KORE: A Maidens Journey

In an Effort to explain I am not some “johnny come lately” to the Occult, and to seek representation for my book, I am opening my world a bit wider. In two videos I will explain a bit more about me, and my two lives. One life is that of a Waking psychic / intuitive, the other life is the Reality of the Mystic, Seeing through soul’s eyes.

Video #1: The Training of a Mystic


Korinne 4th grade

Hello Human Family. I am Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson.

I am an Awakened Psychic Shaman Mystic Visionary Guru lady, who prefers the Creative Aegis of “Occult Priestess” as a title.

How did I become the first, original “Occult Priestess”?

Settle back and I will tell you my story.

I was born into a Jehovah’s Witness family, with a full blooded native American Cherokee great grandmother Daisy Dill. She had a son Senator John Glen, and my grandmother Fay Evelyn. Daisy placed them both in foster care during the depression, Fay never seemed to get over that.

My mother was an Amazing triple Earth sign hair dresser and counselor, my father mostly just drank, my stepfather was an abusive, psychotic Vietnam vet, my sister, the oldest had insurmountable insecurities which fed her rage and abusive ways, my brother the middle child was also weird and abusive. My mother, although hopelessly co-dependent, was a good woman, and I admired her.

I experienced shamanic death within 3 months of my birth, at the hospital because I could not breath… eventually this developed into asthma. My mother told me stories of how she would hold me for hours, willing me to live.

Some of my earliest memories are of Sleep Paralysis, the boogieman and horrifying nightmares. Astral projection was a large part of my childhood, as I did anything to escape the shadow that was after me. I have always been highly sensitive and visually psychic.

I did not set the game board in my favor when I picked my family, or when I picked my birth chart. It is my knowing that my soul Cast our “Life Script” upon the waves and influences of the planets. The major life lesson I chose to learn was DOMINION. For other things and beings to have control over me.

Growing up psychic and loving God, there were many magickal happenings, mostly when I was alone. I remember being in very high states of consciousness as a child, I was always told I was an old soul. Strangers often commented how exotic or mysterious or powerful I was. I had no idea what they were talking about!

At age Sixteen I was active in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and  began studying Wicca in earnest.

In my early 20’s I became a Reiki Master Teacher, under Anthony Agee. Through my reiki master  I met my souls mother, my guru, Sri Mamua Devi, aka Maria Rose of South Africa. She was the best example of a female I have ever known. Guru Devi was about 63 years old when we met, I was about 21. I had no idea what a Guru was at the time I was with her. Yet I did fall in love with her, and treat her with utmost respect. She respected I had knowledge of my own, and talents she did not posses. I was in no way her equal, but she seemed to treat me as if I was. I spend nights at her house with her, like girlfriends we bonded over spirituality. I am forever grateful for Guru Devi, Tashi Ling and the Karma Kagyu lineage of Buddhism.

Egoicly I was perusing my identity. I worked in a Nightclub as a Psychic to my Peers. I got to dress as Gothic as I liked, and took many dance breaks. That was a sweet job for a budding psychic, who also wanted a lively social life to explore herself through dance and art. I dated, fell in love, fell out of love, dated some more. I do believe This life is my life time on this Earth Plane, and with that comes a Lot of Karma clean up, and that was why I think I have had so many boyfriends when I was younger. I found confidence in my Spooky look, I felt the world was a sad place, and I didn’t want to hide that… I wanted to express it.

So I had a developing ego self on one side, and Guru Devi with her egoless love on the other. This was an amazing friction to refine my character.

For years I made my living purely from readings. In 1999 I was newly married, pregnant and about to become Co-Owner in an Occult Store. Talk about pressure! I learned a lot in the 4 years I ran “The Occult Shop” in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having a store was never enough, I was not there to get rich. I was there to build community. So I created and pulled off many rituals, a coven of over 28 people, seasonal camping festivals with guest speakers, a large Halloween Witches Ball dance at the Victorian Southgate house. I was a new mother not only to my son, but to an entire area of pagans. This was the Beginning of my Ziggy Stardust Ego Death.  My dedication to others was way out of control, and I had very little support, even from those who benefited most from my work. The more good I did, the more rumors abounded about me. There was no pleasing the pagans.

