realm known as 4th Density (4D). The Shadow Realm, the Underworld, the dead and their demons. This Fourth Density, or Dimension is the battleground of Spiritual Warfare. Here the Shadows roam looking for lights to devour, lives to control and ultimately possess. 

For Research into Buddhist Texts: SEARCH TERMS; “Hungry Ghost”, “Bardo”,  “six paths of suffering”, “six planes”, and the “six lower realms”. I am not trying to ReInvent the Dharma wheel… the truths of “Dark Consciousness”, and the ethereal planes on which they reside, are well outlined in Buddhism.

Spiritual Warfare: How to Conquer the Shadow. Entities who appear during the Sleep Paralysis events, are NOT figments of the imagination. The deeper teaching is entitled “Temporal Distortion and it’s effects on Soul Travel” by Hermes T, unpublished, channeled by me. In order to even begin to understand the mystery behind sleep paralysis, you must understand your soul is traveling beyond your body, into astral realms. This brings up many triggers for those who are not ready to learn, they question if there is a god, if there is a heaven, they are convinced Material life is all that exists. For those people, all the mysteries are pearls before swine.

Immorality, keeps you from immortality.

Reclaim your Dream Realm

I am a Witch, Magician, Reiki Master and powerful soul. I used every method on heaven and earth to rid myself of sleep paralysis. Although success at age nineteen, on dismissing the Shadow man, once and for all… I still had terrifying sleep paralysis episodes into my mid-thirties.

The final cleaning of surpassing the Shadow realm, thus breaking all contracts with darkness, came when I agreed to do Rodney Aschers Movie “The Nightmare”. This was a Karmic, Mindful action on my part. My point being, If you have an Active Contract with a shadow person, or a have a soul purpose to pass through the underworld…  you must break the “contracts”, claim sovereignty and petition heaven with your truth.

Once you have cleansed and healed these levels of your psyche and soul, real life changes occur. Of course you are no longer haunted, you can sleep and your overall health is on the rise. You begin to care for yourself emotionally and physically. Because the Nature of the “Shadowman”, is sometimes an Ancestor, we may loose ties with living family members as we heal. Honor your losses, as Gains. 

For Visionaries, psychics, mystics and shamans… When you step over the threshold, past the 4D, magick awaits. Synchronicities occur, contact with your angels / guide / soul self, becomes common. You have now graduated to a new level of your Fool’s Journey… the Fairytale Level! Rumors are, this is the co-creative level, experienced in conjunction with PROVIDENCE.  *DESTINY* A chance to “ART YOUR LIFE” 

Blessings and Namaste, Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson 

Remember the wisdom of Blondie: “Dreaming is Free”

DYLYN – American Nightmare (GRL)

“I’d rather be broke Than boring, pretty in black. Pretty damn sure I’m on the right track. All I’ve got, that’s all I need If being *ME*, is not the American dream. Then I want the American nightmare. I don’t believe what’s on the TV!”

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Occult Priestess  Take the journey with me as I describe being attacked and mind controlled by something I don’t even believe in. Heal your Bloodline! Star Seeds reclaim your energy from Human ancestors. Learn how to cleanse yourself and claim your sovereignty as a Self Liberated Being. Let’s get ready for the Shift into higher consciousness by revealing the Hidden (Occult) with the Wisdom of spiritual insight (Priestess).


The Kosmic Kore, hosted by Occult Priestess: The Truth is Always @ the Kore!

The Swiss Hermes, Paracelsus von Hohenheim (1490-1541) once said, “I got into Meditation because I was inhibited. Turns out I was inhabited!”

The premier show of “The Kosmic Kore” welcomes authoress and counselor Evie Lorgen. The books, “The Dark Side of Cupid” and “The Alien Love Bite” are ground breaking, with innovations, discoveries and personal accounts of spiritual warfare. Join Occult Priestess as Evie Lorgen takes us on a journey of unflinching truth seeking, mystic wisdom, the ultimate truths about the dark side of our consensual reality and spiritual attack.





Occult Priestess and The Cultus Septem

The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem

A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid by Johnny Royal

Meeting with Johnny Royal: Summoned to “The Realm”,  aka Johnny’s artist loft, an intense discussion ensued between two “strangers”. Quickly we both realized, the connection between our souls, and the missions we have chosen to pursue. I shared, that only two weeks prior, I was asked by Death (Greek God), under Zeus, if I would participate in a mission. “WILL YOU WALK AMONG THEM?” I was given quite a bit of information about the mission, my safety was assured. I was not going to be alone, those on the other side would assist… all I had to do was “Show Up”. I agreed to said Mission, and 2 weeks later I met Johnny Royal. A month later, knee deep in Masons, I was on stage, my first live performance in Los Angeles… Hostess and Narrator of “THE CULTUS SEPTEM”. A Johnny Royal Creation!




August 18th and 19th of 2017 @MiMoDa Studio: 5774 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90019

Synopsis:  The Cultus Septem is an ancient traditional mystical craft whose origins reach back to the Ugaritic and Tempestarii Traditions, which were eventually incorporated into the greater secret mystery traditions of other ancient civilizations including the Sumerians and Assyrians. For the first time ever, the Independent Artists Association of Los Angeles in conjunction with Mimoda Studios, will perform the fully transcribed Seven Secret Rituals of the Cultus Septem. The Seven “known” rites, transliterated from their original source materials, will be performed in a full theatrical setting with representing the true beauty and form of these ancient rites.

The name of the order focuses on Seven Rites which are conferred in a full ceremonial setting. The Seven Rites focus on mastering the “Storm and Darkness,” within the self, by way of the “Lightning Path.” The Adepts of this ancient rite practice the mastery of the Inner-Storm, and how to harness the power within to maintain balance between the Darkness and Light.


INTRODUCTION: Written by Occult Priestess Kore 

Introducing the Rites of Cultus Septem; Spoken Aloud, With FEELING!

