Introducing: The DARK MASTERcard

The Dark Master ~ Card. Once you sell your soul, for rock n roll, How do you cash in? Introducing “The DARK Master~card” by Morgan & Chase. Damned souls can now use the power of Plastic, to dig themselves an early grave. Dealers, trafficers, brokers, and bankers all accept “The Dark Master~card”! Do not Wait! Sell your soul Now, and “Think and Grow Rich” + “How to make Friends and Influence People” by Morning (star)! Possess, AND be Posessed by, the Power of Material Darkness!

Kids! Be Just Like Katy Perry!! 


This sarcasm has been brought to you by the “White Lodge”. G

Illuminate The Darkness with LAUGHTER! 



Hi Friends,

The Occult Priestess here. I have been instructed that my “Media Career”, is taking a turn towards Comedy. My inner Fairy (child), wishes to spread her Wings, of expression, through Joy. I have been up to my neck in SIRIUS Biznus, since I arrived on this planet. We all feel it is time, to begin to Live, like a light being ~ Authenticity + Creative Expression through Sovereignty (Crown chakra) .

My “flavor” or color or tone of Expression is at “Fay Level”. This is the first, prime, 101 level of Higher expression embodiment. Fay eventually leads to Goddess manifested in form, embodiment, on Earth.  What is it like to Live as a Fairy?? I do not remember, so this will be Salvador Dali like Interesting, odd and weird, a new game in a new century. 

Inner Child Fairy: John Bradshaw is the Genius earth angel, who coined the phrase “Inner Child”. As I grew in knowledge and relationship with my inner ‘child’, I was led into the Soul realm, of the “multi-dimensional’ consciousness that is my soul. My inner ‘child’ confessed… “I WAS NEVER A CHILD! I WAS ALWAYS A FAIRY!” She was adimate, arguing with John Bradshaw.  Isabella (my fairy) taught me about her True Nature, which in turn spoke of my over all true nature as a soul. Isabella is not originally from Earth or “Reality”, she was never a child of Earth… she is magick!

The Next BIG THING coming up for Occult Priestess, is the release of “The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil ” a film directed by Kyle Jay. Another Spooky Topic of Sirius Biznus! 




~ Fin ~

5/17/18 Earth Files.

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