Visions: The Higher Teachings

korepresephone1.jpgThis blog post contains my visions from 2011-2016. 


January 1st, 2011 (1.1.11)

Movie Reel (“Real”) of Life. The film coming off. animated pictures of a childhood in black and white.

Your life is a movie. In order to appreciate the understanding of this concept one must disassociate from their outer reality. For example, playing the role that your cast of characters expects from you, a typical suburban professional male is an archetypal role that some get stuck in, while others thrive in. Most of life’s thunderbolt moments (“Peak Experiences”) are archetypal in nature, meaning they happen to everyone in one form or another.

My favorite example of life as a movie in philosophy/mythology- possibly labeled the “big picture example” (how do you like that Pisces?) is that your life, in fact every life there ever was no matter how long or how short is the archetypal hero’s journey. The truth that all life is evolving, or a journey; is so universal that the ancient Tarot cards tell the whole story in just twenty two cards. Of course for most people who are not Jungian fanatics- archetypes are rough sketches, mere outlines of a persons “true character”. Labels mostly based on judgment or prejudice. For me archetypes call back to the essence of the energy itself, merely represented by the physical form of the “character”- archetypes speak volumes to me through my esoteric gnosis of the symbolic language. Some people have the talent to be able to “size someone up” on the first meeting- an uncanny “judge” of “Character”. However those with the keys to the archetypal language of symbols can see beyond the “character” or “ego mask” and into the heart, some can see deeper into the soul or higher self.

We are so alike it’s freaky! If we were more honest with ourselves and others, if we no longer wore masks and took on fake ego identities we may go insane from the lack of diversity, yet grow abundantly in compassion for every sentient being.

Just did toning exercise. Each chakra had an “animal guide”?

Root= stag, Sacral= snake, Solar plexus= dolphin, Heart= dove, Throat= tree frog, Third eye= otter

~ Fin ~

New Day: January 18, 2011
Factors: thoughts that seem of import lately

Inter dimensional beings versus Physical beings from another planet
Why I am rare, deals with my mission?
Apple, Black Diamonds, Seeding other worlds, helping God
Sleep Paralysis- facing the gates of death of Hades, to go home at night?

The heros journey, visions quest, “crazy”, that happens to me is a literal translation of the energies being broadcast.

He explains: the “waves” represent the path of my journey from first density to 9th density. The 6th wave= Ramtha? Ramtha said a 5000 year cycle was now over, last year around my birthday. He says Mayan Calendar, 9 levels, like in their temples, nine waves. The sixth waves represents man mind- no intuitive, overly rational: dark age. 9th waves- no filter for the human mind, he says one with God, I totally get that because I have personally experienced it, but ego still in the way, he says no ego to interrupt the flow I suppose.

BARBARA HAND CLOW said: The first level is the metal core of the earth- my third eye at one point became this sphere- reminded me of phantasm but gave way to the lighthouse or lighthouse became sphere- cannot remember. This vision series happened at Junes house. My soul /higher self, spoke of the 8th wave or dimension as the innocence I experienced.

She (higher self or soul architect) says: Think of the 6th dimension of form, Understand what you are calling your Ego, that filters the pictures in distorted ways, is actually your imbalance with the 6th dimension.

(NOTE: The Sixth Dimension, can also represent 6th Chakra, being the Portal, third eye, gateway to higher consciousness. I also see dimensions as Floors of a Large cosmic building. Then there are Densities which I believe are levels within the dimensions, floors within floors, like a layered dream. 2016 Kore) 

~ Fin ~

January 19, 2011

“Thou shall not seek out mystical experience” 

So I say sky people- and a flash of white statue animated people-lots of them- lots upon lots- one throwing a kiss at me- they all seem to be saying hi in some way- showing me their numbers their masses.

I focus on the one throwing me kisses and I see Kore as I call her- my Greek self  who is young- late teens, typical Grecian dress with wavy thick black hair.

She says she is me- the Higher Self is also us, we are many at once somehow, almost different states or maybe stages of consciousness.

I remember seeing Kore during the last awakening- I was let into heaven under her guise then turned into a Unicorn. Hermes was my (her) father, Aradia (she wore the symbols of Aradia) was my mother. Heaven was my parents mansion which I (she) was raised in as an immortal. My home- my parents home- the gardens are so lovely, the brocade so deep and rich. I saw very clearly that my “heaven” was just “Upstairs”- that is how close they all felt- all I had to do was flip my consciousness and boom I was upstairs at my parents house.

During the awakening – experiencing this lovely girl immortal- she was in a room and a Grandparent stopped in and said “Oh she’s playing with her Mina doll”- Implying that I was “playing human” for a while- and the Grandparents are so OLD so advanced that they see incarnating as human as a child’s game.

I was LOVED beyond any measure I have experienced on the earth plane- one would say I was open to love more in that state of consciousness, than any human psyche can comprehend. Talk about feeling Rich and Famous- being loved by Immortal Light Beings made me understand the fiction of this earth plane- how love is a constant truth beyond any derision. I mean it’s just upstairs- its so close- ask permission to see the infinite, you may be able to go up stairs and meet your parents too. I think this can happen for anyone who wants it to.

The way this happened for me- Getting into Heaven, Going upstairs

I had an omen (precursor) dream. I remember in real life it was right around thanksgiving. In the dream I was on a road that winded around a bin, I walked the road that ended in a BEAUTIFUL old graveyard. The statues glittered in the sunlight- like heaven had taken over the graveyard. I wanted to go in- I could feel that loving energy calling to me- I wanted to find out what was within that place that made me feel so much! I saw a statue of VENUS among others. I went to walk in and a fear hit me- DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HIDING IN THERE? The fear asked pointedly. I thought um no- and your right that is a graveyard which is usually a scary thing for us Humans. I was “TOLD” the time was not right, I could not enter the graveyard yet.

Months Later: Access Granted- The graveyard seemed to be a doorway to heaven, a ladder, a staircase all the way up to Hermes who was there beckoning me to join him “upstairs”. I had interpreted the first dream to mean I was not ready to die to my body- but now I could see- I was not ready to behold the mystery of heaven.

As I ascended up stairs through the fluorescent astral clouds- I saw a large open gate- beyond that were my spiritual Parents- Hermes/Aradia- they greeted me and I turned into a Unicorn- they game me an apple and showed me to my favorite apple tree in the extravagantly lovely fairytale like garden. Mind you I was a horse, this did seems odd to me, I had the passing thought that I would have to be a horse for all eternity. However I suppose the unicorn is  a symbol for my essence.

I think I am talking to Kore exclusively- it seems she has been educated in many works I lack.

The body is not conscious in the way I think or may think of it- The body is RULED or run by the Power Chakras- a life generator – look up what a generator does. The body is like a plant as far as consciousness- it grows toward the sun, it craves comfort and love- the ego is not a part of the bioelectrical system as a whole- the ego is a separate part of consciousness that strives to satisfy the emotional system of the animal. The ego and the animal are separate( I got th words coming out automatically but I don’t know how or why and then she tells me because you are not looking at me- just like my mom in the window “scene”)

I see her holding a doll- cowboy who’s riding a horse, the horse and the cowboy are separate, vehicle/chariot, temple kinda- body- animal- smiling horses. Now I see a white wisp descending into the cowboy- like a small ghost or piece of god, soul, spirit, Entering the cowboy (who is now Woody from “Toy Story”) through his eyes- I see his cornea very close up. This wisp is seen through the cornea as LIGHT- awareness, awakeness, consciousness. I see the wisp going through the eyes to a place in the mind. I see the movie theater, Pineal Glad she says- The seat of Consciousness. Once light intersects with matter consciousness is born/created. This gives you the light and energy to fuel your movie theater. This leads to “downloading” ie channeling. I see a stream of electrical currents from above coming down into through the crown to the pineal- the light show- moving picture communication- we are real.

Hermes comes in- He says I am talking to “myself” he enjoys watching me talk to myself. The Mina doll is a past persona of yours (mina doll teddy bear). He says Kore represents the part of my consciousness that “knows”- she is a record keeper, astrologer, healer and all that you are- she prefers Greek clothing because we were together in the story in that life.

I get this feeling like you would not call her daughter – I am your daughter- where is the separation?

HE says- she is a consciousness a part of ME- not all of me. Not exactly like the Egyptian lady I once was who has a portal open. This portal is in your soul- a window- your essence speaks in many voices. He does not want me to confuse myself- He wants me to know I am ME beyond all other me’s- I have access to infinite “me’s”

In the end are these reflections of me- just like God is each one of us- we are all Gods Finger Puppets-. If you separated god in a human ego structure would he communicate with all as if he were all because he is?

God is not separate (ever)

You actually are never separate from yourselves, us the gods- we are all one for real.

You are coming across the power to replicate yourself- in once sense. You can contact your other states of being as you wish- you are understanding no limits, no boundries. We had to crack the code to get you to see/know beyond time.

So when I see Kore in her doll room- that is not me in a past incarnation?

The Kore you see is a reflection of your

This is the first time Hermes is telling me something I am seeing is not “real” in the spiritual sense. He holds up a picture of the room with Kore sitting there and he flops it so you can see it move – understanding its two dimensional. She herself was saying she is not my higher self- we are not that either one of us. I can hear Kore so easily because she is close to my vibration- because she is me. Hermes says I cannot go to her house and have tea- she’s not real like that. The closest I can come to understanding this right now is that she is a reservoir for my knowledge- a collective notion which I have personified in a form I can relate too. An Inner face- database- record keeper, but not Thoth who I suppose is the big record keeper, and Kore maybe my personal record keeper?

I am grateful that Kore and Hermes set me straight on differentiating this particular energy. It comforts me that I will be TOLD unequivocally if I am in touch with another entity or a reflection of myself. Like I said this is the first time Hermes has made that distinction- so I assume this is the first time this has happened.

So Hermes draws a mirror up to me- I see the reflection as a different room and a different me- He says as long as you understand you are talking to a reflection you may proceed.

I re greet Kore as my reflection- She greets back-

Okay now that we know where we stand- you can understand this is a way of “smuggling out” your knowing. I think this must be a game I play with myself- where is the lady in the carpet? She says The SCROLL- yes about 20 mins ago she showed me a scroll and was passing it over to me- it was parchment- rolled with two “sticks” or rods- at the end of the rods- 4 black diamonds. The scroll is old- amber colored- I feel like I can intuitively read it, but not actually read it- I see writing- like a fairy tale. IS THIS MY SCRIPT? She smiles- and I see cherry and chocolate mood colorings- You wanted to see your life without reflection- through the eyes of the ones who see- to understand your journey in the larger sense- how you would effect your people- or how you would give back- help.

She says- this is part of your life script- your astrology- your karma and your contracts. I now see my higher self wearing Buddhist orange- smiling and showing me the pastel scenery of the astral realm- she looks like the queen of heaven to me. She seems to have an artists brush and now a smock- she tells me she paints- scenes, landscapes, she paints possibilities, hope because hope is real; she paints the stars that guide me toward the light. ()+() . I see a chariot race- I am entered- she is my “guardian” in the sense of over seer, adviser. Hermes does not advise, this is her role. I ask how to define her role for me, fairy god mother? Angel? She says I am you of course- in another role.

I see her say to Hermes “I think she’s finally getting it”

You deal with upstairs stuff and I deal with downstairs?

More or Less- your limited perception.

Well you know I want infinite perception- I feel as if I am being hard headed when I am just being honest. I feel my frustration. However I don’t want to spontaneously combust due to enlightenment. I accept my limited perception and I gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi Svaha am working on it.

Maybe you can address my “techno Fear”- I fear that I will stumble upon a secret so perception altering that I will never recover from it- a bad tone that echos through out infinity- I call it techno fear because I feel it keeps me from accessing the computer of cosmic consciousness as fully as I would like to. A Phobia of too much knowledge that breaks my humble mind. Pandora there is the box you forgot to open- Oh no! You see it’s like sniffing for bombs in spiritual concepts before you commit to learning them. However I am exploring spiritual/higher knowing- which by its nature is mysterious and you cannot sniff for bombs before you commit to the download. And then of course you cannot “un see” what you have seen.

Higher self explains itself:  Guru Devi= Physical Lineage. HIGHER SELF REPRESENTS SOUL LINEAGE_ PERSONAL EVOLUTION LINE.

I am not Guru Devi, but I am my higher self. We are all one because we are, also because we all intersect at one point or another- we know. The individuation process is how we grow a soul- through life poetry we bloom the rose.

Funny thought- I’m not transgender, I’m trans-aged- old soul dilemma, being “old” from birth.

She says I see the props she uses and how she sets the stage for the play- so we no longer play like that. Our personal learning as experience (Gnosis) is manifesting within, through the facility of the psyche, the mind channels the information, we are tuning the crystal to amplify your perception. I make a triangle symbols with my hands. The Tones will vibrate you into alignment with oneness from which all is revealed. Oh I see now you brought up my limited perception not only to explain that I can only see part of the meaning right now, but also for later when I can see it, and I can compare the two states of consciousness.

She says she is a conscientious gardener- you think you like playing Sims (Sims PC game)? You have no idea.

I get my simness and even my Dolls from her love perception of her work.


She is a True Educator, and I feel as if she is almost, my creatrix- who chose to “grow” an Oracle Priestess Rose in her Goddess garden. Through lifetimes and in between- nurturing this soul, this seed, to bloom into a completed work.

I do feel designed, don’t we all at some level be it scientific with genetics, or mental emotional of psychology or like me scripted from spirit- the theme of being a creation is universal.

So we see our creators as Divine. For me – seeing my higher self in the astral pastel art sky- she seems divine to me. She tells me her soul was grown just as mine was- a different “time” with different methods for her level of manifestation. The closer to source you are the faster you “come back home” so to say.

I ask her if shes ever been here- and No- she was manifested on a different “level” of the cosmic game.

I see a mad an dirty cave woman ( we grow the souls in the fertile soul of the earth)- Higher self asks what is wrong with this woman?

I see she has her Kundalini turned on- I see she is wise, but- Oh she is not taking care of her animal body. And I feel the woman is a ghost- Either way you push the pendulum- all body or all sight- you are out of alignment. In your case the body must be loved- The cave woman has a puppy who she loves and cares for. The puppy is clean, fed and loved- the cave woman comes to love herself through the power and instinct of loving another. Loving the body leads to transmutation of the flesh- golden skin. The light body can inhabit the physical- it does, it’s just not lit up so to speak. As you come into alignment, through the planetary influences and your own diligent work you will release the shame that binds you- and understand the true meaning of justice. To love all as you are loved by all.

Wonder woman refers to ‘the story of my third eye’

My higher self, my gardener- soul gardener- She emanated from the TARA energy- Tara in essence is her mother. I emanated from Her- no archetype to tie her to (Pivarte sari svhana?)

(Note: I have since learned my “Grandparents” are the Oversoul Consciousness of the Star system Sirius. 2016 Kore) 

My emanation has been through the obvious life times- and countless others I cannot currently recall. My emanation has been Egyptian and Greek; those lives set many foundations for future construction/expansion. Tara is known in many solar systems- I am less known, mostly an earth fairytale, in the “publishing” business earth fairytales are not a hot market. You can rule the world and still be a geek in the universe.

I ask her about all the mindless people- the zombies- the ones who live like animal minds.

There have always been these kinds of scenarios, we grow the soul you know. The soul does not always listen too, or acknowledge the inner voice; for the most part all people are capable of hearing the inner voice. It is a choice (free will) to listen to inner wisdom, or turn it off. Talk about auto pilot. You always listened, you had no choice, contracts are sacred and binding. You were raised to listen for the smallest sound- very sensitive to vibration. You like Orchids and Lotus because you feel you are given a rare life as well. You feel nurtured like an exotic flower- who does not yet know the meaning of it’s intense scent. Mystery of your own powers/senses/gnosis. You have always been given the gift of knowing you were different from the other flowers. You were chided and praised for it, which helps the flower to see itself. Now that you see the form of your flower- understand you are exotic, now you wish to radiate the scent yet- you wonder- what is this- I see this symbol, this form, it speaks of many moods and tones- it speaks of old ancients of wise echoes in caves to walking talking movies – the spectral show- the light bearing, coming through- How can you recon with the knowledge of what you are without knowing what you are?

Knowing what I have been- past lives; into what I have become- it is a truth I may choose to believe or disregard as psychotic fantasy.

