MagiK or MemoreX


Greetings and TRANSmutations ~

I’m know for being the Visionary, with thousands of Kundalini stories from over a Twelve year path, of anchoring & Aligning with my Higher Soul consciousnesses. I make shelves worth of Personal notes, from Hermes teachings, to my own insights. I have been raised in the mysteries, through psychic transference with my Master Guide, Greek Messenger god, Psychopomp, the Father of #Alchemy and the #Occult.

Hermes Ter Maximus Trismegistus

It seems REALITY, is starting to MEET with my visions of oh so long ago. The teachings I received back then, Fortify me in the Now. I intend to update this blog as Phenomenon becomes more visible, in alignment with my cultivated gnosis.

“Reverse Engineering the Future!”

The Dimensions Merging:

What new age calls the ascension, what Christians call rapture, what science calls singularity, what the Bible calls Revelations, what geeks call transhumanism, what Buddhist call the Lightbody, is what I CALL DIMENSION MERGE.

In the past 48 hours I had a convo, that led me to Explain this merge. The other person said “Like at the End of Ghostbusters?” and I confirmed, this had been my thought As Well, to visualize the actual portrayal  of ghosts rising around the living.

My Blogs about the BARDO and Ghost Realm:

Awakening to Ghosts: the Lower Astral and the Ancestors part 1  (THREE PARTS)

Ghostbusters? SpOOksVille revealed

Stoopid science:  Singularity vs zero point

Today my Friend MATT who is the only other person I know, who channels “HERMES OF SIRIUS B“, shared this Most Amazing Video.







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