KORE Creating a Mystery

Since I was a teenager, I have seen different representations of my Soul self in the upper realms. The 5th Dimensional Me, has a consistent Outfit, she enjoys expressing through. This Halloween I am going as my 5D self, my Soul ExpressionKORE 2016

Parts of the Kore Kaleidoscope : This character, is actually me, in 5D… I am famous there.  Kore also comes with a full book, in editing process, and a re-written lyric song in production. Building a Mystery. The Play is the Thing! ( Never Lack in Character!)

The Lyrics to Mercurial GRL:bansh2000x

Tune to Madonna’s Material Girl. In Production.
“Some Bois Bliss Me, Some Bois Dis Me, I think that’s ok. If they can’t hang with Hermetic Alchemy, I just walk away. They are begging, they are pleading to be shown the Light, (the light). But put the truth, in a long black dress, and it keeps them up at night!
(keeps them up at night- two voices, overlapped, for emphasis)
Cause we are living in a Material world, but I am a Mercurial GRL. You Know, we are living in a Material world, but I am a Mercurial Grl ~ Om ~
My TwinStar Romance, incarnations, ancient Egyptian and Greek. I am fully resurrected, Kore / Persephone. Together with my god/guide Hermes, and our magickal crew, We call you to the zero point groove, Dance in Sirius blue.
Cause we are living in a Material world, and I am a Mercurial Grl x2 (You Know) we are living in a 3rd density world and I am a 5th density GRL. x2
Om ~ Mercurial, Mercurial ~ OmDSCF0536.JPG
Nity Nity, neither this nor that, a living philosophy, Impermanence has made my soul rich, Immortality!
(Immortality: two voices, overlapped, for emphasis)
Cause Everybody’s living in a Material world, transcending to a spiritual world. Oh yeah we are living in a Kali Yuga and I am an ascended Bodhisattva.
(She’s a Pearl of a GRL)
Voice Over: Cause Everybody is living in a Material World, but I am Busting out the Mercurial Ones. Hear me now and believe me later, we are here to change the world. Let me Hear the *Russelling of Messengers Wings! Let me feel the Roar of the Tigers scream! Kundalini Snakes, Caduceus Shakes,
A Mercurial, A Mercurial, A Mercurial, A Mercurial WORLD.
Namaste Bytches! “CAW” <– black bird sound
fade out with “Mercurial” echoing on loop.”


Dream Job! Ruby Rhod is Rhad


Kate Bush: Hammer Horror Look


The DRESS! Purchased today for $25


HEAD WINGS: I have to make my own, will add Roses.

143fee424fb54df549e89c14c708be5fSample Headwings by Unknown




Ordered Wings: A NAGORIE FEATHER PAD. Black/White Pair, and a White/Black Pair.



HAIR: s-l500-4

BOOTS: s-l1600-4

Pintrest Link to “Character Study of Future Self”

KORE: A MAIDENS JOURNEY ~ From Darkness to Light 

KORE: A Maidens Journey 


Cover Art

See You Around HALLOWEEN! (Samhain Shaman) ~



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