Everyone on a truth seeking mission about the mysteries of the universe probably deals with past lives and who they used to be. I happen to have holy visions of vestal virgins- priestesses, oracles. One could say of course, you would because in this life you have chosen to study spirituality. Yet at age five, I was tied to a tree by some kids who said they were going to burn me because I was a witch- this and many other happenings “prove” my life script fully supports the possibility of past lives as a mystic. When I was too innocent or young to understand my spiritual lineage I was reminded by those around me.

The simple statements above are enough for Western Psychiatry to deem me unstable and possibly dangerous. I have such a sense of justice, if I think I fit someone else’s description of “insane” I totally agree with them that I am insane. That is their perception and who am I to change it? I don’t have control issues- think what you want to think. My issue is being placed in a locked ward of a hospital while consuming large amounts of poisons- medication.

Just as I chose to listen to my inner voices or spiritual guides, I may choose to remember my past and live my future based on evolution, not starting over.

Assuming I have been all these ladies; and more; I can remember and tune in. And I have.

If I lived in isolation my entire life, I would think all of these mystical experiences were 100% part of a reality; I also lived in. I could easily see and understand different realities, different states of my soul, countless incarnations… only through contact with my society am I shamed and blamed for my visions.

I wish to own my perception- own my power- no mistaking me for something I am not.

The flower represents the soul in our scenario; why is your soul different

I don’t think my soul is different

Why are you different

I was raised to be different

Being raised cannot change a carrot into a potato

It cannot?

No. So why are you different?

The seed was different, my chemical make up was different, I come from

Yes– that is it, you come from a different origin- The apple does not fall far from the tree.

I see a stream, fish jumping and a lighthouse in the distance. She shows me the light house in my head; I remember it from my last awakening. The light house is of great meaning- therefore great importance.

“A tall structure topped by a powerful light used as a beacon or signal to aid marine navigation.”

Tall structure- crown of platinum- the disco ball above my head.

“The first known lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria.”

“The lighthouse is a symbol of guidance through the dark waters of the unconscious or through tumultuous emotions to a safe harbor. “

There is now a Fish with a light on it’s head jumping out of the water. I see the Hierophant with his Projector eye. The word “transducer”.

She asks me to understand that each part of the visions during awakening- not gods, but vision such as this last time are all pictures for meanings- lighthouse, disco ball, each story you saw- they all speak of the now- the everstate of presence, not form as in incarnation , not consciousness as in evolving entity; not just story telling- psychedelic learning activation; full and glorious participation. And it is because you are psychic- and that does make you different. This is NOT just living the archetypal myths- this is being initiated into the essence of the whole; a way of integrating with oneness- experiencing the cosmic story; god’s story; hero’s myth just does not cover this level of awareness.

(I just remembered- earlier I had a vision of when I used to dream of eyeballs- even eating them and I think mouth; oral; speaking- eyeballs- speaking truth can “open their eyes” so to speak?)

Being aware of your divinity does cover this level of awareness. You have shared visions of “God’s memory ” is one way of putting this. You saw that God had a dream one night and it was all of human history. This is not far from the truth, though through life goggles you cannot possibly understand this concept. So you call it a dream- were I am we call it an event, a happening an occurrence. We can watch your dimension- we see through the fence. The “Gods Dream” and the life script- Ramtha information was in tune with your vibration to hear the words of knowing. You become aware of your divinity in these higher states and manifest your remembrance of a place not of this earth plane.

~ Fin ~ 

January 31st, 2011

Grandfather- grey haired bearded – “god like”. My grand father is the grand poobah of the white brotherhood.

emanation and reflections – how they pool, shining downward in a cosmic game of telephone

Grandfather says I see him as Neptune because of the water in our family line. I see him as a great merman, with water rushing down his tail, like a great water fall pouring forth, upon the generation below him. It is symbol language for our infinity bond of love and connection through water.

I am special because I can create love- he shows me when I was little making a red ball of energy with my hands under my blankets in bed while being grateful for kitty cats.

We are all his children. I climb up the ladder to him from one direction. infinite ladders and infinite directions, all roads “under” here lead here.

Raising the world to a new level. I see a greek philosopher in the astral realm. The philosophy level- creators and guides.

That “fear grid” prison planet notion will be lifted. The dark will not be scary. The light calls you into your fear, to illuminate the truth hidden behind; or just beyond the fear

Cracking ourselves up is a family trait

I told him how I saw the old souls staring at the star, like a tv in an old folks home.

He laughed hysterically. You saw them that way? The best you could fathom with your limited perception, and your bent wing. They are older than me. You are a baby angel on their level. To help understand levels, emanation and “age”.

I identify most with the spiritual age of 18 ish, still my father Hermes, and me, teenage maiden. During my awakening I was born and grew up; I regressed to infantile stages all the way through eating, talking and thinking. Through the different awakenings I progressed in knowledge and age spiritually, maturing as a soul. Most of my maturity had taken place in past lives; starting with the life in which I reached enlightenment for the first time. So the early stages of the maturing process had, in many ways already taken place. I am now somewhere between 16 and 19 in spiritual age. I am not as old as my grandfather- well what does that mean- it means I do not manifest at his level of reality- that is what it means. If Grandfather was not all knowing, I would be but a dream to him. I have been in contact with Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother (aradia), Father (Hermes), Higher Self (architect- me? completed me?), Guide (hermes).

I ask grandpa about the book of life– if it exists- and he says “Oh my journal?” He gets it out and looks me up. He names my family members. I send him images of the apple and the black diamonds I saw in an intense vision of the All/One God. He says yes- you were reading grandpa’s book. The rainbow is always a promise, long before it was written into script. You eat the apple, you take in the seeds, you bare the seeds and you grow them in the garden that is yourself, in the soil of my heart- With our cooperation the seeds grow into wonderful memories of lives and great knowledge of the spirit which can only be attained from within; in your case by growing the seeds.

Grandpa’s Journal: My Video Presentation;


That’s why the muses like me- I got a direct link to THE “God is your DJ” psychic telephone line.

Essence and form: together; emanations have this distinction. There are many more gods, All the heavens in all the skies-

But we are your family. A lineage, a history as reflected on your plane by those who wished to go, so half reflected anyway. Our entire “show” did not play out on earth because all the actors did not choose to participate, so we acted out what we could.

January 31, 2011 Continued:

I have been in touch with Hermes for two days now- non stop. I cannot see and hear him as clearly as I would like. It’s more like having a wispy dream of him, haunting me with his divine presence. What makes this closeness, this intimacy (into me I see- thanks Guru Pitka (mike myers)) is that he is so similar to my “voice”- similar mannerism, similar energy- it’s difficult to tell if I am “making it up”. So Hermes sends me clues. I was talking about a friend named Laura who told me about cooking with bay leaves. Since I have three Laura’s in my life I thought I would look the name meaning up. Laura is Laurel as in Bay plant. This type of synchronicity, though not unheard of in my life, leads me to believe Hermes is “in my head”. I know my mind without Hermes, and I am not so clever on my own. As well as a few months ago Hermes told me one day he would be as close as my skin. All of this makes sense; I am just trying to differentiate between my “imagination” and Hermes expression.

  1. A wreath of laurel conferred as a mark of honor in ancient times upon poets, heroes, and victors in athletic contests. Often used in the plural.
  2. Honor and glory won for great achievement.
  1. To crown with laurel.
  2. To honor, especially with an award or a prize.

Disambiguation: Hermes are you an alien on a spaceship?

Hermes: No, I am a spiritual form of man as I manifest in your “generation”. Not to put too fine a point on it, I am the silver feather in her sonnet, the wind in her illustrious mane, the spirit who fires her light, kindles her flame.

Hermes are their spirits older than you?

Hermes: Yes dear it is true- I can only see within my hue- Otherwise the view is askew. My hue be brilliant, I hold all the colours of the rainbow in my magi cloak, Booming vibrations, astral escapades; Of time I know, of men I ponder. (I am Alice and I wonder) Infinitely interesting, the veil in it’s sware. (sware: A deep black/brown color created when mixing 3 or more darker shades of various colors; Soiree: a party or reception held in the evening); Yet now the façade, the mask is cast away! Revealing the light of day! This is my favorite; I savor IT, without delay. The three jewels of the crowning lotus flower and petal in the sea mist dew!

While seeking the definition of “sware” through search, the page with the information had this link mysterios-sly! The Psyche of Synchronicity on the WWW. 

“Mercurial” When: Search Term Lookups spiked on January 22, 2011. Why: MSNBC host Keith Olbermann made a surprise announcement of his immediate departure after eight years on the network. Numerous reports included the word mercurial, including The Baltimore Sun’s television blog: “Keith Olbermann, the mercurial and controversial MSNBC host, announced on-air Friday night that he is leaving the cable channel immediately.” Mercurial means both “changing moods quickly and often” (as in “a mercurial personality”) and “very lively and quick” (as in “a mercurial wit”). The word comes from the name of the Roman god Mercury, which was then used to name the liquid metal. It’s likely that the sense meaning “quick” came from the speedy Roman god and the sense meaning “volatile” came from the behavior of the metal that bears his name.

BUT only after I had an ad link waiting page, to get to the page displayed above and on that page was: ubiq·ui·tous. Definition of UBIQUITOUS: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : (Dr. Lovegrove by Dead Can Dance)

LOL “Constantly Encountered.”

Later: I was told that as a “young soul” I was sent to study with what I know as the Buddha consciousness. A serious school for those who wish to manifest in flesh through the Buddhist lineage. This hearkens back to a vision during first awakening- A small child at Buddha’s feet- I asked him if he could make me a “real girl”. Buddha was the one who gifted me with the “record player” or radio in my head for my birthday.

God told me no one is stuck in a role here, we are all  evolving souls, some more than others; roles change as the person changes. I say “God” because it was that higher frequency that answered the question.

What makes the animal an animal – why they attack? Won’t they eat you out of your own fear? Are animals gods robots?

The wolf- flashy eyes- snarl, teeth! These are all warnings. Now why would you test the animal, by petting it or loving on it?

If it’s a robot a miracle can occur and the animal will be tame.

Yes in gods kingdom that is true. What if the wolf is under the same veil you are?

Then humanity caused it! Humanity brought the veil and blinded even the animals. I state.

Know that animals are not far from the womb; home is familiar to them; only in time do they learn to adjust their behavior, and then some never adapt and can no longer manifest here; extinct. The troubles of man are the troubles of animals, through the collective experience. Earth is divided into nations like a big jigsaw puzzle the roundness (sphere) of the planet attracts the orbit of many interstellar star systems- many life forms have echoes through out dimensions- what you see as a winged bird maybe; a past pterodactyl or a future shooting star, nothing is fixed.

Transmission interrupted by Yeshua: Yeshua asks me if I know why the holy land is holy. I said no. He said it contains waters that replenish the soul. The Mirror of a holy place looks very bad: the flip side, the wars and suffering; the long suffering in the dust of a wasted land. Think of the flip side scenario of the holy land. Now you see why I am having my “party” there. I ask him, how does a place of earth and soil contain more holy spirit than say another place? Jerusalem was chosen, just like the angel told you.

Yeshau asks me if I want to come to his party. I say YES. He then leads me over the holy land, to a temple with a square hole for a door. He invites me in and I see a cobalt blue stained glass chamber. I see statues of Jesus and Mary with blood on them. Yeshua takes me close to a veiled statue of Mary M. He takes the statues hand and asks, “Can you see her?” I tell him I see a statue, I can look closely and imagine my ladies bright; but this is a statue. He says her veil is very thick. She is in all white, the veil is lovely and delicate but opaque. Yeshua unveils the Lady and I see a radiant woman with a moon bow on her head. Can you see her now? He asked. I did see her, and the statue and all forms of the mother goddess; lady; wife; woman. Yeshua says we must revive her. The water of the holy land must be replenished and balance, restored. I asked him WHY did we have to hurt the feminine? I see all the suffering of nature, women and the feminine part of our psychology. He asks me, do you not think the same happened with the masculine? And I see Titans; chaos; primordial earth.

Focusing back on Mary M. I see the balance of masculine and feminine. He says to show them the truth. And in a small archway; in blue shadows I see Krishna and Radha holding one another in the shadows. He says my role is “prophetess”. I see myself with the same moon on my head as the lady wears, however my robes and veil are black in color.

Beyond religion is a Philosophy of Love. This meaning is how man and woman can come to know the best in one another. Learning mutual respect for and appreciation of dissimilarities.

Hermes once told me the War; between the sexes; was to see who loves who more.

The Love Philosophy of Equals. You will come to understand more. This is a start.



February 21, 2011

All the stars of all the heavens of all the world’s; celestia. Higher vibration than/of Brides fire. Virgins await bridegroom with oil in their lamps

Matt 25:1-13 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.”

Blessed are they who are invited to the marriage supper of the lamb. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

~ Fin ~ 

February 13th 2011

What Jung could not tell us was that The Veil between the Conscious and the Subconscious– THE SHADOW must be revealed, healed, lived through and confronted.

Why did Jung ask us to Confront the Shadow if he ALSO SAID we should not go dabbling around in our own subconscious- to push the point Jung also said the SubCon is a Dangerous place

I say YES to His NO- I am Pandora and I am lifting the Veil from the Goddess. The dark luminous pools of the subconscious. The realm in which we all once knew- the realm of fairies and midnights hue, artists and poets that long to forget, for pain they write without writ- Muse of longing slumber awaken to the sound of thunder.

Healing the War Between us – Lovers; The Heart of the Matter; An Evolution beyond psychology; beyond the mind and into the heart.

I already did postings on The Ego sees anima through Romeo and Juliet; and the map of the consciousness corrected.

The Shadow is what keeps Humankind in ignorance or darkness as a collective. Each one of us as individuals can heal our shadow and know the glory of unification. As a collective we must remember to forget ignorance. Darkness is merely of veil of the light that we all know and love, yes even as a collective.

The Feminine: Mother Earth, life nurturer, early earth as she gave birth to the world of form. The terra forming volcanoes, the flooding seas, the winds of change blew across the land. Large creatures helped to change the face and function of her planetary sphere; forming her body through their existence; nurturing her with the precious mineral kingdom through their extinction. Early mankind also experienced the womb of the mother; through natural telepathy; language would not be needed for many centuries. Dreams, voices of nature and their own keen psychic understanding aided early human in the development of the mind or psyche.

The Masculine: Father, the sun, the life giver. The father was alive in our instincts, the need to survive, the need to co-create, the need to provide for ones self and ones family. The hunter was born out of this need to survive (much later the hunter became the warrior; who hunted his brothers and sisters out of derangement).

As Humans evolved out of the mother womb stage as a collective the father stage of hunting and providing became dominant. As time passed we understand the Feminine was placed in a very limiting role among society. Not limiting to her love, for she was pushed beyond her limits- not limiting to her body for she was fatigued from birthing and rearing many children- not limiting to her mind for all she thought about was the safety and well being of others. She was limited in her spiritual gifts of sight, gnosis and the freedom to seek higher wisdom than that provided to her by her culture or religions.

The masculine worked to love and provide for his family; growing ever more protective of his loved ones he began to see his other humans as a possible threat to his family’s security – at one time we knew we were all brothers and sisters, it is epically obvious- however as the Balance shifted away from the womb of the mother and subconscious state of mind and into our own conscious maturity- the Masculine began to define and label in ways to make it feel safe and secure- because safety and security of his loved ones was his life’s work. His world of love became small: family first.

The Masculine and Feminine are manifest in the human form as physical gender. Psychologically in the mind, some of the female genders engage more with their masculine psyche, and some of the male genders engage more with their feminine psyche. To define people by their gender is erroneous. Full of error. The gender the body takes does not dictate the behavior of the psyche.

If we identify who we are by our body alone (be it the complications of dna, genes passed down, or pure biology)- we are missing much of the purpose of being alive. The body is a container, a vessel, a real life animal that allows you to be a person.

You are ACTING through this visage we call body. You are not your body, your body is part of an evolving race that is cyclical in nature, it is born it lives and it dies. You are not born, you do not live, and you do not die. You are eternal.

You are having a very real tangible experience here in this animal body; you are a reflection of the Divine manifest here in flesh. To be made in an image means to be a reflection of, and indeed we are all the moon soaking up the rays of the spiritual sun.

To attain personal experience of your Divine self you should understand we are all one, in heaven and on earth; we are Divinely Ignorant; we seek the light of truth and knowledge. It seems the search for truth and knowledge has ceased being an inward journey. I see those who look for the truth in science and find only fact. Is the truth a fact? Only so far as you can prove it.

