Fedora Hats, 007 Cats & Illuminati Chess

“When the Men on the Chessboard, get up and tell you where to Go. Tell ’em a Hookah smoking caterpillar gave you *The Call*. Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.” Jefferson Airplane (Our Hippy Ancestors)

The Spy who Loved Me:I wasn’t lookin’ but somehow you found me. I tried to hide from your love light. But like heaven above me, the spy who loved me, is keepin’ all my secrets safe tonight.” Carly Simon

“Everyone gets out of the way for a woman in a red dress.” Spiritual law, a lady late for her own wedding.


Around my first Kundalini awakening Hermes (my spirit guide) began to slowly introduce me to the growing phenomenon of Conspiracy Theory. It’s one thing to run across conspiracy by ‘accident’, but my trusted spirit guide was taking me to websites like “Exit the Matrix” in 2004. My mind began to open and twist with this new, unhappy information. The positive side of this knowledge was, I knew the truth, I was no longer ignorant. As time went forward, I learned tons more from intense conspiracy and spiritual warfare research/experience. I found out eventually, I am an AGENT.. of Light.

007 Theme: In the Key, tone and style of Hermes. This groove is Hermes Approved! 










The Chessboard: The Stage, the Play, the Game tied into the MASONIC MYSTERY.

I tell Hermes (My spirit guide) I want to know about the Masons. Hermes holds up the Compass and tells me I want to know about the Egyptians. A long time ago before freemasonry, was a large order of Neophytes…” Expert from CHANNELING- EGYPT, ILLUMINATI AND MASONS

Much of  Masonic Symbology is Easily ‘grocked’ by a Tarot master, symbology expert, like myself. The Game Board of Black and White Squares is like a Trapping Tesseract. White / Good, Black / Bad, simple Secularism, aka SEPARATION.  The square is symbolic of being stuck in the Rational Mathematical mind of Ego/Animal survival. When Ego/Animal survival is the main focus, we are in service to self and will eventually go full baddie. The Madness of Ego/Animal without divinity. The Debbil, the Beast.

In the blog quoted above, Hermes Indicates that the Masons and other “secret societies” de-volved over time and had been infiltrated by the baddies. A good point here to make about “Secrets”, they are most often used to deceive. Truth is the light, you see, and light cultivates love. Secrets attract predators afaith-hope-and-charity-bannernd parasites. The ORIGINAL purpose/intention, mission statement of these Fraternities, Priesthoods and keepers of the light was to HELP humankind. Many elitist, rich folks, still give to charities based on this old, dusty relic of times gone by. 

There was a time in our Ancient past when the Gods walked the earth. Enlightened beings from another star, who taught the *new* humans how to live well. The Consciousness of earth was very high, and I believe we were very psychic and magickal people. A time came when the Gods had to leave, so that the humans could begin the long cycle of growing their souls through incarnations. Soul evolution to eventual graduation of real-eye-sing you yourself are a God. Self Realization. Enlightenment. 


“Darwin’s BullDog” Darwin’ism is a Terrifying, dehumanizing, nature raping, Atheistic View. Giving Rise to such abominations as Transhumanism. 

It seems, after this Fall in Consciousness, to the flesh and the 5 senses of instinct, all hell broke loose! The throne was originally a rightful chair for a rightful heir. Yet this was soon perverted, along with a myriad of new false teachings, that fit the lower consciousness. Eat, bathe, farm, procreate, hunt.. the simple life of survival of the fittest, and now a days, it seems those who are thriving are down right evil. (Service to Self) The Masons along with most other “societies” were infiltrated and eventually turned to the darkside. All ruling Elite are related, and when we look at their Ancestors, it truly is a horror show. These are the people who call the SHOTS. Appointed by God? Divine Right? Do you believe that? (Windsor Ancestor, Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula) 

The divine right of kings, divine right, or God’s mandate is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God.”


The Adjustment Bureau: A Secret Group that runs our Lives behind the Scenes?

How ’bout TWO of them! Opposing groups, competing for your attention and energy.

We know them simply as

Goodies and Baddies spy-vs-spy


White Block vs Black Block, The Chessboard, the game. Choose! You Already have… you know this. By this time you are either a dedicated goodie, or a committed baddie. We are nearing the TIME of GRADUATION. As before any graduation there are tests. Part of my mission here has been to help people prepare for this test, as a professional psychic counselor of over 25 years. I am ALL IN, and ALL GOODIE! Having been through the Incarnation Cycle myself (even though I am a Goddess incarnate) I can see how I was Refined by this karmic process of picking up one body and putting another down. My Star Family say, I am “Playing With Dolls” when I am incarnated. Coming in as a Goddess was very compassionate of me, and still is! I sacrificed to be able to eat that apple just like everyone else (first time Earth Human children of Gaia or Gods like me) ~ We all Suffered with Gaia, as we wore her flesh and had her children, over lifetimes. We took on the Karma of the Flesh, as Bodhisattva’s, on a mission to teach humankind, as they evolve. A person sincerely wishing to be in service to OTHER, more often than service to self, is a goodie. The more Positive, Loving, Nurturing choices you make, the more momentum is built to keep you going in that Light Direction. The same is true for the darkness of stagnation, greed, selfishness, lack consciousness. After this many Incarnations, in this time of the Kali Yuga, you have Definitely chosen a side.