“Throughout the Historical reincarnation cycles of the Human Story. One Unifying Theme has Reverberated Unchanged. Down through the ancestral bloodlines, of the collective unconscious.

We have each been walking the FOOL’s journey, from Egoic Zero, to Sovereign Hero.

You are not mere observers here this evening. The Planets align – so Rare, to guide you here, On this Night, to bring Full Circle, the actions of your soul. Through your past incarnations, all the way to the Zero Point of the now.

As you Become part of the Ceremony, you identify with the initiate. You are unbound, yet called to receive a wisdom, a Gnosis of your Own Soul’s Gold.”

 “Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin. The entertainment for this evening is not new, you’ve seen this entertainment through and through you have seen your birth, your life, your death….you may recall all the rest. Did you have a good world when you died? -enough to base a movie on??” Jim Morrison, An American Prayer (I am Cherokee).


Photo Aug 1eee



Aug 18oc111











Taken @The Realm. I enjoy taking pictures in the “Batcave”!


 ~ FIN ~ 


RESUME of The Occult Priestess



Korinne Wilson: Also known as, “Kore”, “Banshee”, “Reverend Banshee”

Just the Facts Ma’am:

Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with “cults”, and bloodline / family of origin spiritual issues.

Wicca: Self dedicated Wiccan student at age 16. High Priestess / Wiccan teacher at age 18. Founder of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present. Over 20 Marriages brought together under my ministerial services.

Professional Psychic:
Age 17, Premiere engagement,  at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992 – 1997.
Exclusive Psychic of “Jillian’s Entertainment Complex”, 2000 – 2005.
Psychic fairs, personal clients, and a myriad of special engagements, psychic fairs, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot and psychic soul coun’soul’ing currently, for 27 years. Along with my personal studies, and evolution,I have unlocked many mysteries of the human psyche and heart through gnosis (experiential learning).

Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21. Currently under psychic guidance of my Guru, and the Bodhisattva Karma Kagyu  lineage.

Owner of “The Occult Shop” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 1998 – 2004
Spiritual retail and community temple, home of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”. Owner and webmistress of “”. Large Event creator and organizer. Professional cat herder. Expert on “Pagan Time”.

Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 2006 – 2008. Still owned and nurtured by my business partner, Lydia Stec. Rebranded “Lydia’s on Ludlow”.

Founded Events:

“The Cincinnati Witches Ball”: Creatrix, Founder, Producer. 2001 – Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinning, Witches Dance. Age 18+, for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic victorian mansion, “The Southgate House”. The Cincinnati Witches ball became the event of the season. Our first year, we had over 600 in attendance. I was the coordinator, head of vendors, Mistress of Ceremonies, Priestess of Live Wedding on stage, playwright of Halloween skit.

“HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spearheaded, to meet the late Druid / Author / Activist, Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). A weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing. Family Friendly.

“Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only. Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (Just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success, lives were changed!)


Youtube Content Creatrix:
Over 2000 subscribers, over 150 Videos;
Radio Show and Podcast interviews also posted on the Occult Priestess youtube channel. 2008 – Current.

The Kosmic Kore Podcast: My dear friend Freeman Fly, of challenged me to come up with a Podcast, he would then host on his network. I continue to work with Freeman, though currently, I am independently producing “The Kosmic Kore”, and seeking opportunities. 2016 – Current.

Broadcast: Interviewed by local FOX news, Subjects: “Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle”,as well as a Highlight piece on my business, “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple. Writing, art and expression, have also been ways I give of myself to my community. Over twenty locally published articles, and interviews (Ohio/Kentucky).

MY FIRST MOVIE: “The Nightmare” a new kind of film, a real life mixed with horror movie magic, a hybrid.  Directed by Rodney Ascher, on the subject of Sleep Paralysis and the Shadowman entity, a bedroom intruder. I am one of seven Sleep Paralysis survivors, who share their Story, in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Available on Netflix. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”. Connected through Ted Torbich, podcaster.

My Second Movie: “The Hatman Files” : Yet to be released. On the topic of “Spiritual warfare”. Addressing the phenomenon of the Shadowman, with a hat. Directed by Kyle Jay. Projected Release 2018.

First Live Perfomance in Los Angeles: August 2017, a two night engagement, as hostess and narrator of “The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem”.  A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid, with musical score and full costumes, by Johnny Royal. See Full blog at this LINK. Thanks to Chris Sanders and Creator Johnny Royal!

Fade To Black, December 2017: A Guest on FADE TO BLACK #F2B Radio with Jimmy Church. That week the guests were Me, David Icke + Linda Moulton Howe. 2 Major teachers, and me ~ wow!

New American Media @ Conscious Life Expo.
On my Birthday February 11th, 2017.


Getting to know New Friends and Colleagues 2018 New Years Eve
at Jimmy C. and Rita K.’s Party.


Korinne W. + Rita K.


Jimmy Church of Fade to Black + David Wilcock of Gaiam TV

On Going! THE KOSMIC KORE ~ A Chat Show!

 Guest List: Eve Lorgen, Magenta Pixie, Occult Priestess, Styxhexenhammer666, Miguel Conner, Rashmi Khalnani …



THE OCCULTIST IN THE CORNER: My best kept secret! My blog is a treasure trove of spiritual gnosis, documenting contact with my soul and heaven over many years. Deep universal secrets revealed! I have an unpublished book, “KORE: A Maiden’s Journey from Darkness to Light”, seeking representation. 

Contact me in 3D


Facebook: Korinne Wilson

Twitter: @OccultPriestess

Youtube: /OccultPriestess


GOALS: I work for the Enlightenment of Humanity. I wish to have an active career in the media, to awaken the masses of sleeping dreamers, through psychic transmission (Shakti Pat / Darshan / Spiritual Java). I have visions of owning a retreat center + Media/Art teachings to assist in global change.