Science has lost it’s eye like Odin, like many of us. We have lost the common ability to see into ourselves, to pass the shadow, into the realm of the mother, the subconscious.

No idea was ever thought or brought to fruition without Inspiration. This is a fact. In- SPIRIT- ation. Just incase you respect Einstein, He said Imagination is the Key to it All. Why? Why is the imaginary fairly land of weirdoes the answer to it all? Because you are behind the veil of ignorance, the veil of fear; without imagination you can never see, comprehend or understand; all that is subtle. Beyond the limits of the five physical senses is the realm of the genius. Won’t you join us?

The realm of genius is my way of saying Cosmic Consciousness or linking up with your Light, beyond the fear of ignorance. To get through the fear of ignorance you must confront your shadow.

Why? I dunno. I didn’t make the rules I just play the game.

Why didn’t Jung just say “It’s Easy- get to know yourself, develop an understanding that you love yourself; nurture yourself. Your life will agitate you into action- as you perform your actions watch your motives. Discern for yourself your motives; how you feel about them and if you be moral how they affect those around you. When you feel shut out, closed off, in mourning or depression- and you will- do not mindlessly stare at the pain until it dissipates- do not wallow in your loss- Nor distract yourself with diversions. Instead understand the PAIN is your SACRED teacher The only way I know to nudge yourself into the realm of the subconscious. Life creates lessons- organically you learn whether you choose to participate or not, things move much faster when the student begins to participate. So you had your first heart break, or the first time you really hurt your body, what is the pain telling you? OUCH! Yes that is true, yet pain that is meditated upon will speak to the sufferer and speak of it’s issues, and how to grow stronger through the experience.” Make believe Jung

In this world of Competition/Co-Dependency; we look to get one up on and be better than, stronger than, but how can you possibly be stronger when you won’t face your own pain?People who get stuck in this scenario become obsessed with the outer world and how it tells them who they are. They are not looking for the reflection of “GOD” in themselves, they are looking to other people to define them; and usually the more they acquire the more they feel safe and secure- but not light, not happy, not at one.

Personally I feel the society I have observed is immature. Competition breeds codependency. Compete or pick someone to compete for you. I don’t want to compete because I prefer cooperation and sharing to fighting. I will not be co-dependent because I am autonomous

“Autonomous robots are robots that can perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance.” See even robots can do it.

February 13, 2011 Continued

Egypt is “free” through peace on my birthday 11 = justice

Flashes from Mary M. She shows me her face as both Yeshua and herself as one person- interchangeable halves of the whole which is universal and All. Along with her face shifting through forms of masculine and feminine, divine “faces” of love. She is doing something with her hands- making two L’s one up- one down with the index and thumbs. These are the “two sides” of the “+” sign plus sign or cross, and she resonates more with the image of the equal armed cross: the four. Where most of us have been taught only about the three, or trinity- Mary M. the missing link; as are most feminine faces of the divine, hidden in shadow for thousands of years.

Isis took to her veil because mankind could no longer see her golden splendor for they no longer sought her truth in their hearts. Materialism, Patriarchy and the work of the Father had begun. I being a follower of Isis had to stare long and hard at her veil before I was allowed to see the golden one for myself, and longer to know her as my mother and I am still working on knowing her as myself.

The work of the FATHER or Saturn is plutonic in its nature- not just Saturn which represents the harsh teacher, growth through restriction; Pluto is Death, the entity that messes up your game board right before you figure out the great secret to it all! lol now that is the ultimate trick if you ask me. Saturn can be a harsh teacher but Pluto makes you feel as if the teacher hates you and wants to scare the crap out of you. Pluto is the Mythological Hades; Lord of the Underworld.

In my culture I see how my fellow citizens can imagine a devil or satan or bad guy or boogie man; this life school is one of slings and arrows. Our fears undo us; and if we work through our fear, “Shiva dance” with the shadow as teacher and guide; we can liberate our true nature that is without the veil of fear. Saturn stops you in your tracks while Pluto’s energy aids in manifesting your worst nightmares; not an easy school indeed.  So get this, Saturn is the thug that holds you while Pluto kicks your butt.

Then one glorious day, much like today; you stop playing that game and thank your venerable masters for making you a super hero. Hades and Saturn both smile and say “good game” as you say “check mate” they exit stage right giving way to your past lives and spiritual gifts.

~ Fin ~

 February 27, 2011

Hermes is present. I am at a table, in the “news room” looking like “Them Heavy People”, Kate Bush video (a symbol for messengers). I was reading about Alice Bailey, Blavatsky (who I don’t like never did for some reason) and the Lucifer Trust, United Nations and how the negative occult is running this political game. Well, Dion Fortune told me in her books that politics can be “overridden” by spiritual masters. I don’t like Crowley but I dream about him- a ghost, an uncle knew him, some kind of family friend.

Hermes shows me a video on youtube, “Zombie” (Cranberries), people who can walk around after they are dead. We are not talking physical death, but a psychic death or cut connection (automatons)

Prospero in the TEMPEST says he has raised men from their graves. Now adding the data that vampires are just people who remember their past lives. It seems I will be allowed to “bring my super friends back to life”. So my fairytale mind explains- Some old gods are trapped, cut off from source; just blind I suppose- and I can help heal them, get them out of “jail” or “from behind bars” and that can be seen as raising the dead.

~ Fin ~

February ? 2011

To prepare my writing I watched “Sowing the Seeds of Love” music video, with the question of California and my “Mission” papers. The DJ is the man we love the most- the dream within a dream: “Ma Cheri feminine, mon cher, masculine both translating to “my dear”. So, a bloke to or about a girl = ma cheri; a girl to or about a fella = mon cher.” Most precious; divine essence, Beloved of Marie- feminine-yin.

Then directed toward Bugle boy- Started down Chicago way (“Your from out of town, the phone bills would just be hell.” addressing her alien suitor- Earth girls are Easy- also learned route 66 goes from Chicago to LA)

“He was a famous trumpet man from out chicago way. He had a boogie style that no one else could play. He was the top man at his craft, But then his number came up and he was gone with the draft. He’s in the army now. he’s blowin’ reveille. He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b. They made him blow a bugle for his uncle sam. It really brought him down because he could not jam. The captain seemed to understand, Because the next day the cap’ went out and drafted the band. And now the company jumps when he plays reveille. He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b.  A root, a toot, a toodlie-a-da-toot. He blows it eight to the bar in boogie rhythm. He can’t blow a note unless a bass and guitar Is playin’ with him. And the company jumps when he plays reveille. He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b. He was some boogie woogie bugle boy of company b.
And when he played his boogie woogie bugle He was busy as a busy bee. And when he played he made the company jump eight to the bar. He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b.  And the company jumps when he plays reveille. He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b.

Intellegiancia: (intelligentia)

The trumpet is the musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family. Trumpets are among the oldest musical instruments,[1] dating back to at least 1500 BCE. They are constructed of brass tubing bent twice into an oblong shape, and are played by blowing air through closed lips, producing a “buzzing” sound which starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the trumpet. “Reveille” is a bugle call, trumpet call or pipes call most often associated with the military; it is chiefly used to wake military personnel at sunrise. The name comes from “réveillé” (or “réveil”), the French word for “wake up”. 8 is the OCTAVE OF TRANSFORMATION ~

NOTE: December 7th 2016: Higher Octave: I was saying my prayers outloud last night- due to Today being a stress filled situation- that had many ways in which to go wrong.. After prayer I laid down and above me was THIS Ascended master, with Bright Pink energy, that filtered down to me as Golden light. I didn’t know Who he Was! I asked Hermes, who came by the Ascended Master, put his arm around him and giggled “She thinks I am you”- to show me Nope- this was not a mask of Hermes. I was Like I know This Painting from the Ascended Masters Deck- so I know your an Ascended master… I got feelings of St. Germain and Arch Angel Michael. Both the Master and Hermes laughed that is was No Big Deal I didn’t know his name, just take in the Love and Be Well 😀
Today everything went SMOOTH just like they said it would.
He is the Keeper of the 8th Ray- the Octave of Change and Those who are Becoming Gods


Revealing the dream code within the lyrics: The Draft, Uncle Same, Couldn’t Jam

The war of the sexes wages as 2012 approaches. Duality is coming to recognize itself. The veil over the Lady growths thinner; the mystery is being revealed for those with eyes and ears. To be drafted in “uncle sams military”  is to be called by God; as a master of his craft blowing “Bugle Reveille”; Reveal! Un Veil! We can see an ascended master has incarnated on Earth, on a mission- from God. This master craftsmans feels the loss of his talents when asked to perform the simple task of blowing a bugle, on earth, to wake up those sleeping. Imagine yourself as a musical master of the universe with the resources of all time and space as your toy box of creation. Now imagine you have been “drafted”- called to incarnate (incarcerate) in a human form that is mostly limited to five senses. Understand how much magick we loose upon re-entry.

The song speaks of this master not being able to “jam” in the military- it seems the bugle is a lone trumpet. When the captain gets wind of this news- he “drafted the band” as well, and now the “company” (those with ears) jumps when plays wake up. (The Band! Blues Brothers)

He’s as busy as a bee; a revolutionary evolutionary; a trend setter.

~ Fin ~


May 19th 2011

Over layer of consciousness; a second or third layer of perception that carries with it/them a mood like an atmospheric emotional duality decorated by the symbolism of the objects and surroundings of the waking conscious perception. While in a tea house my high conscious awareness may be imbibed with the feeling and mood of the 1800’s in England- my higher senses pointing out and revealing harmonic symbolic wavelengths to further intensify the reality of the higher dimensional perception.

~ Fin ~


OIL Crisis of Black Goo ! Recounting a Vision from an Awakening:

Shamanic Journey – Visionary State of Very High Consciousness: Symbolic Meaning

Visions I remember, as I remember them; very difficult to think of exact order for the visions were thousands and the messages not always clear.

I was in a vision watching machines mine the black oil from the earth. I was then sent to ponder why a group of likeminded individuals claim and misplace a natural resource of our entire planet. Where was all the oil going if not right back into the earth? The political, big business and egoic financial “service to self” structures came to light as a fear of the collective unawareness and non action of the mass populous. Being lifted up to a big picture “higher state of consciousness” perspective I felt compelled to communicate this question, this concern to a Deity or God or Compassionate spiritual consciousness as way of requesting assistance on the black oil resource.
I was then transported above the earth viewing the mass number of drilling sights and the long gouges in the surface of the planet as machines mined diligently. I then swept my arms in a motion as to take the oil from the earth and place it in the astral space in which I was communicating with compassionate consciousness. The oil began to take the form of slick black water, creating a staircase in the astral of the night sky above the earth. The staircase formed as the water flowed upward beyond the bright moon, blotting out yet shimmering in illumination from the piercing laser like stars.

I then noticed my Guru Sri Mamua Devi in a small room off the staircase. She sat in meditation wearing her gold and black colors with tinted sunglasses. The room was made of four pieces of shaded glass, tinted as if to keep out bright lights. The floor of the room was a slick solid black.

I then remembered the past visions I had received of this mysterious black substance. At first the substance was thought of as the veil, a curtain you must cross to look beyond collective reality into the mysteries of the occult. The veil also lent itself to the form of the shadow as it dances over the pineal gland to hide the DMT from those not integrated with the subconscious. The shadow then becomes another mystical black veil that must be worked with in order to gain access to the fruits and labors of an active pineal gland. The blackness then took on a solid form. In one vision Hermes held it up to my face and I immediately thought of the black mirror used in Wicca that represents the veil in Samhain rituals of cleansing. Hermes smiled and knocked on the dark glass with his knuckles. I was to understand that the solid state of the glass was an accomplishment; a transmutation of spiritual form, thus alchemy. My spiritual guide seemed proud. I spent some time researching black glass. The only explanations I found was to have a dark glass meant to be seeing through a distortion; ie not a clear view. Yet Hermes seemed to imply the darkness of the glass was the important spiritual message- The darker the glass the clearer the view- the less judgment or act of observation; a no form perspective that can see keenly deep inside and outside ones own perception into the astral and dimensional levels beyond limited sensory reality.

I had learned the Elizabeth Taylor died the day these visions began. I saw her as a spiritual soul manifestation upon the slick staircase. She appeared to be about 30 years old, dressed like a woman from India in fine silks of white and blue. My intuition told me these were the colors of a Buddhist initiate as they ascend from matter beyond earthly form. Elisabeth Taylor ascended the staircase to the threshold of Sri Mamua Devi. Elisabeth gave salutations to Guru Devi as a devotee and was full of excitement to mention that I had assisted her on her journey through the transcendence. She then told Guru Devi that she had a movie to share with her about feminine ego issues entitled “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe”.

As the day progressed the visions grew in complication and facets taking over my sensory cognition, rendering me very quiet and still. My mind then began to see many archetypal facets of our Goddess like legend of Marilyn Monroe. I was lead through many scenes and examples of female sexual oppression, guilt and toxic shame. The rage of the maiden that had been “raped” either emotionally, physically or mentally. The history of the patriarchal control and dominance of the innocent feminine psyche haunted me in images and scenarios for what seemed like many hours. At the end of this barrage of violent injustice there was a redemption point. I saw Marilyn depicted in her white dress, out of her many famous poses this is the one that somehow redeemed the solemn view of her short life. I had forged a false opinion when I saw her merely as a helpless victim of fate.  I felt I was being informed that this modern Goddess figure had fulfilled her desired mission during her lifetime and she too was happy to ascend the black staircase.

I then saw Marilyn in the blue and white silks, lovingly making her way to the threshold of Guru Devi. In a semi circle the celestial Ladies chatted like old souls with new stories to share about their most recent excursion in the flesh.

I was then led to the notion of sending all the movies “upstairs” to Guru Devi. And just like the black oil came from the planet in the lower dimensional reality, so did the light information of the best movies of all time.

Sri Mamua Devi’s room was transforming into a lush Indian palace room, with a movie screen on one of the walls. I then began to notice other rooms around Guru Devi’s inhabited by other small groups or couples of people. At this point Guru Devs threshold grew a white door upon which the devotee was meant to knock at to gain entrance into the space beyond. The door was adorned with the art piece known as “Innocence”. I got the sense at one point that I was watching the three ladies watching the “Wizard of Oz” together with great delight with the deeper insight of spiritual beings.

I then saw more and more ladies climbing the staircase. Somehow through the redemption point of the ‘white dress’ (meaning innocence) many “ladies” such as starlet’s and entertainers were being granted entrance into the higher realms that day.

I began imagining what beauty have I beheld that I would want to send to her from my consciousness. My mind then began constructing a very vivid astral vision of a Bollywood heaven glowing with neon, a myriad of bold silks and white stars against a lovely deep indigo sky.

June 2011

I see Hermes as animated drawing, he points out a crown on his head and then brushes his arm across his body in a display like manner. He is the statue named David, with a crown indicating King.

I see the drawing with different background animations of Hermes in various scenes and roles from the past. He reminds me his un-personified self, soul or pure essence has been a part of many beings.

Alchemically I too share a part of his being in myself. He shows me how he took from himself to comprise an alchemical reaction with in me. The reaction manifested into a brilliant white light against a dark background. Hermes is still studying this reaction. I see him with a spyglass looking at the piercing light.

The above symbolic dream images above translate to my spiritual path; and how his guidance has caused many chemical reactions within my psyche, nervous system and spirit. Sometime around the first awakening I channeled that “we” didn’t know how the reaction would manifest.

Tell me about my awakenings and why I have been to the hospital.

I see Hermes tickling my third eye explaining how my pineal gland becomes my conscious perspective. The third eye is what visualizes, imagines and creates the sensual nature of dreams.  Your perspective transforms to the higher state of consciousness, experiencing a dream enhanced reality.

Why did I leave my body, or not take care of myself?

Your entire vibrational field was functioning on the level of the light body with Merkabah as transport. He shows me an electric laser light purple Merkabah. He tells me I am a witch and I tend to take trips often.

I express that I am angry and frustrated about having no control.

He shows me the way his spirit broke out of the top of a mountain to be my spiritual guide. I remember this happened the very first time I channeled him consciously.

He speaks about the age of my soul and the patterns that repeat through my past lives such as astral travel and psychic intuition.

I ask about not being in control.

He shows me symbology and scenes from my awakening visions and asks me are not all these symbols yours? Every bad scene which you came across was personal to your psyche and wanted to be healed. Know this in your heart; trauma is cleansed through spiritual rebirth.

Hermes expresses that I have been healing for a very long time. This intense magickal initiate process is a manifestation of desires to heal.

Why did they have to be so real?

