A Meeting with Mercurial Freddie

September 24th, 2016  Soul Talk with Occult Priestess

Agent: M.I.B. (Maiden in Black); Occult Priestess Kore, Reporting from the Ethereal Realm! An astral meeting just took place with my spirit guide Hermes, and a surprise guest. To find out more about my Guide Hermes, and how I “visit” please search my blog for keyword “Hermes” and “Alchemy”. Professional services can be found at occultpriestess.com . 

Begin Conversation/Visitation

Hermes: Kore, I am with you. I want you to know that the path is golden. Unbreakable.

b193d4e9f75b07355a2a06ea12555098I see Wonder Woman on a Golden Road, in space, black star background. Comic book wonder woman. Mercurial Girl, ‘all the world is waiting for you and the powers you possess’.

wonder_woman_by_funky23-dag3f8jI pull out my Trusty Tarot and take a look: 1. Chariot, 2. 6 of Cups, 3.Queen of Cups, 4. 3 of Pentacles, 5. The Star. Mercurial girl is very healthy for me, the merkaba and past life soul integrations (of character), Eternity is within thee, Artistic Emotive Expression (Lilah), Mastery, and Guided by God.

Kore: Hermes I think of resources, like a camera crew, special effects video peeps, people who should be paid to assist me.

Hermes: All will be provided to you in time. The way you walk, the way you talk it has a rhythm ~ this must be cultivated/trained to be liquid Mercury. The word ‘Mercury’ holds a lot of excitement for you. Remember yesterday you said you wanted Freddie Mercury as a vocal coach?

Kore: Yes.

Hermes: He can be made available to you. He will be mixed with much of me as you can imagine. He has a showmanship way, you can interact with him, ask him the deeper questions about performance.

Kore: Yes, I can see his character clearly. “Who wants to live forever?” HAHA. I guess it really is him.


Freddie: It’s an Honor to host the Daughter of Hermes. (He Smiles as his white clothing sparkles in the light. Arch Angel Mercurial . Fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round.)


Kore: Wow this is fun.

“I’ve taken my bows (vows), my curtain calls (the last one), I considered it a challenge before the Whole Human race, and I still ain’t gonna lose.”~

“Putting our Soul Power to the Karmic Wheel” ~ John Lennon

Freddie: I am very excited to work with you, I am a strong masculine energy with full resonance with the ethereal vibes… We can pick and choose these vibes and embody them, thus in turn projecting them. Projected from the Essence itself, making it pure.

612bdac919413e33de198b8257d3020fI see Mercury on a throne, in a white sparkle skin tight jumpsuit, with rad, bling, white, diamond , platform boots. His legs are Crossed and he is leaning over them, with his hands clasped, leaning in toward me. This posture looks like – Let’s chat, I am curious about you.

I notice he is very Mercurial. I see him with Short Hair, His eyes glowing white, very futuristic, art deco, ancient Greek. “Mercury” vibe… Quick Silver becomes Diamond, Holographic, Platinum ray.” Liquid Mercury” to be fluid, to flow, ease ~ The Art of BEING; I have been Learning the ART OF CHILL, seems there is an Art of Becoming, then an art of being.

I just looked up his astrology again. Mercury Ruled Virgo.f54670b86a1b606ebba87beef3568705

So back to Celestial Mercury ~

He is curious as to why I enquired about him.

I hold his hand, and send him images of his greatness, his strength, his influence, his perfection, his rockin ways (essence/purity),  Raw truth, and a blue flaming aura. I send love to his heart, golden pink, and there within his heart, I see a golden Caduceus.

Who better to help a Mercurial GRL, than a Mercurial Rock Star?960

Mercury: Point taken. He leans back and ponders. You know I never really saw myself that way. I tried, I could create it, but within, I never felt that way.

Kore: I think Brian had a lot to do with any Ego struggles you may have had. Haters gonna hate.


Kali Mercury

Mercury: You know I always had males putting me in my place, because of my Feminine power.

Kore: Wow, we have something in common there!

Mercury: What happened to you?

Kore: In many incarnations I was adored, on earth as it is in heaven. Yet after the density of earth became very dark, upside down, I was feared. The love and adoration I once knew decayed into paranoid fear of the unknown or weird ways of a StarChild. The more people evolved, the Less came back to incarnate. Souls with Ghosts, took bodies, and became very fragmented over generations. In this time, we have so much fragmentation, 1 soul to many bodies and ghost bodies… most of the people here are SLOW LEARNERS who are to be reaped, those who do not get to move directly to GO and collect $200. They are the lost seeds that did not take root. Dust/Wind/Dude. The other people are Graduating, finally… the last Harvest of mankind, evolution of the soul, Atonement, soul retrieval en mass, integration of the Entire Multidimensional Conscious soul self. The Manifestation of the enlightened human, and Paradise on Earth. Love Wins!

Mercury: That is a beautiful story, like a poem. Yes it reminds me of Keats for the darkness/light aspects.

Kore: Thanks, I will have to research Keats a bit more.

Wardsworth? (LINK: Keats and Wordsworth: A Comparison )

threeveils1Mercury: So Tell me. How do you come here, when you are also down there. This is Most Curious! I had to die to see this other side so clearly. I believed I was fantasizing a dream realm, that I had a magic brain and I could go be in this other world, create there, and what’s that word you used, Manifest? Manifest it down there, like the Apple Pie is ready. Cooking.

Kore: I am aware of my Multidimensional selves, I have access to them through the portal of my pineal gland. When conditions are favorable, I can reach up and be here with you. Hermes is my Operator, my connection to the Party line, my GJ (HA!) DJ, and Astral Guide.

Mercury: He told me he is your Father.

Kore: Try not to think in roles anymore. I am a Beloved of Hermes, and He is my Beloved.

I can see by the look on his face, this thought is twisting in his mind. He doesn’t understand (perversion).



Kore: Hermes is my God Guide, he is also, in “time” my equal/twin eternal beloved. You see me, as a specific “timed” version of myself, based on my current life myth. As you can see the Afterlife (Upper Life) and the Now have been merging for me, for quite sometime. Walking in two worlds. Yet there is a Major Imbalance, that the upper life holds everything, and the lower life reflects very little. This imbalance cannot last for long, I am told. Some say it’s the Future I see, when I know being above time causes many INTERPRETIVE distortions filtering down to what will manifest and when.


How Yoga uses mercury to create a Master



Find out about GOD AS DJ


WELCOME MUSIC FANS! The Gnosis has been Passed down through an Oral Tradition ~ Now known as MUSIC ~ This group Invites you to Explore the lyrics, rhythms and frequencies of “Odd God” (If it’s ODD it’s GOD) The DJ who spins Love From Above! That SONG stuck in your head is a MESSAGE ~ The Messenger is Calling! Pick up that TUNE ~ Jive with that VIBE and Resonate the Love Power! “AS THE LOVE TRAIN RIDES FROM COAST TO COAST- THE DJ IS THE MAN WE LOVE THE MOST” sowing the seeds of Love by Tears for Fears. — at Astral Plane .



I then Took a Break from the work… When I resumed I was given instructions on my Character, and essence expression. I look forward to spending more of my time in Mercuries Mansion, learning from this Celestial teacher. 

Windows Open; Light Shines in… the Occultist is still in the Corner. ~ Occult Priestess Korinne + Hermes + Freddie Mercury


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