My Teachings are based on Personal Gnosis of the Universe and our placement in it. Gnosis is a deeper experience than observing, it is to become one, to merge with your topic / subject / point of focus. I have worked very hard to map out the levels of consciousness, and illustrate the path to Oneness through the mind, body and the multidimensional soul realms. I have had  several, powerful, spiritual awakenings through modalities such as 12 Step recovery, Kundalini awakenings, Mysticism, Alchemy, Ascended Masters, Hieros Gamos,  and Dedication to Buddhism/Hinduism. I am a conscious (awake) channel for the Greek God known as Hermes. I am the Messengers Messenger! Also known as “Oracle“, I am the current incarnation of Kore / Persephone of Olympus.  I am an Aquarius, Incarnated to Ring in the Dawning of our Age!

   “May the Thousand Years of Peace, begin with me”          ~ Kore 


Come fly with Occult Priestess, Astral Airlines! The Soul train is boarding! Discover what baggage needs sorting! What have you, been storing / hoarding? I am a conduit, a conductor, a Soul Instructor. Traveling between the worlds. Betwixt the train station and the Astral Nation, we will make your destination. Book your travel appointment today @

GU.RU: From Darkness to Light. Lead me from the unreal to the real. Darkness is ignorance / Light is Gnosis (experiential knowledge). “The true meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”.  Meaning of the mantra ‘Asatoma Ma Sadgamaya
Lead me from the asat to the sat. Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality Om Peace Peace Peace.
This is true prayer, the seeker’s admission of his sense of limitedness and his heartfelt cry for assistance in transcendence. It is not a prayer for the things of the world. It is not a pray for food, shelter, health, partnership, riches, success, fame, glory or even for heaven. “O, Guru, help me free myself from my sundry misunderstandings regarding myself, the universe and God and bless me with true knowledge.
OM NAMO GURU SRI MAMUA DEVI NAMO  Love, Serpo Zamling Dolma ~ Kore (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

I am Kore ~ M.I.B. ~ Maiden in Black. Thank you for your time. Google: “Occult Priestess” , “Rev. Korinne” , “Banshee”. Oceans of Love, Blessings and Namaste! 


“Remember, In a world of ordinary mortals, you are Wonder Woman.” Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s Mom)


The Original Occult Priestess

~ FIN ~

Apples Over Pomegranates: Greek Mysteries

The DIVINE FEMININE WANTS YOU! Enlist today, in the heart center of your SOUL.

We present to you, Hermetic Kore teachings, from the source of Hermes/Kore Konsciousness. Ringing all the bells, blowing all the whistles. Let us not talk falsely now, THE HOUR IS GETTING LATE. The Sandman comes, to take you to DREAMLAND. Psychopomp of the Sages, Wisdom of the Ages, the Oracle ALL/ONE, For easier packing and travel! Surprise! Providence in a black dress, oh my. Gather round the fire, as we Spin U a FATE.

“The boogie woogie Bugle Boy, from SIRIUS B, is really blowin’ his !Stack! But, we are creatin’ like an ART ATTACK!” VIVA LA EVOLUTION!
Love, Hermes/Kore


* Combining mad DJ skillz, symbology, poetry, ART and Divine love… A synchronistic prose is spoken to your Third Eye. My latest video – Exposing Darkness, calling forth the Divine Feminine, Lighting the way for the Divine Masculine. ~ Kore *

Apples and Pomegranates: The Kore teachings of the new Philo-Sophia of Hermes/Kore
This world, is going to change for all of us. Can you pick out the Hermetic Clues, from the Divine Feminine presented here?

One mystery you should know, already… there is Feminine within every biological man, and Masculine within every biological woman. We are all “Hermaphrodites” , part Hermes (masculine), and Aphrodite (féminin). If you are not past THIS CHAPTER in the book, I pray for you. See the myriad of OTHER teachings on this youtube channel, and seek some TIME with Occult Priestess, via .

DETAILED SCOPE: Published on Jul 24, 2017. Opening with “Mysterious Ways” by U2, we get the sense that this teaching holds feminine mysteries. A word on Black Magick- Don’t Do It! Then into the ferry boat for the adventure. Opening with the “ILLUMINATI OPEN MOUTH” designed by Jim Carey… we reveal HARPO-CRATES, the energy behind the “SHH” hand gesture. Clueing us in, that the Truth is Coming out- beyond all attempts to kill it.  The Divine Feminine, reveals herself “Hello Boys”. Meanwhile, at the Secret Society Lodges, the mystery schools of today. “THE MEN OF THIS AGE ARE A SORRY EXcusE FOR A MAGE” an old poem I wrote in my early 20’s.

The Lyrics quoted on Screen explain the Plight of the Female Occultist in a Man’s World!

Ah She’s an eight ball! She’s a’rollin faster than a white wall. She’s got an avalanche packed into a snowball. She’s a losin’ all the links, She’s like a stonewall. She’s loaded up!She’s the underdog. Gonna take a mighty swipe At the high horse (hog). While’a sippin’ on her tricks, In a pitfall. Makin’ eyes at the girls like bullfrogs. I’m telling you sir!

She’s comin’ up from Comin’ up from comin’ up Comin’ up from behind!

You’d like her hanging! Like a sneaker on a live wire dangling. While your Wall Street pockets are jangling. With the hollow jackpot of your rich kid games! It’s a long shot
She’s got a troop and a tongue for a slingshot. But she’s takin’ steady aim At the big shots!
It’s hard to miss the rolling-polies (Bullies), On the blacktop. You better watch your turf!

You had her hanging. Like a sneaker on a live wire dangling! While your golden-lined pockets were jangling, With the hollow jackpot of your wretched games!!! (WAR) She caught your sick lie! It’s creepin’ in the shadow of your white smile. Lurking underneath the cover of your bedroom eyes! Well you’re greasin’ up the lance for your small-fry.