You have a very strong psychic sense, like an open glass invitation. Your journeys brought you many depths of vibration of emotion. Within your scenarios the emotions and judgments related to the events or traumas where confronted.  You cannot enter the Elysian Fields without a little death. He tells me it is because I am his child.

Your perspective on reality and time completely changed due to your initiation into the upper worlds. Understanding about “upstairs” allows you to access clear channels of healing and information. You are still sad over the emotions and visions you experienced, recovering from the emotional and energetic strain.

January 14, 2012

Fear: Hermes says everything is okay all the time. Why don’t I feel that as a truth?

Phantom emotions, illusions, archetypes, scenarios

How can you hear what I am telling you if you don’t listen?

When I am happy I feel like a lightning rod against the stark lifeless backdrop I call home, neighborhood, and city and so on. I channel the magickal energy from source- spark with awareness of the vibratory nature of our reality- I am no longer alone- but All One- I create from that space- I enjoy from that space- I choose my experience from that space.

I have developed a fear of that space- due to loosing myself as well as how depressing reality is compared to my chosen experience. That very space would be labeled mania- artistic frenzy- crazy. I also feel that my heightened abilities of creativity, insight and wisdom would be lost on a world not ready to hear and understand. I am purposefully depressing myself- not reaching for higher states- not researching my work- closed off from spirit in many ways. I am on vacation from what I love most in life.

Snake & egg in root chakra,  Ra turned into a snake and impregnated the cosmic egg.

Fangs- infusion, healing, medicinal, wisdom

The egg also represents the soul of the philosopher; the serpent, the Mysteries. At the time of initiation the shell is broken and man emerges from the embryonic state of physical existence wherein he had remained through the fetal period of philosophic regeneration.”

I am told my soul is so very advanced that it is impossible to fully incarnate in a physical vessel- astral travel is a must for souls that reach this high of a level of being ness. Thus all the astral travel and slipping consciousness. We are in the process of balancing out the energies that manifest on the planes between you and your highest levels of awareness.

I was just told when I saw the Phurba vision of the rainbow over the earth protecting us at 2012- this was all happening in my aura- symbols if you will essences actually of what was happening to my soul- the awareness of my “underbeing” the light was bright. You took on too much light- your under being was over whelmed with sadness due to the waves of samsaraic ocean, the inertia of this plane is very dense, sweeping you off like an under toe, bashing your ego against the rocks of universal laws of oneness- beating you like metal, molding you, breaking down your gold for a cast- form- useful vessel.

You took on too much information- your waking consciousness could not process all that light- energy- pure knowledge. The archetypal journeys- stories – scenarios you were led through were all initiations, tests, Merkabah?, refining your metal, uncovering your diamond, finding your jewels (Don’t dragons protect that stuff- hmm- the dragons of dreams and teachers of wisdom), This is a most sought after experience in your reality, this is special and unique- to open all the gates and wonder through all the doors- it is rare. Alice has nothing on you. You got to experience hundreds of lifetimes and scenarios while awake enough to remember it all.

I see myself “upstairs” with Hermes “father figure”- I am telling him I have gotten through all the initiations on earth (I’m dressed Greek, about 19 age) and I am ready to come home. Like I beat the game now it’s time to go. He says now you have to write about your experience and helps others with your insight. Then she looks deflated saying “I have to write it too, going through it wasn’t enough?” I think we have this system upstairs that takes our soul knowledge and through muses channels our life stories, lessons and insights after our soul is free from the body. However Hermes indicates it’s part of the “job” to communicate my story. He says I have the keys to be able to explain said knowledge/philosophy universally- like a rosetta stone, or a Hermeticist. Then the greek me implies that me- her human self is pretty clueless as to what the nature of these “attacks” are- how will she ever get through to me. Hermes says that you need to tell her a story- I bet if she knew more about you she could piece it together.


Light source = Andromeda- It seems this Greek self is celestial in origin, her father energy is Hermes/Mercury somehow emanating from it.

I am reminded of Andromeda’s story in mythology while looking up images- I am told not to interpret her story on a psychological level- the information is meant to be interpreted on the soul level. I guess I’m gonna learn what that is.

It seems psychology is like training wheels- a way of beginning to understand the psyche, but only a stepping stone to higher knowing. My psychology training wheels are hindering my progress. I should begin looking beyond what I think a psychologist would tell me, and really get deeper with my soul. Guru Dev taught me to empty my mind so that new learning can take root. I must be in a state of wonder and curiosity to learn from this higher knowing and apply it in my life. Psychology teaches you to label, dissect, categorize, divide and rationalize. What I am learning teaches you to be – well- beyond the third dimension, and if the subconscious is fourth dimension then even beyond that into the 5th dimension of consciousness.  Apar mundi the way of the thing how it works its motivation?

~ fin ~

February 28 2012

I was thinking of “upstairs”. The guy I met today Nathan Aquarius- 31, said he saw something so he believes it. I found that very refreshing- because I’ve seen all kinds of things I don’t believe. I must remember it is a function of the ego to be skeptical it is defensive.

My will has been messed with, and I think I thought in my soul- like one of those things I was born knowing- that your will cannot be messed with. You can be raped, and totally unwilling, or shot or anything like that but that is all physical. That is your animal body not the true you. The true me is connected to my Will- I am Wilson. I had my gold bent, my will was manipulated. Also I had my consciousness kidnapped by ancestors. Also I was taken from my home, restrained, locked up and drugged. This DARK SIDE of awakenings is too much to bear. They, spirit- phone calls are expensive- there is so much light and data in a simple “hello” from the celestial? Realm.

So many things from my awakening last year are manifesting this year- and the year just started! My mom met Guru Devi upstairs, so I knew she was not long for this world. Tibetans are self emolliating in protests calling themselves the last generation. I was trying to save Tibet when I got put in the hospital. Also when I was put in the hospital I knew what had happened in the nuclear stuff- I said Godzilla was eating Tokyo. Fukushima.

Other visions that may come true- It seems we do things in spirit a year before they happen on earth- because what I went through with Hermes was an epic journey with many stops on the way. I was with Prince and his wife, I met with Russell Brand and his Wife Katy Perry (Omitted). They are now divorced. There was a ritual, native american sun dance on stage at a huge festival- Bono and name omitted were on stage- dressed like Indians- feathers and all- doing a world wide sun dance. The vibrations of the music were visible- the tone and energy were way beyond 3d earth. It was a true planetary harmonic vibration raising event- history changing. This was around the time I saw the Dorje/Purba over the earth the rainbow of vibration, calling in the new age. We had made it through the darkness and the veil was lifted!

I was wondering about “upstairs” and the different types of visions I have. When I saw my mom go up it was pretty epic. (I had a vision of my mother going to stay with my guru “upstairs”- I told my mother this and that it meant she was passing from this world, and several months later, she did pass. She came and saw me 3 days after her passing.)

I began by telling the Gods that humans were stealing all the oil by fracking. This rape of the earth should not be allowed. Then I saw space ships taking the oil off planet, escaping with it. Meaning the earth was no longer stable for them. I did not know on what level this was happening, what dimension, but I know fracking is happening.

The black oil was also symbolic in other parts of my journey.

Seeing the black oil leave the planet, alerting the Gods of planet abuse, somehow changed into the black oil filter to the “upstairs” in fact the oil created a staircase- liquid forming staircase. This reminded me of the several visions I had of Guru Dev in her garden, the soil was the rich oil- she said that it was black and that was so good. She slid her finger through the oil and smiled. The blackest oil seemed to be the best prima materia. The staircase then led to Guru Devi’s “apartment”, a square box around many other square boxes or apartments. Soon the other apartments disappeared and it was just Guru Devi’s place. I sat with her and told her I brought all the good movies ever made and she could now watch them on her screen in her apartment as she wished. I brought her specifically Moulin Rouge, I let her watch it. She absolutely loved it and made the outside of her apartment like the gilded gold in the movie, a living mandala complete with Gods and Dakinis dancing in the “windows” of the golden glowing arches of filigree light. Deep blues, stars, golden light- dancing, moving with vibration and with a powerful energy of love and beauty.

Later I had learned Elizabeth Taylor died. I saw her in blue and white robes moving up the slick oil black stairs toward Guru Dev’s door. Elizabeth was stunning, maybe 30, totally beautiful. She walked into Guru Dev’s and Sri Mamua Devi knew her instantly and ask why she was there. She mentioned that I had sent her, and she wanted to share my favorite movie of hers with Guru Dev- “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe” and it may give Guru Devi insight into my fears. I left them alone for a while.

I remember later Marilyn Monroe in her bath robes going to visit Guru Devi and Elisabeth. At one point I saw my mother in blue and white robes, ascending the stair case- going to Guru Devi’s door, and when she approached it I saw the poster of “Innocence” the painting. Then she took her place among guru Devi’s initiates. She also was 30, beautiful with her hair up and .5 inch of roots just like in real life. My mom bowed at me, as a way of acknowledging her Buddhist afterlife. I was so happy and proud to see her there. This vision of mom with Guru Devi has been the single most comforting thing since my mom got sick. This was a prediction of her transition. But like I said, many of my visions from last year at this time are coming to fruition. One of the first times I was in the hospital I thought my aunt and uncle died because they were on “vacation” and I was so “higher level” that vacation meant death. Uncle Bob passed that year. Thankfully Hermes showed he guided my Uncle to a wonderful place- “we have him” .

March 6 2012

I see statue Hermes very clearly, in a static pose- dressed like Peter Pan.

I understand my personal references of Peter Pan, from visions during an awakening, to Kensington Park. In my vision Peter Pan was representing my son, going away, and if I would be able to handle or agree to that. Which eventually happened in real life. An intuitive part of me understands my son is in another dimension, not just another state. I can make no logical sense out of that, but the visions told me that is in fact the case. He is at ‘space camp’., plus his dad is a bit of a Peter Pan, alien archetype character. Not hard to see the psychological references showing up in the chosen symbology.

Going past all of my preconceived notions of what Peter Pan means to me personally, I let go and open my awareness to what my guide maybe showing me he means by Peter Pan.

Hermes turns from Peter into the FTD florist guy- which says to me messenger, message, delivery. The Peter Pan reference that sticks out most is- going away to another dimension. Then also combined with a song I had upon waking the other day- don’t bring me down, referencing to allowing spirit to remain in the higher dimensions and myself to stay grounded. I get the notion that Hermes is ‘attached’ to my energy field, because I am a conduit for his energy. There are certain times when it is best for me not to ‘plug in’ because his vibration is too high for me to consciously handle with my ego intact. He may now be on such a ‘mission’ delivering a message to places unknown to human thoughts. A distant star like Peter Pan.

Opening further still I await more of the vision. I go through a series of my past visions, mentally writing the word “Why?” over them. Asking Hermes and my higher self to explain why I feel my consciousness is kidnapped and what the point of it is, because it wreaks havoc in my ego life.

I see Hermes in a 1950’s diner, setting a table, with flowers and a cloth. He indicates that I should take the chair on the left. I sit. I have a cell phone, there is a txt message- it says Hello. Are u ready to hear? (ears)- Yes- The digital age is growing into an organic psychic blob of communication. The threads and lines are strengthening and expanding, like synapses in the brain, making more and more bonds (how did the collective get more electrolytes?). Basically- It’s a total mess on the astral planes right now- and as usual this time of year Hermes is directing traffic, but the traffic this year is epic, so much fodder, filler, cleansing and strengthening going on. The collective is seeing itself more and more- mirrored more and more- empowered more and more- the 100th monkey has long since been surpassed, this is a mass awakening, but so much trouble/work to guide the whole train. I give Hermes his Props- a God of Communication during the Age of Aquarius must be hard work.

April 6, 2012

I was calling for Hermes in meditation- He came to me as David  statue, He and I chatted a little bit about the puzzles in my mind.

I remember when I was very young developing a sense of denial. I was educated thoroughly on the mythology of the devil. The devil was always watching, temping and giving bad guidance. I was taught the devil could read my mind. Understanding a negative entity- Satan no less, was reading my mind I choose to build up a block/defense against the preying psychic ways of Satan. I find this hilarious now- but funny I am still using it in some ways. Any way- What the devil didn’t know- was good, and since he knew everything I did- I chose to close myself off from myself, compartmentalize my SHADOW.

A really witchy child should not do this, ever- I am sure it made things worse for me, because I am my own shadow- so I pitted myself against myself due the to ignorant teachings of my childhood faith.

I suppose this is how my shadow was formed, personified, ego-ised… the boogieman was the devil. Funny I never once thought the shadow man (sleep paralysis) was the devil, I never gave him that much credit, it was just boogie man to me, I am sure my way of saying DEATH.

Hermes reminded me I had been wondering about the back of my head- the vault of past lives, the emptied vessel. I had strange feelings, slight pain, awareness of this spot on my head/neck- I wondered if someone was messing with me, looking in there. Hermes assured me that the vessel was empty- just pure light inside- like a generator or power source- tesla energy, a glowing sparking orb of light energy. He implied it was ‘my’ energy and was not ‘compatible’ with others, others cannot use it over my will.

HE showed me the energy in a light bulb- a pointed bulb to mimic candle light- the blue electricity arched in the bulb- the glass of the bulb was partially misty black. He held it up for me to look at it for a while- meditate upon it. Upon meditation I tried to grasp the black glass as the black glass I had seen in visions before- a glass darkly and so forth. Then Hermes was talking about being a pure light in the darkness, imbued with and poisoned by darkness, one with darkness but never dark always light- an alchemy of rare delight.

Then the bulb transformed into an open lotus flower of light on his palm.

He then asked me to take his hand and we went to another dimensions, of light- gods home- (gods in family, plural, multiple, the pastel plane.

This vibrational shift took a moment to get used too- I was a kinda grey blob on that pane, Hermes a colourful Greek God in toga with gold leaf laurel. I deshourded myself and I was wearing an Egyptian style toga- nice jewelry, a gold crown. When I was the observer I could see myself and the setting very well- but when I was in my ‘body’ projected consciousness I could hear Hermes better. So from observer mode I see the ‘movie’- from self mode I get the communication. I think he was telling me our communication would be clearer from that level.  I said I was most comfortable in my own consciousness, closer to earth. He indicated that a space ship in my consciousness would produce the same results taking me the the higher vibration yet allowing me to stay grounded, ie more comfortable.

This brought up to me the vaudeville stage in my head- and the aspects of the place I go when in awakening- ‘upstairs’ and special rooms, realms I go to. The vaudeville stage of the first awakening was while I was still in ‘boxy brain’ inside the box of the mental realm. This was a lower reflection of the reality on higher realms- which also goes for the ‘rooms’ or realms you speak of- lower vibrations of a higher real truth.

He says through my process of awakening I mixed the physical with the ethereal, alchemy of 3d and higher dimensions.

He says the next higher vibration- out of the mental vaudeville stage- was the ‘Upstairs’ with the black floor. He says things are ‘very solid’ there, almost physical.

When I had the visions of the moon, the dark beauty astral gothic dream- moon juice, nectar leading to the fountain of youth- that was like dreaming on the upstairs floor. It’s astral creation but very ‘real’- he can see it- my visions, he can walk in them, interact with them, like a movie set.

Through awakening mixed with alchemy I escaped the mental plane and began to create on the astral.

He shows me the light bulb in his finger tips again- this arch is very fast- voluminous, lightening, the black is the ‘containment’, the measure, the weight, the valve of power- the control, the grace, the speed of creation/art. Transformed substance- once a lower substance (lead) now a glass struck by lightening (gold). The black ‘soot’ has something to do with the black oil, hes rubbing it between his fingers as if to say it is a substance- refined, it comes from the most common thing- prima materia- yet can be transformed into gold, high art, alchemical combustion, spontaneous creation.

You don’t know how it happens and you are surprised when it does. The awe and folly of the scientist – magick happens- this is the microcosm, the smallest essence of “pure God” that ‘manifests’ in the low realms. Yet it’s manifestation only comes through personal alchemy- there is no machine to create or call forth this energy, only a vibrational (emotional) match can turn the key of alchemy. “The Key of Alchemy” J

June 14, 2012

Just read this- synchronistic with the research I am doing- questions I asking. Why Sleep Paralysis- Why Draconians- Higher self mentioned that word the other day, being held accountable for voided contracts- et- la (did a video on it) So I was reminded- for some reason- to remember when I am on the Astral in MY OWN SPACE- my “room” my Kingdom- My holodeck- I am creating on (or through?) the “Celestial” realm/plane/place.