At age 30 I was out of the store, I moved, I left my husband, my son had recently gone to stay with my mother, and I was alone… with no community. This began my Ego Death.

I had worked with the psychology of Carl Jung for many years. Through his work I was lead by spirit teachers to break the codes of the subconscious… a Western Way to say I was finding enlightenment. I had been teaching for years, dedicated most waking moments to “the great work” as we call it. I had a very active relationship with the gods and my guides, as well as my inner self. I have been keeping a journal since I was fourteen years old, this was the tool that allowed me to be so insightful for myself and others. Having Broken through my Subconsciousness childhood barriers, and made it past the guard that protects all gateways of initiations, Miracles and Madness began to occur.

Video: A Maidens Journey

Around 2006 my best friend Lydia and I co-owned and ran “Aquarius Star”, another go at having an occult shop. Lydia and I are both Aquarians born on February 11th, she is blond, and I am brunette ~ We are sun and moon archetypes, which worked for a witchy vibe. We worked our asses off for three years… then I met a man I became romantically involved with and my back totally went out. I could no longer work. I was in bed for the better part of two year, with two slipped disks in my low back.

In 2011 I anchored the vibrations for the 2012 shift. You’re welcome.

You see I am used very often as a conduit for gods work. This is the deeper part of my story, if you have time to stick around… It’s about to get ESOTERIC.


PART II: Not a video Yet, still shaping the writing.

Behind the Veil  Trick of the Three veils  * ain soph aur *

My life Myth from Soul Perspective

Above the Temple at Delphi is a saying, we still cling to today when seeking answers of a Divine nature. “Know Thyself.”

In the pursuit of knowing myself, I opened a Pandora’s box I knew not there! Keys were given to me in phases and stages of growth. As I learned more about myself, I sought to understand others on a deeper level as well. This eventually led to “ego collapse” and seeing true reality from my souls Perspective.

My intention with this video is to give an over view of the tragic and magick as it unfolded along my journey from Darkness to Light. I have a n unpublished, autobiographical book of over 300 pages. Most of my secrets will remain within that book until the stars align for editing/publishing.

The Souls Perspective of Kore

Before I could begin to remember my past lives, I had to get past 3 veils.trick3veils


I had an intense vision of Harry Houdini. Within the vision he told me I had been tricked, in fact he called it, the Trick of the Three Veils. After much research I found these three veils to be barriers between this world and seeing the other worlds clearly. All my life I had psychic awareness, and astral projected quite often. Yet until I met Harry Houdini, I did not know about this Trick. Being incarnated here, no matter how lofty your soul maybe in heaven, you take on human karma, and must follow the rules and limitation of said Karma. Everyone incarnated is under the trick of the three veils, Ain Soph Aur. Only through great spiritual striving does one attain freedom of soul while incarnated in a human vessel.houdini

My first incarnation, like many others from the Sirius star system, was in Ancient Egypt, at a time before time and before recording. I came in as my true form, a Goddess energy, in alignment with the Goddess ISIS of Sirius. I became a Priestess of Isis, an astrologer, and a cosmic librarian. IMG_2249mmmm

From Egypt I graduated to Greece, to be a Priestess of my own mysteries, the Kore/Persephone/Demeter ~ philo sophia ~ of apples and pomegranates. Today you call them the Eleusinian mysteries.

From Greece I incarnated with the Druids of Avalon/Ireland. There again a priestess and a teacher, I was also involved in cloak and dagger spiritual warfare against the onslaught of religious power and ignorance.Hades_and_Persephone_by_HelenaSun.jpg

The last time I incarnated on earth I was part of a wealthy family in France. This lifetime was short and shallow, with the purpose of anchoring my soul energies back into the Earth grid. I had taken a vacation from Incarnation, skipping the dark ages all together. During this time I was friend and spirit guide to many luminaries. In France I was murdered before I was married, due to the French Revolution. I was a typical rich girl, yet I had an unworldly passion for art and music. My character was simple, so that my souls could re-align and anchor, for my next incarnation into full embodiment.