You wanna talk it up do you??? Well you’re floatin like a royal balloon!! oh Your ego’s swollen to the size of the moon! Well, I think you found somebody to cut you down to size. Well well.” Written by Sherry Fraser ❤ 

Secret Societies foster Grand vanity, Nepotism, War, and Elitism. EGO MYSTERIES AT BEST! For the first time in my life, I am becoming involved with the “Secret” people, and learning, my feelings were correct All Along. Ego Monsters.  Not Sagely Hermits with Light on High for the masses to gather and learn… no… quiet back room sticky secrets, among them all. “Corruption” is the only word, yet Corruption only happens through Infiltration, meaning the Baddies have infiltrated the Mystery Schools… yet I knew that Happened as Early as the Akanaught’y (Akhenaten) Rule in Egypt.

Anchoring the Divine Feminine with Wonder Woman, she takes on the Role of Goddess and Girl. The Clip from the First Season of Wonder Woman explains the Financial Corruption of the Earth Realm. Mentioning Hermes and Kore / Persephone is a lil trip to my “Past Life” personality, the Goddess and Priestess Teacher of Olympus & the Eleusinian Mysteries (adapted from Egyptian teachings). By Claiming my “past life” Personality- I open the door to All Kore/Persephone’s and Hermes (my priest) Mysteries. I was rescued from Hades (hell) by Hermes, and we have been in love Ever Since!

SINCERELY BABOOSHKA: When I showed the Babooshka Video to my beloved Guru, SRI MAMUA DEVI, she got a HUGE “Download”. I had never seen her Re-Act to anything in such a way. It’s as If she saw My Future, and it stunned her. WOW x 3 . Babooshka here Represents the Golden Isis, UNVEILING, as well as other Incarnated Goddesses like myself. They say Women mature faster than men 😉 .  At the End of the Video is a very tiny msg to the Divine Masculine, it’s not a Game of GOT YOUR NOSE, it’s a Game of, Got Your Penis / HERM.









The Grand Experiment: AMENTI STYLE

Let us lightworkers and starseeds, be a beacon of hope, in the terror storms of night. Freeing those seeking, from fight and blight. We are those, who come always, in TIME, to the masses of Budding Blossoms of Consciousness. Graduation approaches, for the collective soul of humanity. Times of Change are Upon us… can you hear the piper calling the dance?


The Grand Experiment: AMENTI STYLE;

Egypt, was set up by brothers and sistars of Sirius, to ‘Mirror” and anchor Sirian energies and grid, power lines, on Earth. The Mysteries of Osiris were taught to many soul generations, as the inhabitants of earth, our children grew in light and awareness in order to come and cross with us, their family, to the other shore. And through these people who could cross with us, we made priests and priestesses, scribes, architects, healers, magi and eventually warriors and farming became necessary.

We always teach through the NATURE realm of what ever planet we are working with. The Nature realm on Earth is constantly changing, infrequent and chaotic flux, she is unique in many ways. As is her fruit, the crop of humanity, as well as the animal and the plant kingdom. The music the mother Earth sings through her bards, the “rock” or Planet stars, who make the soundtracks of our lives. Catapulting our Energy to the stars of random thoughts and feelings of being something Far Greater than human.

The Grand Experiment for the Sirians, and volunteers from other star portals, who traveled through Sirius were all “Same Mission” oriented in a group soul. From higher perspective we Incarnate into all our Lifetimes, at One Moment, all lifetimes are happening in sequence above time/space. The Awakened soul on fire with Illumination of Ka/Ba, will experience this perspective, firsthand.

This past week I had a Vision of ISIS with Golden skin ~ UNVEILED ~ revealed and shimmering with a SunShine smile. Her brilliance lit up all the realms with Golden love Light. (Little Light of Love) Cast down through the densities, the entire world felt it, when Isis Unveiled!

Yet to hit / impact my time reality, will probably be a while… 4th dimensional by the Eclipse on August 21, 2017 ? “The Great American Eclipse”.


I saw myself up there, in maybe the 5th dimension (Heaven), of Sirius consciousness. We were all golden skinned, me and other Gods … smiling, hugging, celebrating our Great Success. For the Crop of humanity and the Great Experiment (the great work) had been Accomplished! Beyond all doubt, beyond all Measure, it was done! Now we merely await, the Arrival of signs and omens, the awakening of the 3rd eye of Humanity, collectively, for the first time ever. The feeling of jubilation led me to think of champagne and toasts.


I have been taught Sirian mysteries, through many avenues. Isis as my guide, along with my higher self, and a portal I have to my ‘past life’ Egyptian Personality. I understood through visions, our Mission as representations / vessels of the goddess Isis on Earth, soul emissaries of the royal lights of Sirius. We “crowned” priests and priestesses in our rites, and in our mysteries. Their soul took to our golden light, like ducks to water, for love is the only constant. The Vibrations of 2012 helped anchor our Priests and Priestesses, initiates of our temples, into the laylines of energy patterns we laid before time started. Since this time period, blossoms have been blooming all across the timelines (past lives) and the planet. This was the first Success of the Grand Experiment, the GOLDEN Level of ISIS had been reached, by original human souls. They were graduating to “Golden Isis Level”, becoming “Isis unveiled”, a deep mystery of our tradition.


The *New Thing* is not the Golden Skin of Isis. As I explain in past blogs… we incarnated in golden flesh, before the time man remembers. This half human incarnation, half Divine, set a blueprint in the collective soul to enlightenment through Sirius teachings.  We parented man, with love and guidance, from a high place, above time/space and within your 4th dimension. We had not all fallen to flesh, when we had golden skin. This was before the descent into the 3rd Dimension density.

In order for humanity to evolve, we had to shed our golden skin, and take on human bodies, entering the reincarnation cycle. Taking on a human body meant taking on all karmic debts of humanity, and the Earth herself.

