Satanism in America

The Satanic Panic with Tarl Warwick, and John Todd Mystery:

STYXHEXENHAMMER666 original video, Edited and annotated by Occult Priestess

The PRIMER: Baby steps….


So you See, 1970’s was a SATANIC REVIVAL in POP CULTURE. Politicians, Celebrities and Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Consciousness peeps Fall In Love, in the Socially Engineered Public Eye. Satanic rituals, sacrifices, possession became an Every Day Topic!


Introducing Original Disinformation Agent John Todd.

Much of what Todd says has Slivers of Truth. If you are VERY Discerning, you can catch when he is being Authentic, and when he Lies. He is MOST authentic when speaking of Drugs and his Criminal past… his entire energy changes, he gets “REAL”, his voice changes, the cadence of his speech, total shift. SO when he speaks of killing a Cop, and ruthlessly sought to feed his Narcotic Addiction.

Cop Killer Goes Free, then when the AGENCY is done with TODD, he is placed in jail for Rape. This story Stinks to High Heaven!



The Twisted Tale of One Agent, who got Caught, In THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Double crossed, as usual. John Todd / COLLINS (Dark Shadows). Todd’s original Last name was COLLINS.


This is a audio tape of the late John Todd, who was on the council of Thirteen of the Illuminati. BELOW

The Entire playlist contains at least a dozen inconsistencies .

Todd speaks of Dr. Raymond Buckland… as a high Satanist.

Would you like to know who the REAL Raymond Buckland was? (he just passed last month)

A Photo of my Coven meeting Raymond Buckland: (yes I have lost over 80 pounds ~ Coven of “The ILLUMINATED SHADOW )


Raymond Buckland, me and my Wiccan Students.

Todd Mentions SYBIL LEEK. I have no idea if she was a good witch or a bad witch. I own a few of her books because they are Antiques / collectibles.

Todd says his “Step Mom” was head witch of California, she wrote horoscopes for an LA paper. So much to Research… Would you like to Unravel this Sweater?

I am Convinced now.. COLLINS PORT is an Actual Place… Dark Shadows was social engineering, as well as “Hidden out in the Open” confession of darkness. A message to Dark People, that they are Winning… comrodery. Secret Societies JOKE against normal people (ignorant of darkness), and a Wink Nudge to those in the Know.,_Rhode_Island



As for Todd: I dedicate this song to your Ghost/Demon… Good NIGHT!

AGENT DOWN! Used, Abused, Discarded. Live by the Sword, Fate knows your NAME.

I see All False “Religion” or Doctrine, are part of Dark Consciousness, the Ghost Realm of Dead people and Demons. The Opposite of ANGELS. To know more about this Study the 4th Dimension of the “HUNGRY GHOST REALM” in Buddhism. I write about this in other Blog Posts… Search “GHOST” in my blog.

You Cannot Be WICCAN and harm others, It’s against the rules! 



A Wiccan / Pagan, and Rosicrucian Speak out Against HARM TO OTHERS, and SOCIAL ENGINEERING

Trigger Warning: People in this Video are Angry and displaying violent emotions! Still in Ego. “Sanctity of Government” is in their belief system. Those Beyond Ego, Have No DOG (star) In that Fight. Only ego needs rulers.

ETHICS : Love for Self and Other. Love must be RETAUGHT as we HEAL.

“I would Never Join a Group, I am not the HEAD of.” OCCULT PRIESTESS


More Examples Of PAGANS IN EGOOooooooo

“The Pagan Community is often troubled by rifts in opinion and rocked by the kinds of controversy that comes with the growing pains of a new family of religions. There is currently a tempest brewing on the internet between two Wiccan authors AJ Drew and Raymond Buckland.”

I Worked for A.J. Drew, in his First Occult Store for over a year. That is where I found Dion Fortune! Occult Priestess


DKCPlayer  “Ah yes someone needs to cover his morality unbiased using evidence seeing what he is, did and said. Rather than ‘he’s dressed funny, speaks funny and about out there things, must be evil vs he’s interested in what I am~metaphysics so he must be a hero.'”

My Reply: So I am paranoid to think those who dig Crowley, are actually totally aware of what he said and did and praise him for it? I am only seeing “Fame” and the results of hype, not a Huge secret Satanic underground? Maybe it’s because (fate) I was doing psychic fairs as early as my teens (no adult supervision), that I met tons of ‘bad witches’ (black magick peeps), a Mother and a Daughter who thought they were Scarlet ladies, carried the book of the law in their purses everyday. I think I get it… I have been in spiritual warfare, and most people are just waking up to the fact that it’s “A Thing”. Thank you DKCPlayer. I appreciate that you watch and comment.” OH!



~ Fin ~ 


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