Isis Unveiled: Golden Skin Returns to Earth

Welcome to the Future, the AGE B4 US is FANtastic. Our Lil Oracle, vision seer’er, KORE, has been tirelessly shifting the energies of “Tao-nations”, into Imagination, the REALM OF Dream! The Whirlwind of Tec(h)tonic Towers falling into the Oceanic abyss. The tides chop and cut, as the sails of lost mariners finally give way to death, herself. The Ultimate  Siren, the alarms to chime, all the  bells in resonance, into One Perfected Harmony, a Krish-indo- innuendo. Come into my Window, I am not a widow, I am a willow, a lilly rose, a Princess under glass. 

Isis Unveiled: Golden Skin Returns to Earth

As we Call this Happening, A Dimensional Merge point, or shift.. it is allegoric, to the caloric among you. OverARKing force of solar soul,  blindness to some, a star to others. Illuminated or cast over, everyone hoping for that 4 leaf clover.

Of Destiny, men and fate, all too often BLAMED, for the choices the free will made. The yoke taken from the horse, saddled to the mass of poor and dejected, hidden from light as slaves became the norm. The Yoke, you thought you passed down, that you had passed on, that had passed you by.. the will to work on the soul, died. Kinging yourself the god of mankind, the yoke is the Noose now, from which you cannot Hide. Sling Em High boys, cause this scene is about to get Ugly.

Those Yokes with the goodness and will to work on their soul, are the Gold among you… the twins of Delight, Radha Krishna in the garden of the Light. Opening now slowly as the winds blow, and thunder threatens, still now the ROSE blooms, in full color, day and night. Flood your soul, with Bright Might, white light-ning, pure force of Kosmic Drives.



The Oracle has seen, her sovereign soul on High, with golden skin, without and within. Understanding the Time is Nigh, that all children have heard the cry, and


To my Ancient Egyptians Sistar Priestesses of Sirius and Beyond. This is a Most Auspicious omen of Great Joy to come. Horus is Free, and Osiris is talking to me, Anubis by my side, with Bast dancing by. Ma’at has Stood by my side, All Along the journey, as I am Her Witness.






Going from Black and White, to Technicolor… a Whole New World.


PART 2 With LYRICS: I did not know this song existed until I was looking for the first one for this blog, today. 

Love and Blessings, Kore / Korinne

Priestess of Isis of Sirius B / Andromeda, hanging out with my Greek Gods in this Incarnation – The Final Incarnation. May all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness.


The Oracle’s Latest Video Teaching, A HERMES/KORE Production. The GAME of LOVE!


PINGBACK: My FB sistar and Occultist Lady Herself, gave me a Shout Out and a Ping Back, of Synchronistic Mystery study and channeling. MAJA is an Artist, Occultist, Speaker (teacher), writer, and Smarty!

Please enjoy her synchronistic research and wise thoughts. 

The Hide that Binds : The Golden Skin



~ FIN ~ 

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