Aleister Crowley Black Magickian.

Question Your Friends Who Dig Crowley… The Beast. See something, Say something.

Aleister Crowley: Black Magickian



The Book of the Law, “the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds.”  A. Crowley

WHY does Crowley remain one of the Most Popular Occultists to this day? Evil Sells! Then it uses Hypnosis and Mind Control to create Cults and Secret societies to Take Over the World, through sperm + demonic forces and social engineering (mass mind control).

A very backwards coming of age story, of demons in flesh (Oh, they are Legion).

Soon to be Deleted, known as the second death, or the romantic ~ “Satanic Death” ~.

I do not Play Well with materialistic, narcissistic, predators seeking dominion over all creation for egoic gratification. 

Sorry for the Accurate Things I said when the Moon was in SCORPIO!!  #Sting Read Dion Fortune instead.

FEEDBACK: When an Occultist Denies Crowley and Black Magick… she finds Support! 

QueenBee Nightly+1

“haha, yep, read Dion Fortune instead. She knew Crowley and saw how messed up he was, too. I advise people to not read Crowley unless they have really covered her works first.”
Anonymous source: “Thanks for posting your thoughts on Crowley. I find the man reprehensible, and am flummoxed at the number of occultists who venerate him.”
What’s your opinion on learning Golden Dawn techniques? I’m particularly looking for your take on the LBRP and Middle Pillar stuff. I’ve been a victim of shadow people attacks…”
MY REPLY: “Oh my Gosh. First Thank You for seeing through the BS of Crowley, it seems that takes a Gifted person. Second: I am Struggling with the Exact same Issue- Literally. My friend wants to Learn the LBRP, and I told her even though it worked for me for years, and I taught many others to do it (even at festivals)…. After this Eclipse, and The Switch from “Old Way” to “New Way” (eclipse magick by god, not humans) – Maybe we should not be Saying Abrahamic Names of God. Black Magi use them, and taint them…. SO I see your Point!


Western magick has a lot to do with Black magick, calling in demons to do your bidding, and of course Shadow Peeps and Djinn.. I am an occultist and I have never worked with Dark Consciousness, yet High Magickians – this is their ‘go to’ Route. Masturbation or sex, root chakra power, with blood, semen… (Fracking the inner light) To Control their “Reality”, and manipulate the people in it. I have never met a Kind black magickian.”
Jason Wilson: A lovely Voice Recording of Encouragement and Solidarity! The morning after I made the post, I got this voicemail. Good Times!

Anon: Face it, Crowley and His Ilk are evil at best you cant grow potatoes in a bed of poison. Evil is death, death cant grow anything but more death.
Failing at Life: “Love” is a Misnomer here. Socialism satanists for human rights. Remember, it’s not just Backwards.. It’s also Inverted And inside out,,, flip the script. —> Social Engineering Published Oct 18th. Project “Normalize Satanism
“Ultimately in the O.T.O’s sexual magick everything came down to semen —”


Ah yes someone needs to cover his morality unbiased using evidence seeing what he is, did and said. Rather than ‘he’s dressed funny, speaks funny and about out there things, must be evil vs he’s interested in what I am~metaphysics so he must be a hero.'”


My Reply “Occult Priestess: So I am paranoid to think those who dig Crowley, are actually totally aware of what he said and did and praise him for it? I am only seeing “Fame” and the results of hype, not a Huge secret Satanic underground? Maybe it’s because (fate) I was doing psychic fairs as early as my teens (no adult supervision), that I met tons of ‘bad witches’ (black magick peeps), a Mother and a Daughter who thought they were Scarlet ladies, carried the book of the law in their purses everyday. I think I get it… I have been in spiritual warfare, and most people are just waking up to the fact that it’s “A Thing”. Thank you DKCPlayer. I appreciate that you watch and comment!” OH!



~ FIN ~

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