The Ark of the Convenient

Research: Active =1; Conclusions = 0

My research began with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark.

My Query: Watching Indiana Jones: Question; The Ark of the Covenant. Dude had to get the Staff of RA, the Egyptian Sun God, and go into two ancient Egyptian sites to ascertain and attain said Ark…. But it’s a Christian + Jewish Artifact? Why Did the Christian/Jews Time travel to Ancient Egypt to place their Ark in our temple? I Cannot find out How Egyptians Got the Ark in the first place? When did the Egyptians steal the Ark? (Or is the Ark, created by the Egyptians, and the Jewish/Christians stole it and made a story up about it?) #Sirius #Starseed His-story


FB Friend: “There were lots of Egyptian arks, Freeman Fly is up on this. Arks were pretty common all over Egypt.”

FB Friend: “I would suggest the holy grail (holograil) the ARC offer the same technology potential. Scalar plasma generators / converters. Programmable ether devices that can offer replication and dimensional ‘amplification’ and of course why was there a woman who could hear god, called Jean D’arc? Curious  Interesting that good ol Harrison went after both the ark & grail. Free energy devices that could hold over unity implosions perhaps? ”

^ My Response ^: “The way I am taught about this “Tech” is that it is internal, all within, and I am being taught how it works, the result being Sidhi’s. ”

FB Friend: “You may wanna research a guy named Shisak. He is actually mentioned in the movie although his name is mispronounced. I’ve seen it spelled with and without the 2nd H. He is tied in with Solomon’s son Rahoboam, and therein lies the secret of why the Ark was moved. Remember it was Moses brother Aaron (see etymology Aaron/Aryan) who built the Ark. He was also the sorcerer who through down the staff and turned it into a serpent in a contest with Pharoah’s magician. One alternate history theory holds that Moses was actually Akhenaten. Regardless, he and Aaron were well schooled in Egyptian magick.”

Matt DeMille said: “Depending on what the Ark is . . . Electrical capacitor? Storage box for mana powder? What even ARE the Commandments? Tablets? How did Moses carry granite tablets down a mountain? Strong dude. More likely metaphor: “Sinai” means “reflection”, as in upside-down, and the mountain is THE mountain — The pyramid, the illuminate eye (light at the top–talking to “God”), Paramount logo, etc.

You have to read/watch “The Man Who Would Be King”. Most people these days demonzie Freemasonry, say it’s evil, but it’s more about higher consciousness, preserving this very knowledge, starting with Solomon’s Temple, the Ark and all that.

Yes, there were many Arks. Boxes. Treasure chests. But as Indy would say later on, “knowledge was their treasure”. What knowledge? Well, spiritual knowledge.

The “temple of soloman” is the temple of the “Soul of Man”. It’s more metaphor than literal. Raiders of the Lost Ark even got the timeline off, by about 70 years, when the Ark was “woosh, gone” . Spielberg (playful mountain) knows things. He doesn’t tell you everything (and neither do I, frankly). Again, Man Who Would Be King (the basis of Indiana Jones).

You won’t find THE answer to the Ark because the answer is deliberately veiled by the occult. You get close, but not on-target. Graham Hancock and Ethiopia, Masons and Rosslyn Chapel, metaphor and my thesis: DeMille, Cecil, Montauk, Hollywood, stonecutters, carpenters, Indiana Jones blood thesis — all me. Unique reporter on this, having lived it and been trained by its occultists north and south.

I “know” about the Ark. Gotta talk to me in private, though. Sorry. Can’t say some things publicly. But really, nobody out there quite has it right, yet. But, basically, it’s about your inner light, not some exoteric treasure. Yes, THE Ark exists, but, as Indy Sr said, if you think you’re finding a “prize”, you won’t find it at all. <— His Youtube Videos


Author’s note: My Spirit Guide Hermes resembles the DAVID Statue by Angelo. It seems Hermes is Kewl with David… yet starts being Unkewl when Solomon comes on the Scene.. and from there, corruption grows. Hermes also gives Merit to some Philosophers, and not others. As a Teacher, Hermes wants me to learn Correct truth- and not be victim to a False History. His goal is to give me a wholistic view of Humankind, history and Goals for the future. If one is working with Fiction/Lies, the truth can never Out. As a “Psychic Channel” (tea parties with spiritual guides) I have a Far Reach to the truth, above Time/Space and all the Lies.

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