Gnosis of Nephthys

Know Thyself: Teachings and Pop Culture Community


Zoom Out: What is the Age, we are flowing into? The Age of Aquarius, the Age of Horus the Younger (Dispeller of Darkness), a Golden Age of endless light. “Electric Word life, and that means forever.. that’s a mighty long time.” Prince 

Zoom In: I am an Aquarius / Tiger, the Eastern tiger being equivalent to the Western Aquarius. I have been both student and teacher, leader and follower on my life path.  The teachings I provide and hold dear do not come from ‘book learning’ nor ‘arm chair analysis’, my teachings come from Gnosis.

Gnosis is a word I must define, as Perfect Wisdom. To gain gnosis, we must empty ourselves, open like a lotus and be in desire of empathic relation with the cause of our focus. Empty openness, the secrets of Nephthys, and all Night Goddesses. To be humble, to respect, to remain still, without judgment, to commune, to be one. Through this vibrational marriage, we are reminded all is ONE, through this seed magick (atom), we real-eyes the truth of the cause of our focus. This truth then lives, awakened within us, coloring our life with it’s particular alchemical flavor or Gnosis.

As a teacher, I speak from experience, as very few do, these days. In many works, you will find a collection of stories from individuals, who are not the author. Karma, Life Experience, is what shapes our character, and gives us the knowledge with which to teach. Yet in our society,  “Teaching” looks like brainwashing, mind programming, and Egoic preening.

I find my style of learning/teaching does Not fit In! I have felt, when among my peers,  I was behind a glass wall… Talking, but no one hearing me. It seems they were too full of their Own perspective, a fixed belief system. No one was Looking for Awe, Wonder, true magick… soul growth. All was surface, with rumors of depths, nowhere to be found. Feeling it’s Taboo to speak about God & Spirit Guides, or being a psychic channel, at a “New Age Fair” is kind of laughable! I never thought I would be Unique, among the Big Kids out here in #California.



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