Lightbearers, Vestal Virgins, Keepers of the Flame, Lighthouse, Dharma Teacher, Buddha, Hestia













The Dress Code: City of Angels & The Adjustment Bureau 

Angels have been spotted All Over Pop Culture wearing Trench Coats and Fedoras. How does one Research the Origin of this? For Real? The Angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life” sported this same look, yet I do not think he was the first. What did Angels wear through out history? And why am I calling them Angels? The “Angels” I have encountered, were there for me when I needed help. I could look around, and like radar, I spotted my angel and help was always provided. Later realizations, I could sense the angelics in public places, such as restaurants and bars, usually advising and comforting someone who looked very troubled. Sometimes we would nod at each other in recognition. I am surprised at how, many Angels have addictions. (Wounded Healer)

Movies with Angels


Seth Plate, “City of Angels”

Spotting Angels: As I experienced more Kundalini Awakenings (DMT overload), I learned more about spotting Angelic assistance (God Vessels, lightworkers). As you know, or as you can imagine, tripping out on natural DMT is much stronger and much more long lasting than even Ayahuasca (Touted as the strongest psychedelic on the planet). In this poetic, psychicly open, innocent, trusting state of consciousness, there is Much Danger. When we Vibrate that Bright White Light, it really confuses people who are unaware of this state of consciousness. Be they friend, foe, or stranger they usually freak out at your expression. Also as you know or can imagine, someone in these high/holy states of consciousness should be treated with compassion and cared for by loving friends/community. Peeps on Ayahuasca hardly move for hours (purging aside). Imagine an Ayahuasca trip that lasted 3 weeks, like my natural DMT kundalini activations. Instead of the compassion I needed, I was handed to the psych ward 14 times, over 11 years and forced to take poisonous drugs, among other hardships. In this time, I was Carefully Trained by my Spirit Helpers how to seek help in emergency – spontaneous – real life attacks, from the Baddies.









AUTHENTIC ILLUMINATI SYMBOLOGY:  I saw Pyramids on faces, as The Video Man Below, Explains. I felt drawn to closely observe the Energy of Wedding Rings on men. If the vibe of the ring was good I would hear “TRUE RING” and know that person was safe to approach/trust. I also asked people for their Full Names, as a way of Connecting to their ancestors, and holding them Liable in the Spirit Realm if there were any Shenanigans. It’s like a *Club*, you can only talk to certain people in those States of Mind. We are Beyond Physical reality, INTO the Spiritual Symbolic Reality. In those states we are Totally Plugged in, and rules of the Game Change! Others are Easier to be Possessed by Dark Beings, if the person is in a bad psychic/emotional space. YOUR Vibe Raises Their VIBE- that is nature, but If that Person isn’t SELF Possessed with their own strong spirit, others from the Astral 4th Dimension can take over their actions, voice and body. In my experience the Person who was Compromised, remembers nothing of their words or Behavior. <– CREEPY

“In the Matrix, Anyone can Be an Agent” ~ Morpheus

DA 13th SUN ~ Much RA-Spect (Research)







Breaking GOOD ~ Freedom from Dominion. The secret to Breaking Good (breaking negative energy momentum) is to begin with Forcing yourself to make self nourishing choices. Make a pact with yourself that you will put in effort to stop, then reverse the negative energy cycle. Mindfulness is an excellent practice for beginners. Most peeps have emotional and psychological, issues they should research “self help” to find that Angel in an author (John Bradshaw). Eat Clean. Make time for yourself to Enjoy Moments Alone (All/One). Imbibe in Nature, and the Majesty of childlike wonder. Call Upon all your Soul Guides, and the Source Of Love, to show you how to navigate the path with divine protection, grace and ease. 

Oh Thou Who Give’th Sustenance to the Universe. From whom all things proceed, to whom all things Return. Unveil to us the Face of the true spiritual Sun. Hidden by a disk of golden light. So that we may know the Truth, and do our whole duty, as we journey to thy sacred feet.” 

51d2771cda61cd2e8a2126b57cc17603Flipping the Script and Winning the Game: Sovereignty; Self Love is Anarchy!