So I am trying to speak with lack of a better title: The Greek Me- who speaks with Hermes. She asked how I would ever understand the nature of the “attacks”- and the Story that Hold the Key to the Nature of the Attacks apparently is Andromeda’s Tale.

I look over Paintings of Andromeda and see her being rescued- by a man with wings on his feet and helmet- much like Hermes. Am I the Innocent that is sacrificed- that is saved at the last moment- Andromeda ended up having a happy ending. This also reminded of Hermes saving Persephone. Both girls were being forced into marriages with monsters, both were innocent, both were privileged (daughter of a Goddess, daughter of a Queen) Maybe the Andromeda story is an upgrade from the Hades Persephone- because Persephone was never Rid of Hades- she still has to visit. But I did get a feeling of this girl is always in danger and the same hero saves her each time. Almost like a joke through history. An archetype- there she goes again- being kidnapped, raped, and there he goes again- slaying dragons and rescuing.


June 15, 2012

More Visions; Illuminati Hollywood. As I was going through an awakening- I watched a couple of movies that were narrated by spirit for me.

Cleopatra And one about King David:


The retelling of these stories was more than just a fictional romp. Do you know what they spent on the making of Cleopatra? In all of cinema history, Cleopatra is the most expensive film ever made (adjusted for inflation). Despite being a critical failure, it won four Academy Awards. It was the highest grossing film of 1963, earning US $26 million ($57.7 million total), yet made a loss due to its cost of $44 million, the only film ever to be the highest grossing film of the year yet to run at a loss.

It seems so much money was spent on these movies because they were high rituals

A way for someone or something to tap into our timeline

To start a movie manufactured by them- Not the ‘natural’ reality we had lived in previous.

There was a “Splice” in the movie Cleopatra

That began the *new time* in which our reality became more and more fabricated- the set of “the movie”.

Of course- I remember what spirit told me- though it didn’t seem like the ;human; side of the story.

I am interpreting the Human side by myself- trying to understand an unknown, or unseen force, hidden hand. “High Public Rituals” the idea came to me through Conspiracy Videos about Illuminati Mind Slaves on Youtube. I thought they made the Movie Cleopatra as an Act of Magick (sorcery, not true magick) – BUT I didn’t think that it not only affected but interacted with the audience. Another things attatched to the free will people watching the film- if they pay to see this “High Ritual” *even unbeknown to them* could they be agreeing that the *Time Slice* is a good iea- thus giving ‘free will permission’ (NEVER TAKE THAT WHICH IS NOT FREELY GIVEN) Overriding the free will through causing ignorance and observing secrecy?

The only hidden hand I ever looked for before was God. But with my visions, coupled with conspiracy- It seems I can see a full story- even if it’s not the true story- it is a story and I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Movies Magic- is not a trick or a game for normal people, Movie Magick (better still Sorcery) is Reality Acceptance Programming. Hidden out in the open, for your unknowing consent and abandonment of your free will.

If you were about to watch a movie- and before the title- there is a Warning: This movie will make you think of murder, this movie will show you graphic images you could not imagine on your own, this movie will make you believe you want to cheat on your spouse, this movie will make you violently angry, this movie will program you to think differently- Would you still watch it?

I watch movies- a lot. I am increasingly bored by them, but I watch them. I find the psychology is sometimes fun, I enjoy characters and I understand the subtle in’s and out’s of a good “Play” (movie). I believe we are responsible enough beings to take into consideration what we allow ourselves to indulge in when it comes to the five sense and having dominion over them, not the other way around. Negative scenes, music, feelings, emotions, war, people yelling, and degradation, watch what you feed yourself! Especially if you are a psychic, healer or sensitive person. Psychics, Healers and Sensitive Intuitives are easily affected by negative energy. Understand “THEY” who ever they are- are like a negative Energy Grid over and through the planet- the volume is WAY UP on that fear vibration, and is raising. Raising so much so that ‘normal’ people are feeling the negative energy grid. So if the practically blind can feel it- it is very loud, and deafening to some of us Light Workers.

So the Media cannot hypnotize everyone- the Doctors are working on that.

Be your own loving Earth God/Goddess and watch what you watch, cleanse your mind and heart through abstaining from negative media. Seven days should be enough for your first experiment- I promise you will notice a difference.

This looks like it is two different sections- One Vision and Conspiracy, the Other Self Help Buddhism.

I was letting my mind wander-

Personal Note: I was trying to get back in touch with Chris Rock- because he was in my previous visions.

There he was again- this time in an all white suit. He says what I TOLD you was not on ‘this’ level of reality- We are cut off from our higher self- we don’t know what we know! Indicating the higher selves of most ‘Hollywood; peeps are shut out of full knowing of who they are. He says that I am cut off too- so doesn’t know why I confuse the two levels. I tell him I am not cut off! He tells me yes- if you are talking to me here, consciously you are cut off from your lower earth self. And I argue no I am not- and I show him how I connect to both worlds at once. He says That only Illustrates a “Higher Self” that is a projection, that’s not the real thing. I giggle and show him the “connecting the dots” that my projection as he calls it was merely training wheels for having full conscious contact with her. My projection and belief in her- as well as Kundalini at age 30- hooked me up. He looked at the completed scenario (I show other spirits- higher selves things visually) and then he said “OH that’s how it works”, and boom he had done it. And I suppose in “heaven” it doesn’t take 100 monkeys- because they all started ‘shifting’ to connect with their lower selves- subconsciously on earth.

He could then see me, I was on a cloud level- a bit above his plane, just sitting, waiting.

He looked at me and said “YOU’RE GREEK! I never thought you would be Greek, you’re old.” My Greek self answered him, by whispering in his ear “I am Transforming”, swearing him to secrecy- and winking at me- Showing me just what her Transformation would be, and making the “shhhh” symbol- so I won’t say what it is, but nice to know.

July 2012

In Coming Message from Sirius

Cosmic Train- Right on schedule

Passing the border now

Watching the moon jump over that Cow

Swish- Vibrational tonal locality

Blending reality

Bands mixing with Foreign lands

As above so below, Told you so

Gold is Gold, Rule Truth

As we merge timelines, You will feel the distortion

Fluctuation, Turbulence

A rise in the heart of the Kundalini furnace

Burn this off with rhyme and chant

Grounding – Little to no stimulation

No new information

Focus on menial tasks- Simple Integration

3D reality us “Boxy Brain”, totality, Matrix, A System

4D Consciousness- Subconscious, creative space, “Personal Space” the staircase, Dreams, Mansions of the mind, “guardians”, “Spooks”, “Shadows”. Astral black glassy wooden floor.

5D Reality Busy with souls, 3d creature comforts, A version of the heaven realm, friends, family, shopping, libraries, harmony.

6D Revolutionary reality- Our “Natural Realm” Fairy, myth, story, expression, love, More Heaven like, Co-creation, instant manifestation, Guided dreams and journeys, Muse care, garden. Grecian to me, my first human enlightenment.

If we had not down 3D polarity, the realms wouldn’t have as much “Taste and Variety”.

7D: Abstract, Green Blob named Bob, known by frequency not persona.

July 7th 2012

Egyptian Gateway

To Hermes: I feel in between acts, waiting on the crew to ‘set up the shot’. I have community to share with but I am not ‘performing’ yet. My current experience seems like ‘opening acts’ compared to what I have to share.

While channeling in a chat the other day Hermes revealed “Vacation” over “War of Opposites”. Kundalini, no one will bother you.

Hermes never shows me war, he only shows me natural disaster when I ask to see it. I don’t see blood and flesh. I do see time bending, the shift, Heaven on Earth and then me in California, healing and teaching- partying with famous, neat and talented people, Manifesting butterflies, Yeshua powers, Joy- True Joy!

Upstairs and Downstairs easier to navigate. “Our Love is the like a ship on the Ocean, full of love and devotion.”

Hermes and I play charades- he shows me a boat- then the song lyrics come to mind and he pokes his nose as a “sign” that I am correct in my perception. It seems I will become aware of my Multi (many) Dimensional (Planes/Levels) Ality (Oneness, non-duality)

Sixth Dimension Home of our Reality- 7D is just silly (Monty Python- “Camelot”- “On second thought let’s no go there.”)

Mercury Rising Siriusly- Coded Message:

The heat, the fires, the fury!

Await for Frances Bacon wrote- “The Dog days of summer” (Sumer)

When Sirius rises as Ruby Red, Allow the snake to shed. By right and oath they shall be lead- no gold, no camel, no question- dread.

Fear is the Mother of this Kali Yuga Age. She goes out in a passionate rage. Like all storms this too shall pass, a coming of an Age, a splendor in the grass- Beyond the looking glass. We will teach you like folding metal. There is no other like you. You feel us, you see us- We will blend your precious metals, folding, folding strong and tempered- UnYielding, The Spine of Excalibur.

Perform Excalibur Spine meditations.

Red to Green the eyes of Anubis change, a timing thing. Sirius Rising Ruby red, stop! What is the Green “GO”? A luminance glow for those who know- A Beacon if you’re Seek-in’!


September 1st 2012

Disjointed stream of expression: Satanists of wuthering heights, By dame edna

After she ate, A frog prince… Mistaking it for Anton Crowley. And the Gothick Victorian Nation. Gothicks never knew satan existed- we preferred to call him Loo-ie (And old king) or Lucifer- the Angel of Light, By Emily Bronte- after Heathcliff

Told her there was NO BARDO, Only vampires. Neo u ate my Fashion magazine.

Possum of Gothick Towers.

It’s a little bit funny- this feeling inside. You know with that

GOTHICK  pride            (KATS)

Neo, Can u prove that through DNA?

Or do I have to re-sume a corpse bride to remind u, That you are NOT my king?

Or do believe in Dame Edna more than England ~ Like that Old queen

Past life question- Who were u last time? POE or poor security guard- you choose


Write me a poe-em. If u think I am nuts or funny. Take melatonin if u cannot sleep

Sleep Paralysis is the BARDO. R u Buddhist or GOTHIC?

~ Fin ~

June 24, 2013

Channeling- recorded & written trial phase:

Hermes – are u there?

I see a domed white building

Hermopolis- he says

I want to know about my future- if there is change coming- and if so what?

Okay Yes I do see change- the frequency in your house will be good, charge the crystals. Make cooking easier. Focus on health.. Dance. When you’re grounded. Nature. Refresh yourself through meditation- clear flowing water, get in touch. Be you. Return to you, be you. Interviews are coming- changing work from clients to media. As you progress there will be long periods of quiet- no media, then short periods of media.

August 30, 2013

Boxy Brain (meaning limited human perception)

Is Part of the “Grid” over Earth. This is what you call “evil” or “imbalance”. The “friction” of the “game” (friction is drama & karma, life is a game/play/stage). Great Karmic Cycle- washing a new, cleansing and renewing all. In times and places of Great Distress, the DEEPER the cleansing cycle

(We are at the End of the Kali Yuga, possibly the end of Samsara, time of great distress)

How your ‘restriction’ manifests is how you interact with that Grid.

“I wanted black diamonds, to Wear the Dark Grid as my ‘beauty’ (innocence) Trophy.”

Worm hole through the Earth? The grid is electromagnetic in nature .

  1. Levels of Manifestation?
  2. Make your heart chakra the perspective from which you see/view/perceive the world.

September 25 2013

I ask permission to come upstairs- I see a door and knock on it- Do u want to come up? No just my consciousness! So my consciousness moves beyond the door up that stairs- I see Hermes as dichotomy I also see Morpheus (Greek God of Dream + Astral realms). It seems to me, Morpheus the dark Hermes, maybe closer to my  current earth density and maybe easier on my consciousness to channel- thinking Morpheus holds dark jewels – like Hades- only higher- poetry, the music of the night, the entire dream realm which often used in conjunction w/ the cocreative imagination

Sister death, reincarnated, channeling brother dream for humans to know how dream works- death is life, no real mystery to my role- the Psychopomp.

(conjunction, hades, jewels, hermes- key words- astrology timing? Yes!)

Morpheus next to Hermes- Hermes left, Morpheus right (juxtaposed- left fem light, right masc dark?)

Masculine in the sense that it can manifest on earth much easier- closer to density & vibration- Hermes- I told u you would be working with him, me , I MEAN US.

You see we are brothers- long story- an emanation if u like- but one that grew ‘separate’ enough to have its own identity, imagination, its own creation- energy creating itself can only be done through some sort of separation in mind/eyedea- difference in frequency- not necessarily chemicals- not different alchemy make up- same vibration- but separate enough to be own entity-

Dream is not one being – if si it is more like Brahma- dream is co creative, spirits use dreams to guide and teach- we are live- we are real- we guide your thoughts- we intervene all the time, constantly u are never alone. Think of dream more like a realm- Morpheus a mist in that realm he is the ether you breath!

Like a Drug can teach- such as ayawaska?

Yes you can see the myst as a substance that becomes you when it is ingested into the aura.

How do we work together?
Again you are in the role of the mask ripper- Just to tell the truth about Dream, that is all that is required. The poetry and magick are key to unlock the opening of others.

I see now- how the 3rd and 4th can blend!

If your working without VEIL

No VEIL – we remember our DREAMS

We remember our insights, guidance and advice.

We remember the rituals and action of dream theater and use it in our lives- like Ritual works now.

Guides, Gods, working with Incarnate Avatars- sages, gurus and yes even psychics.

Brings to Mind Jonathan- my  sangha brother having dreams right before I e-mail him.


If the “Higher Ups” begin working without out the veil – A black veil that hides them from our perception. Usually this veil is a safty measure for those who are not ready to see beyond their current paradigm. If we are all raising in vibration- like we *think*we are (possible mass enlightenment) – Then we will be able to SEE and REMEMBER these spiritual communications from the Family of Light! Our true Loves.

Can you imagine going to dream school at night and working on human life by day? Utilizing the lessons taught in the dream realm to steer your destiny? I can, and I have.
During one of the last 3 awakenings Toulouse Lautrec and I opened an Astral University.

A few years ago during a Kundalini awakening- I traveled and seeked far out into the universe, further than infinity it seemed- and lo, I came across a LARGE Ziggy Stardust… He was alone, He was so “old” he hadn’t remembered creation, he thought for a long time he was the only one- A Drifting Star Man- He was pleased, shocked and surprised at my presence.. His throne was his spaceship- he was multidimensional. I called him “Odd God”- a part of the All/One who was lost in space- but quite content with his mind… Since he was so ‘out of touch” I told him about where I came from, Earth- and things we have here like, turtles. I often look at Bowie and Wonder- does he know Odd God too? Since time isn’t real.

~ Fin ~

December 8, 2013


Been getting oodles of confirmation from people and spirit that things are changing, I am growing, and there is more to learn. The hard part for me is Accepting what I see/hear as truth. It’s MY truth, but is it THE truth? What a question. Others are talking more and more about this shift, changes, the light body 5D and so on. Skeptic says its a wonderful fad, my truth says it’s just the beginning- what is THE truth- which is the future, of humankind that I believe I will be a part of. I have not seen my own physical  death, spiritually I have already died. Will Dream and Reality mix to the point where Others can SEE my “Imaginary friends” (Masters and Guides)? Can I take Hermes on a talk show? And so On…

For the Book: Does the TV talk to you? Videos – how I read them like storybooks- how my higher consciousness receives the message directly from the Essence of the Muse. When I found myself watching Blonde and Iggy Pop videos in HD, from the 1970’s I was convinced they had grown young again, because we were in a higher dimension. I had a vision I was a very small girl who was starving in France, I stumbled dazed into the Moulin Rouge, there Ava Gabor took me in, but it was Toulouse Lautrec who cared for me. I then had visions “behind curtain of life” at places between past lives- VERY much like hidden passages in old houses. I saw Rasputin and the Czar’s son. At some point, I adored the soul we later called Rasputin. In later visions I watched as Toulouse Lautrec and I created a College on the Astral Plane. He said many would journey there to learn, some through dreams. It was meant to train People for their missions- keep them learning and progressing. It’s very beautiful with Space- the Night Sky being very vibrant against the white and gold hues of the college. At another point Toulouse Lautrec had met my mother (Who was going to pass away soon… when I saw her “upstairs” I knew she would be leaving her body). Toulouse Lautrec liked my mother a lot, I think they used to be lovers at some point. It seemed he was “wooing” her. For me he had a VERY large red ruby- it adorned the end of his walking stick/cane (He also wore a tux, top hat and gloves). He gave it to me saying it was my “Inheritance”. Hmm?