The exciting evolution I speak of, that “Just Happened”, because I just had a vision about it, is the PLATINUM LEVEL of Sirius… a (G)new energy, from Lead changing into Gold, in Alchemy we know a Third thing, greater than the two originals, can be created, as a result of alchemy.  That Third thing, is Diamond Platinum Consciousness. A sword was fashioned through the Greek God Hermes, from this diamond platinum energy… a sword to change the entire Game.


Although, to keep this in perspective. Grandma Sirius (The Oversoul and Sacred Mother of the Sirius Star system, respectively / retrospectively) tells me, I am “Playing Dolls” when I am in human incarnation cycles.

Grand-ma is much Grand-er, / “older”, “higher vibe” than those, who are able to incarnate in this low density. So Grand-ma tells me, it’s all a game, from her perspective.

From the perspective of our Soul Age, earth incarnates, not so ascended masters, the Illuminated . . . we are seeing the end of a storybook of horror. Waking up from the Collective nightmare we call “history”. At the Precipice, of a Beginning, of a fairytale, of faith, grace and Love.

More about Grand-ma Sirius Here:

Graduation is Full of Surprises!


We collectively Embark, into an AGE OF MIRACLES ~ All the way to the Other Shore… gone gone gone.


“Old ones” such as Hermes and myself, reincarnating through the human time lines, taking on flesh and human karma and fated bloodlines. We championed many ages, always on missions for God’s work, the great work, assisting in kultivating of ‘golden souls’, out of humanity’s ‘lead collective soul’, the alchemy of evolution.

To grow from a dark state of egoic cocoon, tricked into the spell, the Illusion (Maya / Mara) of the third dimension, of the material realm, a demented mental realm,  and the trap of physical sensation.  To the Mature state of blossoming into kosmic konsciouness, through the conversion of the heart to Love… the greatest light we know.


~ FIN ~

Korinne Wilson “M.I.B. AGENT Maiden In Black”, Current incarnation of Kore / Persephone

Hail Olympus! 

Shaman Story Time: DREAMTIME

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The Old Shaman knelt next to his fire, packing a colorfully woven bag with icons, figurines, talismans, bits of feather, stone and bone. Each item bore significance, each carrying a prayerful intent of the People who stood or sat, laughing and talking respectfully, gathered outside his lodge. As he carefully acknowledged each item, greeting it as one would a person met upon the trail to the spring, with happiness at the meeting, he placed the ceremonial piece inside the bag where it would best find comfort and a sense of place.

Stepping out of the lodge he saw that the Moon was about to rise above the red cliffs before him. Taking a few steps forward he turned to look back at his lodge, his home of many, many years. A strong framework of mastodon ribs and tree limbs lashed with rawhide straps supported a heavy covering of animal hides, layered tufts of grass and sun hardened clay. A set of ivory mastodon tusks framed the doorway. Smoke from the remaining fire drifted lazily out the top of the lodge’s smoke hole. Inside, he knew, from long years of having lived there, the inner walls were covered with a fine selection of tapestries made from various furs cut, fitted and sewn together precisely to create panels of geometric patterns. The floor was laid with layers of felted wool appliqué carrying the design of three concentric rings, each representing one of the Worlds of Creation: in the center the Earth where life is lived; in the middle section the Underworld – the place of Dreams. The outermost ring going up to the outer circular wall of the lodge held configurations of star patterns of the night sky, the home of the Old Ones who created the structure of the Dream that was then cast, like a shadow of light, into the World as the situations and substance of the lives of the People. The details of design upon the floor covering were in actuality a map of the way to journey from Earth, through the Underworld and into the Celestial. He knew these pathways by heart. His Grandfather, who was his predecessor and mentor in the passage of this body of Knowledge into his caretakership, had shown him the meaning of each symbol as a part of the overall whole. Carried in the patterns was a story to which he, the Old Shaman, was to activate and contribute to this night. So it was, as it had always been. Each Caretaker of the Ways must not only learn, and earn, passage along these sacred pathways shown, but must also explore the Other Realms and bring back a deeper understanding and blessing to the People and to the body of Knowledge. So had the Grandfathers and Grandmothers done before him, so would he do tonight. He gently blows a breath of life to the lodge and map, honoring his home, his ancestors and the challenges and dedication they had given in their life that he might be able to respond to this call of his People who, even now, were awaiting his journey into the stars to bring the blessing of the Old Ones into the Dream, and thence to the World, that their lives might be bettered thereby. He turns to the gathering of the People, raises his fingertips to his lips and again blows the breath of life, this time to the People, in honor of their presence.

The People accompany him to the Great Tree that stands in the center of the village. It is tall, seeming to reach into the deepening dusk of the sky itself, its roots, gnarly and reaching, thrusting deep into the dark ground beneath.  The Old Shaman places a felted wool pad upon the ground as a seat, something to add a bit of comfort for his old bones during the long night ahead of him. Shifting the colorful bag to his side, its strap looped around his neck, he sets his drum leaning against the trunk of the tree. He glances up to see the seven ribbons tied about the tree’s massive trunk. Seven colors, one for each bridge of the rainbow, extend one above the other, each separated by the height of a woman, as if they were seven Grandmothers’ headbands above him. He feels a deep ease, knowing that the Grandmothers are watching over him. The Old Shaman sits upon the pad and leans his back into the spine, the trunk of great girth, of the Tree. Picking up the Drum, he brings his bundle of raven feathers to the hand that grasps the handle of the Drum, his drumstick held in the other. He can smell the sweet smell of the incense that his People are burning to insure that the ceremonial grounds are sanctified. Carefully watching the horizon he follows the lifting glow of the Moon that is stealthily slipping up from behind the cliffs, soon to jump up into view and take its place in the indigo dusk.

