LIGHTING THE VOID Occult Priestess

LIGHTING THE VOID Occult Priestess

Just Published!! Out of the Box with “Lighting the Void”, hosted by Joseph Rupe of FringeFM !! An Energetic Show full of Epiphanies, insights and light bulb moments. Grab your Drink, and Affix yourself Firmly on the Magick Carpet, for we are about to BLAST OFF! Join us ! AKA Joseph Rupe (Rupe Dawg  )



Thank you for Watching! In Service to Humanity ~ Sirius B 
Inter-planet Janet, She’s a GALAXY GRL! ~ Kore

REAL TALK, Deep talk and Divine Play are encountered in this MOST Auspicious episode. From Spirit guides, to Hermetic Alchemy, to Alien Disclosure, to Mars and BACK! A Lively Discussion fully illustrated with Art and Pictures.
Enjoy the MAGICK CARPET RIDE kids!!

~ Fin ~ 


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