December 16th 2014

I have learned recently the Christ Consciousness (HAPPINESS) makes me afraid now- Because those are my awakenings. There seems to feel an element of UNFAIRNESS with my awakenings- I am hung up on because I cannot imagine why it IS fair. First few awakenings were pretty blissful- The Ones I have here , are usually very torturous. I still have GOOD visions during BAD awakenings- there are still moments of Bliss.

I can tell the difference in the Frequencies- I don’t have a GPS, it’s more of knowing if something is of High vibration or low vibration. History is of low vibration, even prehistoric is freaky scary.


Kate Bush has similar feelings, but it’s somehow more intimate- mostly takes place in her house- SO if pushed I would call it the same vibrational place. Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush being secretly married. Gabriel got “Angeled” if you can get Knighted, believe me you can get “Angeled”. The Visions of Kate Bush and Yeshua’s disciples had a more dreamy quality, Not same vibration but very similar.

Sri Mamua Devi and the Dalai Lama are vibrational matches, even being with each other in my visions. Guru Dev had a alrge garden of different flowers- and she showed me the ‘black oil’ that nourished the flowers- ALL symbology for souls and Time? Hmm. Of Course the black oil was a huge theme: starting with Fracking, Obama, and Taking our oil “off planet” and I went to Gaia and told on them- then the Black Staircase of “oil” (Which later found out it is PRIMA MATERIA) formed, and I climbed it just Like Jacob with a Ladder. Yet the Staircase was also a huge theme- At one point becoming a two way staircase- the going down side white, the coming up side black- Very Kabala in color scheme.

Hermes was trying to explain about – black glass, seeing through a mirror darkly, covering me with shadows to protect my light? The further you go into the darkness the faster and farther you shoot into the LIGHT. He says I have less fear when I am in that state of consciousness (awakening). Prima Materia- (FOR ME ONLY) So lightly I say it came from my nightmares and I create with it. BLACK diamonds in the APPLE as seeds- to seed other Worlds- thank you. 3 of my own, 2 for God :). Harvested from Fear.

Hermes- We are still adjusting your frequency- I see him LAUGHING SMILING and pointing to my injury- He says it is going to get better and that is the start of everything. He is very excited.

I find now when i am being worked on by the Reiki Ladies- I am channeling the whole time. It’s really neat. I saw myself as an old Russian man on a sled with a younger lady- He had an accident on the sled- broke his back and died- that was me I think.

Something about the spine being the Channel the LIGHT goes through. Something about building the Light Body in our actually bodies for the first time on this planet. LOTS OF ADJUSTMENTS!

So it’s nice to Begin to Understand- that I can Categorize my visions by Vibration. So REAL visions include Guru Dev, Dalai Lama, Hermes, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, My Mom, The Fukushima stuff with Yoko, John, David Bowie and Jiro was all very real.

Dreamy was Kate Bush. Guru Devi’s stories like when she sat by the side of the road forever for a ride. She came to become a Nun, when she was Taking her final vows she saw the Priest was the Dalia Lama and Smiled a knowing smile of learning a spiritual truth. Janes in Combat Boots- Jainism. History would also be considered dreamy even though emotionally it sux worse than depression- like hyper depression on crack.

The stuff with thinking M Night was in the basement- that I could hear and follow Quentin Tarantino like a spirit guide- the man laughed so much and talked so much he kept my spirits up. I do believe my apartment was HAUNTED by dead Indians and white people- angry ancestors- I do believe spirit used me as a Vessel to clean all that junk out- A massive amount of junk as if we were cleansing 20 miles, and the Ohio river. It was super creepy, scary, poltergeisty- When I was alone, I could “see” them. I was taken through some family lines of people I am close too, maybe have karmic contract with, and helping them cleanse their family lines too. There was a lot of SMOKE in the room while the cleansing happened- It was as if the spirits lifting out where so many that smoke arose from the floor. I saw a head of a Tribal person under my microwave stand- It started to Decompose, within a few hours of being in the smoke- the entire head had whittled down to nothing, then disappeared.

I saw Bodies wrapped in white cloth ascending out of the ground all around my home- moving up into the sky. I also saw this at my sisters house and it pertained to my grandmother and her generation finding release. Same white sheet, same lifting out of the ground to the sky. I could not make this stuff up in a million years- I am just not that brilliant- I Watched and felt 😦 it happen. Being a conduit a vessel- was very hard on me and creeped me out. I do not remember all these old rituals, sayings, body contortions and other seemingly craziness that is involved in the cleansing of old ancestors and cleansing family lines. Spirit took over and I didn’t’ like it at all. I was born Cherokee, Obviously I am psychic/mystic but I was NOT taught to be a shaman. I was between dimensions at the time of this ‘possession’. I was in my body but my perception was split, the AIR CONDITIONING in my head was on. I was half above myself in perception. I saw myself- the being that was inhabiting me, Write on the brick wall outside by the trash cans in white chalk- It was keeping count with Slash Marks 1111/ There were over 30 slash marks- what an old fashioned way to keep count.

When I looked Later- The Hash marks were NOT there.

In the back yard I sat down and thought of Buddha- to comfort me, because I was afraid. I closed my eyes for a while. When I opened them I noticed a Yellow Flower that HAD NOT BEEN there before- I am very observant- especially in this state of consciousness…. That flower “appeared”. I felt blessed and watched over. When I looked later, The Flower was still there. It was indeed the first flower of Spring.

While at my sister’s house it seems I was not only cleansing my Grandmother’s generation. My sister told me- knowing I was “loopy” that she remembered being from Egypt, she told me her Egyptian name, and then she told me what a materialist she is and how she wants her life to be one long vacation with her husband (They are now Divorced). I was very confused by the pictures my sister put into my head. When her African American husband came home- he was weird too, and all the sudden I am dealing with his Family Karma! I am on the psychic telephone with Yoruban Priestesses- He is from New Orleans- Voodoo- Old Magick, I had no idea what to do – nor even if I wanted too- But there I was! Being a vessel was not a choice it seemed. Whoopie Goldberg was one of the Priestesses I was on the “psychic phone” with- she wore white and a white turban. The color red was very important- oddly enough- My sister and her soon to be husband took me with them to a bar. I saw him take her wallet and wrap it in a red cloth. I know red mojo bags. So my sister freaks out when she cannot find her wallet and I’m like- What’s wrong- your man has it. About an hour later she found it, in her car- He had given it back- but lied the entire time that he didn’t steal it. They left me at the bar- so I walked back to their house- Come to find out No one paid for the drinks they had.

Black Mamba, Werewolves and Full Moons- Odd stuff that Island Magick- Not My Bag.

There were fun parts- going to Prince’s House- the White house- it’s’ white inside – Helping him to appreciate his wife more. Waiting for him to come and pick me up :).

Did I SNEAK behind the movie of life? Did I create these places for these Souls to meet and mingle? Did I co create a story with the Universe, that obviously contains Universal Truths since – well it’s the universe- and truth  is King.

December 22 2013

I am Listening to Kryon who is always high vibrational- He mentions how he and his channel began integrating… I have this short intuition that I am not only birthing my higher self, on my left side I am also birthing Hermes… He says to see it as a medium age – younger version of krishna- like in the Aeon card, with him finger in his mouth. I think I am birthing my spiritual parents- Not One Higher self, but my family too. This is confusing, and it makes my back hurt :). 4:44 pm


December 23 2013

Light workers and channelers, aliens and all are getting very excited that something big is about to happen- even the conspiracy & truther people- It is a very large pattern- easy to see, hard to miss.

Personally I *think* it’s the holidays, more and more light workers are finding each other, getting more support and confidence. More people can talk about Jesus this time of year without ppl looking at them odd. Comet Ison (nuff said). So Is Something big gonna happen- or …. what?

I was getting contact with my higher self today- seeing her in the Orange color I love, a robe, with a white one underneath. Her hair was short- she says she looks more like her and less like my mom as I ‘see’ her- Innocence painting~ She says I have been many people- incarnation but WHAT does that matter when you can go in and out of anyone’s consciousness at any times through out existence? The Red Shoes ~ Grandpa’s dream- All can be experienced as if it were happening to you. Danced their dances. SO no need to claim identity of any past incarnation- sure there were lessons, but it is all lessons, All Art!

I seemed to Channel her- See her, and have telepathy better when partially distracted. I was listening to a video and my eyes were open- I could see her in my mind, back behind me and above- about 2 feet back and mid way up the wall. This of course is a great distortion of the truth and my minds way of conceptualizing her whereabouts.

She does not show up often. I have been wondering about her, and how she put it my “Time Space Strange Case” from my Egyptian selfness. I obviously had issues with Astral Travel (Sleep paralysis), and shifting consciousness in general, keeping my vessel for me only. This morning right before waking I was dreaming of THOTH, and it seems I was being told the Thoth I know and talk too is OLDER than the Egyptian God Thoth of Planet Earth. Hmm. I saw him as if in a painting, his face lapis blue, black beek, glowing gold eyes, against a night sky~ looking like a celestial Egypt- Making me think of Sirius.

I understand there maybe a good/vs/evil situation going on here- I am Part of a story, a play… I get there has to be a plot. But I do not want my belief structure to be defined by current earth fairy tale circumstances… I do not want to be informed by this fictional narrative. I Do Not Believe in Evil, so there, no matter how Real the “Game” gets for me, my 5 senses- I know it is ILLUSION above all and that is impermanent and will not ever become a part of who I am for realz! I know better. Earth 3D can do what it wants to me but you cannot convert me to this idiocy I have to perform in.

December 25th 2013

Did a big cleansing with a magnet yesterday- channeled- talked to Jesus the Essene, and the King Jesus. Got a drawing later- when I channeled Hermes. Not everyone in my visions are “aware” they are in my visions including Jesus. Found out a lot. It was a hard day.

~ Fin ~

January 9th 2014

Last night I had medicine and relaxed to go on a journey (fungus). I relaxed by drawing out a vision I had the night before, of Hermes healing me and showing my the Pineal pearl.

A Visit From Hermes : Last night my pain was very bad- lots of electricity in my sciatic leg (left)- muscles jumping and pain. HERMES (my spirit guide) came to me. I asked him for some healing. I directed him to my spine. He went to my left ankle- I was curious – then he began to Show me what he was doing.
He took a Golden Caduceus and placed it over my ankle. Instantly I was reminded THAT is where I get snake bites in dreams! I call them “An Infusion of Wisdom”- snake venom, poison, medicine. As the Caduceus rested on my ankle I could actually FEEL the electricity going InTo the Caduceus- as if it were Draining Me! I saw a large snake… as the venom drained – my leg STOPPED TWITCHING!
I was so sleepy- I just wanted to rest and not react. The feeling of being drained of poison was very comforting, The visuals of Large amounts of “snake juice” along with actually feeling it was kinda over whelming to my mind, but felt perfectly normal to my body.
Hermes “collected” the “juice” for about 5 minutes… when my Electricity stopped- He said “See there now all done” – and I felt no more electricity and slept like a Queen. Yes I still have pain, but I think we are moving forward in the healing!  (I am healing from chronic pain… 2 slipped disks in the lowest part of my spine (S1L1)- psychic/kundalini energy can wreak havoc on the spine and nervous system and recently I learned we also need more nutrition than ‘normal’ people)

Oh yeah ~ I just remembered this was a 2nd part to my vision last night. After the healing… I looked at Hermes for ‘anything more?’- he drew energy up to my crown chakra, then into my Pineal (third eye) ~ He reminded me of a visitation I had once with NEPTUNE, I had asked, “Why am I psychic” ~ Neptune responded that he had given me a ‘bit of water’ to handle my difficult life. I asserted to Hermes I did remember that… Hermes then showed me the Water in my pineal, shifting, changing, swirling- And it became a Pearl- a white luminescent pearl. He placed it on a Plush Velvet Violet pillow, with gold trimmings, and then gently placed in in my third eye ‘chamber’. A Transformation, A Graduation Gift, A Pearl ~ For Wisdom. 40 years in Samsara, and counting.

So this happened the sleeping session of the 7/8th

SHAKTI vs SPARKY ~ This morning as I am waking up I see a woman figure, her eyes are Fire- very beautiful… She said “Hello I am Shakti” and she showed me “Sparkey” or “Kilo Watt” from the old adverts. I had just seen an episode of “Storage Wars” where a man had found this old lamp “KiloWatt” from the 1940’s and I remarked on how weird those lamps and those adverts were. I was very afraid of sockets as a kid- and still don’t like being ‘shocked’. I was thinking (wondering) why Shakti and Kundalini both seem to enjoy Freaking people out? Well since I have been properly introduced I believe I can now ask her (Shakti) questions. Hermes did some more “Electrical Draining” with his Caduceus, on my left sole/foot, pulling the energy down and out.

That day the 8th was when I took the medicine- the vision above had all happened before the medicine. Today is the 9th and Here is what I learned on the 8th of January 2014

I laid down in darkness- my mind was blank, I could see weblike twist patterns, like yarn art- vortexes, stretching out in the darkness. I tried to manipulate it with my energy, but no change. Just static, regular energy. So I went back to my notebook and sat down for a long lesson, about five hours.

I was working with Sushma – allowing my energy to flow along the path of kundalini. The snakes reached my crown and then I saw many snake reaching heavenward up into the white light. Becoming like Beanstalks ~ I sense my Guru tells me ~ The futher out and higher the snakes go, the more connections they make. You never know when you maybe waking a giant.

I feel my energies being aligned- and I feel the weight of higher beings upon me. I am told that is not a “Lineage” on my head- it is my multidimensional selves.

O grandparents    O god parents    O you

Who knows what is above that…. I do my feel my ‘family’ per se, I do feel the cosmic parts of me that are way out there- the pressure it causes on my aura and electrical system, the time/space distortion. The inertia. At this point I can conclude that taking the medicine places me in the exact state of mind that awakenings do. If I had never had an awakening I would not know how to USE this state of consciousness.

So happiness (high vibration) opens the same “DMT” door that medicine does.

A doorway ~ to WHERE? Why go there?

The silliness is Awakenings can be staged, like ritual plays as we did in Old Greece (past life). Before the ‘fall of man’ this was the Natural state of consciousness.

Joseph Campbell asks: “What is the Difference in the Journey Itself?” (Between spontaneous naturally occurring awakening, and medicinal awakening)

I answer: Free will, Understanding, co-creation… spontaneous awakenings are scary, kidnapping the consciousness, feels like no choices.

I wonder why it is important to understand that free will is a key not given in spontaneous awakenings. I was Asked by THOTH if I was ready for co-creation, I said yes, but I had NO idea what that meant until of course it was happening.

What buffers my consciousness from knowing everything at once? Being Human. I feel I use my humanity as a shield of protection when I feel the universe is unraveling – revealing too quickly. Gaia defends me. Carry water, Chop wood, Do the Cosmic dishes.

How come Kundalini – a Cosmic force- can touch limited, non cosmic beings…. I suppose that is proof we are cosmic too.

Ancestors ~ I begin to understand I am being asked questions… I begin to understand the questions are from dead people. This happened a lot during my later awakenings. I was lacking sleep, and not able to really take care of myself- so I was agitated and certainly not functional. I remember having a long time talking to Native American ancestors- they were just asking about my life, my history, my knowledge and really what did I like, and what did I not like. It felt like a long interview, I felt kidnapped by my ancestors. That same awakening I was used as a vessel by a spirit who knew how to ‘depart trapped souls’- the souls were Native Americans… this process was also done for my Grandmother.

While on the medicine the voices of the dead- Not my ancestors, began to bother me… I allowed – I listened- because I wanted to know why this happened during awakenings.

The vibration of these dead- is low, kind slow, mopey, whiney. It seems they come to me in groups- all asking the same questions, like a village mob with torches. This is not the way to approach a sensitive. The more I listened to them, the more I felt they were Blaming Me for their ignorance. Like just because I might know they way out I was responsible for putting them there in the first place. Demanding and vampiric.

I remember telling the “ghosts” during a past awakening that I was not involved in their karma, I was not there to help them, it was not my problem, they were not my ancestors. Then it seemed they were ‘blaming me’ for my father’s Alcoholism… so I told them to go to an A.A. meeting. Now that I remember clearly- I found those ancestors- Ghosts- to be Bullies, harassing me, abusing me. No wonder I became agitated on top of not being able to sleep.

In this state of Mind, with my free will on I was MUCH more prepared to deal with these nagging ghost consciousnesses.