With the first glimmer of the Moon’s brightness the Old Shaman strikes the Drum with one strong resounding beat. The single beat pierces through the surrounding forest and echoes off the walls of the cliffs. He gauges the return of the drumbeat’s echo and strikes the Drum once again, fully synchronized between new beat and echo. Another echo ricochets, returns and is picked up, to be sent out again. Now, in between the echoes, the old Shaman taps his Drum to create a rhythm between the established echo-beats. In this way the old Shaman orchestrates the relationships of the surrounding environs and the sounds of the Drum, weaving the harmony of Nature.

The resonant singing of the Drum replaces all thought, a deep and profound silence ensues. A drop of the head, the beat still steady and sure, the Old Shaman’s body relaxes. Only the Tree holds his body upright. Soon the hands holding Drum and drumstick drop to his side, the bundle of silver feathers caught, intentionally, between his fingers. Even as the Drum drops to the ground at his side the beat pattern and rhythm, echoing and re-echoing, seems to come from a ghostly musician afoot in the forest.

Consciousness has subsumed itself into Awareness, the faculty of perception of the Spirit. The residual drumbeats resounding from the cliff face lifts the old Shaman’s Spirit. He is free! He looks at his feet, scans up his legs, gazing upon his outstretched arms, his body. It is vibrant, seeming to be made of a shining mass of spider webs that pulsates with light. The Shaman of Light brings his gaze around to look at his physical body, lying below his vantage point. Smiling, he blows a gentle breath, which streams forth as a scintillating light, upon the recumbent form, appreciating his home that he has inhabited for many, many years. Looking further afield he sees a cluster of glowing ovoid orbs… the Spirits of his People gathered. The Shaman of Light breathes a stream of light upon them, joyous in their presence.

Turning his gaze to the Moon, he drinks in the shimmering light of the Sky Orb. As he holds his attention upon the Moon he feels lighter, lifted. Threads of light, like the silk of a cocoon, shoot from his light body towards the light of the Moon. As the filaments of his Spirit body merge with the pulsing light emanating from the Moon, and are absorbed into the orb above, his threads are drawn in to that body, pulling, lifting him upwards. He is moving through what feels like a dark ribbed tunnel. There is the sensation of a thrumming, deep and intense, within the passageway. The Shaman of Light is flying, soaring ever upwards now. The more his attention is focused, the more do his threads spiral up to unite with the Moon, the faster is his flight. Soon he is rushing through the Darkness. He sees all about him the scenarios and memories of his own life. He knows that this is not important, unless the ghosts of his life are still charged with feelings, tuggings, yearnings. But he has moved through this terrain many times before. His Grandfathers and Grandmothers had given him guidance as to how to release his Spirit from these demons and fantasies by merging with each one and embracing it – his own guilts and shames and sorrows and unrequited loves – until it dissolved into light. Such ghosts no longer distract him, they are no longer alive. Instead he can now utilize his journey through the Realm of Ghosts to find and identify the ghosts of pain and suffering that still bind the Souls of his People to their own defeat. These collected sufferings become affixed to each respective icon and figurine of the People. Their Hopes and Desires now have Shadows.

He is aware that he is now in the Red Region, passing through the portion of the Tree that is bound with the ribbon of that color. He perceives the obstructions of fear and greed, of not caring and selfishness that tether the emotions of his People. The Light Shaman widens his spiraling path upwards to encompass the ghosts of his People, holding each in compassionate embrace. Traveling free, as pure Spirit, judgment and revulsion do not exist, nor do adoration and glamor. All that is, Is. And what Is is either of the nature of harmony and balance or it is not, and if not, compassion impels him into the ecstatic embrace of realignment of that non-existence into Essence.  As his Spirit soars ever upwards the Shaman of Light passes through each of the Ghostly Realms; Red followed by Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo, Purple – the seven bridges of the rainbow. Each has its own nature of ghosts and demons. Each is acknowledged as being the residing place of the Souls of the People, his kindred, his kind. Each is embraced, and placed, as the Shadow of the Dream. Up the Tree his Spirit flows, passing through the ring of each of the colored ribbons tied in place upon the trunk of the Tree.

Though the drumbeats have long since ceased, they have set his Soul to pulsing with their rhythm. This rhythm keeps his frequency of vibration in accord with the innate thrumming of the ribbed passageway he is ascending within the Underworld Realm. At long last he has traversed the Ghostly Realms. The Shaman of Light now finds himself in the region that shines with a luminous purple haze. Knowing the cues given him by those who have gone before, he moves his Spirit body into a fully upright position. The threads of emanation now coil out the top of his head and anchor him to the Moon. A pillar of condensed threads extrude from the base of his spine and out the soles of his feet, wending their way down, as the roots of the Great Tree, rooted to the Earth. In his upright position, he experiences the familiar feeling of a buzzing from the dynamic tension created by his column of threads that are the connector between the polarized forces of Moon and Earth. The Power surges through him. He pivots, turning to his right, until he feels a tug, a pull. Continuing beyond the place of the tug, he revolves another 360 degrees, returning to the position of the tugging pull.  He holds himself there, the dynamic charge now coursing through him like a bolt of lightning. The Shaman of Light knows, from training and experience that as long as he can maintain the upright position the Power will continue to build within him. Having returned to the place of the pull, he gives in to it, slightly, then pulls back, resisting. The tug is now stronger, drawing him forward, pulling upon the Star-Within that resides at the place of his solar plexus. Once again, willfully, he releases into the pull, then, with great effort, resists, letting the power build within him through this exercise of release and resist. Finally, one last time, he holds, holds, holds, and then… he surrenders his resistance and allows himself to be drawn, forcefully, out of the tunnel of darkness and into the brilliant purple haze. There is a loud POW! as he transits from the Underworld Realm into the Celestial Realm. The purple light is effervescent, fizzy, slightly tickling. The Shaman of Light moves into the mist, the colorful bag containing the desires of his People still slung about his neck. He makes his way by feel, the sense of the correct way to move like a fullness, an incorrect movement feeling hollow. Through this felt-sense perception he proceeds. As he continues to move the mist peels away.  He finds himself in a glade within a deep forest. Tall mountain peaks surround him. Diagonally to his right and ahead of him he sees the glow of a fire just inside the edge of the trees.

