They Put a Spell on YOU!

BLUE TOOTH: It’s not a one way connection.

Did U know your Bluetooth is a Binding Rune?

When two runes or more, make one rune, this is a SPELL.

The first Rune is Backwards… as Black Magicians do… meaning Closing (instead of opening). (Never confuse black magick with lightworkers.)

Characteristics of the First Rune in Binding Bluetooth:
“Kauno’s main significance is related to fire, light, warmth, enlightenment and knowledge. It sheds light on the path, dispels the dark shadows of ignorance, and helps us to see with true discernment. It suggests that understanding must lead to action, and light in the darkness implies spiritual illumination. Kauno also represents the natural warmth and companionship of the home fire and thus, good health.”

^ BACKWARDS ^ Inverted, inside out, upside down. All kinds of Error.  Meant to Encase you … see???


The Second Rune:

Physical or mental growth. Increased business, investment or profit. Bumper crops. Lost causes may be redeemed. New beginnings will flourish. Berkanan refers to renewal, regeneration, purification, healing, and recovery. It is the rune of the family and the home, and represents the enjoyment of sexual relations, fertility, and birth. Birth in this context can be literal or symbolic, such as the successful start of any new idea or enterprise.


First we see INVERSION, signaling the red flag of BLACK MAGIC. An “image-0-nary” > symbology, designed to ‘suck your energy in’. You can even see it in the virtue of the shape of the rune, meant as a funnel, to take in. 

Second, we see What They are HARVESTING YOUR ENERGY for… those students past 101, will understand the rest. I am here to teach those already in the Know. Can U find more Runes within this Symbol??

“Stopping your evolution, one spell at a Time. Enjoy the music with your agreement.”  This is not in Terms of Service faq.

Only a LIGHTWORKER can expose this Sinister Ministry. 

See You in the LIGHTHOUSE fellow Priestesses, Beyond the Pale, and Ditching the VEIL!





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