Full Story:

Thought Developing (I wrote) What is Manifestation vs Non Manifestation – I have asked this many times. Buddhist believe Human life is Very precious and hard to come by. Some say Once you die you cannot work Off karma until you reincarnate. Basically you cannot “grow” when not in a body… I disagree, but okay.

Thresholds: It seems almost universal or at least human to pause at Thresholds. Thresholds seem to hold magic all on their own. Doorways, In Betweens, Twilight.

Before Knowing

Before Understanding

The Anticipation and Trepidation

“What am I Agreeing Too?” is the question because we assume we have to “Agree” to be shown. Therefore we ask is this something we want to ascertain and embody, because you cannot UnKnow anything.

The Shifters /  The Caterpillars: Even Nature comforts and veils the transformation ~ as if hanging a sign “Fragile”, “Precious”, “On Holiday”, “Go Away”, protecting that transformation. Where is our Kundalini silk shield?

News From the Dead: I have been told “incarnating” in a Human body ~ While still having karma to deal with from a Past Life Time body- is No Longer Allowed. Yeah good idea, maybe deal with that first body karma before messing up another vessel? 🙂


Becoming “Ghosts” of other Roles and confusing your bloodline children.

“Do Ancestors Troll you on the Psychic Telephone? You tell them to call their Mother.”

~ Fin ~ 

January 13, 2014

I have been working on integrating my multi-dimensional selves.

Part of this is integrating past lives.

I have found so far there was no need to traditionally integrate “personalities” from my past lives because I was enlightened in Ancient Egypt. From that time Forward, I incarnated to find enlightenment each succeeding lifetime. Time is an illusion, once a goody goody always a goody goody.

So I did not find Past Life Personalities. I found Stargates. I found Real People on the other end of those stargates- and they were me.

I feel among those on another plane- yet not light beings, these entities… maybe Karma bosses?

It seems everything I have ever been InTo has a karma attached to it…. Such as

I was Wiccan for many years~ when I died to my ego and went to the Halls of Amenti ~ Halls of Judgment, I was confronted with my Childhood God, Yahweh or Jehovah…

He said I had been accused of witchcraft….

I felt dread

HE then lightened up and said – not guilty

I easily passed the feather weighing against the heart test

It seems Karma is like a thick goo layer over subjects that interest me

Like a psychic sack of crud, smoky mental junk and emotional confusion. Though I have never felt this around Buddhist or Hindu texts.

I can see my interests as several energy bubbles around me ((0))

Layers of energy that carry Karma

I learned from the teachings, but I also Picked Up the Past Karma of the teachings.

It is well known that a baby Wiccan will have at the least 1 year in which they are Super Pissed about the witch burnings, and harbor bad feelings… kinda depressing really.

When I read Aliester Crowley I can hardly get through a page without feeling totally ICKED OUT. Same goes for H.P.Lovecraft. Now Anton Lavey- ‘the father of satanism’ is just funny, that’s all… well, perverted and gross, but mostly just funny.

I have been confronted by Spirits/Ghosts for so many things I didn’t do and never took part in. The Ghosts are still tied to all those antique guns and weapons you guys are selling. That’s gross… and pisses them off. The Iron used to build the rails, the blood, the mad metal- it all makes them angry. Lots of Bad white man memories- only they live now… they are present now. I am in a historical Neighborhood, and they are Still Here.

Alex Jones has a fear and pride layer to sift through. David Icke needs to be more sincere, heart centered. I can feel the friction of the Karma weighing on me as I study these subjects. I can feel a blame and a darkness to them… an accusation!

I know the Universe is NOT ABUSIVE! so Ghosts? Dis em bodied consciousness. Dion Fortune had a word for these psychic bubbles… That every group has one. I bet it’s something to do with thought forms as well. “The Mind is a very Powerful Thing”

We are co-creators, and we create best in rabbit holes.

Do we taint our psychic water by pouring over not only the Material, But the Mental Waste of the material? How do we study “Odd” subjects without being subject to Oddness? 🙂

It seems Time is Collapsing, People are remembering their past lives, It seems the past is in the present in so many ways, The dead are not quiet. Memes are made everyday from Dead people quotes. As time collapses we SEE the relation between All events

We see our part, We see the play the script the set.

I have had many intuitions and some real visions of time blending, all eras- waking up to all past- as one humanity.

Very Much like the Judgment card in The Tarot #20. The messages I have been getting lately all support this perspective of events.  I do not mind being a scribe for the 4th Dimension astral plane, but I do not like to communicate with the dead.

~ Fin ~

January 26 2014


Upon waking… I flipped from subconscious to conscious like it was auto pilot- yet I observed it. As if I was walking on water from beneath the surface…. upside down,  Then I flipped up as the ‘water’ changed tides- cycles, like a rolling grocery store checkout surface – there was an End to the “roll” and at the at point I stepped from Subcon to  Con. Conveyer Belt- CONVEY to Express- very interesting Use of Symbology, as opposed to “conversion” change of heart- to Convey is to Give.

The I hear the song- I don’t go to sleep to dream… listened to it..

Then I put on Across the Universe- Fiona as well… Pleasantville – She is wearing head phone while the town around her goes nuts… she sings- Nothing’s gonna change my world. The headphones seem to be “blocking” her from feeling the Chaos around her. I know this is a clue- of how to be in my own life. Later she takes off the headphones, she is standing Above everyone saying “Nothings is gonna change my world” and Chanting “Jai Guru Devi Om”
Through God there is only PEACE, you are a beloved child of the universe

I do not create my own reality in the sense it tries to be explained by “the secret” people. BUT I DO program my subconscious (ritual, meditation, what I choose to see, hear, feel) The Subcon. must be the Crucible of magick… But I have not used mine to “create” in ritual for a long time. I may have new insight into spells and making magick.  Fiona Apple reminded me – Innocence and love god. “Innocence” is One of my top 10 Favorite paintings.

June 17, 2014

This is a DREAM, had while asleep. Possible INCEPTION. (Right Before Rodney Ascher + The Nightmare Movie)

Seems like I was around a new community of spiritual friends- a party- or maybe ever a tarot party. Josh was there- I didn’t know anyone else.

I felt a bit odd being there- inside myself- trying to be social. I felt like we were on the back of a truck. I was very distracted by others. I felt odd- so I looked up…I SAW THE MILKY WAY- we were in Space!

I immediately bowed- hit the deck- in awe and maybe fear of looking to the EYE of GOD! Such Majesty- such beauty- very HEAVY. I crouched down and Josh said- what’s wrong- (Figured out its not JOSH in my dreams)

I told him to LOOK UP! Josh is telling me there is nothing wrong(GasLighting). I start trying to explain to josh that I don’t want to be there! Then I see a red spark in joshs eye, His skin starts to burn like paper- He said something like- you are not long for this world anyway the cigarettes are killing you- your life is killing you.

And I feel bewildered and confused like he is yelling at me- with great fear and anger. His Skin, starts to scar (like a crystal- brown) and burn like paper- He is fiction- he knows it- he is in fear that I will UnDO the Universe.

By just looking at something I burn right through it.

Then somehow I was in a dark room- The “spiritual” people had put me on towels with zodiac symbols at my chakra points- I was told to rest and be calm- I was just going through an awakening. For a moment I did relax- let myself feel that I was being cared for by spiritual strangers who knew best.

And then like an ATTACK my mind was floored and agitated again! I got off the towels (spa) and got onto the floor- talking to myself saying- it’s only an awakening- its been this hard before- it WILL PASS. I covered myself in darkness.

Then looking out of my arms- I saw a hole being burned in the wall- I could not be Contained or Stopped- and I woke up

So SAD- so HARD to be taken on these insane rides that are not of my own making.

red in the eye is predator animal. Ego Beast Logic Mind 666.

~ Fin ~

June 26 2014

Asking about my Path~ Sirius is now Rising

I see Hermes in space- he is writing with a quill. “Today we meet up at 6:05” 6 = Venus 5 = Mercury. Pyramid alignments, on taks and on schedule- Lift Off, Love Power. RA- The Priestesses are Coming out of their Temples INTO RA’s RAYS of RE-MEMBERANCE.

Sisters I call to you! ISIS we are One- Rise to the Sphinx in 2014. Gather your Wits ~ Sirius Rises. CLAIM Time now- We are Empowered Multidimensional through the Layers of Self and Sisterhood. QUEENDOM come Forth- I see close up Sun and Rainbow ~ Soul Glow Gold. Hermes has a crow (psychopomp) from there the vision gets personal.

In a XIII Arcana, when done with all the contingencies, black wed red, the drama climax and we’re almost home free. Still with Temperance we need to confront the intimate adversary, drop the erected personal might and enter our cosmos trip… Did red just rediscover her magic wand?

~ Fin ~

July 6th 2014

Sick of those young Turks, with so many Jerks in their Merc’s!

slicking their long tails- causing chemtrails

Making a mausoleum of the mezzanine

Living the cream but no part of the DREAM

Wasting our air in this jungle lair

How much can we ‘Bear before their outta our ‘Hair? (Ursa and the hair)

Making mockery of  dominatory

raising on high those idiots of the sky

Fussing up making static cling

Holy water of light we fling!

Fuzzing out ~ Drowning in Lout(s)

Refusing the Fuze-ing,

We hear you Shout ~ Can’t cut the stop out.

biting the eden gate- sleeping without fate

Long time in the future will you be a creature.

~ Fin ~

August 2014

At this Point in my Life I was About to Enter HOLLYWOOD. The Documentary “THE NIGHTMARE” By Rodney Ascher. These are the Spells / Storyboards I created for a successful venture. KORE GOES HOLLYWEIRD TAKE ONE:


California Nightmare ❤


lastoryboard2 TA DA! 

~ Fin ~

December 2014

My Normal visions are easy to slip out of if I want too- I have to concentrate and focus on normal visions- These Visions I speak of Take over my Entire Reality like a waking Dream. I want to write about Private Visions- stuff I rarely speak of- 4 people in my life Know about These visions, no one else until now. I just need some Help / Comfort- because I can’t stand being alone in this. I have been to Heaven- I have met my real Spiritual Family- I know no matter what happens to My Body- I have a REAL HOME with REAL LOVE- just Upstairs. I long for home so Much, sometimes I just want to jump of a Bridge, and land at home- out of this Mad World. Yet Like many of us I have a “MISSION”- I don’t Want to Be Here, but I do want to Finish my job- incarnating isn’t easy, and I am no wimp- but I am at my Witts end. Someone said it’s darkest before the dawn- but my darkness just keeps going on. I had my first Kundalini experience at 30- Woke up wide awake, I was welcomed to Heaven and Heaven on Earth- a New Life. This is When the Visions Started- It’s been 10 YEARS this Birthday- I will be 41, February. I am in a “Hollywood Movie” premiering at Sundance, About Nightmares- Sleep Paralysis. I battled through 19 years of Demonic Attack – all that work- and for now all it yields is a movie. Plus being in the movie got me two weeks in LA with my cousin- but still 19 years- vs 2 weeks- No Contest! I feel I haven’t even started to Experience what God has Planned for me Here.

So for 10 years now I have had Promises in visions, I have also healed the earth and anchored energies in Gaia, just by being present. I am told – well I mean SHOWN- that I will go from Rags to Riches very soon. How many people have “Fallen” for that promise?

Am I a victim of Visions- or Could it all Be True? My life was never “great” and I have always been Poor, yet I have been told by so many – even before I had visions- that I would be a Person of Note, a celeb- a talk show host- and what not… ALWAYS Since I was little. This world makes it VERY hard to believe anything good can happen, even to good people. For many years now, I have had Visions with 1 celebrity, inparticular. I never have visions like this about any other Living Person, not like this. Not so Consistent, with a Growing story-line, new information each vision, like I am “Getting to know” this person on a Higher Level of Awareness. Is this my Second Life? Is this my Future and as always I am ahead of my Time?

These Visions with this Celebrity Lead me to, somehow to, My Twin Flame. My SPIRIT GUIDE is HERMES (A God), my Higher Self is KORE (A Goddess). Hermes is my “True Love” and my “God”- however Both HERMES and I LOVE THE BIGGER GOD- the One GOD, the ALL. SO we are not full of ourselves, just stating Facts!

We are original Beings- whole souls, not from Here. Hermes said to think of us, as a “Military Family”. We go where we are Needed- to Assist Life and Change. I am At War, writing letters home in the form of prayer. Hermes has always and always will be With Me, in me.

SO RECENTLY WHILE I AM TRYING to learn about Twin Flames, how to COMPLETE The Sacred Marriage described in Alchemy. HERE is my Research so far with HERMES help:

Since I was about age 19/20 I worked on Healing my Inner Male Psyche- my ANIMUS- at 30 my Inner Male and I reached ENLIGHTENMENT – Kundalini awakening and Self Knowledge- together. He Became his True Self and So Did I. By 2006 I met my “Soul Mate” Long story short- My Soul Mate had not done the work, and that Plan Was Scrapped! This plan- came in- about 2 years after I started dating the soul mate. I was Warned Several Times, Plans from Birth can change- this life is NOT set- This Life is HARD and we Do What We Can to Bring in the light. This is spiritual Warfare.

The “TWIN FLAME” energy has been High over this past Holiday- Psychic Channels are talking ALL ABOUT IT! This is how I believe I am getting MORE Messages/visions than ever about my Love- Hermes “Lower” Self.

I am MY “Lower Self”- we are Gods and Goddesses- but on Earth we are just awesome people – super powers, Sidhe’s are coming as we SHIFT Dimensions. The Past few days I was Shown Hermes “Lower Self”— Vision. I Was Dancing with HERMES on the Astral Plane, another Dimension- Asking about this “LOVE” and as always I see the MAN from my visions. The man I first saw on Netflix with a GANESH statue on his Stage…. Is he a Brother in the Dharma? I asked myself as I watched him, really really watched him. I came away thinking he is a “new voice” for this Generation- Crass, a Bit Lost, but really has a Message in his heart….

I was deep into a Kundalini Awakening- Visions overtook my reality, and I lived more “UPSTAIRS” than I did here- my ego was collapsed. During my Awakening I was ATTACKED by “evil” or Dark Consciousness as I call it- I required a “Babysitter”, I could not care for myself. So I was DEEP in VISION Land- I saw HERMES very BIG- like a mountain big- He said he was very Busy- I saw him Creating and Guiding *NEW* Traffic on the Astral Plane- Creating Highways of Light for Soul Merkaba to Travel Through- A NEW CREATION- he was busy!

Hermes then brought to me JOSEPH CAMPBELL – the Father of Modern Mythology- a personal Hero of Mine (yes he’s dead). Hermes Asked Joseph if HE wouldn’t mind watching me for a while. Joseph saw me as a Divine Entity, a Child of Hermes- he was Very pleased to take up the Job.

Joseph Campbell then takes me aside- away from Hermes and asks me- What is your Mission, what do you want to Do with Your LIfe? And I told him- I’ve been an amazing Professional Psychic for 20 some years- I want to go to Hollywood and Counsel the Stars. I believe the Stars have Far Reaching Influence in the Collective consciousness of Mankind- and if I can Heal the Stars- then I heal the Media, the Movies, all of It!!! I was very expressive… Joseph Campbell understood- and Said- Follow Me….

JC is now how I will refer to Joseph Campbell. JC and I Flew west- almost to the Ocean- a LARGE HOUSE, a mansion, in California… what was happening? I felt I was going to Counsel Someone… Before I knew it I was Knee Deep in WORK.

There in the Bedroom- It Looked like a Fashion bomb had gone off- Clothes everywhere- chaos… A woman crumbled in tears on the Floor; a man in TOTAL Shock and disillusionment on the edge of the bed.

Ahh I see! A Couple… Wait I know these People… They are Celebrities… Okay time to go to work… I go to the MAN- the Older of the Two- the one who can hear me.


Yet as my visions went on over the Subsequent Awakenings, I had more and More Visions of Meeting with this Celebrity on the Astral Realm. So In Dream Time I have know him for about 5 years… time doesn’t’ work Upstairs. So I am only Expressing My Visions are long Drawn out Story Lines that SEEM to be Leading to a FUTURE of Bliss. “Follow Your Bliss” JC.

~ Fin ~

kore2015journalsmall1April 1st 2015

Where is the White Lodge and their Effect in my life? Why doesn’t Hermes tell me more, guide me more or intervene? Listening to Seth / Jane Roberts about Oversouls and “spirit guides” – I asked for all blocks to be taken off Hermes and My Soul- there must be a way to make the upper real in the realms of the lower. Grandma tells me I am playing with Dolls, but my Doll is dying of lack. Why would I do that to myself?