The Shaman of Light moves towards Grandfather Fire. As he gets closer he can make out forms, figures of Light, but similar to shadows. Light Shadows. He knows these to be the Elders, the Dream Makers. These are the Ones he has come to be received by. As he approaches Grandfather Fire he lowers his gaze to look into the coals that comprise the base of the fire. Kneeling before Grandfather Fire, the Shaman of Light asks permission of Grandfather to cleanse and bless himself with the coals of the fire. When permission is asked, permission is granted. The Shaman of Light reaches his hands of shimmering light into the coals and withdraws a double handful. Placing his hands at the top of his own head, he draws the coals down across his body, bringing his Celestial Soul into resonant harmony with Grandfather Fire and the Council of Elders who awaits his attention across the fire from him. Two more hand-scoops of coals follow, one each for alignment of the Shaman of Light’s Earth Soul and his Underworld Soul. There is neither pretense of hierarchy nor expectation of fear. The Elders are harmony and balance expressed; they are Principles of Life, the Makers of Dreams.

The Elders await the offerings the Shaman of Light has brought them. He opens the bag and lays out before Grandfather Fire the icons, figurines and talismans that embody the prayerful Dreams of his People. Each one the Shaman of Light lovingly picks up and respectfully announces the nature of the Dream of each person who had placed this trust into his care.

In this position within the unfolding storyline will be written your specific request and the corresponding Gift of Empowerment that has been given you. It will be unique to you and will have relevant guidance as to how to best integrate the gift into your life.

With each Dream presented the Shaman of Light brings forth an icon or figurine, a carved bit of bone, shaped stone, a tuft of feathers, each in its own symbolic form a representation of the intimate desire of someone who had asked him to carry their Dreams to be included in a greater Dreaming of the World. And with each, its Shadow is revealed.

The forms of the Elders across the fire shift and disassemble, then reassemble to become the specific expressions of character and essence required for the insemination and manifestation of the Dream of each request. The Dream Makers seem to float in patterns about each other. The floating takes on pattern and the forms take on distinction. The Dance has begun.

Old Woman Bear (Earth) shuffles around the Fire (Sun) in a counter-clockwise direction. Raven (Moon), brilliant silver of feather, flies about Bear, round and round. Hummingbird (Mercury), whose green-feathered body sports a shiny ruby-red throat, darts around the Fire, seeking blossoms upon which to alight. The Red Stallion (Mars), proud and powerful, kicks up his heels and tosses his mane in a show of earnest desire to run, to set forth to action. Beautiful Maiden, (Venus), is swirling and twirling around to the far side of the Fire. Eagle (Jupiter), flying aloft, circles upon the air’s draught, taking it all in. Shape-Shifter (Uranus) lurks, ready to lurch into presence without warning. White Stag (Neptune), a wound in his side, is standing just outside the light of the Fire. Far, far across the Fire, deep in the Darkness, Black Wolf (Pluto), Eater of Memories, watches… and waits. All the while the She-Lion (Saturn) shelters her cubs in safety within her den.

These Elders dance and initiate form within the Dream-of-Us-All. The Old Shaman, having presented the Dreams of his People to Grandfather Fire, nudges them into action. Eagle, Hummingbird, Red Stallion and Shape-Shifter coalesce, lending each their own quality of character to the task disseminated them by Grandfather Fire: Action in Quest of Truth. Eagle flies into the World of Manifest being, setting out the Path that is to be followed. Hummingbird, who communicates the gathered Wisdom of the Ages, insures that each member of the Circle is informed of the whereabouts and doings of each other Elder, then weaves the spell that will engage the Mind of each person who has sent their Dream to the Elders, that they may Dream the Dream as well. The mighty Red Stallion, now that he has been given the Divine Path to trod, gallops forth, carries the Celestial Soul of each of the People into the highest realms of the truth of each.

Shape-Shifter, swift and without discernible reason, sends a storm of thunder and lightning into the Earth-Soul lives of the People gathered, causing them to stop, run beneath known trees for shelter, only to have the trees shattered by lightning, leaving the People uncovered, unsheltered, naked to the elements. Just as suddenly Shape-Shifter becomes an Owl that guides them into a cave.  The People huddle in the cave, shivering from wet. As they warm, and feel the sense of protective safety again, here within the cave, they begin to explore.

White Stag appears before them, dripping blood from his wound. As the People come closer he bolts, runs deeper into the cave, down a passageway, narrow but well floored, that tilts down into the ground. The tunnel is lit with a suffused glow that emanates from White Stag. Down, down, ever downwards the White Stag runs, the People following after, for now they are far from the mouth of the cave and fear to return without any torch to light their way. The wound of the Stag is the wound of the people. Each droplet of blood the sufferings they have undergone. Each drop of blood shed by the White Stag is the return of the wounds of the people to themselves. With each drop of blood shed, White Stag grows brighter still, and with that brightness each of the People now have their own Shadow.

White Stag has run himself till he can run no more. He halts at the edge of a precipice. He looks back to the People who have followed him; he looks across the chasm to the ledge of rock on the other side.  Beyond that ledge a forest, and meadows filled with flowers, is visible, but beset in twilight.  White Stag collapses in exhaustion. As the People rush up to him, embroiled in the hurts and rage and resentments of each their own sufferings, and having come to believe that the White Stag is the source of these pains, they are overcome with the lust to overtake and kill him. As they close in around the White Stag, edged up to the precipice, they hear a howling from the darkness that freezes them with its cold, shrill intensity. Into the cavern-lit glow emanating from White Stag slinks Black Wolf. His tongue is a ‘loll, the red of his eyes a deep-lit fire. He prowls around the huddled gathering of the people who cower in fear. With each pass Black Wolf comes closer and closer to the People.

