A Day in the Life: Celebrity Mystic

Celebrity Mystic: A Projection

I can feel my future coalescing, visions from my past, of my future, flood my thoughts. This is an exercise in projecting my visions, of the future, into the NOW.


I awake to the sound of birds, and nature, the Sun is bright and warm. Music begins to play, as I make my way to the coffee + coconut milk. My true love has made us healthy green drinks for breakfast. My drink is sitting on the counter, as he has gone to meditate and commune with himself, as part of his morning ritual. I take a few shots of supplements, and light the morning candles and incense. During coffee, I catch up on social media and messages. After my green drink, I cleanse, dress and ready myself for the day. 



At 10am, my hired men arrive at the door. We may think of these men as bodyguards, I see them as safe company… I have given them the code names of Jake and Elwood, as well as spyware watches. Elwood informs me of the appointments I have agreed to, and an estimate of when we will be done for the day. After a kiss from my well meditated true love, me and the boys pile in the black car for a day of adventure.


Our first stop is at the mansion of a hollywood director, who is working on an interdimensional film. I am there for a one hour consultation, speaking about how the dimensions work, and how best to visually interpret that for film. $$ Cha-Ching $$ + Art! 

A lunch appointment with an actor I had a crush on for years. His query is about how to expand his consciousness, in order for him to transcend into states of Samadhi.  The advice that came through from his spirit guides, was to explore the dream realm. I offered him a package of personal guided meditation sessions with me, he all to happily agreed to. *Score* 

I was then ‘summoned’ to appear, before the lizards… a corporation asked me to review their human resource policies in accordance with natural law. Their manifest was over 200 pages, I whittled it down to 12 pages, not including extensive footnotes. Given how much money these policy changes will lose them, I’m pretty sure my work will end up in the circular file (trash). The corporations pay big bucks, as they should *$$$$$$$* hermwingfedora

The last stop with the guys today, is the spa! I freaking love the spa, and the natural mineral springs. I hand Jake and Elwood gift certificates for massage, so they can chill as well. After an hour and a half of awesome self care, I am off toward home, returning messages on the phone.

The guys drop me off, and take the car with them. I enter my home, and smell the best food coming from my kitchen. Arriving at the yummies, I see my true love laughing and dancing in the middle of the living room. “Hello Beloved, how was your day?” I ask


“You must know, we’ve been in psychic communication all day. I was a little insecure, admittedly, with you lunching with your old crush. Yet when I tuned in, I felt the vibe was so loving, you really cared about his wellbeing.”

I dance to my love, and begin to sway with him. “Thank you for making dinner. I am deeply grateful for your beingness. I felt you today, when the pool was too cold… Ha Ha. I think you screamed?”

He laughs “I would say I exclaimed, passionately.” 

The rest of my evening would be so magical and personal, I care not to project it. Tantric Yogini Kundalini Alchemical Romance 

Ideal Work Situation

 I work constantly six months out of the year, and take six months off in recovery/discovery personal time. I have a retreat center, where major events blow minds and open hearts. My teachings take on a myriad of forms from media, (musical plays, movies, live shows, comedy, performance art),  to hands on work. I prefer camera interviews, podcasts, and radio, over live lectures at events, or book signings. I work with artists, psychics, wayshowers, visionaries and starseeds to create new ways of expressing truth. At some point I have a television talk show, that I become known for. 

N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
‘Cause I can’t wait much longer



~ fin ~ 

April 24th 2017

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