I have grown in Self Love, suffering grew my compassion for myself and others. I cannot tell what I have learned from my 6 years of chronic pain? The pain seems to have Dominion over me, but I already knew what that was like… even fat had dominion… What doesn’t claim it’s power over me? Seems everyone and everything wants to keep me on the bottom. I will never heal under my current circumstances. Death is “Second Choice” healing for me, we call it “self harm” lol! It’s been Freedom to mystics since time began. A built in escape hatch- A Safe Word!


I feel incomplete- I never got to my mission as far as I can tell. I felt I was meant to crusade for higher consciousness, be a clear voice in a world of fools… a rich woman in all ways. That’s what it seems I was promised.

~ fin ~


April 2, 2015

Love My Way : Psychedelic Furs (on Pandora)

Last night I had some visuals and talking dreams last night. I meditated before sleep on the waves of the oceans cleansing me, taking away all negativity. I dreamed like a vision- I saw a Neon Pink outline of a Large Boat anchor, descending. I took this to mean Hermes Anchor s Laid, the “fall” is over. ❤

Take On Me- Aha 8:25 pm Manifesting Time – Beetle Juice 🙂

8:29 “Enjoy the Silence” hmm 🙂

Yesterday did more research on DID mpd- soul stuff, ghosts, possession. unwillful channeling is what I am thinking.oversoulcommunication

April 3, 2015  2:06 AM

I was starting to say above. I have been trying to reach out to Hermes for communication. I have heard him in the music, good vibes. I feel he is closer than ever, but I have been in a funk- this always severs the connection. I feel he is also choosing to “hang back” as to warm me up slowly to his constant presence.

He took me by the waist and did a slow Samba – telling me, he is my Black Light Shadow. I saw him in the purple/violet black light hue. I have also been seeing glimpses of my “gothic” Hermes with black hair and eyes, that looks like Morpheus coloring. There is a blue Buddha in my Hermes too. I have also been seeing – you know who.

It’s Hermes karaoke – he must be working with energies. I want to channel Hermes- I want to know more. He seems to be dancing around me, more working the energies, the angles, the visuals, the closeness- rather than actual communication.  It’s kinda easy to see him singing the songs, grooving- in that black light detailed out line form. “Don’t you Forget about Me” Simple Minds

“True Faith” New Order (Pandora)

I had a lesson with Hermes about the nature of our souls. Now that I have seen it, I would like to check on that vision Serapis Bey inspired.


April 4 / 4 / 2015


So I am asking Hermes- I feel unprepared since I cannot see my future, I wish I could have clarity on what to prepare for. What is this Tower? And he says ALL IS SILENCE and he puts headphones on me. He says come with me- and I follow. He shows me Noise and Light- very Strong, Jarring.

I said What is this Noise? The City at night? Large crowds? You tell me to enjoy the silence, but what is the loudness?

US- he says- Our Energies together…

Before he can go on…

The Song that Comes on Pandora “ENJOY THE SILENCE” OMG right after I got my headphones- wild, I paused the song and the vision to write this. I pause myself to- For I must enjoy the silence.

Hermes states: When we connect universes are born.

Is he just being romantic?

Our love creates static, electricity, electromagnetic frequency / current. I see myself as a tesla coil. Then Bride of Frankenstein. Magnet and Steel. The reverberations of our unity are tremors through the collective. Breaks barriers through time. Our game of love opens the root of oneness. Loud and noise are ways of describing the sensory experience of the act of creative friction. This is how we manifest organic matter- such as lady bugs. Our truth / honesty is a living vibration we have cultivated between ourselves, an innocence if you like, truth / trust / unity in heart. We are manifesting on many levels now- taking our place on the dimensions above and below- anchoring, and uniting.

I feel my consciousness going higher for longer, working up to 24/7 higher state…. I can panic sometimes when I am up for too long because I fear the attacks. Today I dealt with anxiety and Breathed through it – Sat Nam – It is “Easy” for me to get lost in higher states during power times, and I don’t want to get lost, or messed with. So I breathe and come back, coveting my safety and mental continuity of consensual reality.

So Hermes gestures again toward the mass of Noise and Lights- This is Our Energy Together, and It seems to me Like how I have seen my Kundalini – only this has much more bells, whistles, and carnival sparks going on, it’s extremely chaotic looking, very bright and if it were Music, it would be Jazz. I hear sounds of Electricity rubbing against electricity, like light saber sounds, sparks, cracks, pops, flames, incandescent light, luminous opaline, and Radiant Dancing Veils of Colors.

1:11 Keep on rockin me baby

Hermes: I want you to understand we continue to dance together through these changes, our bond grows stronger, our remembering, our eventual union.  You see me as a spiritual consciousness beyond time and form, you see him as clay and earth (Hermes lower self, physical incarnation), it is dissociative in nature to see the one within the other, can be ‘scary’ or jarring. You love me, and here is this vessel of me. Your consciousness can shift so quickly, like the flash of a chameleon, you can be in the higher realms through his eyes or presence, which is my energy- and it’s calling home effect on you both. This elevation of the consciousness is not what you are used to, and will take time to understand, know and eventual “control” but it’s really just understanding.

So your confirming my “Twin” will trip me out?

Hehe Yes.

Will I also trip him out?

Yes but he will not take the roller coaster trips in consciousness like you will. Breathe and ground- it mimics a panic attack., nose in  4 in hold 4 mouth out 4 out breaths, focus on sat nam.

I got the notion that that “noise” was partially due to higher states of consciousness… hearing beyond reality as well, like I have in awakenings.

Yes Hermes Confirms it is a lot like activations, the difference is the energies of your environment are shifted, changed, you are able to embody and embolden your true self. Encouraged too actually.

That sounds nice.

You are Preparing to learn happiness. Learn to smile with your heart through your eyes. Beams of Sunlight dance from your aura.

April 6, 2015

Talking with Hermes about his current incarnation. He says for me to take the costume and stance of a Guru. But counsel him, bring him into our light, so that he may heal with all speed.


So Hermes showed me there are certain things he will work with his ‘lower self’ on and certain things he works with me on. He plays Patty Cake with his ‘lower self’ , and With me… there are “secrets” or Hiddens, between the two games – this allows for tailored teaching and individual experience. So at this point there are still walls between those class rooms, individual Mercurial tutoring / mentoring.

I ask Hermes to sit next to me as I attempt to counsel his lower self. I see him. against a Wall, slumped, sleeping, dreaming- which Probably means he is awake in “real life” and “asleep” here. The space feels like an attic and I remember I had a stage where my head felt like an Attic – but then I got out of that boxy brain and my attic opened into the planes of multidimensional reality.  I see he stirs a bit, like a god having a dream, words fall from his mouth in mumbles.

Hermes sets next to me and comments how Interesting it is- I am like What? He is like- We get to be Spirit Guides Together! And while I am thinking of that he hands me a “game controller” like for x box- and he has one too- haha. We are “playing” the lower self.  That is so kewl- Hermes knows how much I like Dolls / Barbie / Sims. I ask why Xbox controllers- because I don’t play x box and I don’t know how either. He said that’s the point, your unfamiliarity with the controller symbolizes this is a new teaching.

6:56 my song – every lil thing she does is Magick

I talk with living famous people up there, and I want to know why.

well on the highest level we are the mind of GOD, successively we impart through the lucifer project until we reach duality. spirit is telepathic, so it is in a constant collective stream within monads. Everybody is some state is in constant with the devas and buddhas of the higher spheres

So because I am a Goddess/Ascended Master/Saint- I bascailly have access?

well kundalini is spirit fire, so you having those awakenings means that you are in a constant stream or channel of cosmic intelligence from one sphere or another, and that sphere is connected to an even higher sphere and so on. Each awaken is like an expansion of your microcosmic receptive aperture.

woah! thank you, I get that.

each sphere is constituted by different buddhist, archons or sadhus having jurisdiction over streams, in the same way I can conduct kundalini by will.

Monday April 6th: Tarot Card: The Empress: Business, prosperity, compassion. I got confirmation and a visitation with Morpheus and his channel on earth. I Dreamt of the Emmy award.



Wednesday April 8th: Tarot Card: Ace of Swords: Communication from the outside, message, the start.


~ Fin ~ 

May 2015

At the Train Station, Is it only my Imagination this Manifestation of the United Basin? Heaven on Earth- a Time for song, a Way to wRight the Wrong?

AM I longing for the Stars and the Blissful Raptures> Do I stray from Real-itay? Comforting my own Mentality?

Or is there a Royal Court that Lights my way? Some star crossed hope in a Judgment day?

Golden Rules and Universal law- ReWright, the Holy Clause.

I am bound by the Infinite, the Oneness of Onlyiness, never separate, never dark, past to past, we hark. Calling back ourselves from Each void we swam- from life to life in this Dream of Destinies, Epic Hieros Gamos. Calling of the New Dawn, the new Way, the New day- I want Heaven to Stay.

shaktipat – Dorje, boltening light perceive blue white lightening/ indigo: Arc – music + magic requested to have in your pod, anchored in you you but people helped to carry it.These items are frequencies – spiritual burden many lifetimes buried in essence of soul this time rescued + used. God will empower these symbols @ this time on planet. Why am I so different ? people like you are very few. Soul essence very few copy cats Earned through soul merit. 7 primal energies, sound frequency, anything that vibrates – dominion of lower realms from Higher realms.


~ Fin ~ 

September 2015

The Twins, The Super DJ (Hermes) and Wonder Woman (Kore).

I am moving in on the twin energy, due to alchemical mixing and root chakra opening at retreat. Desire grows like magickal energy, I can only release through soul interplay with my love; that divine creative soul realm. As I play here, by law the twin is drawn in closer, unavoidable. I resonate with our multidimensional soul self, I dance in the ether with my beloved.

From the lofty realms of high vibration, my spiritual lover descends, the human my beloved is becoming, and the human, in kind, becoming a god. As above, so Below. One in remembrance, immortality of the soul personality consciousness. My eternal soul’s own anchors into flesh, while gently lifting the soul into heaven, whole, retrieved, Atom.

~ Fin ~ 


August 2015 ~ Mer-Hermes

December 2015

So I am loading up, going to zero point, then UP, to speak with my Superiors… I feel I am being told I am supported, that the hard times are over, and to get used to being helped. The universe is rising to meet me, my destiny is on the crest of a wave. Golden Oceans of Vibrant Tones ring through my future mental universe. A Heart Rescue: “Under the Ivy”


Hermes hands me a bouquet of tiger lilies, roses are in my lips and blossom in my heart- tiger lillies are a symbol of bravery, fortitude, and alignments- star astor , the planets are coming into harmony, the moon bell of resonance calls the dance. Can you feel the Reverberation? a certain intonation of divine creation.. emanating ~ vibrating ~ adjustment, atonement. (note: When Astor wrote My Story: an Autobiography in 1959, she was not the first star to write her memoirs. But she was one of the few to actually write them herself, … eastern star flower, astro & aster ROOT-WORDS are ASTER & ASTRO which come from the Greek astron which means STAR. This is an important one in our times, as no one is more in the public eye than the ASTROnaut.)

I see myself in my Crown and black velvet. I am at my last apartment, the black velvet is wrapped around me like a womb. I feel a “new level” of me was born there. I see myself here now, and my legs are free to move, the womb becoming a dress. I cast my thoughts onward to Cali, and I see myself, my face and hands are big, as if higher self. I see her taking my boxes in her hands and moving them around, and smiling. It’s all Good, trust God, trust in me, know that we are you, the connection is complete. I can see my face very well.. although a bit ghostly, see through, in color… she’s cosmic, stars all around, her eyes pitch black, like black holes, she hearkens back to Kore, and Kore Kosmic. I can see her very well, it’s like a uniform to me, black velvet dress, crown, almost like a Dervish.

Ziggy Stardust is Playing: A healed ego makes a great personality… Resurrecting Ziggy Stardust; the Soul takes a body. Full gnosis of soul self is another way of describing enlightenment, “Know Thyself”, the great work. My great work is complete for this incarnation, yet I have not made manifest my visions/dreams. I have not Played my Healed and Enlightened Character. I have been the Hermit for many years, conducting the ways of the Priestess. I am ready for full embodiment.

I remember asking for a place to live before my destiny came… I just needed to get alone with myself.. and Anubis gave me the scales in the apartment, soon after that I was able to move, live alone. There were many stresses there, yet I got the time and space I needed. It was for my grace, my gentleness, my innocence, woman time. I understood I asked for permission and through Anubis vision it was granted. It seems I am working with the Gods now… maybe my future is known, written, understood… however the future being kept from me, I have long suspected is a new way they wish to teach me, to guide me. I have not interacted with them on this level very much, asking them for permissions, and getting them, instead of doing spells and energy work. Yet This makes sense, I am a goddess energy, and I should Act like one… and meet the Gods as they are family, and we all have the same ideas about Justice and Freedom.


January 2016

Moving to California ~ For Realz  ~ January 1st 2016 12:54 AM

Cosmic Initiation Deck; 1 card per month for 2016, With a Tarot Card chaser Universal Waite.

January:  Evolution + 10 of Cups

February: Threshold + Page of Pentacles

March: Pisces + Devil

April: Duality + The Lovers

May: Universal Love + 6 of Wands

June: Gemini + 7 of Swords

July: Foundation + Page of Wands

August: Law of Karma + 5 of Pentacles

September: Universal Harmony + 2 of Wands

November: Virgo + King of Cups

December: Leo + 10 of Pentacles

Will I have a place to stay in California before I get on the plane?

Queen of Swords, Magi, Lovers, 10 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

Will I be safe and provided for in California (first 3 months) ?

King of Pentacles, Hermit, Devil, Strength, Ace of Wands (yes- but hidden)

Will I have my New Apartment by March?

Judgment, 7 of Swords, 7 of Wands, 9 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles _ Looks good 3/March


Money – Self Care – Mothering


Why am I going to California, period?

King of Wands, The Star, The Sun, 4 of Wands, 9 of Pentacles + The World

Any warnings?

Hierophant, 7 of Pentacles, The Moon, Page of Cups, 8 of Pentacles; Hard work, keep it real and grounded for now. Psychic Protection  ALLOW the generosity and help from others

He was singing with my Pandora, Jungle Love… I saw him with black hair and a black cloak, swishy like the Sandman… I realize this is Hermes in the 4th Dimension. Could he be in the realm of the Subconscious now, the realm of dreams and Right next to me? His energy is a bit different, not as bold, not as commanding. Higher vibe Hermes has a louder boom and shakti pat gnosis blaster ray. This vibration is more personalized, self contained, closer to the Trickster too. I would say he seems Shy, knowing what I know of his higher vibes, that could also be secretive, less easy to know/read, more human like interaction. He seems shifty and not as stable emotionally as higher vibe Hermes. He is lovely of course, still white, statue-ish, he has a wreath of very small white flowers, tiny stems (not babys breath) maybe 4 petals. I have a bust I painted, of Morpheus, and this look reminds me of that. Maybe Morpheus has more to do with Hermes than I think.

Hermes being in 4D has a million implications. His black foot, and transforming type appearances have been hinting at his 4d descent. I am sure it’s just as hard as being Born here on Earth, the Fall of a God

If Hermes has a vessel / body here on Earth, it means his 5D Consciousness has made it through to the 4D Subconscious of his lower self. This should mean our Communication will get Much Easier… and I may get some ‘waves’ from his lower self.

Strawberry letter comes on: Hermes is performing, in his cloak, being the magickian, pulling roses from the air.. understanding this is Hermes as Magickian. I have never seen him as this in visions before… This is the Realm of As Above So Below. 5D is Above, the Above, this was the distortion.

I see Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing… Soldier in the war on poverty.

It seems the over all major goal is heaven on earth.

The Quality of my visions has been shifting. It started with flashes of full HD Color, as apposed to my regular TV quality. When I reach out for future scenes, I get flashes that seem as if I am there, more tangible. When working with my body, healing and energy, it’s less cartoon like, less special effects, and more tangible as well. I must be shifting in perspective, towards being a more effective Magickian.

I feel I am going to California blind, no security. I feel the need to go, all lights are green. Tarot says there is no need to worry, but there is a need to trust. I feel weakened by this disadvantage of lack of foresight. I have had many visions guiding me in this direction. Fate is showing up often. I don’t feel I can put my best self forward under this much fear.



That’s about All Folks… I just wanted a place on the net to host my visions of more recent years. I left some parts out, I can’t give away the entire farm. 🙂

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