Owl once again appears, fluttering his wings about the face of Black Wolf. As Black Wolf snips at Owl, Owl lifts, dives, maneuvers himself away from the sharp teeth and powerful jaws of Black Wolf. Owl flies to the side of White Stag. In the brilliance of White Stag’s light, Owl casts a Shadow that fills the cavern with darkness. Black Wolf emits an ear-splitting howl of the hunt and lunges towards Owl. Owl, in the same instant, flies towards the Black Wolf, his Shadow diminishing in size by so doing.  In mid-leap Black Wolf’s jaws snap close upon, not Owl’s body, but about his Shadow, severing Shadow from body. Owl flaps his wings, gaining elevation, then soars across the chasm and alights in the branches of a grand tree on the other side. Meanwhile Black Wolf howls again with the success of the hunt, after which he gulps down the Shadow he has caught.

The People have seen, and now know. It is not they, themselves, that Black Wolf is there to hunt, but their Shadows, their pains and sufferings that lay within their memories, the memories that cling to them as if they had a life of their own. Following the example of Owl each of the People relinquish their Shadow to Black Wolf, who shrilly howls in acceptance of their surrender and release. Into the snapping jaws of Black Wolf are fed the pain held within memories of abuse, betrayal, guilt and shame, the sadness of love unfulfilled and opportunities for kindness passed by out of fear.

With the relinquishment of their Shadows the People begin to glow with the same light as the White Stag. Renewed, White Stag stands, collects himself to the edge and, with a powerful lunge, leaps across the chasm. An arc of rainbow light trails behind him. The gathering of the People follow, running across the rainbow bridge that arcs across the chasm, emerging on the far side amongst the flowers of the meadow, the trees of the forest. Their presence brings light to the twilight that had enfolded the terrain previously.

A great wind rushes across the land as the Whoosh! of Eagle’s wings bring him above the scene. Guided by Eagle’s flight comes Red Stallion, in full gallop, Beautiful Maiden astraddle upon his back, her long tresses streaming out behind her. As Red Stallion comes to a halt, pawing and prancing, Beautiful Maiden slips down from his back and walks to the gathered People. She presents her hands, arms outstretched, palms facing up, in a gesture of welcome. Each in their turn takes her hands in their own. She ushers them down a trail that curves around the side of a large red spire of rock. The trail leads directly to a small cave, a den. In the den awaits the She-Lion. As each of the people enters the den they are cuddled to the teat of the She-Lion. Once fed, they sleep. And in their sleep they Dream, and in their Dream they are each joyous, healthy and fulfilled.

The Old Shaman sits up, leaning slightly away from the Great Tree. The night is still, the People asleep, Dreaming. He gathers his ceremonials and walks back to his lodge in which he has lived for many, many years. He has returned home.


Death (Sandman comix) & 007



SO many Answers, of How we Travel, and what we see. 

Isis Unveiled: Golden Skin Returns to Earth

Welcome to the Future, the AGE B4 US is FANtastic. Our Lil Oracle, vision seer’er, KORE, has been tirelessly shifting the energies of “Tao-nations”, into Imagination, the REALM OF Dream! The Whirlwind of Tec(h)tonic Towers falling into the Oceanic abyss. The tides chop and cut, as the sails of lost mariners finally give way to death, herself. The Ultimate  Siren, the alarms to chime, all the  bells in resonance, into One Perfected Harmony, a Krish-indo- innuendo. Come into my Window, I am not a widow, I am a willow, a lilly rose, a Princess under glass. 

Isis Unveiled: Golden Skin Returns to Earth

As we Call this Happening, A Dimensional Merge point, or shift.. it is allegoric, to the caloric among you. OverARKing force of solar soul,  blindness to some, a star to others. Illuminated or cast over, everyone hoping for that 4 leaf clover.

Of Destiny, men and fate, all too often BLAMED, for the choices the free will made. The yoke taken from the horse, saddled to the mass of poor and dejected, hidden from light as slaves became the norm. The Yoke, you thought you passed down, that you had passed on, that had passed you by.. the will to work on the soul, died. Kinging yourself the god of mankind, the yoke is the Noose now, from which you cannot Hide. Sling Em High boys, cause this scene is about to get Ugly.

Those Yokes with the goodness and will to work on their soul, are the Gold among you… the twins of Delight, Radha Krishna in the garden of the Light. Opening now slowly as the winds blow, and thunder threatens, still now the ROSE blooms, in full color, day and night. Flood your soul, with Bright Might, white light-ning, pure force of Kosmic Drives.



The Oracle has seen, her sovereign soul on High, with golden skin, without and within. Understanding the Time is Nigh, that all children have heard the cry, and


To my Ancient Egyptians Sistar Priestesses of Sirius and Beyond. This is a Most Auspicious omen of Great Joy to come. Horus is Free, and Osiris is talking to me, Anubis by my side, with Bast dancing by. Ma’at has Stood by my side, All Along the journey, as I am Her Witness.






Going from Black and White, to Technicolor… a Whole New World.


PART 2 With LYRICS: I did not know this song existed until I was looking for the first one for this blog, today. 

Love and Blessings, Kore / Korinne

Priestess of Isis of Sirius B / Andromeda, hanging out with my Greek Gods in this Incarnation – The Final Incarnation. May all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness.


The Oracle’s Latest Video Teaching, A HERMES/KORE Production. The GAME of LOVE!


PINGBACK: My FB sistar and Occultist Lady Herself, gave me a Shout Out and a Ping Back, of Synchronistic Mystery study and channeling. MAJA is an Artist, Occultist, Speaker (teacher), writer, and Smarty!

Please enjoy her synchronistic research and wise thoughts. 

The Hide that Binds : The Golden Skin



~ FIN ~