Being Korinne was never going to be Easy. This was the lifetime to end all lifetimes, the blending of all duality and cleansing of all karma. As a soul, with my higher soul family which includes Hermes, and the Oversoul of the Sirius star system, we forged an Astrological path for the She’ro, “or the Heiress as we call her” (Hermes).

At age 30 my Kundalini energy began to activate, I began to have gnosis of Kosmic Konsciousness, and I was frequently visited through visions, by my soul as well as my master guide Hermes the Greek God. I had been magickal and spiritual my entire life, yet my heart chakra did not open until I was 30, love for myself was the catalyst of my awakening.

Now in 2016, 12 years after my kundalini began to stir, I have been on many soul journeys, and recorded hundreds of lessons of universal truths. The learning came in stages of growth. For example; as a young lady I was dating a man I was not sure about. I dreamed of us, in the Devil card in the Tarot. Then I saw myself walking up stairs to a higher level, without him. This was a literal expression from “Dream Land” saying “you’re in a codependent relationship, and you should work to get to the next level of your awareness.” There was no way to misinterpret that dream, and after my 30th birthday I no longer had to Dream while asleep… I began dreaming while I was awake. I call it “Seeing Through Spirits Eyes” or the eyes of my soul consciousness beyond EGO. Technical scientific people may say The DMT in my Pineal Gland was off the chain. An experience usually one only has on strong psychedelics.

Remember I told you, I was Kore  in Greece? In my current life, I have the same name, the French Version. My mother told me she briefly knew a woman by the name Korinne, and thought it was beautiful.

French, Hermes reminds me, is the language of love. In fact Hermes loves to speak in French to me, as an alchemically romantic gesture. I understand, it has to do with my last life in Paris, and if I ever really learned the French language I would have full memory of many Hermetic teachings. I also suspect it has something to do with the Addams Family, which brings me to the Over Soul of Sirius.

Around 2009 I began having conscious waking contact with my consciousness from the Egyptian past. At first I understood her to be a Goddess, and wondered if she was a part of me or my soul group. I came to understand she is me, In the Now, In Ancient Egypt, yet also connected through the Sirius star system We speak most clearly when Sirius is rising, in winter and summer.

There beyond the thrones was a curtain, and we exited stage left. I then found myself in my grandmother’s kitchen, sipping tea with her. She told me I was playing dolls, that being a human, for my soul is a lot like playing with dolls. She helped me to understand I had gotten trapped in my own game. This was a very intense and deep lesson for me to learn, and it paved the way for our future communication.

Video: Egyptian Twin Flame: 

I often speculated on who grandma was. To me she was Morticia from the Addams Family, yet I knew this was a disguise and not Angelica Houston’s soul talking to me. I thought of grandma as TARA, the cosmic mother of Buddhism, until I was corrected several months later.


During an intense transmission with Grandma and Hermes, Grandma revealed herself as the Oversoul of the Sirius Star System. She is a consciousness of an entire group of sterling cultures that are celebrated throughout the universe; a large soul consciousness of infinite light, with the “Flavor” we call Sirius. To understand the figure I call grandma was an oversoul of an entire star system did freak me out, yet I felt a lot more love and awe at the miracle of it, than the fear of it’s immense implications. Read MORE here:  Sirius Morticia

My life myth from my souls perspective is rapidly changing from the underdog to light warrior. With the Greek God Hermes as my teacher and guide, the oversoul of Sirius Grandmother, the many ascended masters and arch angels, as well as my awakened friends, It is my sincere hope to bring truth into the mainstream through Media. Kore is the Kosmic Konsciouness of Creative Potential, the stuff miracles are made of. The Kosmik Wink of Shakti Pat. In Greece we awakened souls through the third eye of sight and listening with the ear of the heart. Nature was our teacher, and the Gods were our trusted guides. I am taking up this work again as Life Allows.

Our current culture has an ego sickness, which we must strive to attend and cure in love, truth, beauty, wisdom, for the sake of all that lives.

Next time you are in meditation, ask about Your Souls mission in this life. Expect an answer.

For journeys I have recorded please see my other videos and my blog.

Blessings and Namaste!

KORE-IN WIL-SON ❤ Agent: MIB (Maiden in Black)

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