ENLIGHTEN UP + Occult Priestess


Wild Interview on the “Enlighten Up” Podcast, where Occult Priestess spills the beans on Many Esoteric topics! Three hosts; Nicole Frolick, Lisa Watson and Michael make this pasta Extra Spicy!🌶️🌶️🌶️
Exclusive Revelations on the 💋“Twin Star”💋 phenomenon of Alchemical Romance. From Darkness to Light, we transverse the Kosmic spectrum.🌈
👻👽💥🔮 ~ trigger warning ~ 🔮💫🦄🕊️

#Occult #Starseed #Enlightenment #Hermetics

Official #Podcast Website: 


On With the SHOW!





Thank you Nichole, Lisa and Michael!! 



~ Fin~ 

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