Laughter Heals Fear

Cultural Fear, Stranger Danger, The Targeting of Individuals, Gang stalking, Axe Murderers, The Divine right of Reptilians, the Abducting Grey Aliens and Government agents are just a few actual/phactual observable dangers of our Current Samsaric collective reality.

In order to Bloom, the Gloom, out of this Tomb, I take retreat into ~ The Mask of Comedy. The delicate emotional and hormonal systems, are deeply effected by our moods, our Inner Moonlight, on the water of the nervous system. Moods are Energetic Fields of One’s OWN CREATION. Yup. No one can MAKE you FEEL anything, unless there is black magick /Sorcery involved, thus violating the natural law of free will.

My entire life I have been drawn to #Comedy, and #Comedians. I adored the Father, I never had, in the Television men… I created brothers, and friends, from the Souls of those I watched. As I matured I understood most Comedians were, sense addicts with big holes to fill with ego gratification. Mostly I was SAD, that my brothers souls, did not reach all the way through, into their 3rd Dimensional real life. Yet when it came time to Entertain, a spirit of something Higher, grabbed them, like in a Voodoo Ritual, the Comedian is Ridden by the “Ancestor” of Comedy.

Back in Ancient Greece, as Kore/Persephone, I remember, our Comedy was farce-silly-cle, full of wild imagination, bursting with light. In this Tyme of Global Epic Tragedy… Everyone Believes, Kassandra (Troy), this time… We all hear the change of tune in the Air. Reach not for the Mask of Sad, but grab that Mask of Glad! A Choice you make, to pick the higher vibrational offering, of Joy and Laughter, even within the Macabre.

Undertake the Practice of LAUGHING at the Darkness.

The Ego, is the Crisis Actor, of your Consciousness.” ~ Occult Priestess

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Modern #Aliens & abduction… Meet the Original Kidnappers! The Experts! The FAE! You’ve never Lost Time, until you’ve Lost it in the Fairy Realm!!                   

The Feminine YIN of the “space invaders” #Narrative
I DO Believe, I have cracked the #Alien code. You’re Welcome! 
~ Occult Priestess Kore 


Me, During a #Kundalini Awakening!KAwakening

CHESHIRE SPHINX Spcheshire2.jpg










 The Experience I had, that Showed me, Emotions are My Fabrication. #Deep  


~ FIN ~ 


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