Fade to Black: Jimmy Church Interview

On SATURDAY December 2nd, The Kosmic Kore (me) Interviewed Gnostic teacher/Author/ShowHost Miguel Conner of AEON BYTE GNOSTIC RADIO. This interview was highly anticipated by me. Miguel has been deep into the spiritual path + podcasting, a heroic journey I was blessed to ask questions about.

The Very Next Day, SUNDAY ~ Lovely Rita, of Jimmy Church Radio #F2B, contacted me, Inviting me to be on the SHOW! “Out of the BLUE” as they say. Rita and I agree’ed, Hermes had guided us to Each Other. I was scheduled for the Very Next Day: MOONday December 4th.

MONDAY Arrived, and I was awaiting the Green light from the bunker, to begin Speaking to the Largest Audience I’ve ever been afforded…. and #BOOM! Everything went Dead on Jimmy’s End!! Oh My! Right? Turns out the Winds were so strong, the Electric became unstable, and the Show was Cancelled. I was told this was the FIRST TIME, this had ever happened. Personally, I was like “Woah, that is kind of a Legendary Story, and I didn’t have to Say a Word.” lol. I was not Bummed, A. because I am a Buddhist without much ego. B. I was invited Back, the coming Thursday (TONIGHT)! This actually meant Twice the Hype and Advertising for me.

The Guests now SANDWICHED In-between “Occult Priestess, Korinne Wilson” were LINDA MOULTON HOWE and DAVID ICKE! WOW! right?

THE VERY NEXT DAY: Jimmy and Rita awoke to FIRE surrounding their neighborhood. The now, very Concerning Southern California Fires, rage onward, as I type. I also Live in South LA, and smelled the smoke as I traveled on Wednesday.

THORS DAY: Tonight, Live, from 7PM-10PM ~ Tune in, Call in, Chat in the Live Room.

As I have Been Blogging this, the Songs that Came on Randomly:  “Black Bird” “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” “On the Watchtower” “JUST LIKE STARTING OVER”





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