 Many of us Lightworkers, Illuminati, Starseeds were born into some Really messed up families, and religious cults. Why? Because we volunteered, we are Powerful souls, and only peeps like us could handle this. Through Claiming your Sovereignty from All Earthly ties on  your soul, you free yourself from the invisible chains that bind you in unjust contracts with darkness. I did a Video about this, WITH an Exercise at the end designed to help you establish Sovereignty and Wear your Crown (charkra). Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. 

Dark Consciousness Attacks, Claiming Sovereignty, Self Liberation







The Red Dress: Symbolic of a Bride to Be. (Engaged)

To Catch a Thief: TWIN FLAME MISSIONS ~ (The Talent Show)

Divine Couples who Incarnate through many lifetime mythologies, living out and creating history… the Luminaries, Hero’s and long forgotten Beloveds. ReIncarnated Gods and Goddesses have Divine Counterparts, we came in with Mission Partners & Papers, from the realms above. In those Higher Realms, we have been coupled for “ages” and are super close, beyond human description. In this Realm of Separation, we struggle to find one another, and sometimes still Struggle to SEE one another clearly. 






My TWIN is Hermes. He tells me he has a “body”, and is working on Integrating his soul/human just like I am integrating/anchoring my higher self. You see I had always seen Hermes in “spirit form” (An animated Greek Statue). Yet these past 4-5 years, he has been preparing me to meet his soul vessel, the flesh person that contains his essence. We are Kore/Persephone, and Hermes Ter Maximus Trismegistus of Ancient Greece. I have been shown/taught in Visual Transmissions that I am a Kundalini Tantric Yogini in a higher realm… meaning to earth people “In my future”. Knowing this, I also know training for this “future” will take place here, with my twin, in bodies. I understand my path is all timing, and one thing leads to another, I have no egoic control over the timing of events. There is no fast forward button when you are dealing with the Third Dimension of Separation consciousness. My path is literally written in the Stars, like all Greek Gods, and we must Await Alignments and Influences that will raise the Vibration of the entire planet. However, I do want to Catch A Thief! Hermes is the God of many things, among them is thieving and trickery… Although I notice the Noble, Righteous Goodie in him, more than anything to the contrary. With me he is More like “THE JOKER”! ~ steve miller band

Oh! I am Fortune’s Fool!” Romeo ~ Francis Bacon

I do hope you found this Blog improves your understanding of these most Occulted Matters. 

~ In Service to Humanity ~ Love,


~ FIN ~ 


It’s In the TREE’S! IT’S COMING! The Hounds of LOVE are Hunting ~ Take my shoes off, and throw them into the lake- I’ll be 2 steps on the water.




mary poppins

ABOVE THE CHESSBOARD: I single out the Ancient Egyptians, because I was one of them. I remember and have access to my consciousness beyond time/space. When conditions are favorable, I “chat” with myselves in other “times”. For an example of this please See: Egyptian Twin Flame ~ A Call from Across the Universe

The Egyptians Understood the fall of Consciousness in this way… 

The Seed Myth of Ancient Egypt (Excerpt of SUMMER OF THE SUPER SHE’RO )

In ancient Egypt the origin of civilization is illustrated through the story of Isis and Osiris. For many generations Isis and Osiris taught the ways of irrigation, farming and self care to the new souls. Something rarely mentioned is, Isis states Egyptian stewards of that time and vibration (rank) were from the star system Sirius.  These ancient parents are gods from another star system that is higher in vibration (consciousness/dimension) than Earth.

After generations of training it came time for the gods to leave, and for humankind to experience free will. During the high vibrational era of the gods, one is in such a state of bliss and love, free will is of little concern. The gods actually had to leave Earth’s vibrational field to allow free will to reign, and thus came the fall to flesh consciousness.

The Isis and Osiris story goes on to teach how Set (Seth) the brother of Osiris murdered him out of jealousy and want of power. Set tore his brother’s corpse into many pieces and scattered them throughout the kingdom, claiming himself as ruler and fulfilling the destiny of darkness coming to humankind.

Isis in her mourning gathered the dismembered pieces of her husband’s corpse, and with the help of Anubis (jackal of protection) resurrected Osiris in the underworld. This aspect of the story giving us the seeds of the enlightened man – one who passes through death and retains full cognizance of identity.

The later part of the myth speaks of how the son of Isis and Osiris, Horus, champions his father, destroying Set forever. Horus is known as the herald of the Golden Age, Age of Aquarius, or New Age. We can see many parts of this story as it reverberates throughout history in the form of the dying and resurrected god, from Jesus of Nazareth, to Holly king vs. Oak king mythologies, to Shakespeare, to Hollywood.





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